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How to Have a Better Attitude toward Fitness 

By Brenda Enright

Owner of Home Instead Senior Care Etobicoke

A caregiver and  senior walking outside to promote an active lifestyle

Healthcare Tips for Seniors from the Home Instead Team

Jazzercise, calisthenics, yoga, dancing to your favourite music, Pilates, cycling, jogging, walking – the list goes on and on. You have probably not only seen them all, but you may have participated in several of these activities. Each exercise guru’s regimen brings its value for different segments of people. When you find your favourite routine, you are more likely to stick to it. If you never find that perfect fit, you may be more likely to stop exercising. As a non-exerciser or an inconsistent one, it is easy to think you will get around to it “someday.”

“Someday” is today. The benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle outweigh any excuses you have. It all starts with having a better attitude toward your health and fitness. The services of a caregiver from Home Instead Senior Care Etobicoke give you the support you need to embrace a renewed vigour for life. Our professional personal support workers assist you in creating nutritious mealstransportation, and running errands. They can accompany you for a walk or supervise as you do some light exercises at home.

A Positive Attitude toward Fitness Keeps Aging Problems at Bay

Choose today to stay at home on your own termsGet your mom moving by taking positive steps to help improve her health, stamina, and overall wellbeing. It all starts with your attitude. Here is how you can achieve a positive outlook:

  • Find Your Purpose: You may struggle to feel important, to have a purpose. You can overcome that by developing a strong sense of purpose through volunteering, religious activities, and family time.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep: This is not about sleeping 12 hours a night with three-hour naps during the day. Instead, develop good habits by making your bedroom a haven for rest without distractions. Avoid watching TV or using other electronic media devices before bed. Maintain a regular sleep schedule.
  • Keep Your Brain Engaged and Active: Puzzles, board games, reading, learning new things, painting, and developing new skills, helps to exercise your brain, and improves your cognitive abilities. Having a clear mind adds to feelings of positivity.
  • Load up Your Social Calendar: Maintaining social connections and making new friends may be critical to your physical and emotional health. It helps ward off depression that often occurs in seniors, especially when you meet with others who hold a positive outlook.
  • Increase Your Nutrient Rich Foods: The typical Western diet may leave a lot to be desired with less-than-nutritious packaged foods. There are plenty of recipes online packed with nutrient-dense foods that give your body what it needs.
  • Embrace Movement: Yes, just like you need to prime a well pump before water pours forth, you need to start exercising to generate a positive outlook. No, this isn’t about jumping in like you are 20-something. Start small with daily walks around the block. The tiny doses of exercise will increase your endorphins, and you will be ready for more.

Embrace a Positive Attitude with Help from a Home Instead Caregiver

The power of a positive attitude is unmatched in increasing your health and fitness as you age. When you work with a home health care professional from Home Instead Senior Care, you get the support you need to keep you on track. Our caregivers are happy to join in and give you and your family timely and ongoing assistance, so you can enjoy life as an independent adult.


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