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CAREGivers Reviews

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When asked to tell us about their experience working with our company our CAREGivers told us:

  • My employment with this franchise office has been one of the most wonderful segments of my entire life.
  • I find them very easy to work for & very compassionate when I have a problem.
  • They are all very friendly and professional in dealing with clients and CAREGivers.
  • It has opened my eyes on the aging population & how each client is very special.
  • Excellent! Feel I’m really contributing and doing worthwhile work with Karen and Greg Charyna.
  • Provide great leadership. They treat people so well.
  • When I first started. They gave us a real fun warm welcome to the new comers. They are great.
  • It is a great place to work, especially for a student studying to be an RN. It teaches you about yourself and compassion for others.
  • Best job that I've ever had.
  • They make new employees feel very welcomed & consistently provide support, as well as acknowledgement of a job well done!
  • It is a great partnership all around.
  • I refer to this as a calling - not a job. I love this work. I love my clients. The office is all about love & kindness.
  • I can honestly say from my heart that my association with Home Instead Senior Care has been one of THE most wonderful segments of my whole life!
  • It is very rewarding. I love my job.
  • This has been a very rewarding experience to help my clients & it has been a fantastic group of HISC people to work with.
  • It's a great place to work and you're always learning.
  • In all the jobs I've worked over the years, Home Instead Senior Care has been the most supportive employer.
  • It is exactly the type of job and people that I hoped it would be. My husband asks me when I get home from a shift, so, how is your other family? And that is exactly how I feel too. It is so rewarding to be able to connect with these seniors and make a happy day for them.
  • The management team is best I have ever worked with! Their compassion for seniors comes across in everything they do.
  • Very good people to work for.
  • I find that the office staff treats the employees with the same care and consideration as their clients. Everyone was very clear on their expectations & requirements, but also showed the level of true care & concern they all have for their Clients. That impressed me as a group that is not driven by money, but by the people.
  • They were incredibly welcoming and gave you full disclosure on the job you were entering into. It also showed the community that they have going on within Home Instead and how they want to help you do the best that you can do.

When asked what they appreciate about working for Home Instead Senior Care, our CAREGivers told us this:

  • Their compassion and encouragement.
  • How they care for me, which then enables me to do my very best for a client.
  • Always let you know when you did a good job.
  • They are there for me when am upset or concerned about a client.
  • Very responsive to any concerns or enquiry.
  • Recognize my suggestions and contributions.
  • Flexible to our life style.
  • Gift certificates, sometimes cash, definitely a reward system!
  • They are very supportive in all situations. Recently we had a death in our family. They were very compassionate and supportive.
  • The phone is always answered after just 1 ring & whoever it is that takes my call handles my request one way or another.
  • They Listen.
  • They send out reminder e-mails the day before a shift which can be helpful when your schedule is changing frequently.
  • Both my supervisor and the company owners e-mail or phone to see how a client is doing. Marina keeps us on top of things through Newsletters and reminders of our PMU meetings. We have personal contact with Supervisor once a month.
  • Respond quickly to any questions or concerns that I have.
  • They give you praise, as well as acknowledge your effort at staff meetings.
  • Always on the phone when I call, very supportive and helpful.
  • They take the time to chat and see how I'm doing both at work and in my personal life whenever I stop in at the office. It makes me feel important to them not only as an employee, but also as an individual.
  • Being available and open to discussing any concerns regarding clients and also any personal situations that arise that may change availability.
  • They really care about you and understand that just like anyone else, you need flexibility in your life. Someone is always available.
  • Very understanding.
  • They show that they care about us.
  • Treating all the staff with respect, showing appreciation of duties even on short notice shifts. Always able to take your call or return your call in a timely matter and not get the impression that you are bothering them.
  • They never think our concerns are too small, they listen always.
  • Matching CAREGivers to client, they do a great job of matching compatible personalities and interests.
  • They express their appreciation verbally.
  • All very friendly and supportive of the work I do.
  • They make me feel welcome.
  • Show their gratitude & appreciation for the work we do to help others.
  • Give praise for work done. Are always positive about everything we do. Gives CAREGivers positive feedback.
  • Make sure that your client and you fit well together, and if you don't there is no question about if you did your job well or not, they just understand that sometimes different personalities do not go together as well as they could and we could make a switch to give the client the best service they could get.
  • They are patient and willing to give guidance when needed.
  • They are always kind, considerate and understanding.
  • Available to answer any questions that you have.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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