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How Alzheimer’s Affects Older Canadians

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Home Care Mississauga cares for a number of older adults who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. This disease affects millions of seniors and can cause serious problems, not only for the patient, but for those around them as well. For many loved ones, it may be hard to understand the disease and what is happening. It is important for all caregivers, family and friends to understand what could possibly happen when Alzheimer’s is present. Below is a list of the ways Alzheimer’s can affect the life of the individual diagnosed.

1. Mental abilities are impaired. The individual will begin to forget things and may start to communicate differently. Their ability to make decisions will be affected and simple, daily tasks will become every difficult or even forgotten. Alzheimer’s causes memory loss and can also affect how the person speaks and communicates with others.

2. Moods and emotions will change. Many times, the patient will seem uninterested and can lose interest in things that they used to love. Some people will become more withdrawn and will not interact in conversations. Alzheimer’s does not cause the patient to stop feeling. They will still experience moods, including joy, anger, sadness and love. However, these moods may not coincide with current events.

3. The way the person reacts to their environment will begin to change in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. They will begin to repeat words and actions, may appear restless and can have physical outbursts.

4. Mobility and coordination can be affected which will lead to a decline in physical health. Daily tasks will be affected and the person may not remember how to eat, bathe or do other daily tasks.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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