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Insights and Updates on Technology to Help Seniors

By Brenda Enright

Today’s world is moving fast, bringing new technology to make our lives easier each day. One area of the market starting to enjoy increased attention is the elderly population. Companies are striving to bring helpful technology to the aged. Across the country, thousands of senior citizens engage with social media, the internet, artificial intelligence, and much more. Aging in place has never been as promising as it is now. Sometimes they need some additional help. That’s where professional home care workers give you and your family the necessary support to make this season a relaxing and enjoyable one.  

Helping Seniors through Caregiving and Technology

Years ago, it seemed that only children knew how to program VCRs. The running joke is that Grandma needs her grandchild to set up her social media account. Yet, there is more to technology than pushing a few buttons, and seniors are soaking it all in. You or your aging loved one will benefit from the enhancements that technology can bring, and a personal support worker is a perfect addition to ensure things go well.   

1. Improving the Quality of Life for Seniors Using Technology

When considering a new technology for you or your aging parent, one aspect to remember is how the technology improves the quality of life. Today’s seniors are the same ones who brought televisions, electric coffee pots, dishwashers, and washing machines into their homes. In other words, your loved one understands that new technology helps their lives. How it helps their quality of life may be spread across a few different categories:

  • Home Life: Aging in place requires some forethought concerning safety and upcoming mobility challenges. For example, security systems make you and your family sleep better.
  • Social Life: Loneliness is a serious concern for the aging population. As their friend circle tightens, seniors need ways to interact with others.  
  • Wellbeing: Wearable devices help seniors monitor their health and may be helpful during an emergency. Among the different types are buttons and wristbands.
  • Mobility: Your elderly loved one may fear losing the ability to drive because of feeling unsafe. Luckily, technology is answering that concern with distracted driver detection and assisted driver services.
  • Information and Entertainment: Many seniors enjoy using the internet to order groceries and find movies, books, and general information.

Technology does increase the quality of an older adult’s life, but it can sometimes be hard for a caregiver to encourage them to accept it. That is when it takes some patience on your part.

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2. Making Technology Easy to Use for Seniors

More and more seniors are embracing technology and becoming internet savvy. However, there are still some barriers that may make it challenging for you or your loved one to take advantage of the technological world. They may be skeptical, find it irrelevant, or have physical challenges. You can help overcome those barriers with some patience.

  • Discuss the Benefits: Technology offers many benefits that may need to be explained to an older person. You may even use your own tablet to show them new things, including social media.
  • Choose the Right Device: If the phone is hard to use or the screen too hard to see, your loved one won’t reap the benefits. It may be a better decision to choose a tablet over a smartphone for accessing the internet. 

Once your senior citizen is on board with using technology, you need to find the right devices to enhance their lives. There are many new items out waiting to fulfill your requirements.

Here some tips on how to encourage seniors to use technology.

3. New Tech Devices to Help Seniors

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing speed. One area that entrepreneurs and tech companies are starting to engage in is the aging population. Today’s seniors prefer to live at home for as long as possible. That means tech companies have plenty of opportunities to reach this sector. Some of the new ideas and products coming out on the market include:

  • Virtual Reality Immersive Headsets: These headsets put the caregiver in the place of a senior facing different health issues, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It gives the caregiver a new perspective on what their loved one is facing.
  • Home ‘Robots’: This product uses proactive cognitive artificial intelligence to engage the elderly in conversations and even nudge them to take their medications. The goal is to help seniors remain active.
  • Robot Pets: Originally designed for children, robotic cats and dogs are a favourite among the elderly. Each toy has sensors that allow them to interact with your aging loved one. They help older adults feel less lonely.

Technology enhances a senior’s quality of life, enabling living alone comfortably.

Find here some technologies that can make senior's life easier.

4. How Technology can Help Seniors Living Alone

As your aging parent strives to live home alone, questions will arise as to their overall safety and activity levels. Technology will allow your loved one greater independence with things like:

  • Tablets and Smartphones: These devices are being continually developed to give the elderly easier access. They can help with social connections and keeping on medication schedules.
  • Fitness Trackers: It’s easier to track daily physical activity with a wearable device that measures heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned.
  • Medication Dispensers: Memory troubles can lead to problems taking needed medication. Besides setting alarms, dispensers ensure the proper dosage is administered.

Living alone is much more attainable with all the technology available, especially when you couple it with a professional caregiver.

Here some Gadgets to Help Your Senior Live at Home

Technology + Professional Support = Aging in Place Success

Let your loved one live life comfortably and confidently at home by embracing some technology and hiring help from a professional caregiver  from Home Instead Mississauga. Our team offers the support needed by aging adults and their families. We provide personalized home care services that make things much more manageable and bring additional peace of mind for all. Look to us for assistance in light housekeeping, nutrition help, personal care, and companionship. We love serving our seniors and their families and continually look for ways to enhance their quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Call us at (905) 276-2273 to schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation. Learn more about the compassionate, quality senior care we deliver every day to families in All Mississauga including: Clarkson, Cooksville, Dixie, Erin Mills, Erindale, Lakeview, Lorne Park, Port Credit, Sheridan, Streetsville.


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