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"Home Instead has given our family such peace of mind. Since COVID started we haven't been able to go and visit her. My mother is in a long term care facility on the Hamilton mountain. Home Insteads caregivers are so kind and patient with my Mum, and help us stay connected to her. The office staff keeps me updated on how she's doing and always calls when there is a change in care giver which we really appreciate. My Mum is happier having someone with her. Her life has changed drastically since using Home Insteads services. I highly recommend Home Instead."

Posted by Sarina G., client's daughter on Nov 09 2020



"Stephen and Joseph were so kind and friendly to my father. Barry, the director at the Hamilton branch was amazing and efficient. Thank You for all of your assistance."

Posted by Valerie N., client's daughter on Sep 11 2020



"Home Instead coordinator Gabriela came to my rescue after I had a spinal injury which left me with mobility issues and other impairments. She was unhurried during her assessment, spending time learning about my routines and able to help with tasks other agencies I had involved don’t do, and the resulting match was perfect. I needed no other service provider. My caregiver Judy had just the right amount of positive energy and a calm reassuring can-do attitude. My body and mind relaxed into her gentle and efficient care. She made me and my home comfortable and ran it effectively. Judy did what my limitations did not allow me to do. And I’m so grateful to Home Instead, including Gabriela, Barry and Caroline who were so compassionate and responsive to my questions, and communicated concisely and considerately. I’m doing a bit more now, and no longer need the intensive assistance, but I do miss Judy and everyone at the office. I couldn’t recommend Home Instead more highly!"

Posted by C.Carol, client on May 13 2020



"I was referred to Home Instead by the LTC home my Dad is in. I was looking for a PSW to escort my Dad to my wedding in another city more than an hour away. In one phone call the basics were setup. They also took over booking the transportation. After a few emails and phone calls every thing was taken care of. Nothing to worry about or coordinate, they took ownership of it. It was one less thing I had to worry about on our wedding day. So many people were happy to see my Dad and it meant the world to me! Thank you Barry, Gabriela and Graziano!"

Posted by Bill J., client's son on Nov 04 2019



"Our experience at Home Instead was excellent. The meeting to set up the client account with Gabriela was efficient and professional. Our personal support worker, Maxine has a caring and personal way with people. She imediately made an excellent raport with our father and quickly made connections. Her care throughout the day followed everything we asked for and my 90 year old father had a very positive day interacting with Maxine. I won't hesitate to use this company in the future and highly recomend them to those looking for support in their home care responsibilities."

Posted by Ted., client's son on Nov 03 2019



"All I can say is Thank God angels flutter amongst us and occasionally we get lucky enough to be taken under their caring wings, Shelley, my fathers PSW is just that. My father a.k.a the human embodiment of Oscar the Grouch, not an easy camper, is under her care a couple of times a week and has been won over by her earnest compassion, good humor and of course her cooking. I rest easier knowing that Home Instead Senior Care and Shelley are looking over him."

Posted by Keetja A., client's daughter on Oct 31 2019



"Contacting Home Instead Senior Care was the best decision our family made. Both parents were still living on there own. My mother is 83 years old and my father is 94. My mother was dealing with both their medical issues. My mom has Parkinson's and my dad suffers from Alzheimer's. When we contacted Home instead they offered many suggestions in the type of care and support that could be provided. Once that decision was made it was implemented immediately. Home Instead provided professional, knowledgeable, experienced and reliable caregivers. Having kind and friendly caregivers made it easy for my mother to accept the much needed help. It also gave the family peace of mind that our parents were being cared for. Home Instead provided more than just care. They were a support system. All the staff when contacted were courteous and understanding of the situation that we were in. We were able to reach them at any time. They were there for us when we needed them the most(so many situations). Many thanks to all of my parents' caregivers especially Cindy and to Gabriela for her professionalism, patience and friendship. We would not have been able to get thru this without the support."

Posted by Chris C., clients' son on Oct 30 2019



"Home Instead has been an absolute life saver. They are always available when we need to communicate with them and they work with our constantly fluctuating schedule. My husband's psw is amazing, she is so caring, kind and helpful. We would definitely recommend Home Instead to others."

Posted by Mariah-Clare M., client's wife on Oct 27 2019



"We started using Home Instead for caregivers for our close friends, and elderly couple, one of whom has Alzheimer’s. After searching options and reviews on the internet we settled on two companies to interview, but after first meeting with Gabriela from Home Instead we felt confident proceeding with them. Gabriela was professional, patient, engaging and unhurried, gathering as much information as she could about what we were looking for. The first caregiver they sent was very friendly and compassionate, but our friends didn’t feel the “connection” they were looking for, so Gabriela willing tried another and sent Khushbu. Our friends absolutely loved Khushbu and asked for her back. We were a bit concerned that perhaps Khushbu was mostly “visiting” with them and that’s what they enjoyed, but we were present for Khushbu’s third visit with them, and we were extremely impressed. Khushbu is focused, extremely patient with our friend with Alzheimer’s, and kept with him having him make tea for his wife and us (visitors), helping with table setting and clearing, stretching him to remember next steps or what he was supposed to do. Exactly the kind of stimulation and companionship we were hoping for, in an effort to help him maintain his memory and mental capabilities as much as possible. And Khushbu clearly gets this and makes the most of her time with our friends to encourage and engage him. It also provided a welcome break for his wife, having someone else doing the repetition and repeating, and keeping him occupied so he wasn’t looking for her every few minutes. Khushbu also gently pointed out how we could help, for example by not answering for him, and not stepping in too quickly to do things for him. She clearly has experience and goes to great effort to make sure her time with our friends is spent constructively, responds to their needs, and helps us all learn things to better help our friends. Our calls to Home Instead office are answered promptly by Caroline, and she is a good communicator with scheduling and our requests for specific types of help during any shifts. Throughout the process Gabriela has been responsive, listens to our needs, and acts quickly on request. We are very happy with Home Instead."

Posted by Leslie K., clients' friend on Oct 23 2019



"We found ourselves in an urgent situation where we needed overnight care that very day. Home Instead were able to accommodate us, and work with our changing schedule. It was a huge relief to our family to have such good help on short notice. Thank you!"

Posted by Jennifer L., client's daughter in law on Oct 21 2019



"Over the past while it has been our pleasure to work with Home Instead staff as we cared for a dearly loved friend. This amazing agency responded quickly and efficiently to our requests regarding changes in scheduling ,even when it was very short notice.Caroline who handled the requests was always very calm and reassuring. Gabriela, the coordinator was easy to reach and she contacted us regularly to ensure that we were satisfied We can't speak highly enough of the staff who engaged our friend in activities and then at the end were at her bedside 24/7. We did not meet all the workers but we are confident that they were as special as the ones we did meet -Alexandra,Khushbu ,and Lida. This agency cared and we are forever grateful Pam Eves & Carolynn Clark"

Posted by Carolyn C., client's friend on October 03 2019



"excellent management and PSW. A great fit and very reliable!"

Posted by Bonnie B., client's daughter in law on Sep 24 2019



"Home Instead Senior Care - Hamilton provided excellent care for my elderly Father after his injury. Gabriela, the client care coordinator, assembled a fantastic team to help my parents during this difficult time. We felt everyone that came to the house was very helpful, respectful of my parents needs and property, and was a great fit for our Family as we transitioned my Father back home. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who requires flexible elderly care for either transitional or longer-term periods."

Posted by Uwe S., client's son on Sep 16 2019



"Once we discussed my father’s needs it became clear to me that he was in good hands. My father is in a home needing dementia care, companionship and assistance withthings in his everyday life like getting dressed and using the bathroom, we’re getting most difficult for him. Graziano and Isaac are so good with him that my father looks forward to them arriving everyday. He is in amazing hands; I feel like I have left him with family when I can’t be there. They make it possible for me to breathe and worry less. I highly recommend this service. There isn’t any lengths they won’t go to so you have the best care for your loved one; either at home, or in a home. Thanks, Amelia"

Posted by Amelia P., client's daughter on Jun 26 2019



"My 92 year old father received constant care from Home Instead, in a hospital setting, in addition to that normally provided by the hospital. I’m not overstating the situation to say I don’t know what I would have done without their help. In spite of the best efforts by overtaxed hospital staff before, during and after Dad’s surgery, he fell while in the bathroom. I called Home Instead and, with Gabriella’s assistance, support began almost at once. Support workers seemed handpicked to match Dad’s health needs and personality. Isaac was devoted to Dad. Herbalynhad a talent for calming Dad during restless nights. Dad felt safe and valued. Family knew Dad was not alone, that his needs were met without delay. Dad passed away with warm and constant care. Thank-you Home Instead."

Posted by Karen l., client's daughter on Jun 23 2019



"My 95 year old mother was staying with me in Hamilton when she suffered a severe TIA and was hospitalized. Her TIA left her very confused and disoriented, and being in a different city in a different hospital with new doctors, she was really anxious, and wanted to be able to get up from her hospital bed to leave and come back to our home. She needed someone to stay with her to calm her down and remind her to stay relaxed. If she was on her own, she would have been confused and would have tried to get up on her own and she would very likely have fallen. Mom received excellent care, but nurses and hospital staff work so hard however they are just so busy that they unfortunately don’t have the ability to do this. We wanted to have someone with her at all times so she could get better and be able to come home. The first night my sister and I were able to stay with her, but for the second night we were just too tired to be able to stay up all night again. We asked Home Instead if they could provide a caregiver to stay with her when we couldn’t. Gabriela was very kind and understanding and was able to quickly arrange for a caregiver for that evening. The caregiver she chose, Lida, was very caring and professional. She definitely was very qualified and experienced. Lida was wonderful and very friendly with my mom, and soon put her at ease. She sat with my mom during the night to calm her when she woke up, to call for a nurse when she needed help, and to help her have breakfast. My mom was very pleased with Lida and asked for her again. Home Instead was there for us when we needed them. Looking after my mom, but also looking after us, allowing us to rest because we felt mom was safe and relaxed with Lida. When my mother was well enough she returned home to the care of her own doctor. Unfortunately as my mom lived in another city, we were unable to continue care with Lida and Home Instead Hamilton. We would definitely recommend Home Instead, and were very pleased with both Lida, who was the perfect choice for my mom, and Gabriela who was professional and caring, and did a wonderful job matching them and following through afterwards with us to make sure my mom was doing well. They both did a super job and we will always remember the great care they both provided. Thank you Home Instead."

Posted by Marjorie S.,client's daughter on Jun 21 2019



"My sister used your services for several weeks. Everything went really well. Veronica was a very nice and caring lady. She was ready to help in any way. She took her to the doctor, shopping and doing things in the house. My sister enjoyed her company very very much. Veronica was a gentle and caring lady. I would definitely recommend them and plan to call them again if the need arises, Thank you Home Instead."

Posted by Elizabeth M., client's sister on Jul 03 2017



"What a blessing it was finding Home Instead Senior Care. A friend highly recommended them and when my family member required help, I spoke to Taylor from Home Instead and immediately, felt the love and care that they put into helping families find a perfect match. Jeremy came to visit on a Saturday and it was apparent that they really care. My Godmother loved her caregiver and the time that she spent with her on a weekly basis. She helped with daily chores, laundry etc, after hip surgery recovery. Thank you, for the peace of mind in knowing that to Home Instead relationships really matter. It brought peace of mind to all of us knowing that our family member was in really good hands. Thank you so much."

Posted by Anne S., client's granddaughter on Jun 10 2017



"I have found Home Instead to be highly professional and very compassionate. Lou looks after my senior parents, she is a hard worker who always has a smile on here face. It is also an asset that Lou speaks Italian helping with my parents needs as the conversations just flow. Thank you Home Instead but a special thank you to you Lou., my parents always look forward to seeing you. Sandra"

Posted by Sandra R., client's daughter on Feb 20 2017



"Leaving a review from my mother, she so appreciates the amazing extents employees and this company goes to to help in every facet of care she faces with her aging husband. They are always so happy to help and listen to the needs of those wanting to keep their family members home. If you want the same for your family member, this is the company you need.  "

Posted by Kelvin M., client's son on Feb 14 2017



"Home Instead has been a god send. They take the time to ensure the PSW is the right fit for my mom. They drive her to appointments and hive us detailed feedback. Their care and service is second to none."

Posted by Colleen E., client's daughter on Jan 16 2017



"I can't say enough great things about this company! The management, office, and of course the front line care providers are just fantastic! I am highly recommending this company to anyone that needs care and support. Thanks for all your help to the great staff at Home Instead!"

Posted by Gino Y., Client on Sep 15 2016



"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Home Instead for over three months. They are reliable, and adaptable to the needs of their clients. The lines of communication between the care givers, the head office, and the family of the client are always open, and any concerns or problems are dealt with immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is considering home care for themselves or a relative as a viable option instead of nursing home care."

Posted by Judy on Feb 14 2016



"They are great people,they take good care of your needs and make you feel special."

Posted by Tinos G. on Jan 22 2016



"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Home Instead for over three months. They are reliable, and adaptable to the needs of their clients. The lines of communication between the care givers, the head office, and the family of the client are always open, and any concerns or problems are dealt with immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is considering home care for themselves or a relative as a viable option instead of nursing home care."

Posted by Judy W., on April 20 2015



"Home Instead Senior Care provided crucial service that helped transition and ready my family into welcoming personal care in the home. It wasn't an easy job -- with two parents who were meeting evolving/intensifying health challenges and who still considered themselves not in need of outside help, and with one caregiver/daughter who was, quite simply, frazzled! I found the people who work at different levels of the agency very ready to be of service. Evelyn, our CAREGiver, was a steady presence who was very reliable and accountable, who watched for signs of concern (re: parents' behaviour or condition) and who truly rallied when my Dad's health needs were changing. Charlene is such a caring and professional supervisor, who also provided additional and welcome support in a couple of emergency situations that required extended care -- her caring and readiness to help provided seamless care that gave me much relief when I needed to focus in the immediate on other things. Jeremy set a tone of absolute approachability, making himself available outside of office hours -- for times when life doesn't always go according to schedule. My parents' needs have continued to change, which has meant that we needed to seek more intensive help. Home Instead continues to be an important part of the caregiving network that supports my parents being at home. I'm grateful that our first step into personal care was with an agency that orients itself in so many different and real ways to customer service. Thank you so much for your steady care and quality service during a sometimes stressful and unpredictable period of our lives! With gratitude,"

Posted by Gillian F., Client's daughter on Nov 17 2014



"My parents (in their 80s and 90s) required help in meal preparations and clean up, plus a wide range of errands, including grocery shopping, laundry, household management, and driving to appointments. Charlene has surpassed all expectations. Not only does she do any job competently and with ease, she has a cheerful disposition that makes her a pleasure to have around the house. She has a take charge manner, figuring out routines and preferences quickly. She is flexible when things change or new things crop up and she handles all with patience, good humor and her never failing efficiency. She always is ready to be helpful in any way she can and she is very much appreciated by my parents and our entire family."

Posted by Cathy P., clients' daughter on Jul 28 2014



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