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Reviews & Testimonials 

Read what clients and family members have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​


I am truly satisfied with the people that have taken care of me. They make me breakfast. Do my laundry. Take me to appointments. They are so pleasant to deal with.

Marie P., client

We found ourselves in an urgent situation where we needed overnight care that very day. Home Instead were able to accommodate us, and work with our changing schedule. It was a huge relief to our family to have such good help on short notice. Thank you!

Jennifer L., clients' daughter in law

We have been clients of Home Instead for over a year now. The in-home care that has been provided to our mom has been excellent. The scope of the care also extends to the family through the resources provided by the office and support staff. All are very well suited to helping the family with the care of an elder. The overall experience continues to be excellent!

John A., clients' son

Caregivers are kind and very patient with our mom. Very confident with their ability. They stepped in to helps us quickly and are always ready to help even just to listen. Highly recommended.

Sylvia C., clients' daughter

Over the last 10 years or so, we have received top-notch service from Home Instead. My Mom has enjoyed their support while she was living in her condo and following her to the retirement residence. Her HISC person always calls the night before to see if there is anything thing extra she needs to do to address my Moms’ needs.

Corey D., clients' son

We have been using Home Instead caregivers for more than 4 years for our 96+ year old father. The caregivers are so special to our family. They are friendly, kind, and excellent in every way. They prepare his meals, make sure he takes his medications, do light housekeeping and laundry, and they keep him company. Their patience for him is truly remarkable. I highly recommend Home Instead! Special thanks to Tammy, Ofelia, Dorothy, Jon, Judy, Gizeal and Barb.

Janie S., clients' daughter

Without the excellent care Home Instead has provided to our uncle over the last year, he would not have been able to remain in his home and continue to live alone. He required assistance with personal hygiene, meal prep, housekeeping and general day to day tasks. Home Instead was able to meet all our needs for his care, and they did it all with kindness, thoughtfulness and respect. 
From his caregivers Mary and Bernie, supervisor Diane and the rest of the Home Instead team, all provided care with the utmost professionalism, caring and understanding. 
Whenever Mary or Bernie were with our uncle, we were comfortable that he was being well taken care of. We also appreciated the constant feedback from the caregivers as well as Diane. We worked together with our uncle's best interests as a common goal. 
We highly recommend Home Instead if you require assistance with caring for a loved one.

Cher P., clients' niece

Our mother is 90 and determined to stay in her own home. That meant finding the right kind of support to permit her to do that. Home Instead connected us with Janyce Robinson and she’s been fabulous. Janyce provides companionship, transportation to appointments, light housekeeping, meal preparation and anything else she can think of to assist. Our mother loves her time with her – she has a happy disposition, is easy to be with and is also very kind. We feel lucky to have found her.

Carmen T., clients' daughter

Once we discussed my father’s needs it became clear to me that he was in good hands. My father is in a home needing dementia care, companionship and assistance withthings in his everyday life like getting dressed and using the bathroom, we’re getting most difficult for him. Graziano and Isaac are so good with him that my father looks forward to them arriving everyday. He is in amazing hands; I feel like I have left him with family when I can’t be there. They make it possible for me to breathe and worry less. I highly recommend this service. There isn’t any lengths they won’t go to so you have the best care for your loved one; either at home, or in a home. Thanks, Amelia

Amelia P., clients' daughter

My 92 year old father received constant care from Home Instead, in a hospital setting, in addition to that normally provided by the hospital. I’m not overstating the situation to say I don’t know what I would have done without their help. In spite of the best efforts by overtaxed hospital staff before, during and after Dad’s surgery, he fell while in the bathroom. I called Home Instead and, with Gabriella’s assistance, support began almost at once. Support workers seemed handpicked to match Dad’s health needs and personality. Isaac was devoted to Dad. Herbalynhad a talent for calming Dad during restless nights. Dad felt safe and valued. Family knew Dad was not alone, that his needs were met without delay. Dad passed away with warm and constant care. Thank-you Home Instead.

Karen L., clients' daughter

I used HomeInstead for care for my father while I went on vacation. I provided very detailed instructions and everything was followed. He was happy so I was happy. I will definitely use their services in the future again when needed.

Sarina D., clients' daughter

My mother-in-law suffers from dementia but insists on staying in her home. There is no way this would be possible without the invaluable assistance from Home Instead Senior Care. We tried another agency before, but with Home Instead, we found the perfect caregiver match in Hiroko. Mom and Hiroko have developed such a caring, trusting relationship, that mom sometimes makes comments such as "I wish I could show this to Hiroko" or "I wish Hiroko was here". Hiroko finds a great balance between mom's wants and needs. This is incredibly useful for us. No agency is perfect, but this is as close as it can get. When there have been small issues, Home Instead has acted quickly and responsibly to address the problem to our satisfaction. We happily recommend Home Instead to friends and family.

Sonia H., clients' daughter-in-law

Patty has been a companion to my husband for at least over a year. She is dedicated, kind, thoughtful and treats him with the greatest of respect. While my husband no longer remembers people, he knows Patty instantly. I can not image our lives without her. I can not thank Patty enough for all that she does, for every day that she is there, for every kindness she has brought to our lives. Thank you Patty.

Susan L., clients' wife

Home Instead has become an integral component in our parents care and independence. Everyone we've dealt with at the organization is professional, dedicated, and compassionate. As my siblings and I are spread over a large geography (Seattle, Meaford, Parry Sound, and north of the GTA) in the past getting Mom and Dad to their various medical appointments in Toronto has been somewhat of a challenge due to pressure from careers and home life. Home Instead was the solution we were looking for to ensure that these appointments that are so important to our parents continued health didn't slip. 
From the outset our parents were somewhat suspicious of strangers in their home or escorting them to appointments but, after the first visit their concerns were alleviated. Both Mom & Dad are very comfortable with Jane Metcalfe as their driver and home companion as well as Michael and Kerry who in Jane's absence ensure Mom and Dad get to their appointments on time. My siblings and I appreciate that on appointments HI staff don't just drop our parents off but, accompany them to the appointment. This not only ensures that my siblings and I get accurate feedback captured by the HI staff from the medical staff but, that Mom & Dad don't feel abandoned in what can be an overwhelming experience terms of navigating hospitals and understanding medical staff feedback. 
I want to recognize the service excellence of Ildiko, Jane Metcalfe, Kerry Marshall, Michael and all the staff at Home Instead for the excellent quality of service and the comfort they provide our parents.

Adam C., clients' son

The care was very professional , very kind, I am very happy & will recommend them to my friends & anybody

Giacomo C., clients

Home Instead has been a lifesaver for me. I live 250 miles from my eldery mother, and knowing that she has excellent care to remain in her home is a great comfort for me. Nicky her caregiver is a wonderful person and very attentive to moms needs, and her quirks as well. She is never late and is willing to see mom when she is in the hospital, an extra bonus. Diane provides regular updates on how mom is doing. Something I did not get from another service. All of the staff are very friendly and accommodating if you have a question/concern. I cannot reccommend Home Instead highly enough. 10/10

clients' son

My mother was very reluctant to receive any help when we first approached the idea, but she now looks forward to seeing Mary every week and keeps telling us what a pleasant person she is. We appreciate the fact that Mary is able to take her out on shopping expeditions and will spend time chatting with her after she has finished her shift.

Susan T., clients' daughter

Incredible dedication and compassion. When I have needed them, they have been there. Full service care in the home environment. They are doing a wonderful job helping me look after my parents at such a difficult time.

Heather R., clients' daughter

I cannot praise this place enough. My boss was left short-staffed when one of his mother's caregivers abruptly quit just before the end-of-year holidays; the team at Home Instead took the reins immediately resolved a very stressful situation. We are so grateful for their excellent work. Cecilia was so helpful, communicative, and organized. She really made us feel cared for.

James S.

My family and I would highly recommend using the services of Home Instead Senior Care. This team has provided excellent care to our Uncle who suffers from Alzheimer's and refuses to go into long-term care. Their services have provided peace of mind to our family. Our caregiver, Mary, has been instrumental in encouraging our Uncle to do things he otherwise didn't want to do, like showering ! Not only does she provide him excellent care, but she's become a true companion and friend, and he frequently tells us how much he likes her. This firm goes above and beyond in ensuring their clients needs are being met. Diane Langan, the Client Care Coordinator, has made personal visits to his residence. This is not something we expected ! Thank you team for being an important part of helping to ensure our Uncle is safe and well taken care of.

C. Wilkinson, client's niece

Home Instead provided me with excellent home care workers when I needed them after surgery;. I have nothing but praise for the care I was given . Diane Langan was such a pleasant and caring coordinator of the services given to me. I would highly recommend Home Instead.

Pat B., client

Home Instead has been providing care for our mom over the last several years. It's been a very positive experience and I appreciate their proactive approach to care and the focus on the relationship between the client and caregiver. Having a regular caregiver has been so important and beneficial, It's been such a pleasant experience having Home Instead delivering care for our mom and their systems and follow-up are unparalleled. They are simply the best at home care. Thank you Home Instead!

Martin F., client's son

Their kind and dedicated caregivers made a significant difference to the last year of my mother’s life and our family’s peace of mind. Highly recommended.

Judy I., client's daughter

Caregivers from Home Instead (H.I.) are allowing me to keep my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, at home, where he is happy, as long as possible. While the caregivers tend to my husband’s needs, I get a break so that I can get out to socialize, be intellectually stimulated, and attend aquafit classes. Without H.I., I’d likely be stuck at home 24/7 and risk caregiver burnout or severe depression. Our current caregiver is wonderful and she, my husband and I get along very well, as H.I. makes it a priority to find a good fit between the client and the caregiver. Our caregiver is very attentive and responsive to my husband’s needs by preparing his brunch and making sure that he has all the coffee that he wants and that the water in his hot water bottle is actually hot. She actively engages him in conversation and activities such as looking at photo albums. She straightens his bed after he wakes up or has a nap and makes sure that he is safe. Our caregiver has also been a great help to me with light housekeeping, and when she finishes her shift, everything is always neat and tidy, leaving me free to do my other tasks such as shopping, banking, bill paying, gardening, arranging for house repairs and all of the other things that need to be done in order to keep a house functioning smoothly. I’m very impressed with H.I.’s oversight and procedures; for example, H.I. has a 24/7 call centre; the H.I. client representative always personally introduces new caregivers to clients; if a caregiver is late arriving, the caregiver is required to phone the H.I. call centre and the H.I. person on call phones and informs the client. If a caregiver is ill and cannot make their shift, H.I. informs the client and offers to find a substitute caregiver. All caregivers are required to sign in and sign out from their shift with head office. If there are virtually any issues at the client’s home, the caregiver can phone the H.I. call centre to find a resolution. In addition, the H.I. client representative regularly visits each client’s home for quality assurance and to assess the client’s satisfaction. I feel very happy and secure with Home Instead’s service.

Mara G., client's wife

I am thankful that the caregiver from Home Instead comes to my mother’s home. My mom looks forward to her coming and apppreciates her doing her laundry and cleaning. She is such a caring kind person and I have full confidence in her. Since her stroke the caregiver has been invaluable and I am so thankful for her.

Sharon W., client's daughter

"Words can not express the gratitude that I feel for Home Instead Caregivers and office staff. For the past three years they have provided excellent service for my Dad and step-mother. My Dad had several strokes and was on the very long waiting list for a nursing home. The Caregivers have helped him live at home with respect and dignity. If he had gone to a nursing home the anxiety of being separated from his wife would have been detrimental to his health as well as my step-mother's. The Caregivers are well trained professionals that provide loving, kind and patient help where it is needed most. They adapted easily not only to health changes but also mood changes. They were able to recognize and let us know when changes in equipment, supplies and schedules would make life easier for our parents. For the family, the stress of worrying about our parents was relieved by knowing that the BEST Caregivers were there to look after them. Thank you for helping my Dad live his final days in the way that he wanted to!!!"

Carmen H., clients' daughter

"I have been sick for over 2 months. I am the primary caregiver of 2 elderly parents. I could not have survived if it were not for the excellent service provided by Home Instead. The caregivers were a life saver. Sajay, Angie and the others cared for my parents. They cooked their meals, cleaned, looked after their personal needs, even caring for my cat. My recuperation from the long term illness was made easier with my feedback from Marie, Michelle and other Home Instead co-ordinators. My parents were treated with respect, no complaints by any members of my family. I would 100% recommend Home Instead to any one who needs assistance on a regular basis, days, nights, 24/7 help. They are the best."

Grace G., clients' daughter

"It took quite a bit of coordination to provide 24 hour care when my father became ill - in the hospital, at home waiting for surgery and then post surgery. Thanks to all the caregivers, but especially Sheena who was there every week day , 9-5 which gave some stability to the revolving door of people that supported Dad during this difficult time. She was a joy to work with and Sheena was always doing something to make the experience better for Dad. I sensed Dad wanted to take her to Florida with him! Thank you."

Lanee B., client's daughter

"We have absolutely loved our experience with Home Instead! The management there is compassionate, professional and committed to being fair and doing the right thing. Additionally, they provide and train excellent care providers. The care providers we have worked with have been consistent, capable, knowledgeable, and have fit in with our family seamlessly. I could not be happier with the quality of care provided for my dad, and the joy we have for being able to keep him in his home!"

Carla A., client's daughter

"Our Family will be eternally grateful for the amazing care and personal support received from everyone at Home Instead. Truthfully it felt like they were an extended part of our family. When Dad passed away Mom was overwhelmed with grief, we were so devastated. Cecila, Diane and especially Shericia were a great source of comfort and support. As our loved ones age they need so much more help from us, their children but we can't be there 24 hours a day. I highly recommend Home Instead Caregiving services. They truly do have Heart, you can lean on them & be confident your Mom or Dad or both will be looked after exactly as you would care for and love them. Thank you so much Home Instead Family from The McKenzie family"

Janice M., client's daughter

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Home Instead. The caregivers have been wonderful--always on time, working hard to help my parents with light housekeeping and meals. They are so accommodating and willing to adapt to whatever tasks are needed. The scheduling staff are also excellent and quick to handle any schedule changes. The co-ordinators are also very responsive and take great care to assure that everything is going well for the clients and the staff. Highly recommended!."

Joanne S., clients' daughter

"From the first day I met Mary I felt comfortable with her. We talked a little to get to know each other, and then I explained the household chores I had trouble with and where my equipment and supplies were. Each time she comes we have a little visit and she efficiently sets to work making my house spic and span. She finds other chores I haven't even thought of. I enjoy her kind and cheerful spirit and look forward to each visit. Thank you Home Instead."

Gwen T., client

"I am very impressed with Home Instead Senior Care. The caregivers who have helped us are compassionate, caring, and helpful. What I like in particular about Home Instead is the organization and oversight: for example, when caregivers arrive and leave they sign in via telephone. Each caregiver writes notes in a special binder so that I know what transpired during their shift. If there is any issue, such as a client taking an extra dose of medication, the caregiver phones the office and someone at the office contacts me to let me know what happened and seek advice. Also, the office arranges for caregivers, so that is one less thing I have to do. Home Instead has allowed me to have breaks from caring for my husband who has Alzheimer's; I have been able to go away for a few weekends and take a week's vacation at my sister's cottage. I am very thankful and lucky to have Home Instead."

Mara G., client's wife

"We found Home Instead on the internet by looking for in-home caregivers. From the beginning interview and the first caregiver (for a few hours a day, three-days a week), Home Instead exceeded expectations.
As time went on and our mother's needs increased, we added caregivers until we relied on Home Instead for 24/7 care. To cover 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, we had 5 regular caregivers and a few others who came in when a regular caregiver was away. Every caregiver was different and every one superb. All exceptionally well trained.
They were never late. They never missed a shift. They communicated with each other. They had optimum judgment in all they did. They looked after everything needed and my mother loved and trusted them, as we did.
And the Home Instead schedulers are as good as the caregivers. To this day I don't know how the scheduler's are able to make sure no shifts are missed, and find the best of people to handle every shift - but they do.
Thank you!"

Glenn, Brian and Murray, client's sons.

"Once again Home Instead has proven to be an amazing company.
This past weekend I needed a caregiver on short notice because of an emergency situation. Rosie Jabbal and Mackenzie Veldboom jumped right in and worked in tandem to find someone suitable.
I don't know what I would have done without their help. They are like angels that come to the rescue when everything is falling apart. A heartfelt thank you to them both."


"Home Instead has saved us over and over again for the last year. The caregivers are amazing and the office staff has been incredibly helpful beyond expectations. We feel heard and can breathe easier knowing they're there to help."

Cornelia F., client's daughter

"Home Instead has been an invaluable service for our family.  My sister, who lived with Mom, passed away unexpectedly last June and both my other sister and I live out of the province. Having a caregiver from Home Instead has allowed Mom to remain at home and keep her independence.
Caregiver Patty has been with Mom since last summer and provides help with household tasks as well as companionship. She visits twice a week for a couple of hours each time. My Mom likes the routine of having the same person visit her and we appreciate knowing that she is looked after.
Patty is a wonderful caregiver. She is patient, kind, honest, and reliable. She gives us peace of mind knowing that Mom has someone to help her and that we will be notified should there be any concerns.
We have utmost respect for Home Instead as a service company for seniors and hold Patty in the highest regard. We recommend Home Instead without hesitation for anyone needing help with their loved one.
Thank you and have a wonderful day."

client's daughter

"We are so pleased that we found Home Instead whilst we were in Canada looking after my husband's 96 year old mother, taking her every day to visit her husband who was in hospital with a broken femur. We live in the UK and the peace of mind that Home Instead have given us is immeasurable. My husband's parents are once again back in their apartment with Home Instead visiting them on a regular basis, not only keeping the apartment clean and tidy but also taking them to various appointments. We contacted Home Instead online and they are so quick to respond. I want to thank, not only their carer but also all the staff in the office with whom we have dealt with over the past 4 months. Cheers Home Instead and thank you."

Pat Walker, client's daughter-in-law

"I had the pleasure of meeting caregiver Bernie after I had surgery in April. Bernie was such an amazing help to myself and my family. She came in to our home and knew immediately what she needed to do. I truly believe that my recovery was a much smoother one because of Bernie.
Home Instead Senior Care was efficient and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what I needed, and paired me with the perfect caregiver. I would not hesitate to recommend Home Instead Senior Care to anyone for short term or long term care."

Susan Shemilt, client

"The Home Instead Care Givers were wonderful with my Dad. They responded rapidly to our changing needs and it was such a relief to know we could count on them in all the unexpected emergencies that arose with caring for a sick parent while living in a different city. They were caring and patient and quickly gained my Dad's trust and friendship. I would recommend them highly and with no hesitations."

Tony M., client's son

"Home Instead provided capable and caring staff to assist my 99 year old uncle to continue to live in his home. It was helpful to always have the same caregiver so that she built a relationship with my uncle and better understood his needs. And when she couldn't make it (for health/vacation reasons), they ensured that another trained caregiver was there at the same time. They also alerted me to issues which they thought needed to be addressed, which was helpful in managing his care. I highly recommend Home Instead, particularly for someone who is managing care for someone but doesn't live close so cannot provide hands-on supervision of caregivers."

Client's niece

"My dad has been a client of Home Instead for a year now and we have both been completely satisfied with the experience right from the initial telephone contact. Change is not easy, and Diane was able to match my dad's needs with Cherry's skills and personality. Cherry's reliable support in Dad's home has been priceless. And I appreciate knowing that Home Instead will be an ongoing resource for me."

Cathie Inglis, client's daughter

"Thank you all at Home Instead! The service was very professional from the start until long-term care placement of my mother who suffers with Dementia. The weekly visits by Lesya were always met with enthusiasm - very caring and helpful in her assistance - as I knew my mother was in good hands while in her care. More than a worthy mention to Cassandra who was very eager to help in coordinating assistance and making sure everything was going well and all too helpful in answering any (and many) questions. In hindsight, I don't know how I'd manage without the extra help from Home Instead. Thank you all. "

Stephan C, client’s son

"Home Instead responded in a timely manner and assigned appropriate caregivers even when our mother’s care needs changed . All staff were professional and caring and treated our elderly mom with respect and dignity. Many went above and beyond their assigned role to ensure mom’s comfort. I would recommend Home Instead to other families."

Pat Norman, client’s daughter

"Upon meeting the representative from Home Instead we were immediately at ease. Conversation and our desires were warmly received. Even though our "indecision" lingered, when I called Home Instead in a "panic" in an emergency situation, I was again warmly received. I was patiently listened to and in a "extremely short timeline" Home Instead was able to assist me with someone who willingly and graciously 'filled the bill'."


"I am so glad I found this very professional and caring company. Brenda Enright, the managing director assessed our needs very carefully and as a result we have a lovely, intelligent and compassionate young lady, Elizabeth (Lisa) to help us organizing , cleaning, cooking, shopping and even gardening.
I had occasion to meet Belinda Nazarowicz a registered nurse belonging to the management of this company. My husband and I are very impressed by her knowledge and sincere care of her patients."

Otto and Kathy Strausz

"Just wanted the office staff and caregivers to know how much my family appreciates the care my father and step-mother are receiving. We are a blended family and things can get chaotic very quickly. The caregivers are always flexible, upbeat and a calming influence. Their personalities are perfectly matched to this type of work. Their skills and training shows in how they interact with their clients. We really appreciate everything that they do for us. Thanks!! "

Carmen, client’s daughter

"Home Instead Senior Care has been providing in home help for my mother for six months now, and we have been continually impressed by our experience. 
They find and identify CAREGivers that are excellent people, and they support them with an office staff to take care of things that come up from time to time. Perhaps you need an extra day because of a statutory holiday, or maybe you'd like to have more days with one CAREGiver and less with another. Whatever comes up, the office staff are immediately accessible, are kind and helpful, and find a way to meet your needs. 
This is an exceptionally well run organization, combining the best of business efficiency with the best of kind-hearted assurance and helpfulness. It begins with a visit from a Director of Client Care (in our case, Belinda Nazarowycz)) who comes to the home and assesses the needs and the personalities of the family, and then finds an ideal person to be the CAREGiver. After appropriate follow-up, the client begins working with an inside manager who takes care of anything that comes up at all times. Each client has someone to phone who gets to know them, as well as the regular CAREGiver who comes to the house.
I highly recommend Home Instead for personal in-home care, and I'm thankful that we found them."

Glenn, client’s son

I required help around my home due to illness and was referred to Home Instead by my neighbour. Home Instead responded immediately to my needs and had me help faster then I every would have thought possible.
My CAREGiver Angela has been amazing!
Apart from helping around the house we have built a great relationship and enjoy discussing health issues and ways to live life to it's fullest.
We also share a great love for flowers and gardening and l so look forward to having Angela help me dig in the dirt so I can still enjoy my passion for the great outdoors.
This service has really helped me and I will definitely recommend their services to others and it has been a true gift to me.


My husband is the 86 years old and has very unique needs, requiring a caring person who is also very intelligent. I was pleasantly surprised that his needs were met competently. Both the care givers were patient and tried their best to understand his psychology as well, They won him and me as well.


We started receiving respite care services on Saturdays from Home Instead in April 2014 for my 91 year old mother who lives with us. Up to that point, my wife & I could never go out together as one of us was required at home with my mom. That first Saturday, we went for lunch with our son and realized a sense of freedom we had not experienced in years! The CAREGivers have been, for the most part, excellent. Home Instead have always called us for feedback whenever a new CAREGiver was sent; they have also respected our wishes to keep a CAREGiver for extended periods to minimize any new adjustments for my mom. We are very satisfied and would recommend them highly.


The first time we used Home Instead Senior Care was at an extremely stressful time. With my brother, who was ill, and 97 year old mother, care was urgently needed. The CAREGivers were excellent. Their easy manner, willingness to work with us, knowledge and sense of humour gave me peace of mind allowing me to function in my daily life. My job would have been at risk if I did not have the level of care that I could rely on with Home Instead. Paul Alavathil's easy manner, sense of humour and quick responses to the difficulties that presented themselves allowed me to continue with my daily life seamlessly. We now have Home Instead again to care for my 98 year old mother. Esther, our present CAREGiver is a joy to have. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile ... however her manner with my mother gives her the feeling she is being visited by a friend instead of "handled". My mother looks forward to her visits each week with anticipation. 

Jackie Amable

My sister and I would like to say that Leila is a very kind and gentle person. She is fantastic with our mom in so many ways. She is intuitive, keeps her occupied, ensures dignified care and is a wonderful companion for her. Thank you Leila and congratulations, we appreciate your help!


At a time when I was reaching the end of my rope caring for two elderly parents in Long Term Care, I called Home Instead Senior Care. With both my parents in a facility one with Alzheimer's and the other confined to a wheelchair and also suffering with dementia, dehydration and difficulty swallowing I was hanging by a thread. The staff at the LTC facility are remarkable and do a fabulous job, but the care my father needs is above a beyond. I spent 9 - 13 hour days caring for him when I could, but maintaining a full time job myself I had reached burnout. Home Instead, from the very first call of desperation, tears and all, were very professional and advised me they could help. In less than 24 hours from that first call I met with a representative who advised me of the various services available. She was instantly a friend and someone prepared to listen with great understanding of what I was going through. She came into my dad's room to meet with him and made several notes to be sure the best match could be made for a CAREGiver. Two people were selected to care for my dad, one on the weekends and one Monday - Friday. All this happened within 2 days. What a relief I felt when the following day my burnout kicked in and I was laid up for almost 2 weeks with a terrible cold, laryngitis and general malaise. I knew that for 6 hours a day there was extra care and companionship at my dad's side, in addition to the care he was already receiving from the facility. I already have referred this service to others, both as a potential help for their care needs and as a potential employer. Home Instead is a lifeline that many may not know is available. It is a professional organization and you are not a "client that pays a bill" you are now a part of their family of CAREGivers, they contact you regularly and make visits to the patient in follow up to see how things are going. In reality they are an extension of you. Caring for elder parents is a huge responsibility and a full time commitment in addition to the regular stresses of raising a family, maintaining a job and a home. I am forever indebted to this service and would highly recommend that if you are reading this, you should call them now and lighten your burden. 


Thank you for all that you have done to get services in place for my mom. I returned from vacation and was thrilled to hear that she is happy with everything about Home Instead. It is such a relief for me, as I was really concerned with her situation. When I spoke with her this afternoon, her voice even sounded stronger. Mom proceeded to tell me about all that is being done for her, like the meal preparation and how well it is going. I can't thank you enough.
By the way mom also remarked on how lovely and compassionate you are, so I thought I would pass that along as well. Thank you again,


I can't tell you how incredibly grateful we are to have Maria's help. She is truly a Godsend to our family! She has developed a really wonderful relationship with my mom, who looks forward to seeing her on the evenings that she is there. It is so clear that she has respect for my mom and understands her need for privacy and dignity.
I had been so stressed out prior to having Maria as my mom's I feel such relief in knowing that someone who truly cares is spending quality time with my mom, giving both my dad and myself a much needed break in the evenings. Not only does Maria have this great relationship with my mom, but she has had continued success in all aspects of the cleaning / bathing / changing routine at night (an area where previous caregivers had had no success at all). What a load off our minds this has been! Even my kids comment regularly on how awesome Maria is with Nanny.
Recently when I was driving down the street with my kids, we happened to see Maria and my mom walking near her Church. We noticed how they were stopping to look at different plants and flowers, clearly having a nice conversation, and my mom had such a happy look on her face. Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes.
There are often times when my mom is very tired in the evening and doesn't feel like doing much...Maria is so respectful of that and finds wonderful mellow things to do with her such as reading poetry to her, sitting on the porch looking at the cars driving by...simple things that my mom really enjoys. On the nights when my mom is feeling more up to it, Maria continues to engage her in great activities like baking, art, board games, etc.
Thank you to Home Instead Senior Care, and in particular Maria, for making our lives so much easier, and for caring for my mom the way I would care for her myself. I will be grateful forever!! It's very difficult to find the words to express this gratitude, but hopefully you will understand. We couldn't possibly have found anyone better than Maria!


Dad had more than his fair share of health challenges in his last two months of life but many hands had helped make sure that the last part of his journey had been as comfortable for him as possible.
Your staff is wonderful.  It offered the family great comfort when we could leave Dad's room and know that he was in good hands  - that there was someone there to assist him when he needed it - through every challenge he faced.
Your staff are compassionate, patient and professional people (I even had Janet and Le calling or texting me for updates on Dad's condition)
Please thank your entire staff on behalf of my family.


When we moved our aunt, who has dementia, from her retirement residence in one city to another to be closer to her family, it was a difficult adjustment for her. Fortunately, a dedicated team of HomeInstead CAREGivers provided her with continuing support for the many weeks it required for her to become comfortable in the new surroundings. Through memory challenges and mood swings, they were empathetic, caring and conscientious, providing her with patient companionship and reassurance.
Home Instead of has been a real blessing to our family!

Corinne & Dave

Dear Greg and all the staff of Home Instead Senior Care.....Our family will always be grateful for the wonderful help rendered to Mother in her home in the time of her declining health. Her doctor observed that he felt that she would not likely have lived as long or as well as she did without the care provided the Home Instead Caregivers.

M. Copeland

Stephanie knows how to deal with challenging situations by encouraging Felicia with good common sense mixed with humour....I feel that Stephanie demonstrates an almost maternal feeling for Felicia and I know that Felicia thinks the world of Stephanie.

R. Armitage

Jennifer was fabulous, and gave my dad and us a quality of life that we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy.  I wouldn’t have been able to be with him as I was if it were not for her....she truly cared for my dad and he really grew to love and trust her like none other. She gave him absolutely the best care, and he looked at her with hopeful eyes to make him as comfortable as possible.

L. Ball

All testimonials presented o​n this page are all from clients in the Mississauga and Etobicoke area.

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