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How Seniors Can Stay Cool This Summer

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Older adults are more vulnerable than most to summer's scorching heat so it's important to manage body temperatures of carefully to avoid health issues. Here are a few ways seniors can stay cool this summer:

Layer Up

Not all homes in Vancouver are equipped with air conditioning, so dressing in lightweight layers can help older adults adjust to changing temperatures more readily. Wearing light colours, broad-brimmed woven hats and looser garments can make the heat more bearable as well.

Leave the House

If the heat becomes too much, it's a good idea to plan an outing to air-conditioned public places such as libraries, indoor malls or community centers. Spending the hottest hours of the day in a cool, comfortable setting can help tremendously, and also encourages social interactions with others dealing with the hot weather.

Adjust Your Schedule

When possible, try to enjoy the more comfortable temperatures during the early morning hours and late in the evening when the sun is setting. These are generally the coolest times of day, which means less risk of overheating.

Invest in Cooling Devices

It's helpful to invest in inexpensive cooling solutions to help keep seniors comfortable during the worst of the summer heat. Flexible ice blankets can be draped over the lap or shoulders, and special cooling towels can be worn around the neck to help regulate body temperature.

Rent an Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes, the summer heat is so relentless that other solutions simply aren't enough. It's possible for homeowners to rent inexpensive air conditioning units for a few weeks of the year in order to keep seniors safe and comfortable. Local rental centers often have a range of models available so that you can choose one that's right for your home and budget.

Stay Hydrated

Home care services in Vancouver make special efforts to highlight the dangers of dehydration during the summer. This is a health concern for seniors year-round, but older adults are especially susceptible to dehydration during warmer months. Keeping cool water and fresh, chilled fruit on hand helps to prevent both overheating and dehydration.

Keeping Cool is an Important Part of Elder Care in Vancouver

As we age, our bodies are often unable to maintain a healthy and safe core temperature when the weather becomes too hot or cold. Be sure to apply the tips listed above to help keep older adults cool and comfortable this summer. 


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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