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Help Your Senior Become Tech Savvy 

Caregiver helping a senior to use a tablet

Suggestions from Home Instead Senior Care

How often have you thought it would be fun to Skype call your mother? When your children chat about texting their friends or posting on Instagram, do your dad’s eyes glaze over as he feigns listening? For the older generations, the world of technology is foreign and sometimes scary. They may think they could never understand terms such as apps, smartphones, or the cloud. While you may be pretty sure mom would love playing games or reading books on a tablet, you may not know the best way to help her.

You can teach your dad and mom to enjoy technology. It takes some time and patience, but it is worth it. At Home Instead Senior Care Hamilton, our caregivers encourage the elderly and their families to embrace learning new skills. We enjoy providing a diverse range of services aimed at assisting seniors to keep their independence for as long as possible.

4 Tips to Help Teach Technology for Your Seniors

Computers, smartphones, and tablets are everywhere. Your parents can keep up with the times when you step in to instruct them. Not only with they benefit from learning new skills, but it will give you fun memories. Use these tips when you are ready to show your loved one some technology basics:

  1. Gauge their Interest: Just because you “think” your elderly loved one would enjoy using a smartphone, it may not be true. They may have other plans. Talk to them first. See what they would want to learn. You can even ask what fears they may have. It could be as simple as feeling uncomfortable having you teach them something because of the role reversal. Encourage them to put away their fears and jump right in. If they are very stubborn, hold off and bring the conversation up another time.
  2. Use Simple Terms without Insulting their Intelligence: This can be a delicate balance. You may want to use the vernacular of the Internet world, but mom’s idea of a cloud and yours is probably different. Ask her what she already knows. Use simple terms. Make comparisons to ideas and objects they are already familiar with.
  3. Keep a Notebook Handy: Your parents are probably used to writing lists to remember things. Encourage this by having a notebook and pen handy. They can write down steps they are struggling with. Having the steps in their own writing imprints it on their brain. Some researchers suggest students would benefit more from taking notes long-hand. That could easily apply to your mom and dad as well.
  4. Patience Is a Virtue: You will find moments when you both will get frustrated. Avoid pushing your senior too hard. Take the time needed for them to learn what this new-fangled technology is all about.

Expert Senior Care and Companionship for Your Loved One

Encourage your elderly mom or dad to embrace learning new skills and expanding their world. Teach them how to use a computer, tablet, or other devices. If you are worried you will not have the time or patience, a trusted professional caregiver from Home Instead Senior care can help to keep your aging loved one engaged and continually learning.

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