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With Mother's Day right around the corner I find myself reflecting more than ever and remembering my life with my precious best friend. We would be planning our golf game together and hoping the weather would hold out so we could enjoy the links together with a bar-b-que to follow. As mom declined it was Putt-n-Bounce, and most recent just a bar-b-que. We were both grateful for the time spent together.  Read More...


Our experience with Home Instead began in late August of 2011.  Our family found that caring for my father, Lewis at home was becoming extremely difficult.  At the age of eighty-eight, he was suffering from extreme anxiety and dementia and was unable to sleep for any length of time.  Once the services of Home Instead were engaged, the quality of life for mother and I improved dramatically.  Our first caregivers took charge and looked after many household tasks that had not been properly done in quite some time.  I really appreciated this.  Our Home Instead staff required very little direction and this allowed me to leave and look after other things out of the home.  Our night staff provided safe and secure company for Lewis and also allowed Ruth and I to have restful sleeps after many long nights.  Read More...


Dear Greg and Karen, 

When we first approached Home Instead, we had just moved my mother to an assisted living facility from her home of sixty years. During the previous six months she had suffered the loss of her husband and undergone separate hip and knee replacements. That was probably the low point of her life. Our small family spent as much time as we could providing moral support and tending to her personal needs, but taxing as that was, it left little time for simply visiting with her.  Read More...


Home Instead caregivers were a literal lifeline in the care of my parents in the last 5 years of their lives. My sister and I live far from Saskatoon (in New York City and Vancouver) with jobs that made it difficult to spend extended time with our parents. We first engaged them in the months before our father entered long-term care as a help and support for our mother as his life at home became more and more difficult. This continued through his move to the nursing home and then through our mother's move from their apartment to her own care home. During this time Home Instead caregivers provided help not only with household chores, shopping, transportation and the like but were an immense support to my parents in terms of nurturing and companionship.  Read More...



Peace of mind is what comes to me as a description of our family's experience with Home Instead Senior Care. 

My family consists of my husband and I, our three children, one of whom recently married but is still studying at University, the other two at home studying and trying to figure out career choices and a life plan.  This is a busy time in all of our lives. Read More...



When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago, I couldn't imagine that things would unfold for his gentle care and a peaceful death of dignity.  I live in Victoria BC where I have three school aged children and I freelance as a musician to earn my living. Even though I wanted to be a part of solutions and support my siblings and family who all live in Saskatchewan, nearer to my father, I simply could not be there.  I am grateful for the numerous options that Home Instead provided for our whole family.  Read More...


To the family that still has a mother…

I envy you. To still have a mother to love and cherish. We lost Mom just less than a year ago.

We had some bad times before Home Instead came into our lives.  Mom thought she could manage just fine without anybody.  But, as I am sure you know if you are considering this service, the reality is quite different.  The service is expensive, but the peace of mind it afforded to my brother and myself was priceless.  They kept us informed at all times. Read More...

"It has been a very rewarding experience for me at this franchise office - working with the owners, office staff, other caregivers, and of course, our exceptional clients."

"I have never felt so welcomed and loved by an employer as I do with these people."

"Home Instead was a life saver for my family. Mom had two bad falls resulting in two broken legs and a transition to long term care. Home Instead was recommended to me by an acquaintance and we followed up on it. Karen spent a very long time with my sister and me and matched mom perfectly with Charlene who has become almost like another family member. I cannot say enough good things about her and have recommended Home Instead to many of my friends who are struggling with elder care. Mom (who has dementia) loves her dearly and has said to her, ‘you're mine’. I don't know what we'd do without Charlene."

"Great service & staff! It has really helped my sister and myself in the care of our mother. Both of us work and this service has been of benefit as our backup, assistant for appointments and the matched with my mother is just perfect. Thanks."

"Gives us peace and joy knowing that our loved one is happy and well cared for by the CAREGivers."

"My sister and I spent a great deal of time to find the best services possible for our 96 year old mother to keep her in her own home and provide outings twice a week. Home Instead has been excellent in helping us do that."

Posted by Leslee September 9, 2013
I am a current client of this provider

"This company was incredible with mom.  I walked in their office crying and they told me they would help, and they did.  They had office people come provide care one day when it was snowing and our caretaker couldn't make it.  They made my last few months with mom so much easier" 

Posted by Marilynn1 May 17, 2013
I am a current client of this provider

"The three Home Instead gals that I have employed have been first class. I got help at home and errands done, it would definitely be difficult for me to not have this help. I am 90 and gimpy, they run a first class organization with fine employees."


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