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June 02, 2021

Summer Home Care

Written By: Stephen Franchuk, General Manager
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Summer In-Home Care in Calgary, AB 

The start of June marks the beginning of summer for many people and to make it a bit more special, it is also the start of Alberta's stage one of the reopening plan! Home Instead has always been and remains essential so as you start to plan your summer time away, make sure you book additional visits to care for your loved one.

Although this summer's plans may still be very undecided and much is unknown about the next few months, one thing stays constant and that's the need for In-Home Care. In speaking with our partners across North America we are continuing to hear phrases such as "The hospital room of the future looks a lot like the living rooms of today". These comments and this mindset is based on the fact that seniors have better results when they are surrounded by the things and people they love. Gone are the days when getting old meant you needed to move into an old folks home. According to a survey from RBC, 91% of seniors say they want to remain at home.

In a recent Global News article it says “The report, released by Health Minister Tyler Shandro, makes 42 recommendations to deal with the expected surge, including expanding care for people in their homes.”

Home Instead has always focused on providing aging adults with the in-home support that allows them to age in place. We find this has better senior health outcomes.

As your loved one continues to age, it may be time to start thinking of adding additional in-home care services and support to prevent a crisis. Our Care Managers would love to do a free consultation with you, to hear your thoughts and also provide their expert point of view. Please click here to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

Home Care is essentially care that is provided in someone's home.

We are told time and time again that this is a much more comfortable and preferable option when ageing. This model of care allows for a One to One approach that just can't be met in a Facility. The flexible schedule allows for family to fill in some of the times to help reduce costs.

We find that individuals with memory issues such as dementia have much better experiences when they are able to keep a level of normalcy in their daily lives. By scheduling a consistent team of CAREGivers that are overseen by our Nurses we are able to have better daily outcomes. Not to mention this level of personalized care caters to the clients preferences such as meal times, preferred meals, daily routines, laundry and favourite activities.

Some of our clients have had prized spoon collections, green houses, family pets, gardens, favourite books and chairs and their special items that make a house their home. They have spent decades of time gathering memories and now at a time where they require more care, it is important to surround them with things they love and memories they cherish.

While this conversation can be challenging, it is so important to have. With professional support, high care needs can be effectively managed at home. Home Instead has proven this with over 12 years of experience in Calgary and thousands of seniors.

To learn more and have a no obligation call with one of our team call 403-984-9225 today or fill out our contact form.

Thank you,

Stephen Franchuk

General Manager