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May 20, 2021

Home Care Options

Written By: Stephen Franchuk, General Manager

Decisions About In-Home Care in Calgary, AB 

As the warmer weather approaches and Covid-19 numbers decrease you may be starting to evaluate the care that your loved one needs. While there are many different options available, it's important to know what you and your loved ones short term and long term goals are. For many families, the goal is to find a safe option that allows their loved one a certain level of independence and comfort while responsibly managing their loved ones hard earned finite budget.

Let's discuss the different living options possible. It's likely your loved ones is currently living in a home they are familiar with, so keeping them there is often the first choice and best choice. According to a survey from RBC, 91% of seniors say they want to remain at home. Another option is to move their loved one in with their family for greater support.

If these don't work for you and your family, then you may be thinking it's time to move them into a higher level of care, whether this is an Assisted living, Supportive Living or Long Term Care Facility. These congregate living buildings, which are often referred to as "Facilities", offer many options but also have high costs associated with them. While many basics will be included with the monthly fee the additional services will each cost extra. These include services such as laundry, additional housekeeping and personal care assistance. Another additional limitation to keep in mind are that family visitations may be severely restricted during the pandemic, there are set meal times and table mates and weekly bathing schedules. These services are based on the staff's availability, not your loved ones preferences and needs.

This may have you thinking, what other options are there? That's where Home Care shines. There is Public Home Care, which is provided for Free by Alberta Health Services and there is also Private Home Care such as Home Instead which can help fill the "Gaps". These "gaps" are often seen as the reason why someone has to leave the comforts of their own home and move into a facility.

Watch this short video to learn more about home care:

Home Care is essentially care that is provided in someone's home.

We are told time and time again that this is a much more comfortable and preferable option when ageing. This model of care allows for a One to One approach that just can't be met in a Facility. The flexible schedule allows for family to fill in some of the times to help reduce costs.

We find that individuals with memory issues such as dementia have much better experiences when they are able to keep a level of normalcy in their daily lives. By scheduling a consistent team of CAREGivers that are overseen by our Nurses we are able to have better daily outcomes. Not to mention this level of personalized care caters to the clients preferences such as meal times, preferred meals, daily routines, laundry and favourite activities.

Some of our clients have had prized spoon collections, green houses, family pets, gardens, favourite books and chairs and their special items that make a house their home. They have spent decades of time gathering memories and now at a time where they require more care, it is important to surround them with things they love and memories they cherish.

While this conversation can be challenging, it is so important to have. With professional support, high care needs can be effectively managed at home. Home Instead has proven this with over 12 years of experience in Calgary and thousands of seniors.

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Thank you,

Stephen Franchuk

General Manager