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Apr 20, 2023

Empowering Professionals in Aging Webinar Series and Podcasts

Written By: Home Instead®
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Home Instead® is driven by our mission to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. We know that professionals in aging share the same objective and that’s why we offer podcasts and a free monthly webinar series in partnership with the American Society on Aging. We cover a variety of topics including medication management, end-of-life, technology, mental health, financial exploitation, and other important issues in aging. Your dedication and passion for learning is why we host this educational series.

Working together, increasing our knowledge, and understanding the various perspectives of these issues will help each of us in our mission to better serve older adults and families who care for them. Our team of Home Instead gerontologists, along with guest speakers, will share their expertise to educate and empower us all to be great advocates for our aging clients. Together we can change the face of aging. The webinar series is free of charge and includes CEUs.


Podcast - Listen to the Webinars

If you missed one of our webinars and want to listen, tune into our podcast! To find the latest episodes, search your favorite podcasting app for: "Empowering Professionals in Aging." You can also listen here. Be sure to like and subscribe to be notified of new episodes. We hope you enjoy listening to this educational content!

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2024 Webinar Schedule:

All scheduled webinars are 10 AM PT / 11 AM MT / 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET

Maintain Your Brain: Reduce the Risk of Dementia
February 7, 2024
Listen to the recording.

Navigating Ethical Choices in the Care of Older Adults
March 6, 2024
Register here to view the recorded webinar.
NASW CE Application and CEs for this webinar available through May 5 2024.
Check the CE Guide for more info.

Aging in Place: Home Safety and Fall Prevention
April 3, 2024
Register here to view the recorded webinar.
CEs for this webinar available through June 2, 2024.
Check the CE Guide for more info.

Addressing Loneliness and Food Insecurity in the Aging Population
May 1, 2024
Register here to view the recorded webinar.

Navigating Alzheimer’s: Unraveling Diagnosis Challenges and Finding Solutions
June 5, 2024
Register Now.

Securing Support for those who are High Risk for Hospital Readmissions
July 10, 2024
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Addressing Challenging Family Dynamics in Caregiving
August 7, 2024
Register Now.

Exploring Other Dementias: LBD, FTD, Vascular & Mixed
September 4, 2024
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Encore Careers: Navigating Work and Purpose in the Second Half of Life
October 2, 2024
Register Now.

Evolving Landscape of Caregiving: Trends, Innovations & Challenges
November 6, 2024
Register Now.

Nurturing Dignity: Understanding Hospice and End-of-Life Support
December 4, 2024
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Webinar Archive:

(CE's are no longer available for the following archived webinars)


Understanding the Legal Needs of Aging

Intimacy and Aging: How to Support Romance Across the Lifespan

Driving Safety for Older Adults

Spousal Caregiving

Grief and Ambiguous Loss

Addressing Ageism Part 2: Ageism in Healthcare

Addressing Ageism Part 1: Societal View of Ageism

Frontotemporal Degeneration: Understanding the Disease

Supporting Mental and Emotional Health in Aging

Ethical Decision Making When Working with Older Adults 

Companionship: The Missing Ingredient in Senior Nutrition

Mindset Matters: How to Reframe Mindsets for Positivity in Caregiving

Reducing Readmissions: Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Help at Home


Recognizing Cultural Diversity In Service Delivery to Older Adults

Navigating a Dementia Diagnosis and Care Needs

Choosing the Right Care Options for Older Adults

Addressing Home Care Workforce Issues Head On - Professional Caregiver Webinar

Keeping Your Brain in Shape: The Importance of Proactive Brain Health

Covid Lessons Learned: Home Care Solidifies its Place in Healthcare

Understanding the Legal Needs of Aging

Mental Health and Aging 

Death Dying, and Grieving

Age Your Way - Planning for the Future

Ethical Considerations for Working with Older Adults

Disparities in Alzheimer's Disease


The Psychology of Financial Scams in the Aging Population

Tech Enabled Homes: Enhancing Independence in Aging

Intimacy and Aging: How to Support Romance Across the Lifespan

Parkinson's Care and Support at Home

The Role of Technology in Aging 

Mental and Emotional Health in Later Years

Understanding and Overcoming Challenges of Dementia Diagnosis

Living Well Until the End: How the End of Life Should Match Individual Goals

Effective Solutions for Medication in the Aging Population

Prepare to Care: Create an Aging Roadmap


Alzheimer's Caregiving During the Holidays

Cooking and Nutrition for Older Adults

Fall Prevention

Sensory Loss in Aging

Ethics of Working with Older Adults

Understanding Home Health vs. Home Care

Home Your Own Way

Preparing for Loss: Death, Dying and Grieving

Loneliness & Aging: The Other Epidemic

Technology and Caregiving

Supporting Military Caregivers

Medication Mismanagement

Pets and Seniors

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