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Treating Caregiver Burnout

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Caring for your aging family member is demanding.f

Tips for Senior Caregivers from the Home Instead Team

Caring for your aging family member is demanding. If you have a spouse, children, grandchildren, and a job, you understand the balancing act between parenting your kids and parenting your Mom or Dad. The stress of making sure everyone is looked after can send you spiraling in a cesspool of guilt and frustration. Often, problems feel exacerbated when you can never get time alone to recoup from the demands placed on you.

Caregiver burnout is real, and it threatens your physical, mental, and emotional health. This exhaustive state is not the place you want to spend a lot of time. When you are ready for a break but fear leaving Mom or Dad on their own, a Home Instead Senior Care Personal Support Worker (PSW) can provide respite care and alleviate your worry.

Signs It Is Time to Treat Caregiver Burnout

You have your job cut out for you, and you are not afraid to take on the challenge. However, without recognizing the signs of caregiver burnout, your breaking point may come leaving hurt feelings and rifts in relationships. Here are some warnings that you are headed to burnout:

  • Your energy reserves are less than before. You may feel tired and run down most of the time.
  • You become sick anytime something goes around. If your Mom gets the flu, you are bound to get it.
  • Sleep does nothing to ease your exhaustion. Even after eight hours of sleep, you may still wake up feeling exhausted.
  • Taking care of your own needs is low on your priorities. This can happen because you are too busy, or worse, you no longer care.  
  • Relaxing is hard, even when you have help. You often struggle to relax with your family and struggle to let others help you.
  • Your patience wears very thin quickly.  Things that used to roll off your back can set you off on a tirade.
  • You feel helpless and hopeless. You may feel there is no end in sight, leaving you feeling hopeless for the future.

Treat Caregiver Burnout Early

Recovering from burnout is not easy, but it can be done. First, you may want to readjust your mindset. At this point, you may find yourself thinking that your duties have consumed your life leaving you little time for relaxing. While that may be the case, the remedy is to find ways to recharge your batteries. So, learn to accept that relaxing is OK and will make you a better caregiver, then you can move on to the next step.

Next, you need to make time for yourself on a regular basis. Enlisting in the help of a personal support worker will offer you the opportunity to enjoy old hobbies or rebuild relationships long neglected, and your parent will be safe.

Reliable Home Health Care Services Helps You Recover from Caregiver Burnout

Recover from caregiver burnout so you can care for your senior loved one and family better.
The stress and wear on your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing should not be overlooked. Instead, take charge of your needs with senior care help from Home Instead Senior Care Hamilton, our PSWs work with families to ensure everyone can enjoy this season of life.

Call us at (905) 521-5500 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation. Learn more about the compassionate, quality home care we deliver each day to families in our Hamilton community.


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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