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Kardash Family

Dear Greg and Karen, 

When we first approached Home Instead, we had just moved my mother to an assisted living facility from her home of sixty years. During the previous six months she had suffered the loss of her husband and undergone separate hip and knee replacements. That was probably the low point of her life. Our small family spent as much time as we could providing moral support and tending to her personal needs, but taxing as that was, it left little time for simply visiting with her.   

While the community we moved her into was bright and cheery and provided her basic daily needs, it couldn't make up for her diminishing independence and mobility. Her world had not only changed dramatically, but it had gotten much smaller. She became understandably depressed and even miserable at times. It wasn't until we brought in Home Instead that mom's mindset started to improve, making things a bit easier for everyone.  

First, we met with a care manager from Home Instead to talk about things from our perspective. Next, she went to mom's home and did a thorough assessment of her personal state, her background, her hobbies, her likes and dislikes, her surroundings, as well as her abilities and inabilities. Afterward, we all settled on a schedule that would fill in some of the blanks in mom's regimen, as well as a list of tasks and objectives for caregivers. That was over three years ago and we never looked back.  

I don't know what we would have done without the devoted, respectful caregivers that showed up without fail on time, on schedule each and every day. It wasn't long before Mom started looking forward to their visits. She always appreciated their genuine caring approach. After a while, Home Instead was able to provide a designated care giver which helped provide not only a predictable routine, but a sense of trust that allowed a friendship to develop and grow.   

What I appreciated overall was the professional yet genuinely caring attitudes of all the people we dealt with at Home Instead. I seldom had any need to call them, but they kept in touch regularly, letting us know when they discovered something odd or unusual or that needed attention. Moreover, their advice and suggestions were always appreciated and spot on, evidence of their broad knowledge and experience. 

Mom's overall health continued in a steady decline, though the last six months when she was completely bedridden were the toughest. But the Home Instead caregivers continued on schedule, remaining by her side doing absolutely everything they could to make her comfortable, working closely with the resident care manager and the palliative nurse, so as not to step on anyone's toes.  

I can't say enough about the professional, respectful and compassionate attitudes displayed by each and every person I dealt with at Home Instead. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone whose loved one is going through a situation similar to my mother's.  

Don Kardash    

April 2017

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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