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CAREGiver of the Month 

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family.

Our CAREGivers make a difference in the lives of seniors in the in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON area.

At global level, Home Instead, Inc. recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiverâ„  of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior woman unload groceries from vehicle

Caregiver of the Month Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Sharon was awarded Kitchener-Waterloo Best Caregiver during April 2021

April 2021 - Sharon

Sharon S. is extremely dedicated and hard working. She Builds Trust by providing high-quality care through her attentiveness to each client. Sharon Shares her Heart when going out of her way with small details to make her clients smile. She Takes the Lead with her positive attitude and gentle nature.

Oluwole was awarded March 2021, Caregiver of the month in Kitchener - Waterloo

March 2021 - Oluwole

Oluwole A. Builds Trust by being there for his clients. Oluwole A. is very dedicated, always on time, and very hard working. Shares his Heart with kindness and a big smile when helping his clients with their daily needs. Takes the Lead by knowing what needs to be done for his clients and getting it done.

Martha was awarded February 2021, Caregiver of the month in Kitchener - Waterloo

February 2021 - Martha

Martha O. Builds Trust reliable to her clients, families, and office Team. Martha O. is always willing to help where needed. She is dedicated, caring, and consistently hard working. Shares her Heart with her clients tending to their daily needs. Takes the Lead by being aware of her client’s needs to be able to support her clients. Also reports and updates any changes or concerns to the Office Team.

Sarah was awarded January 2021, Caregiver of the month in Kitchener - Waterloo

January 2021 - Sarah

Sarah D. Builds Trust with her clients and the office by being reliable and professional at all time. Sarah Shares her Heart with her clients and lets them know she is there to help. She Takes the Lead by making her client’s days as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Sarah communicates with the office team. This helps keep the client’s profile updated.

Dianne was awarded December 2020, Caregiver of the month in Kitchener - Waterloo

December 2020 - Dianne

Dianne always offers great support for her clients and helps them with their day to day needs. Dianne also is always in touch with the office team and helping whenever possible. Dianne truly Builds TrustTakes the Lead, and Shares her Heart with her clients and all who are involved.

Chivon was awarded November 2020, Caregiver of the month in Kitchener - Waterloo

November 2020 - Chivon

Chivon Builds Trust by being available to her clients and their families in their time of need. Chivon is always willing to take on extra shifts. She is dedicated, caring and consistently hard working. Shares her Heart with her clients making their day more enjoyable. Takes the Lead by being on top of everything and by continually supporting her clients. Also reporting any of her clients changes or concerns to the office.

Anne was awarded October 2020 Caregiver of the Month for Kitchener - Waterloo

October 2020 - Anne

Anne Builds trust by always being on-time and reliable. She Takes the lead by always being there for her clients. She is great at calling the office to inform us about any changes regarding her clients. Anne Shares her heart by always being helpful and always going the extra mile for her clients!
Debbie was awarded September 2020 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchener - Waterloo

September 2020 - Debbie

Debbie C. has been with Home Instead Senior Care since October 2018. Debbie is very compassionate and caring. Debbie puts her all into looking after her clients. Her clients families trust and appreciate her time and dedication. Debbie truly Builds Trust, Takes the Lead, and Shares her Heart with her clients.
Jill was awarded February's 2020 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchener - Waterloo

February 2020 - Jill

Jill Shares her Heart by being there for her clients and giving her all. Takes the Lead by always ensuring her clients are as comfortable and is very reliable in reporting concerns early so her clients are looked after properly. Builds Trust by being someone her clients can count on. Jill's clients always call saying how much they like her and want her for more shifts. Jill gets to know her clients personally so she can ensure their needs are being taken care of.

	Debbie outstanding caregiver Kitchener Waterloo 1 202

January 2020 - Debbie

Debbie C. Builds Trust with her clients and the office by being reliable and professional at all times. Debbie is proactive and Shares her Heart with her clients. She Takes the Lead by making sure her clients are comfortable and cared for making their day as comfortable and interesting as possible. Debbie always updates the office with any concerns or changes with her clients to make sure they are being cared for in the best way.

Emebet was awarded December's 2019 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchener, Waterloo

December 2019 - Emebet

Emebet builds trust in many ways. Emebet is always willing to taking longer shifts with her clients, adjusting days and times to accommodate. If Emebet can make it work, she does.

Emebet takes the lead by being in touch with the office about the information on her clients. Whether that be from her clients or client's families directly or observation on her shifts.

Emebet shares her heart by always being positive, helpful with her clients. Her cheerful personality always shines.

Jon outstanding caregiver Kitchener Waterloo 11 2019

November 2019 - Jon

Jon builds trust with his clients by always being dependable and trustworthy.

He takes the lead by demonstrating his caring attitude at all times, and advocating for his clients.

He shares his heart by always being empathetic and compassionate!

	Colomba was awarded October's 2019 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchener, Waterloo

October 2019 - Colomba

Colomba builds trust with her clients by always being on-time and reliable. 

She takes the lead by demonstrating her caring and calming personality. 

She shares her heart by being sensitive to her clients needs, and going the extra mile. Her clients adore her!

Christina was awarded September's 2019 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchener, Waterloo

September 2019 - Christina

Christina is a very dedicated CAREGiver. Christina has been with her current client since May 2010. There is nothing Christina would not do for her client. Some of those things are taking her client to appointments, day to day activities, extra shifts when needed. Christina even helps when family comes to visit from a far.

Christina truly Builds Trust, Takes the Lead, and Shares her Heart!

Corrie was awarded August's 2019 Caregiver of the Month in Kitchenet, Waterloo

August 2019 - Corrie

Corrie builds trust by being very reliable and diverse. Corrie will adjust her schedule to help clients, and take extra shifts. Whatever it takes to make her clients day easier!

She takes the lead by always being available for her clients and being there for her clients needs. Corrie is great at being the eyes and ears for her clients and keeping the office informed on any changes or concerns.

Corrie shares her heart with her positive spirt, compassion and always great attitude!

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Waterloo, ON possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their CAREGivers.

When you or an elderly loved one is ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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