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Differences Between In-Home and 24-Hour Home Care for Seniors

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By Shawn Turcotte

Owner of Home Instead Senior Care Edmonton, CPCA

Home Instead offers 24-Hour in Home Care for Seniors in the Edmonton areaDo you or your senior loved one need round-the-clock care? There are options you can consider based on your family’s needs. A couple of possibilities are live-in home help or 24-hour home care. Either alternative is excellent for ensuring your senior loved one has 24/7 support while residing in the comfort of their homes.

Understanding the difference between live-in and 24-hour home care will help you and your family make the best decision for your loved one’s needs. A caregiver from Home Instead Home Care can give your loved one a sense of security and companionship at all hours of the day and night.

Live-In Home Care

If you are looking for consistency for your ailing senior, live-in home care is a good choice.

How it works: Generally, a caregiver is hired or booked for an entire 24-hour period, unless you opt for the home helper to have 4 hours off duty each day. They can be scheduled for four to five days at the most. For the other days of the week, a different caregiver is present. The home helper is provided with sleeping quarters and is allowed an 8-hour break. Billing is done via flat rate per day. If you have agreed to a 4-hour daily break, the invoicing may be done on an hourly basis.

Pros: With live-in caregivers, you do not have a string of helpers coming in and out of your senior’s home. Usually two caregivers suffice for an entire week. The most significant advantage is the consistency in daily care routine.

Cons: If you opt for the 4-hour break, your senior may be left to fend on their own for long hours unless you make different arrangements. There can be additional hourly costs to fill in this gap. When a live-in home helper is asleep at night, your dad or mom is left without direct supervision. 

24-Hour Care

If you want to make sure your loved one is under supervised care all hours of the day, then the 24-hour option may be the right choice.

How it works: You can generally expect to have 2 or 3 caregivers during a 24-hour period. They may work up to 8 or 12 hours at a time. There is no sleep break, unless agreed upon, for the overnight helper. This option may be billed at a flat rate or hourly depending on both the senior’s needs and the company’s services.

Pros: There is always someone available for your senior, including staying on guard at night.

Cons: This can be a little more expensive than live-in care when billed at the hourly rate. Additionally, there is less consistency in caregivers. If your mom or dad needs a consistent routine, this may not be the best option.

Finding the right home care option is a personal decision based on the needs of both you and your loved one. Home Instead Senior Care serves families and their elderly loved ones to remain living independently. We can help you ascertain the best choice for your needs. Our caregivers are highly trained and ready to assist you in any way you need.
Call us at (780) 439-9990 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation. Learn more about the compassionate, quality home care we deliver each day to families in our community.


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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