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Family Managed Home Care Program in Ottawa

‚ÄčThe Ontario Government, through Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly known as the formerly Local Health Integration Networks--or LHIN), has a Family Managed Home Care program. This used to be known as Self Directed Care. The purpose is to offer greater flexibility and choice.

Their role is to plan, integrate and fund local health care, and improve access and patient experience. The Family Managed Home Care program is especially pertinent to seniors and families who are considering the need for caregiving support in the home or long term in-home care. They work with families to help them make informed choices about care, where and when they are in need.

adult children discussing care options with their mother

If you’re eligible, you can receive funding directly to pay for home care services. You are responsible for the related administrative tasks, such as finding, hiring, and paying your service providers. Still, you also have the freedom to choose your provider, direct how they care for you or your loved one and set a schedule that best works for you.

This program is available for the following people with home care needs:

  • Children with complex medical needs
  • Adults with an acquired brain injury
  • Home-schooled children with qualifying health care needs
  • Those in extraordinary circumstances

The Home Concierge has experience caring for clients through this program.

Contact your local LHIN to determine if you are eligible and for more information on how this program works.

Contact Your Local LHIN Office