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The Doctor Wants Me to Go on a Diet

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Live longer, happier and more independent with a healthy lifestyle

Understanding Diet vs. Lifestyle Change

Healthy Eating for Seniors from the Home Instead Team

Your nutritional needs are different as a senior than they were when you were much younger. Losing weight can be harder as your metabolism slows down. Chewing can also be painful if you have ill-fitting dentures which leads to poor eating habits. Exercise may not be the highest priority when your body aches. Soon, you may hear the dreaded d-word in your head as your doctor mentions that it is time to make some changes.

If you struggle to take off excess fat, you probably wince at the idea of going on another diet. Instead, healthy eating for seniors is a lifestyle change, not a diet. It is a change in your way of thinking and handling what goes into your body. The highly-trained caregivers at Home Instead Senior Care Etobicoke understand the unique needs the elderly have. We can help you make nutritious food, so you can stop the yo-yo dieting and take charge of your health.

Know the Difference Between Dieting and Lifestyle Changes

Aging has its perks but unsuccessful dieting is not one of them. As a retired, semi-retired, or un-retired person, you should focus on making healthy choices each day. Stop giving into the hype of an industry that promises miracles in a tiny (and expensive) pill. Learn to make permanent lifestyle changes instead:

  • Dieting Is Temporary – Stopping carbs or sugars for a short period of time will help you lose weight. Once you resume eating as before, you can very well gain all those pounds back, plus some. Making a lifestyle change is not just about changing your menu. It is about cooking nutritious foods and increasing your physical activity.
  • Dieting Is Not for Long-Term Weight Management – As noted before, going on the latest fad diet may work if you want to slip into a new dress, but it does not last forever. You need to maintain the lost weight. That is where a change in mindset comes into the picture.
  • Lifestyle Changes Promote Long-Term Health – When you decide to make permanent changes to your life, you set yourself up for success. These adjustments include habits that promote your long-term health. For example, you may eat breakfast regularly or exercise daily.

Dependable Senior Care Services to Encourage Better Nutrition

Enjoy your life when you take your health seriously. Drop the diet mindset and embrace long-lasting changes to your health by taking a holistic approach. A personal support worker can help you or your loved one with cooking healthy meals, home care, respite care and a variety of other services to get you off the dieting rollercoaster. We tailor your service plan to fit you and your family’s needs during this season of life.

Call us at (416) 239-2200 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation. Learn more about the compassionate, quality senior care we deliver each day to families in our Etobicoke community.


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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