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CAREGiver of the Month 

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family.

Our CAREGivers make a difference in the lives of seniors in the in Mississauga area.

At global level, Home Instead, Inc. recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiver℠ of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior woman unload groceries from vehicle

CAREGiver of the Month Mississauga

Kelly was awarded Best Caregiver during August 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

August 2022 - Kelly

Kelly never forgot the warm feeling she experienced in the mid- to late-1990s, when she was a home-care worker who assisted a number of World War II veterans. “I really loved it. For me, It was such an honour. They were always so grateful, so kind,” Kelly recalled.

“I'd help them with whatever home-care needs they had. I found what they loved most was companionship. They'd share their incredible war stories, wanting someone to hear their lives' stories and have some help around the house. I'd always find them waiting near their window or door, excited about my arrival,” said Kelly, who joined Home Instead® of Mississauga in January 2021 after serving for more than 25 years as a professional and family caregiver. She found that working in the community was her passion, and she wanted to advance her skills.

More than 12 years ago, Kelly followed an educational path to earn her Personal Support Worker certification. She graduated at the top of her class with honours and won the faculty award of excellence. “I wanted to help my clients more, so I went back to school. On the emotional support side of things, I loved taking my time with those in my care, really getting to know them and building a relationship with my clients and their families to allow me to give them the best care. Making a big difference in their lives and helping support them on this journey is significant to me,” she said. 

Kelly worked as a PSW for a while after graduating, but she had to step away from her job to care for her son, who has autism. “In 2019 and 2020, I realized my son had grown and was doing better. I started thinking about going back to work. I really missed my PSW job through those years, and I had been wanting to go back. Then the pandemic hit. I wanted to get back to being a PSW because there was such a need. I felt excited to jump back in,” Kelly said.

“I sent my resume to Home Instead, and they quickly called. In no time at all, I was back doing what I loved. Home Instead made the transition easy. The amazing staff was, and still is, so incredibly supportive. They care. I feel so blessed and grateful to work for Home Instead. It feels like family,” Kelly said. In July, General Manager Amanda Cole announced Kelly had been honoured as the franchise's CAREGiver of the Month.

What is the key to Kelly's success? Likening her work to being a family caregiver, Kelly said: “I've taken care of grandparents, parents and children. In my professional caregiving experience, the most important thing to remember is that you must care for them as a family unit. It is important to support the client and family physically and emotionally. For instance, I have the honour of helping a wonderful family and its senior loved one. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and help them through this journey. We've built such a close relationship over time, so much so that I feel as if they are my own family.”

Kelly added: “What I like most about my job is making a positive difference in my clients' lives. I do whatever it takes to makes their lives easier, happier and less stressful. My desire is to provide them with love, gentle and respectful caring, comfort and an educated professionalism in their time of need. It's truly rewarding.”

Kelly emphasized that she doesn't need scintillating conversation with a client to gauge how well she's done and feel fulfilled. “My favourite part is when there are those precious moments throughout the day when my client, who is mostly nonverbal, finds a way to express her feelings to me. Be it through her big, bright, beautiful smile or when I am very pleasantly surprised by a very sweet and gentle verbal response of ‘Thank you Kelly,' that is everything to me. I know I have made a difference. That's why I'm there. That's why I do what I do. That's my favourite time with a client!” she said.

Mamta was awarded Best Caregiver during July 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

July 2022 - Mamta

Mamta Finds a ‘Great Experience’ With Home Instead

Mamta was the perfect job applicant when she approached owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning Home Instead® franchise in Mississauga in 2020. Mamta, a registered nurse in India, has awesome qualifications and nursing skills that made her a great fit at Home Instead.

Home Instead staff members recognized that Mamta’s confidence, critical thinking, leadership, patience and emotional maturity had prepared her well for her job as a CAREGiver. Blended into those qualities was an intense family-caregiving experience that spanned two months in her native homeland.

After Mamta’s mother had undergone major surgery, Mamta eagerly sprang into action and took control of the situation. Sharing her experience, Mamta said: “I looked after my mother, performing daily chores, managing her medicines, handling appointments and tracking her health on a daily basis. I always was attentive. I would say it was tough time for all of my family members, but with the positive mind-set and family support, everything went well.”

Referring to her Toronto-area job search, Mamta said, “I always wanted to work in the health-care field in Canada. I got to know about Home Instead from my friends, and they helped me to get this amazing job. Very soon it’s going to be two years that I have been working with this agency, and I have had a great experience through-out that time of period.”

Mamta added: “All the staff members have been very supportive from the very first day. I would like to mention the names of two coordinators, Service Coordinator Aliyah DeBarros and Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Prabhdeep Tiwana, both of whom are amazing and mean a lot to me. They always listen to me, inspire me and appreciate my work with the clients.”

While Mamta has worked with many Home Instead clients, her timely companionship with a 90-year-old widow has been an especially fulfilling experience for both CAREGiver and client. “I have been assisting the client in her retirement home for the past five months,” Mamta explained.

“Her husband died last year. Of course, her sorrow lingers. Sometimes she breaks down into tears, so a major part of my job is to pro-vide her an emotional support or divert her mind to other things such as colouring and puzzles or taking her for a walk. She loves to walk in the back yard of the retirement building, where she likes to feed the birds and watch them. So, I can say every day is a new and busy day with her with different activities.”

Mamta’s compassion, empathy and caregiving skills have not gone unnoticed. General Manager Amanda Cole announced Mamta had been honoured as the franchise’s July CAREGiver of the Month. Among the considerations for achieving CAREGiver of the Month status, an employee has shown he or she has gone above and beyond the call of duty, Amanda said. Mamta embodies Home Instead’s guiding principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

“As I think back about my time with Home Instead,” Mamta said, “I would like to say I feel so lucky that I am working with such a fabulous company and staff who always listen to me and stand for me with any kind of help.”

About working for Home Instead, Mamta said: “First of all, I would like to thank Home Instead and its staff for honouring me once again. I really like working with Home Instead because the staff is very cooperative. I sometimes take off on a very short notice be-cause of some medical emergency, and Home Instead still gives me time off to take rest. I really appreciate that. If they need me for an open shift, I say yes most of the time. That’s what I call a flexible and understanding relationship between the employees and the company for whom you work.”

Shaifali  was awarded Best Caregiver during June 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

June 2022 - Shaifali

Twice-honoured Home Instead® CAREGiver of the Month Shaifali said it best: “Caregiving changes your perspective on life. This experience will help you realize what is important to you in the long run. In caregiving, you become compassionate in life.”

Shaifali, honoured in April 2021 and again in June 2022 by Home Instead® of Mississauga, noted how her view of life was molded long before she joined Home Instead in October 2020.

Before arriving in Canada, Shaifali was no stranger to senior care because of personal and professional experiences in her native India, where she had taken care of many seniors as a registered nurse. As a family caregiver, Shaifali also helped her parents and grandparents. Since there are not many caregiving facilities in Shaifali's home country, so she did things such as helping her grandparents with exercises and assisting her mother with meals when she was sick.

Referring to how caregiving further affected her, Shaifali said: “You become more patient in life because people who need care often take longer to complete simple tasks. In caregiving, you might have to answer the same questions over and over. Good caregivers have the patience to deal with anything, from a client's memory lapses to angry outbursts. A caregiver should practice staying calm and avoiding frustration.”

Shaifali added: “Empathy and understanding are absolutely necessary in this profession. Even when you are caring for a challenging person, caregivers try to find balance and understanding. Finding something to laugh about can make a tough situation bearable. A sense of humour keeps a caregiver emotionally strong and is a great stress buster.”

Good caregivers, Shaifali explained, know the importance of respecting their clients' abilities. Rather than focus on what their clients can no longer do, be in the moment with them. Look at photos, listen to music, serve them their favourite meal. At the same time, remember that they weren't always sick, Shaifali said.

“Caregiving is also hard because you often see many changes in your clients. The person for whom you're caring may not recognize you anymore. He or she may be too ill to talk or follow simple requests. He or she may have behaviour problems, such as yelling, hitting or wandering. This may be especially true if the person for whom you're caring suffers from dementia,” Shaifali said.

At times, Shaifali admitted, you may feel scared, sad, lonely or unappreciated. You also may feel angry and frustrated. You may feel resentful of the person for whom you are caring, especially if it is a family caregiving situation. All of those feelings are normal.”

Diljobanpreet  was awarded Best Caregiver during May 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

May 2022 - Diljobanpreet

Clients’ Family Members Praise Diljobanpreet

Care Professional of the Month Diljobanpreet has heard the phrase many times from family members of her Home Instead® clients: “Diljobanpreet, I couldn’t do what you do.” Diljobanpreet always smiles because it’s the fam-ilies’ way of complimenting her. Diljobanpreet also has heard: “You are very strong and very special.”

“It’s been a little more than a year since I started working with Home In-stead, and I treasure this job. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m pleased I’m doing this. I’m honoured to share my story that I use to empower myself as a Care Pro and a person,” Diljobanpreet said. “With Home Instead, I’ve worked so hard and learned so many things. I have no idea how many clients with whom I’ve worked. In this journey, I’ve come a long way, and I was meant to grow as I dealt with a variety of clients in a variety of scenarios. I work for my clients as if they’re my family members. While working with different clients, I’ve learned to speak gen-tly, love much, work hard, laugh a lot, give freely and be kind. The harder I worked for this, the greater I’m feel-ing to be with Home Instead.”

Caregiving gives Diljobanpreet a deep sense of fulfillment. While it’s not easy work, Diljobanpreet appreciates the support she receives. “One important aspect about working for Home Instead is whenever I call them for any question or concern, the office staff has always listened. I’m overjoyed that I’ve learned so much from Home Instead, and I’m eager to learn more. I’ll continue to show my love and care for my clients and their families with honesty, faithfulness, helpfulness and positive attitude,” Diljobanpreet said.

“When I came to Canada last year in January,” Diljobanpreet recalled, “I was searching for a job on Indeed.com, and I found Home Instead. When I read about Home Instead, I was excited about the prospect of working for them because they were clear with their responsibilities. They also were giving chances to Care Pros to enhance their skills and abilities. I was attracted because I knew I would benefit in my personal life and professional jour-ney as well in my mental growth. It appeared they always deal with employees and clients with honesty, main-tain confidentiality, emphasize respect for clients and promote their independence. At that time, I decided I wanted to work as a Home Instead Care Pro.”

Yetunde  was awarded Best Caregiver during April 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

April 2022 - Yetunde

As a senior-care specialist, Yetunde has shined like the bright comet that suddenly and unexpectedly appears on the horizon on a clear night. After just 2½ months with Home Instead® of Mississauga, Yetunde’s glow cannot be ignored – Home Instead General Manager Amanda Cole honoured Yetunde as the award-winning franchise’s CAREGiver of the Month.

Among the considerations for achieving CAREGiver of the Month status, an employee has shown he or she has gone above and beyond the call of duty, Amanda pointed out. Empathy and compassion are taken into account for the award, as well as skill and wisdom for dealing with challenging situations. Yetunde embodies Home Instead’s guiding principles of  “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.” While Yetunde arrived at Home Instead with experience and expertise as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), her focus on Home Instead’s training, processes and procedures of successful caregiving helped her achieve the CAREGiver of the Month award.

Yetunde gives every client the personal attention that is befitting a family member. That’s because she has served as a family caregiving during the most difficult of times. “I took care of my daddy before he passed. And my mummy stayed with me for more than one year before moving to the United States with my brother,” Yetunde explained.

“The fact that I can help and support the seniors in our community is what I like most about my Home Instead CAREGiver position. I also receive the opportunity to learn one or two things from my clients, who are full of a lifetime of wisdom. I love the flexibility of my shifts because it allows me to do what I enjoy doing and also be there for my family. To be honest with you, I like all of my clients. They are almost all good and nice people; a few can be challenging, but I understand. My clients all tend to like me and bond with me immediately from my first visit.”   

Yetunde, a native of Lagos, Nigeria, found owner Brenda Enright’s Home Instead franchise through a friend who works for Home Instead. “I simply like working with the seniors. It gives me joy to be able to help in my own little way, and Home Instead gives me an opportunity to do that,” Yetunde said.

In addition to her strong companionship skills, Yetunde provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. Yetunde and other Mississauga CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, the Ontario CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their clients’ families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

Yetunde loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for Brenda’s Mississauga franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States. The Home Instead network is the world’s leading provider of in-home care services for older adults, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 90 million hours of care annually throughout Canada, the United States and 12 other countries. Yetunde is among more than 100,000 CAREGivers, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead’s purpose.

Farhiya was awarded Best Caregiver during March 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

March 2022 - Farhiya

There's an old saying that successful people "improvise, adapt and overcome" when it comes to dealing with challenges. Three-time Home Instead® CAREGiver of the Month Farhiya does all of those things, and she does them compassionately with a smile.

For instance, Farhiya has a dementia client who speaks Polish … and very little English. Farhiya didn't know a Polish word before she went to serve the client. Now Farhiya knows a few Polish words, which helps her communicate with her client. The client's daughter-in-law has been clear in her praise for Farhiya. The daughter-in-law explained: "I am one of the family members who usually takes care of my mother-in-law when my husband is at work. I want to express how happy we are about the care she receives when Farhiya is with her."

Farhiya said: "I have been with my client for about a couple of years, and I have learned a few words of her language and use those words when I need them if using English words does not convey the message I am trying to communicate."

In addition to companionship, Farhiya provides personal care, such as transfers, toileting, changing clothes if needed, feeding, safety assurance and companionship. "She is a one-person transfer, but her ability to participate in transfers changes from time to time. When that happens, if all the encouragements to getting her up and walking don't work, I use a wheelchair or walker to take her to bathroom and dining areas," Farhiya said.

Farhiya pointed out: "I just do my job as I should to serve the clients well, and most of them and their families are grateful for the help they get. I have been with Home Instead since 2016 and am not planning to leave any time soon. Senior care is my calling card. I worked with other organizations besides Home Instead before and want to stay the course in senior care." she said.

Farhiya's senior-care excellence stretched back to the times when she helped her grandmother as a family caregiver. "When I was taking care of my grandmother, I came to understand she loved me the most because I listened to her carefully when she was talking to me. I was happy serving her and spending time with her. I think that is where I first found my caring skills before becoming a Personal Support Worker ," said Farhiya, who is a certified PSW as a Home Instead CAREGiver. "Indeed, I was looking for a PSW job when I saw Home Instead on the internet."

For Farhiya, her job fulfillment comes from making someone's day brighter by "helping them while making them feel as if they are leaders of their tasks." She added: "I have them guide me with things such as personal care and asking how they like other things to be done. Also, asking them to carefully explain to me or show me what I need to do to get their approval makes a big difference. That's true, especially if they can't vocalize how they like the service to be done. I just love serving them."

Farhiya loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for owner Brenda Enright's Mississauga franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States. The Home Instead network is the world's leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout Canada and 13 other countries. Farhiya is among more than 100,000 CAREGivers, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead's purpose.

Svitlana was awarded Best Caregiver during February 2022, by Home Instead Mississauga

February 2022 - Svitlana

In 2002, a Canadian college professor was 100 percent right when he told Lana, “You always smile. People can see genuine compassion in your eyes.” At the time, she was taking classes to become a care-community recreation facilitator, also known as a seniors’ activities director.

Lana, the shortened form of her God-given “Svitlana,” became a successful activities director before moving to other jobs where she serves the young and old. Lana, an honoured Home Instead® CAREGiver for more than seven years, has dedicated her senior-care service to her grandmother.

Referring to her Grandmother Maria, who remained in their Ukrainian homeland when Lana moved to Canada in 1998 with her 10-year-old twin sons, Lana said: “When I give back to seniors, it has the feeling of helping her. If I can assist seniors with their challenges and make them happy, that is fulfilling. I was my grandmother’s only granddaughter. She understood when I moved to Canada. She said, ‘Go, open a new world and learn some more.’ She was an awesome grandmother who was a terrific teacher and best friend.”

Sadly, Lana’s 85-year-old grandmother died in 2006, when Lana was working as a recreation director at a care community. “I traveled to be with her as soon as possible as she held on for two or three weeks. She told me, ‘I did not wish to die before you arrived. It is a happy time when you are around,’ ” Lana recalled.

Fast-forward to June 2014, when Lana joined Home Instead of Mississauga. She was honoured as CAREGiver of the Month for September, her third such award. The honours have special meaning, but Lana downplays them. “While remaining optimistic and confident, I seek balance and don’t fly too high emotionally. The most important thing is that I like to do something for society. I’ve always liked to be around people,” she said.

Senior care isn’t Lana’s only avenue to helping others. Lana also works as a school support staff member who helps children with special needs. When schools closed during COVID-19 or during summer vacations, Lana added more Home Instead hours.

In Ukraine, Lana served a huge audience, keeping the public informed as a journalist for 10 years. “I was a TV newscaster for five years and worked in newspaper for five years,” Lana said. “After I moved to Canada, I asked myself, ‘What do you want to do?’ I could not return to journalism because of my newness to the English language. I changed my career and became a more artistic person, doing some acting and singing in the local Ukrainian community theatre and arts. It felt like a natural move because my first profession actually had been as an artist. Later, I shifted gears with my career, and I like what I am doing now.”

In addition to English, Lana speaks three other languages. As a result, she has been a huge additional asset to Home Instead. “I have had seniors from Poland, Ukraine and Russia, and I speak those languages fluently. Those seniors have faced language barriers. They are very comfortable with me, and having me help them makes their families happy,” she said.

Lana uses her activities-director skills to keep her clients busy. “I invite the clients to do something with me: crafts, paintings, decorations, puzzles or other things. My grandmother taught me how to sew, and that is another activity they might like. One client and I made a small pillow. I learn a lot from the clients. I love the seniors’ old stories. I get to know about them by listening intently so I know how to serve them. I want to make them happy. As far as stories go, some of them — like my grandmother — lived through wartime. I listen intently,” she said.

“My view of helping seniors is the same one I have for children: Be positive, have fun and show optimism. Both groups of people need attention and should know I am someone who is cheering for them, wanting always to help them experience a better and happy life. Living and working, loving life and people around me – even though knowing there is not always a sunny sky – those things help keep me positive.”

It doesn’t matter what Lana does, she always tries to look for the sun in the cloudy days and bring it to the people. 
Amritpal was awarded Best Caregiver of the month in Mississauga for January 2022

January 2022- Amritpal

Home Instead® CAREGiver Amritpal paused for only a moment when she was asked: "How do you do it, a seven-day work week?" Amritpal's quick reply: "I love my job that much. I have really good relationships, and I love my clients. The days go well. So far, so good. I am happy with Home Instead. I am absolutely satisfied."

Amritpal has been busy since the day she joined Home Instead of Mississauga in February 2021. The consistently high level of Amritpal's dedication, compassion and skill was confirmed when Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Errol Gaghadar announced Amritpal had been honoured as the award-winning franchise's CAREGiver of the Month for January.

"It has been a great and amazing experience," Amritpal said. "Some of my friends were working for Home Instead, and they told me about the agency. We had gone to college together and are in the medical field. I have completed my college courses and am working full time for Home Instead."

Just as many of her friends were, Amritpal was a registered nurse in her India homeland before moving to Canada in 2019. Home Instead clients have gotten the benefit of Amritpal's medical expertise. "I enjoy working for Home Instead and am concentrating my efforts on my clients," Amritpal said.

Amritpal's compassion and empathy was evident in India, where she gave her heart to elderly family members. "I helped take care of my grandfather and then a grandmother. Working with relatives helped me establish guidelines for what needed to be done. It was like, ‘Well, we can't do this, or we are able to do that.' I knew their reasonable limitations and also the need to feel independent as possible. The goal was safety and health. It was nice to spend time with elderly relatives. I keep in contact with relatives as much as possible," Amritpal said.

Amritpal is currently working with three regular clients in their homes. Her first client had dementia, and she later moved to long-term care. "I helped her eight hours a day, four hours in the morning and four hours later in the day. I felt we understood each other well," Amritpal said.

"There aren't many challenges right now. Everything is going well. Maybe I am thought of as a granddaughter, but I am not sure. It could very well be. My clients don't get outside the home much. As far as COVID-19 goes, I am blessed. No health problems."

In addition to her strong companionship skills, Amritpal provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. Amritpal and other Mississauga CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, the CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their clients' families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

Gagandeep was awarded Best Caregiver of the month in Mississauga for December 2021

December 2021 - Gagandeep

Client Affectionately Knows Gagandeep as ‘G’

To one of her Home Instead® clients, CAREGiver of the Month Gagandeep is known endearingly as “G.” She is the same client who sometimes has exhibited angry moods to others but never to Gagandeep, whose name means “Light of the Sky.”

“The client is calm with me. Not only does she remember me and my name (‘G’), but she has called me one of her ‘grandchildren.’ Her family members were so amazed. It made me feel good,” said Gagandeep, who has been honoured by Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Errol Gaghadar as the December CAREGiver of the Month at Home Instead of Mississauga, where Brenda Enright is the franchise owner.

Gagandeep added: “This particular client is bedridden. Another CAREGiver and I provide the care. I have worked with the client from the time I started my Home Instead job. She is very good-natured with me.”

With a wealth of experience, skill and enthusiasm, Gagandeep started her Home Instead journey in April 2021 after she found Home Instead on Indeed.com.

“I like to work with seniors because back in my native homeland of India, I also worked on a volunteer basis with the elderly,” said Gagandeep, who served as a family caregiver and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in India. “As far as my professional background goes, I am a registered nurse back home. I worked in a hospital for three years, so I have experience in health care.”

Referring to her family-caregiving activities, Gagandeep said: “My grandfather was hospitalized for some time and then was transferred home. At that time, I took care of him and liked doing that. He was bedridden, and it was fulfilling to take care of him.”

Gagandeep feels at home in Ontario. “I like working with Home Instead because I enjoy meeting the nice families in Canada, gaining exposure to our communities and receiving the chance to help Canadian seniors. I want to emphasize that I like to work with seniors, and I love my job as a Home Instead CAREGiver,” she said.

Julieta was awarded Best Caregiver of the month in Mississauga for November 2021

November 2021 - Julieta

"Julieta Scores Rare Double in CAREGiver Honors”

Julieta’s dedication to her Home Instead® clients is unquestionable and has incredibly led to two honours in three months’ time at Home Instead of Mississauga. In September, Julieta was selected as the Holly Jean Award winner. In November, she was named the franchise’s CAREGiver of the Month. Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Errol Gaghadar said, “We’re obviously tremendously proud of Julieta. She sets the pace for   caregiving at a franchise where we are blessed with so many high-quality CAREGivers.”

“I want to tell you that for me, carrying out my activity as a Personal Support Worker is something I enjoy every moment of every day. This professional opportunity allows me to feel I am useful within society,” said Julieta, a former licensed psychologist who has worked as a Canadian senior-care professional for nearly five years.

Julieta added: “During every moment as a Personal Support Worker, I have the objective of making my clients feel satisfied with my activity. I feel fulfillment from receiving the opportunity to get to know my clients’ needs, tastes and interests and meeting them. This job allows every moment with my clients to be an adventure that I enjoy as I listen to their past experiences and also allows them to evoke memories that bring them happiness.”

Julieta has an extraordinary feel and good aptitude for reading her clients’ emotional needs, having practiced psychology for nearly 10 years in her native Colombia. Senior care comes easily for Julieta, who noted that when she was young, she felt “affection, consideration and respect for older people.”
She explained: “I like the fact that I can help facilitate my clients’ daily lives. On a personal note, their experiences are amazing. That is why I have always tried to get involved with people of this age. I have been inspired by the never-give-up attitudes I have seen. I have learned from each one of my clients.”

Julieta is driven by a thirst to add to her considerable knowledge, whether the information source is anecdotal from a client or from an academic setting. She has continued her education in Canada in many different ways. She has benefited from her unique Home Instead training and ongoing education classes. Following her psychology bent, Julieta studied Advanced Crisis Intervention and Counseling at Humber College shortly before joining Home Instead.

Julieta sometimes serves as “a cheerleader” for her clients. Sometimes the roles are reversed. “One client taught me day by day how, with effort and dedication, I can achieve what I want. I admire her because, due to her physical condition, it is difficult for her to carry out her daily routines. But she has shown me that with perseverance, just about anything is possible. She continues with her eating routines despite her difficulties and has taught me her recipes and meal preparation tips. Her life experiences enrich me day by day and comfort me,” Julieta said.     

Mandeep was awarded Best Caregiver during October 2021 by Home Instead Mississauga

October 2021 - Mandeep

"Mandeep Holds Her Grandmother in Her Heart"

Home Instead® CAREGiver of the Month Mandeep experienced an unexpected heartbreaking loss in 2020 when her grandmother died while they were living under the same roof in their homeland of India. A year later and half a world away, memories of her grandmother are never far from Man- deep as she serves seniors on behalf of Home Instead of Mississauga.

"My grandmother's sudden passing left me and my family devastated. But I am glad I am now working as a CAREGiver with such a wonderful team. Because of my position, I am taking care of clients who are my grandmother's age. With all of the clients I have met, I take care of them as if they were my own family members," Mandeep said.

"As we get old, we start getting weak and sick. Something similar happened with my grandmother. She was suffering from hypertension, asthma and heart-related problems. I used to stay away from home to study for my nursing classes, but whenever I came home, I used to take great care of my grandmother.  That care included helping her with medicine, health checkups, her diet and every other little thing. I still miss her."

Mandeep was a nurse in India, and worked in a hospital for almost a year in her native country. "To become a nurse here in Canada is not as easy as you would think. I knew it would take a long time to be- come a nurse, but I don't want to sit around until then. I wanted to work in related field," Mandeep explained.

"I applied for a Home Instead job on Indeed.com. After a few days, I got a call to interview, and I still remember that day because I was very happy. It felt like a dream has come true. I was very excited, but nervous too. Rosie Jabbal interviewed me. All of my worries were gone because it was very nice interacting with her, and she made me feel very comfortable. A few days later, I got an email that I had been hired

Svitlana was awarded Best Caregiver during September 2021 by Home Instead Mississauga

September 2021 - Svitlana

"Lana has done wonders for our family”

- Client's daughter

In 2002, a Canadian college professor was 100 percent right when he told Lana, “You always smile. People can see genuine compassion in your eyes.” At the time, she was taking classes to become a care-community recreation facilitator, also known as a seniors' activities director. Lana became a successful activities director before moving to other jobs where she serves the young and old. Lana for more than seven years, has dedicated her senior-care service to her grandmother.

Referring to her Grandmother Maria, who remained in their Ukrainian homeland when Lana moved to Canada in 1998 with her 10-year-old twin sons, Lana said: “When I give back to seniors, it has the feeling of helping her. If I can assist seniors with their challenges and make them happy, that is fulfilling. I was my grandmother's only granddaughter. She understood when I moved to Canada. She said, ‘Go, open a new world and learn some more.' She was an awesome grand-mother who was a terrific teacher and best friend.” Sadly, Lana's 85-year-old grandmother died in 2006, when Lana was working as a recreation director at a care community. “I traveled to be with her as soon as possible as she held on for two or three weeks. She told me, ‘I did not wish to die before you arrived. It is a happy time when you are around,' ” Lana recalled.

Fast-forward to June 2014, when Lana joined Home Instead. She was honoured as CAREGiver of the Month for September, her third such award. The honours have special meaning, but Lana downplays them. “While remaining optimistic and confident, I seek balance and don't fly too high emotionally. The most important thing is that I like to do something for society. I've always liked to be around people,” she said. Senior care isn't Lana's only avenue to helping others. Lana also works as a school support staff member who helps children with special needs. Lana uses her activities-director skills to keep her clients busy. “I invite the clients to do something with me: crafts, paintings, decorations, puzzles or other things. My grandmother taught me how to sew, and that is another activity they might like. One client and I made a small pillow. I learn a lot from the clients. I love the seniors' old stories. I get to know about them by listening intently so I know how to serve them. I want to make them happy. As far as stories go, some of them — like my grandmother — lived through wartime. I listen intently,” she said.

Kelsie was awarded Best Caregiver during August 2021 by Home Instead Mississauga

August 2021 - Kelsie

"Kelsie has been a true charm assisting my Mom"

- Client's daughter

The client unexpectedly called Kelsie into her room and dropped this gem of a compliment: "Kelsie, I always look forward to Fridays be-cause I know I'll have you around." Another person in the room inquired about what the client had told Kelsie, to which the client responded, "It's a secret."
"I kept those kind words that way – as a secret – for a long time. To be honest, I find it hard to describe my favourite client stories. I don't usually think about the things I do for my client and regard my times with them as stories to tell. For me, the moments I spend with them are too precious to just give away. In retrospect, my Friday client spoke the sweetest and most genuine set of words I've heard. It was not a simple pat on the back or perfunctory words of commendation. It was more than that to me. It was something I have in my memory that can cheer me up on the not-so-good days," Kelsie said.
"The experience has been great so far — the kind that is both new and familiar to me," Kelsie said, pausing before explaining the contradiction. "New" is a job in an unfamiliar country. "Familiar" references the fact that Kelsie had worked as a nurse in her home country, The Philippines, for about seven years. "Throughout those seven years," Kelsie said, "I was privileged to receive opportunities to care for a variety of patients and all the different challenges. The experience, in its entirety, was a whirlwind but was very rewarding. It al-lowed me to be certain that my passion and happiness are inclined toward my chosen profession and industry — nursing and service."

Leanne was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2021

July 2021 - Leanne

"I couldn’t ask for a better CG than Leanne. Thank you."

 - Client’s daughter

The beleaguered woman, speaking from her heart, had something important to tell Leanne: "You know, Leanne, I was so worried because I didn’t know how I was going to manage care for both my daughter and my husband on my own. Then God sent you to me."

The woman’s husband and daughter are wheelchair-bound, and her daughter is always either in bed or in her wheelchair. In fact, the woman’s emotional words flowed as they were transferring the daughter from a wheelchair back to her bed.

Leanne swallowed hard and choked back tears. "I was speechless for a minute. It showed me how much we CAREGivers mean to the families of our clients. To me, that’s why our jobs are so important, whether we are helping someone in a nursing home or in a private home. Families have peace of mind because of the things we do," Leanne said. "Sometimes things can be frustrating, but then I remember the woman’s words. Her 

daughter needs to have everything done for her. Since last year, her husband has been confined to a wheelchair. We run into difficulties sometimes in our own lives, but then you remember when someone is a 24/7 family caregiver. Someone always has it worse. We’ve got to be ready to help with the load, whether it is emotional or physical. "In 2020, Leanne was at a work-career crossroads and needed to decide what she wanted to do. "My job at that time was not moving in the direction I wanted. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came," Leanne recalled. "I took some time and did some serious thinking. I realized I wanted to go back to my roots."

Leanne had graduated from Loyalist College in Bellville, Ontario, with a degree in the Developmental Services Worker program. As a Developmental Services Worker (DSW), she has assisted people with disabilities and helped them live as valued, contributing members of the community. "I worked in a group home with teens and young adults. But I took a break from the field and followed a different path. I helped take care of the stepfather of a very close friend. The stepfather was in palliative home care, and that’s where he passed away. I have always been a caregiver at heart," said Leanne, who started looking online for jobs where she could use her skills as a DSW. I applied with Home Instead and received an interview. When I was hired in March 2021, I was so excited."Leanne is enrolled in a PSW (Personal Support Worker) course. "By next March," she said, "I will have my PSW certification as well as my DSW."

"One of the best things about working for Home Instead is the one-on-one time with the clients. I receive the opportunity to learn about the clients and their families. That’s one of the best ways to gain trust when caring for clients. I also want to say the support from the office and the training is amazing. It was so helpful to be able to learn new techniques and to be refreshed on old ones. There are subtle techniques that you sometimes need to help a client," Leanne said. "The other day, I was trying to feed lunch to my client, but she was not so interested in eating. So, I was trying all the tricks I learned over the past few months to try to get her to eat. Her father walked through and commented, ‘I see you learned all the little tricks.’ Then he laughed and said, ‘Give it a few months and you’ll be speaking Polish.’ I laughed and said, ‘You never know.’ "


Manpreet was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2021

June 2021 - Manpreet

"Manpreet has been incredibly dependable."

- Client’s daughter

Manpreet’s jaw slowly dropped. Maybe her 90-year-old dementia client’s memory was blurry or perhaps it was incomplete. Whether her client’s words were accurate or not, Manpreet made an impactful decision that would be carried out carefully and compassionately. She was going to help her client take a bath.

“She was living by herself and had never received caregiving services previously. On my first shift, the client said she had not taken a bath for a year because she was not comfortable with anybody helping her. Whether that was on the mark or not, I decided to make her comfortable with me by using my communication skills. Then, on my second shift, I gave her a bath. At that time, I felt so proud of myself,” Manpreet said.

But the story doesn’t end there. Since those first two shifts, the client always has wanted Manpreet to spend some more time with her. “She really enjoyed the meal and coffee I made for her. I braided her hair, and she was so happy. She always would cry and plead with me not to leave her,” Manpreet explained.

The client’s family members quickly noticed Manpreet’s empathetic care, tremendous skills and immediate bonding with their senior loved one. They sent a number of emails to the office to express their appreciation for Manpreet’s superior care of their mother.

Manpreet graduated with a nursing degree from a college in Punjab, India. “I have experience as a staff nurse, and here in Canada, I have studied gerontology. I got this job finally after a great amount of hard work,” said Manpreet, who also gained experience as a family caregiver in her native India. “In addition to academic work, I received caregiving skills and experience from family because my brother had two kidney transplants. In another situation, just before my visa approval, my father suffered a heart attack and went on a ventilator. I was his family caregiver for that time,” Manpreet said. “My father always told me to help other people. I think at this time in my life, working as a CAREGiver is the best way to do that. The thing I like most about this job is that this kind of work provides me with the potential to make a difference in someone’s life. I have a lot of stories I could tell about my Home Instead experience. With each and every client, I feel it is a great experience. I can’t explain in words how I feel when I care for these clients. Becoming a CAREGiver is an emotionally satisfying experience and can provide a profound sense of purpose in life.”

Shiela was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2021

May 2021 - Shiela

"Shiela has immense skill and we could not be happier to have her care for our loved one"

- Client's daughter

Shiela becomes a mathematics teacher on some shifts, and client is the eager student. "I had a client who amazed me when I learned he loved numbers. That discovery happened somehow while I was serving him snacks at the dining table,"said Shiela. "I found math problems that involved solving by using addition and showed them to him. I noticed a glow in his face and a wide smile. That's how our venture into mathematics started. Every time I visit, I have a paper ready for him with mathematical problems, including the uses of addition, subtraction and then multiplication. I also have used a board marker."Shiela added: "I review all of his answers and write ‘100 percent' as his score. My client raises both hands and beams as if he had just won the lottery or had been taking part in a celebration after a Toronto Blue Jays baseball win. I am so pleased when I am able to see the other interests of my clients. What makes my clients happy is what matters most to me."Serving in a role as a math teacher for her client brought back beautiful memories for Shiela. "To be portrayed as mathematics teacher is wonderful,"Shiela said, "because it honours my mother's legacy of being a teacher for 35 years, including her time as an elementary education math teacher."In short, Shiela's education, training and background was a recipe for Home Instead success. Shiela was a registered nurse for three years in her native Philippines. She then worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for eight years under the Ministry of Health, where Shiela was assigned once a week in the Royal clinic to cater to the medical needs of the prince and princess. Later, Shiela worked as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) for nine years in Canada with a different home-care company. She also served as a private-duty caregiver.

When Shiela's private-duty client died in December of natural causes, Shiela talked with Atina, a CAREGiver, and asked if Home Instead was hiring. After Atina provided the Home Instead website, Shiela began researching. "I was impressed with the program they have to assist seniors as well as programs to help their CAREGivers. I was especially interested in Home Instead's continuing CAREGiver education as well as the abundant support they provide for their CAREGivers. Atina shared with me that she had had a good experience with Home Instead,"said Shiela, whose background also includes intense family caregiving.

"I took care of my grandmother after she fell and broke her hip,"Shiela explained. "And, while I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, my father suffered his first stroke that led to the paralysis of the right side of his body. I had to take a work leave and went home to the Philippines to take care of him until he passed away following his third stroke. I was beside him when he passed away, and I was so grateful to be present for that moment. My greatest achievements as a caregiver have been to take care of my loved ones, especially my father."Detailing the importance of her Home Instead job, Shiela said: "I have been given an opportunity to explore and expand my skills and knowledge as I render my services to the most vulnerable sector of our society, our seniors. I am also challenged to draw on the best of my abilities to take care of dementia clients. It is an honour to do so."

Farhiya was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2021

April 2021 - Farhiya

"Farhiya has always remained dependable."

-Client's husband

"Twenty Questions," a parlor game that encourages deductive reasoning and creativity, was popular many years ago and is making a comeback. Presented in a slightly different format, "Twenty Questions" came alive for Farhiya when she returned to work after two weeks off. The client has difficulty speaking, but she badly wanted to communicate with Farhiya while enthusiastically embracing her CAREGiver's return.

"When my client saw me, she started smiling wide and nodding her head. She was pointing to her­self and then to me while looking very happy. I asked her different questions to find out what she wanted to tell me. 'Where was I?' 'What happened to me?' 'You missed me?' Then she nodded. I told her I missed her, too. Every day for a while after my return, the client asked if I would 'come back tomorrow' when I was leaving after shift," Farhiya recalled.

The lines of communication weren't always so easy for Farhiya and her client. "Since this client doesn't speak much, she can become very agitated and demanding if you don't understand what she wants. When I was first starting to help her, I'd tell her to write down what she was trying to say. If her writing was not clear, I asked her to draw. That is the way we would solve an issue," Farhiya explained.

Farhiya has the patience, compassion and empathy to understand every client for whom she serves. She has been with Home instead since 2016. Farhiya came to Home Instead equipped to handle her CAREGiver job. Her senior care excellence stretched back to the times when she helped her grandmother as a family caregiver.

"When I was taking care of my grandmother, I came to understand she loved me the most because I listened to her care­fully when she was talking to me. I was happy serving her and spending time with her. I think that is where I first found my caring skills before becoming a Personal Support Worker (PSW)," said Farhiya. "Indeed, I was looking for a PSW job when I saw Home Instead on the internet."

For Farhiya, her job fulfillment comes from making someone's day brighter by "helping them while making them feel as if they are leaders of their tasks." She added: "I have them guide me with things such as personal care and asking how they like other things to be done. Also, asking them to carefully explain to me or show me what I need to do to get their approval makes a big difference. That's true, especially if they can't vocalize how they like the service to be done. I just love serving them."


Mamus was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2021

February 2021 - Mamus

"Mamus is very thoughtful, dedicated and performs personal care exceptionally."

- Nurse Manager

Mamus, who loves to serve seniors, is pleased she can work at a fulfilling job and also have quality time with her two daughters and a son. "I am thankfully not in a situation where I have to neglect my three children. I can work and be a Mom at the same time," said Mamus, who joined the Home Instead franchise in October 2020 and has performed so consistently well that she was honoured as the February 2021.

Mamus has a background and certifications in business, computers and management, and she has served as a community worker. In 2017, Mamus became a Personal Sup-port Worker and worked from 2017 to 2019 for another home-care company. She liked the seniors and the compassionate undertaking but not the scheduling. "You’d start at 6 a.m. and come home in the evening. That wasn't for me, but I tried to make it work. Home Instead gives me the needed flexibility so I can be with my family. I am able to take my children to school and pick them up when school is out. My shifts work around those times," Mamus explained. Last year, one of Mamus’s former neighbours and a former CAREGiver, recommended Home Instead. "Before she and her husband moved out of town, she told me she was happy with Home Instead," said Mamus, who received assignments for two regular clients when she began working as a CAREGiver nearly five months ago. Mamus bonded with the clients, ages 88 and 75, and developed relationships that continue to flourish.

Mamus assists the 88-year-old client during the week, including Tuesdays when she has three split shifts that accommodate the client as well as Mamus’s family schedule. "We have a routine that begins at 8:30 a.m. each morning. When she walks, I hold her hand. After we get everything done, she loves to watch classic movies on TV and wants me to watch with her. She is very nice, but she doesn't chat as much as my other lady," Mamus said. With her 75-year-old client, there are different challenges when Mamus works on Fridays and every other weekend. The wheelchair-bound client needs a Hoyer lift and receives morning bed baths. "In the afternoon, I take her into the living room near a window, where she watches people. She likes conversation, and we talk a lot," Mamus said.

Manpreet was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2021

January 2021 - Manpreet

"Manpreet is the only one who truly knows everything my Mom needs at all times."

- client’s daughter

A blind client has no problem picking out from the client's team of CAREGivers at Home Instead. There's only one small catch: The client has decided Manpreet's name is "Beatrees."

"I've been working with her since September, and I don't know why she gave me that name. In terms of remembering who I am, it is perhaps because I gained her trust. The most interesting thing is that she does not recognize the other CAREGivers' voices and does not know their names. She remembers only me, notices my voice and uses ‘Beatrees' consistently to address me. But that's OK. I want her to feel comfortable with me," Manpreet said.

On weekends, when Manpreet is not with her client, the client asks her daughter, "Where is Beatrees?" The client loves to hold Manpreet's hand in the evenings when she has sundowning symptoms. Recently, the client contracted the COVID-19 virus.

"As a home-care worker, I continued to work with her because I know it's my responsibility to take care of my client in any situation including COVID-19. In any event, I did not refuse because, as a home-care worker, we cannot refuse to help our clients," explained Manpreet, who learned of her CAREGiver of the Month honour from Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Rosie Jabbal. Manpreet always has had negative COVID-19 tests, and she credits it to diligently wearing personal protective equipment such as a mask, gown, gloves and face shield while also practicing hand washing, disinfecting and social distancing. She also follows a healthy diet and takes the appropriate vitamins. In addition, Manpreet is always in touch with Home Instead coordinators to receive new additional information regarding COVID-19 prevention.

"Home Instead updates me. The main thing is I always contact our health department if I have any doubt regarding COVID-19. My parents always have warned me not to take a COVID-19 client. I have never told them I did. I know their concerns as I am living far away from them. But as a home-care worker, I can't step back from my clients because I took an oath when I started my nursing school in India that I would always be loyal to my profession," Manpreet said."

Arul was awarded Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2020

December 2020 - Arul

"Arul is absolutely outstanding!"

- client's daughter

By any measure, Arul has traveled an impressive career path on his way to Home Instead. His experience has greatly benefited his Home Instead clients and their families. In the 10 months since Arul joined, he has received glowing client reviews while embracing the challenge of helping palliative-care clients, among others. Arul's first client was a retired doctor whose son and daughter also are doctors. The client and his entire family were very supportive of Arul's skilled caregiving efforts, all undertaken during night shifts. "It was so easy to work with them, and the respect I received was priceless. I believed I provided optimal comfort during his life's last chapter. My first client always will be special to me,"Arul said.

Arul's caregiving techniques were perfected from the minute he graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2008 in his native India. After completing his BSN, Arul worked in Saudi Arabia for four years as a registered nurse. He also worked outside of nursing, including roles as an insurance data claim centre, a pharmacy cashier and a receptionist, all at the same hospital. "The experiences helped me to learn more computer skills and a new language, Arabic,"Arul said.

Arul later worked in the Republic of Maldives, an Asian island nation, where he was promoted as a nursing supervisor in three months and went to the next level as a nursing administrator in less than a year. As a nursing head of department (HOD), he received the opportunity at a clinic that provides a wide range of major services, including lab testing, an ER, a pandemic isolation cent er and other functions.

"That experience built my leadership skills and enhanced my administration knowledge. I worked for two years as the nursing HOD before moving to Canada as a permanent resident status holder (PR). That decision was hard because I had to leave my HOD position, and I knew I would have to start from scratch with my career,"said Arul, who began his next adventure in October 2019. "While I was working at a non-medical job, I talked to a colleague who already had completed her Home Instead interview and was awaiting her orientation date. She gave the complete details. I was delighted and asked her to serve as a reference for me."

Arul's understanding of doctors' and therapists' orders, medications and all other aspects of care is huge for clients. "Always in the medical or caregiving field, our job is to provide collaborative care for the well-being of our clients, so I always think about points of view from other perspectives to help provide optimal care,"Arul said. "I love working with seniors and have received a wonderful opportunity to get to know about them. I feel this is a blessing to serve them. All clients give me a different experience, and I have received positive feedback from all."

Rubina was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2020

November 2020 - Rubina

"We would always love to have Rubina back!"

- client's daughter

The mother of a 25-year-old client made it clear: She wanted Rubina to return to help her son. That wasn't a rare request. Rubina often hears from clients and their family members: "We like you. We wish you could come back."Rubina smiled, as she always does, and noted: "Every client has been nice to me. I smile all the time, and I always give them a smile. Life is meant to be lived in a positive vein. Clients often respond in kind with the way you represent yourself with facial expressions and body language."

For the 25-year-old client, his legs would hardly move on a Saturday when Rubina arrived for her shift. "His mind is not working sometimes because of a genetic abnormality. He can answer ‘yes' or ‘no.' After three Saturdays with him, I know what he wants. I provide help for his mother by helping her son for four hours each time because she goes outside the home to take classes,"explained Rubina, who is the family's only CAREGiver.

"I do the laundry and light housekeeping. For meal preparation, I give him breakfast and lunch. I've assisted him with transfer to a wheelchair and have taken him outside. I want to do that as often as possible with winter coming quickly. He's often very happy to get outside because it is a change of scenery. Sometimes we stay outside for 45 minutes to an hour, but sometimes he doesn't want to go outside. I am happy to see him. He is very nice."

Rubina, who has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), joined Home Instead in February 2020 after she was laid off from her previous job just as the COVID-19 pandemic began. "God gave me a good company. I am lucky to have joined them," said Rubina.

"I am very happy with Home Instead. The communications are good, and they understand if I have emergencies. They are flexible when things come up. I've needed schedule adjustments with three children who sometimes are ill. I feel I've managed everything well at home. I have worked in a hospital ICU for children; in fact, I have worked in every hospital-care department there is. I also worked in an outpatient clinic where I was an operations leader."

Gagandeep was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2020

October 2020 - Gagandeep

"Gagandeep is phenomenal with my Mom"

- client's daughter

Gagandeep's clients called the Mississauga office and told the staff members about Gagandeep's awesome care. That sparked this prompt email from staff that, in part, read: "Thank you, Gagandeep, for your commitment to our Home Instead clients!"

Gagandeep's compassion and empathy run deep. She will never forget an important parental imperative. "My mother always said, ‘Treat elder people as your parents, your colleagues as your brothers or sisters and younger ones as if they were your own kids.' This teaching from my mother has made my work easier," Gagandeep said.

So, for Gagandeep, being honored as the CAREGiver of the Month was a confirmation of what she had learned as a child. As she grew older, the yearning to help others increased by leaps and bounds and led her into the medical world. Gagandeep's background is impressive. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) in her native India, where she worked as a registered nurse in a hospital.

"I always wanted to serve the community," Gagandeep said. "As a CAREGiver, when I help people, it gives me inner satisfaction."

Gagandeep has been assisting seniors, the most vulnerable segment of society for nearly a year. "An internet search helped me find the great organization that is Home Instead Senior Care, which has been serving the community for a long time. It's a pleasure to work with such a wonderful staff and colleagues. The commitment from the company is the cogent reason I am still working for them," Gagandeep said.

Jamuna was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2020

September 2020 - Jamuna

"We know when Jamuna is there, we have nothing to be worried about."

- client’s POA

From a memorable family caring experience, Jamuna's strong belief in the importance of caregiving was reinforced. Jamuna's 86-year-old mother-in-law was admitted to a hospital, where ovarian cancer was diagnosed. Hospital doctors decided to send Jamuna's mother-in-law home because she was in the last cancer stages.

"I provided care to her for three months after that, and we got positive results. My mother-in-law lived a longer life than expected, and then we visited her doctor. He was astonished to see her return for an appointment. He told me, ‘Oh my goodness, how is it possible? It is amazing to see how she looks in these stages,' " said Jamuna, who already had been certified as a registered nurse before she joined Home Instead Senior Care two years ago.

"I've worked in many health-care roles. I started my career as a registered nurse in a hospital after receiving a vocational degree in nursing and achieving certification. During that time, I received ICU training, so I had an excellent opportunity to learn how to provide care to the sick client or patient." Jamuna found Home Instead Senior Care through one of her colleagues.

Jamuna always had wanted to work in home care, and she said: "I learned Home Instead is very famous. It was a wish for me to work for Home Instead. It was my pleasure to meet with the Home Instead team, and I truly enjoyed learning about this renowned company. This organization not only provides the jobs but also provides immense opportunities to learn about being a CAREGiver. Home Instead offers many career resources to acquire adequate knowledge in senior-care supplemental coaching and ongoing training in a specific field."

Rajbir was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2020

July 2020 - Rajbir

"Rajbir is simply amazing!"

- client's daughter

Rajbir said she sometimes receives more in return from her clients than she gives. What are those things Rajbir receives? Knowledge, experiences, time-tested wisdom and blessings.
"Every day I can learn something from my clients," said Rajbir "Some of the clients for whom I serve are more than 90 years old, and they share their life stories and experiences. Listening to their experience gives me a different perspective of seeing the world. And it also teaches how life's experiences build our beliefs. To put it in the simplest of terms, I like working with Home Instead because I love working with seniors."
Another thing that Rajbir loves about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is the chance to work with families or seniors from different cultures.
"It is very important to provide culturally competent care. So, it gives me a chance to learn a different culture, their beliefs and how it affects their care needs. Overall, I would say working with Home Instead and seniors is a great way to continue learning and improving personally and professionally," Rajbir explained.
Rajbir joined Home Instead Senior Care in January 2020. One of Rajbir's friends was working as a Home Instead CAREGiver, and she told Rajbir about the senior-care office. Rajbir is an international nurse from India who grew up in Punjab and graduated from the College of Nurses, a government medical college in Amritsar, Punjab.

Alicia was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2020

June 2020 - Alicia

"Alicia is just flawless when providing care for any of our clients"

- Nurse Supervisor

¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás? Alicia admitted being surprised. Her 98-year-old client, a war veteran, switched from English and spoke Spanish to her. That was meaningful because Alicia is from Mexico City.
"I like him and was impressed. He showed me his photos of where he lived during long-ago times. His mobility is good. In addition to walking very well, he is independent and he has a very lucid mind," said Alicia.
Alicia added: "What I like the most about being a Home Instead CAREGiver is that you meet many people from different countries, and they show you a little piece of their cul-ture and that makes you want to learn more. In addition, as a result of the care I provide for the clients, they thank me at the end of my day and often tell me: 'You are wonder-ful!' That fills my heart and leaves me personally satisfied."
Alicia found the Home Instead CAREGiver job opportunity online. After she had applied, Home Instead Senior Care called her to make an appointment. Alicia recounted: "Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Rosie Jabbal interviewed me, and she trusted me. Thanks to her, I am working at Home Instead Senior Care. I had been working for three years. I have decided to study for my Personal Support Worker certification to help give me a broader knowledge in senior care."

Frelynne was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2020

May 2020 - Frelynne

"Frelynne does an excellent job with her client. We can truly depend on her."

- Nurse Manager

Frelynne landed in Canada in December 2006 with a computer science degree, but she took a job as a live-in caregiver when she immigrated from The Philippines. Thirteen years later, Frelynne joined Home Instead Senior Care® of Mississauga and six months into the job, she has been recognized as the May 2020 CAREGiver of the Month! "I worked for a Toronto family of five for almost six years. After I finished assisting them, I took a six-month course to earn my Personal Support Worker certificate. Later, a co-worker recommended Home Instead, where she also has been working for many years. At Home Instead, Ms. Rosie Jabbal interviewed me in October 2019, and I started a month later." she explains of her experience so far.
Frelynne has been assigned to clients at a long-term care facility and to other clients who are in their homes. "Home Instead coordinators are very accommodating when I have questions, and staff members are attentive to issues that sometimes happen. Home Instead is a good place that is fair to the employees and takes care of our needs as CAREGivers," said Frelynne, who has a homeschooling child and an 18-month-old toddler.
When asked what she likes best about being a CAREGiver, Frelynne said: "Being a CAREGiver is a job that requires lots of dedication, patience, understanding and hard work. We are assisting clients with their activities of daily living because they simply can no longer do those things on their own. There is enjoyment when my clients are appreciative and when I see their smiles. That is their way of saying 'thank you.' Caring for clients with disabilities makes me happy because I am helping people who truly need specific care. In addition to all of the other components of care, I also provide companionship, which makes their days less lonely. I have experience with people suffering from dementia and how to deal with their behavior."

Ramandeep was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2020

April 2020 - Ramandeep

"Ramandeep is simply amazing."

- client's POA

As far as a grateful 94-year-old client and his family are concerned, CAREGiver of the Month Ramandeep was at the right place at the right time and reacted perfectly to the client's medical emergency in a hospital during one of Ramandeep's overnight shifts. There was no panic, and plenty of reassurance on Ramandeep's part; her compassion was perfect.
The client's son called the office in Mississauga to express his thanks for Ramandeep's quick action. Later in the day, he met with Ramandeep to thank her as she started another 10 p.m. shift with his father.
Recalling the drama of that night, Ramandeep said: "I called the nurse when the situation arose. The client was concerned because the occurrence was something that had never happened to him. He was so nervous, and I made him feel comfortable. I got him food and tea. While they assisted him, I was holding his hand. The nurse called the doctor, and I called our Home Instead office at 1 a.m. so they could call the family. He needed a blood transfusion."
Ramandeep added: "He is a very nice man, so polite. He said, ‘Thank you' during the evening. He is sharp, no dementia. He was so weak he could not speak Monday, but he pulled through. It was a meaningful memory. I've been with him five or six times, and I have stayed with him on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays."
Ramandeep joined Home Instead on Dec. 18, 2019, but she was no stranger to caregiving. Ramandeep earned her bachelor's degree in nursing in her native India. A month and a half after earning her nursing degree, Ramandeep came to Canada as a student and worked for two years on a college degree. She has a two-year postgraduate degree in advanced health-care leadership.

Miriam was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2020

March 2020 - Miriam

"Danny Boy" is an unofficial signature folk song and anthem, particularly for Irish Canadians, and CAREGiver of the Month Miriam believes no one has sung it better than one of her late clients. Miriam received permission from the dementia client's family to record the client's rendition – the client remembered every word – plus about 10 other songs.

"She loved to sing and had such a beautiful voice. When she heard her voice for the first time on my recording, she cried. The song had a special significance because Daniel 1 was her husband, Daniel II is a son and Daniel III is a grandson," Miriam said. "The client and I sang together sometimes. She loved the classics but she also liked Elvis Presley's music."

Although the client died two years ago, her songs live on. "I use the recordings with other clients because it inspires them. As far as memories go, music tends to stay the longest with those who have dementia. I played music to a man, and he started to cry because it brought back memories," Miriam said. "The singing client's family was really nice, and I felt lucky to have a client and family like them."

Along the lines of "play it again," Miriam's CAREGiver of the Month honor is her second one. She joined Home Instead Senior Care® of Mississauga in August 2013 and was selected as a CAREGiver of the Month and the CAREGiver of the Year in 2016. A long time friend and neighbor, Jean, was a CAREGiver and recommended Home Instead Senior Care as an employer.

The job dovetails with Miriam's background and spiritual beliefs. She was brought up by her grandparents, and three of her sisters are nurses. "My faith is very important. I am active in my church as a volunteer and also by singing in the church choir. Before I go into a client's home, I say a prayer. I also have a book of meditations that I keep in my car and read often," Miriam said.

Jennifer was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2020

February 2020 - Jennifer

"Jennifer is absolutely exceptional."

- client’s daughter

The contrast of one person's two successful careers couldn't be more stunning. As sharp as Jennifer is with spreadsheets, she is even better at taking care of people. Years ago, Jennifer earned a management accounting degree at her native Jamaica and worked in that field until 1999, when she switched careers and worked as a Home Health Aide after she moved to Florida.

Several years later after immigrating to Canada, Jennifer earned her Personal Support Worker accreditation while graduating with honors, That milestone led to several caregiving jobs and a nursing designation before Jennifer joined Home Instead Senior Care.

"Finding this line of work just kind of happened to me one day. I tried it and realized I'd like it. I feel fulfilled when I go to a client. I really enjoy the job because I am a lover of people. I thank God I can do this to bless someone's life," said Jennifer, who became a Registered Practical Nurse after she acquired her nursing license in 2012 while also holding a caregiving job.

Although Jennifer is punctual for every shift or arrives early, she has found clients eagerly waiting by the door while anticipating her entry. Their greeting? "We were wondering when you would come!" Clients also have told Jennifer, "I really like how you treat me. You have a special caring touch." Clients' families have told Jennifer, "You do extra for our loved one. You take such good care of them." Jennifer explained: "That makes me feel good. I am not doing this work to look for an honor. It surprised me when I heard that I was CAREGiver of the Month."

Marilou was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2020

January 2020 - Marilou

"You're a blessing to our family."

- client

"Friends who pray together stay together." That comes very close to describing CARE-Giver of the Month Marilou Santiago and her 82-year-old client. They are good friends who first met about six months ago. On the weekends, they pray together and watch the Eternal Word Television Network. which presents around-the-clock Catholic-themed programming.

"She also likes to watch The Mass," said Marilou, who has been with Home Instead Senior Care® of Mississauga and Etobicoke, Ontario, since December 2015 and was honoured as the January 2020 CAREGiver of the Month. The client is one of three weekly regulars for whom Marilou serves on behalf of owner Brenda Enright's award-winning franchise.

"She lives alone in her home. In addition to companionship, I help her with her exercises and prepare her meals. Her daughter, who is active with her mother's care, is so nice. Before I left last Sunday, they gave me a Christmas card. I am going to be gone for vacation for much of December, and the daughter made me feel good by saying, 'We don't want anybody else but you" and "You're a blessing to our family." The client said, "I want just you. Just stay with me."

That's not the first time Marilou has been in demand. When she went on vacation in 2017, a client called the Home Instead office and said, "Please give me back Marilou."

Marilou, a native of The Philippines, earned her nursing credentials in her home country and served as a registered nurse for more than 20 years, including 10 years in the Middle East. "I needed more education here in Canada to become a registered nurse again, and it just didn't happen. I was depressed," she explained. "I could renew my efforts for the re certification, but I am not all that far from retirement. A friend told me about Home Instead."

Marilou said it is great to be working with Home Instead. "They have great flexibility. If I give them my availability with good advance notice, they will make it happen. I can go on an extended vacation and still come back to a job," Marilou said. "As long as my health is good, I will stay with Home Instead."

Ayan was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2019

December 2019 - Ayan

"Ayan is simply amazing with my Mom, I can seriously depend on her and that brings me peace of mind."

- client's daughter

A 92-year-old client shows her appreciation to CAREGiver of the Month Ayan in special ways. The client gently gathers Ayan’s hands, holds them together, kisses the back of her hands and says, "Thank you." In the mornings when Ayan arrives, the client kisses her on the cheek.

"I’ve never had a client do that, and I was a private-duty caregiver for about eight years before becoming a CAREGiver. I get a warm welcome on Mondays. She has a sad face on Fridays when I leave. More than a good fit, this is a match made in heaven," said Ayan, who has assisted the client since Ayan’s second week after joining Home Instead Senior Care® of Mississauga in March 2019. Ayan began helping the client after her eight-month hospital stay ended.

The client had suffered a stroke and is speech impaired. "While she doesn’t say much, she does ask me about my daughter. She feels like family and shows me family pictures in her hallway. I can usually insert the comments she is trying to say. ‘That’s my husband’ and ‘I miss him’ are common. Her husband is gone, and she has one of his pictures on top of the TV," Ayan said.

This is one of Ayan’s caregiving promises: "I want the clients to know I am a friend." Ayan added: "There has to be a balance where I do the work that’s needed but return to chat before my shift ends. When my client naps, I wash her dishes, mop the floor and do everything else. Sometimes there is encouragement to help with personal care. But companionship is important."

A friend knew Ayan’s heart and recommended Home Instead. "He drives for a taxi company that contracts with Home Instead to transport clients. I also knew of Home Instead through commercials. They are flexible, and that’s what I need because I have a daughter," she said.

Mercy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2019

November 2019 - Mercy

"Mercy is amazing with my parents!"


- client’s son

CAREGiver Mercedita, fittingly known as "Mercy," never gave up trying to help her first clients, a reluctant couple who rejected assistance for the first month. That was in August 2017, after Mercy had joined Home Instead Senior Care® of Mississauga. Now, in the fall of 2019, the couple eagerly anticipates Mercedita’s 9 a.m. arrival each day.

Mercy recalled: "A staff member went with me for the first introduction. We heard, ‘We don’t need your help. You can go.’ Recruitment and Retention Coor-dinator Rosie went with me the second time, and we were turned back. When I went a third time, one of their adult children went with me. After a month, they accepted me – maybe because they had gotten to know me after a month of my trying."

With a sigh and a chuckle, Mercy said: "It’s a good thing it wasn’t winter during that first month. I was stand-ing outside their home a lot before they finally let me in." With the 93-year-old husband and 89-year-old wife, Mercy said: "There are short-term memory problems and some confusion. I’m the only CAREGiver; adding others to the mix probably wouldn’t be a good idea. A family member is always there if I’m not. I know the family very well, and they are very nice. We have a client journal, and I write down everything for them."

Mercy helps her clients celebrate birthdays and other key dates. Oct. 20 will be a special day, when they’ll celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary. For Mercy, an unforgettable day is Aug. 1, 2017, when she joined owner Greg Bechard’s award-winning franchise. In 2018, Mercy was honored as the franchise’s July Holly Jean Award winner. The franchise added another honor by selecting Mercy as CAREGiver of the Month for November 2019.

Hellan was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2019

October 2019 - Hellan

"Hellan is amazingly reliable and dependable!"

- client

Hellan Varghese deftly refocused a client who had been overcome with sadness while expressing her grief of losing her mother when she was a child. The outcome was an overwhelming experience for Hellan and confirmed why she’s a CAREGiver of the Month.
Here’s how the dramatic episode unfolded:

Hellan said: "The client said her mother was killed by a stranger when she was 9 years old and started to cry. I was alone with her that time, and it was my second shift with her. I suddenly started to talk about the client’s daughter and son. Then she also joined with me and spoke about their schooling and all. When I came back to her mother, she looked relaxed and admitted that was a tragedy in her life. I tried to support her and empathized in her loss. She hugged me and expressed her gratitude for supporting her. I felt so happy in that moment to have chosen this career."

Hellan had valuable caregiving insight before joining Home Instead April 26, 2019. She’s a grad-uate of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar College of Nursing in Dhaneli, India, and was a registered nurse for six years. "From my experience," Hellan said, "the best way to win an elderly client’s heart is to establish trust and maintain a good interpersonal relationship with client and family. I try to understand the clients’ attitudes, choices and habits. I respect them, and I am a good listen-er. They need our presence to share their feelings and concerns. Most of them face loneliness and helplessness during this stage. Give preference to client choice even if you feel it’s a bad choice. Never command them, but instead show them how to do it. My motto is ‘Be a good listener, respond properly and give suggestions only if required."

Alphy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2019

September 2019 - Alphy

"We adore Alphy. The match between her and our friend is a great one and we couldn’t be more pleased with her help."

- client’s friend

Alphy builds trust by making good assessments of her clients. She reads the care plan before going into the shift, she asks questions when being introduced and takes the time really understand her clients needs. She presents very well and has a great understanding of dementia to make good judgement calls with her client even if that means allowing space.

She takes the lead by ensuring her client is meeting all of her ADL goals. She uses persuasive techniques to ensure her client is following range of motion exercises or attending an activity involving movement.

Alphy shares her heart by her very giving personality. She recognizes her clients inabilities and never makes it known. She allows her clients to be themselves alongside being of support rather than just a CAREGiver. She makes recommendations to both the office and the family to allow for her clients comfortability.

Maria Fe was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2019

August 2019 - Maria Fe

"We love her. She brings such joy and happiness to my family. We can really depend on her and her ability to assist and make our Mom happy is amazing."

- client’s daughter


She builds trust by being reliable and is always there to lend a helping hand whether it be taking a last minute fill in shift or a last minute on-going assignment. She makes sure she is always available to us. She is punctual, presents well and is always ready to start her day on a positive note.

Maria Fe is a sweet, caring and easy going person who is incredibly patient and loving with the older adults she provides care to. She has great respect for this work and takes the lead in the care services to ensuring each client’s needs are met while in the comfort of their home.

Over the course of Maria Fe’s employment, she has provided care to multiple families. She has gotten to experience seniors with different diagnosis and backgrounds. The common feedback we hear from her clients and her clients’ families is, “We love her.” What demonstrates that is she shares her heart with all of them, one of the client’s relative said: “The smile on her face can bring joy and happiness to someone else and it is priceless”. The genuine demeanor Maria Fe shows outshines the most.

Shahnaz was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2019

July 2019 - Shahnaz

"My mom really loved Shahnaz. They had a great relationship and you can tell Shahnaz genuinely cared for my mom. Shahnaz was super kind. My mom had to follow a lot of rules surrounding what she ate and drank due to medical issues and Shahnaz found away for my mother to follow them without making her feel excluded"

- client’s daughter


Shahnaz builds trust by being consistent and reliable with her clients. Shahnaz is always on time and rarely ever calls out of her shifts. Her reliability proves the Service Coordinator’s can depend on her to be at work on time and ready to assist her client. Shahnaz is always in uniform and ensures she is representing Home Instead adequately.

Shahnaz takes the lead by reporting any incidents or changes with her clients to not only the office staff but to the facility members. For example, Shahnaz recently had her first shift with a new client and noticed that the client was sleeping in quite late in the morning. Shahnaz knew she had to remind her client to take her morning medication. Instead of just letting her client sleep in, she called the office, and asked if this was normal for her client to be sleeping in so late and asked for assistance in how to move forward. We were appreciative of Shahnaz reporting this to the office as this was not normal for her client.

Shahnaz has really proven herself to be a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate caregiver. She attentively accommodates each of her clients needs. Shahnaz shares her heart by creating a personal experience for her clients. For Shahnaz, being a CAREGiver is more than just a job. She builds relationships with her clients and really tries to understand their in’s and out’s so she knows how to work with them. For example, one of Shahnaz’s clients was playing a game of Bridge with her friends while they were having glasses of wine. However, her client is not allowed to have any alcohol so Shahnaz  poured a class of apple juice in a wine glass to make her feel more included. The client’s family was very happy to hear this, she really went out of her way to make her client feel more included with her friends.

Bogusia was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2019

June 2019 - Bogusia

"The warmth and comfort Bogusia brings makes me feel safe. I can really depend on her."

- client

Bogusia’s hard work, dedication and flexibility with her clients are just a few reasons why she deserves this amazing recognition. Bogusia is consistent and very reliable. She builds trust with her seniors with her exceptional punctuality and flexibility with her availability. She will work around her clients’ schedule even if it means re-adjusting her personal plans. Bogusia can be described as very warm and comforting. Client’s have told us this warmth makes them feel safe knowing they have someone with them they can depend on.

By honoring the unique needs of her clients, Bogusia takes the lead by making a special effort to learn new recipes that cater to her clients backgrounds. For example, she has a client of a Slovenian background and she has learned Slovenian recipes to prepare homemade meals to bring her clients to their roots.

Bogusia shares her heart with her empathy. She shows she can ensure quality of life with all of her clients. She promises great care by letting them know they can always depend on her should they need anything. Her loyalty to her clients is one of many great attributes. Bogusia possesses and we hope to create may more memories with her seniors.

Farhiya was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2019

May 2019 - Farhiya

"Farhiya is always willing to help whenever we need it. She bends over backwards to help me care for my wife and always has an amazing attitude. It makes my life easier."

- client’s husband

Farhiya has been with Home Instead Senior Care since 2016. Since her start, she has remained reliable and someone who takes steps to build trust with her clients. She commits to any schedule given to her, she is flexible to her clients and even moves around her personal schedule to accommodate her clients. Farhiya maintains exceptional attendance demonstrating that her clients are a priority even when a last minute request comes in.

She takes the lead by observing her clients for her first few shifts to learn specific habits and routines. She ensures she is prepared before she arrives to her first shift by taking steps to read the care plan and discuss any questions with the Client Care Coordinator prior to being introduced. These little steps make clients feel confident in her expertise. She is currently helping a female client and the clients husband has nothing but raving reviews on her performance of care.

Farhiya is a very caring person and shares her heart with her calm demeanor. When her client is having a bad day, she keeps her tone of voice calm, helps her client and listens to learn what is wrong and how to fix it. She takes pride in maintaining the safety of her clients at all times. We have received reviews from one of her clients and she says Farhiya is a special person with very good feelings and she is grateful to have her in her life.

Rowen was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2019

April 2019 - Rowen

"Rowen is a very conscientious young lady. She had provided very good care for my mom and pays attention to the quality of care."

- client's daughter

Rowen’s hard work, dedication, reliability, and flexibility is what has helped her achieve this award. Rowen has been with Home Instead since we first starting serving the Mississauga community. Since the beginning, Rowen has proven herself to be nothing short of an amazing caregiver and personal support worker. Rowen continues to build trust with not only us but with her clients and always puts her best foot forward on a daily basis.

Rowen always takes the lead during her visits with her clients right when she arrives and she knows what to do without anyone telling her. Rowen provides home help services for a recharge client, the clients mother says she never has to give Rowen instructions before she leaves for the day. Rowen comes in and sees what needs to be done and does it right away. Rowen organizes her time during her visits so she is able to get everything done by the time her shift is over.

Rowen shares her heart by creating fun activities to do with her clients. She never wants her clients to feel disengaged. She comes up with activities by getting to know her clients and figuring out old hobbies they might have had.  She also advocates for her clients and their families appreciate that their loved ones are in good hands.

Mary Jane was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2019

March 2019 - Mary Jane

"She always makes me feel safe"

- client

Mary builds trust by always being on tine for all of her shifts. She always arrives early with a big smile on her face ready to work. She approaches every situation in a positive way and converses well with family of clients which in time, gives the family peace of mind.

She takes the lead by always ensuring clients are comfortable and by verbally reporting any concerns as early as possible so her clients are well looked after. Her gentle approach allows the client to be at ease when she is there to provide care. One of her clients told us “she always makes me feel safe”

She shares her heart every day with all her clients. She is able to connect and to plan meaningful activities with them. She plays domino with one of her clients every shift.

Nancy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2019

February 2019 - Nancy

"Nancy is the eyes and ears for my sister and I. We are so happy to have her as our Mother’s CAREGiver."

- clients daughter

Nancy builds trust by making her client her priority. When her client was discharged from the hospital a few months ago, she was sent home in her night gown only. The hospital staff did not give her the clothes she was admitted with. Nancy called the office to inform us of this and went to the hospital to get her clients clothes. This made her client elated that Nancy went out of her way to get this for her.

Nancy takes the lead by constantly ensuring that she is keeping up to date with booking her clients appointments and keeping staff informed of any changes in her care. Her clients daughters live quite far away and are not always able to visit their mom frequently. They are relieved to have Nancy as their caregiver for this reason. Nancy always stays on top of her clients appointments and her toiletries. When she notices that her client is running low on items such as toothpaste or toilet paper, she always make sure she restocks.

Nancy shares her heart with her amazing approach in always ensuring her client’s needs are met. She will update the office of any changes, she will call the office with the client if the client has any questions. She always goes above and beyond for her clients to show them she is there for them and she always will be.

Marilez was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2019

January 2019 - Marilez

"Marilez instills confidence in my father. She makes my father feel relaxed and content allowing a calming effect on my dad. She works diligently and is very delightful. I feel confident leaving my parents with her, she has provided my sister and I a sense of relief."

- client's son

Marilez has been with us for over 2 years and remains consistent. Currently, she has a few complex clients who need certain demands. However, she is not afraid of these challenges. Marilez builds trust by making her clients a priority. She strives to successfully meet their needs and commits to exceeding their expectations. She places the health and welfare of others ahead of herself.

Marilez takes the lead by calling the office to voice her concerns with her clients and keeping office staff constantly updated to her clients and their constant changing needs. She also demonstrates flexibility by being accommodating when her clients make changes in her schedule last minute, she is always able to meet and adjust to a change  of schedule or a new situation.

Marilez shares her heart by creating fun activities to do with her clients. During her shifts, she is not only focused on task based activities but she is also focused on making sure her clients are enjoying themselves doing so. Marilez adapts well, is humble, courageous, selfless and kind. She wants to build relationship with her clients and makes every effort to show that. To her, this is more than a job, it’s personal!

Colleen was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2018

December 2018- Colleen

"Colleen has gone above and beyond to make sure that my aunt is well taken care of and I know my aunt really appreciates her and truly enjoys her companionship. Although we have never directly spoken with each other, I feel like Colleen is a trusted family member."

- client’s Daughter

Colleen has done a fabulous job building relationships with her clients. She knows the ins and outs of their needs. The feedback from all of Colleen’s clients are always so positive which makes her the perfect example of a great CAREGiver. Colleen builds trust with her clients and the office by ensuring everyone is consistently updated with any changes her clients may have. When she has any questions or concerns she always calls the office to follow up. Service Coordinators can always rely on Colleen to send weekly reports on her clients. Colleen is quite a busy CAREGiver and it amazes the office staff how she is able to manage so well.

Colleen takes the lead by creating activities that suit the needs of her client. She gets very creative on her weekly visits to keep her clients engaged. For example, when she sees that her client needs to get her hair done, she always notifies the office to book an appointment for her. Whenever she sees a decline in her clients health, she also informs us and logs it in the client journal to allow all of us to be on the same page and follow up with booking doctors appointments.

Colleen is constantly sharing her heart when she is with her clients, she is patient, compassionate, and caring. One of her clients says “Colleen has gone above and beyond to make sure that my aunt is well taken care of and I know my aunt really appreciates her and truly enjoys her companionship. Although we have never directly spoken with each other, I feel like Colleen is a trusted family member.”

Wilfredo was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2018

November 2018 - Wilfredo

"Wilfredo has provided relief to my family and I when we are away. We are glad to have him around."

- client’s daughter

Wilfredo builds trust with his clients by making them feel as comfortable as possible before providing any personal care. He uses the skills learned in different trainings for any of his difficult clients. With his calm and collected tone, his clients feel more at ease with having Wilfredo as their CAREGiver. He is easy going, respectful, very patient, and caring.

Wilfredo takes the lead by ensuring we know his availability ahead of time, to allows us to fill his schedule with desired shifts. He is always extremely flexible with his schedule, he will make adjustments wherever possible to accommodate Home Instead and his other job which makes him such a pleasure to work with!

Wilfredo shares his heart by investing time into building a strong relationships with each of his clients. Wilfredo has an amazing sense of humour which is why his clients find him such a pleasure to work with! Wilfredo always tries to go out of his way to put a smile on his client face. One of Wilfredo’s clients daughters say that he has provided relief for her when she is away, she is glad to have him around.

Christine was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2018

October 2018 - Christine

"She gives me piece of mind while I am work. I feel calm knowing she is there."

- client’s son

Christine comes to us from our Home Instead office in Etobicoke. She came on to help us with a high needs client in Mississauga. From the very start, Christine built trust with the son providing relief from stress while he was at work. Being close with his mother and worrying about her decline, Christine provided him with piece of mind when she was there. With Christine’s extensive PSW background, she was able to apply her skills to tend to this client appropriately.

Christine maintained taking the lead by informing both the family and the office staff of any changes promptly. Christine easily followed the practise of being our and the families eyes and ears. When she noticed her client had a bed sore, she reported it immediately and ensure her clients nurse knew about it when she arrived. She then took the responsibility to ensure she is repositioning her client every couple hours to help the healing process.

Christine shares her heart by her thoughtful personality. She took the extra steps of remembering items her clients likes, birthdays or even special events in their lives to allow celebration and growing their relationships. She shows her client her attention is on them and they are the priority during her time with them.

Monique was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2018

September 2018 - Monique

"She has provided such a relief to my family and I"

- client’s daughter

Monique has proved herself to be a very hard working and dedicated caregiver. She is selfless, compassionate, and strives to provide her clients with the best care possible. Monique continuously builds trust by providing high quality service to her clients. She demonstrates reliability by always arriving to her shifts on time. She demonstrates responsibility by communicating her clients care updates to the office diligently.

Monique takes the lead by being as involved as possible in her clients care. As well as, being available at times to assist the office when we are in a jam. Just last week, Monique was able to help our sister office in Etobicoke with an orientation for brand new client on a Saturday afternoon! She was able to be flexible enough to travel to Etobicoke and provide coverage. The Etobicoke team were very appreciative of her assistance and the client was amazed at such an amazing job she did.

Monique shares her heart by building relationships with her clients. She makes an effort to have meaningful conversations with her client to get to know them and establish a relationship with them. One of her clients husbands says that she is very sweet and hard working.

Maria Fe was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2018

August 2018 - Maria Fe

"Maria Fe is a fantastic help. Not only is she a great personal care worker, but she is a great comedian! My mother in law loved her for her humour."

- client’s daughter in law

Maria Fe is an extraordinary personality. She builds trust in various ways one being always ensuring her communication between office, client, and clients family is always intact. With Maria Fe’s last client, her care needs changed quite frequently and Maria Fe maintained continuous connection with the office as well ensuring she is logging her notes in the client journal to make always available for the next CAREGiver and family CAREGiver’s. Maria Fe is a problem solver, if an issue arises she takes the lead by trying to find the best possible solution for her client alongside support from the office. She brings a lot to the table and shares recommendations and suggestions such as engagement activities. Through this, she displays a great deal of empathy towards care for her client. Maria Fe shares her heart with her positive energy. She is always prepared, learns as much as she can before seeing a new client and uses her own background and knowledge to create an environment of encouragement. We have received many raving reviews from her clients families and it could not make us more proud to have her on our team!

Elizabeth was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2018

July 2018 - Elizabeth

"Elizabeth has been with my mom for years. She has been so flexible over time, she is always there when I need her and I cannot appreciate her enough."

– client’s daughter

Elizabeth is very attentive and caring. She builds trust by being committed. She is punctual, reliable and flexible. Elizabeth’s care for one client involves taking her client out for appointments and Elizabeth ensures she is always available. She listens for any concerns pertaining to her client and reports to both the office and the nursing team.

Elizabeth takes the lead by doing little things that make her client’s life easier, such as scheduling appointments with her family doctor or bringing them flowers to cheer them up. Elizabeth shows genuine compassion for her clients and works together with residence staff to ensure everything is handled well.

Elizabeth shares her heart by always trying to do something special for her client such as taking them to their favorite mall, bringing back favorite desserts or running errands to ensure nothing lacks. Elizabeth’s client’s family raves about her so much so that when her client moved, Elizabeth agreed to work in a different city to accommodate providing care.

Susan was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2018

June 2018 - Susan

"Susan is a lifesaver.  She is always so accommodating whenever I need even if it is last minute. She brings me peace of mind knowing I can depend on her during my stressful time."

– client’s wife

Susan is an incredible CAREGiver who builds trust in many ways.  Some are as simple as just being available to work additional days to provide relief to a family caregiver.  One of her strongest qualities is how dependable she is.

Susan takes the lead by keeping open lines of communication between the office, the client and the client’s family.  She understands that to be a cohesive team we need to all be well informed.  Whenever her client has an update or needs her additionally, she makes effort to call us with her client to advise.

Susan shares her heart just by being caring.  She listens,  intently, to her clients and there stories.  She will bake her clients’ favourite dessert.  Her kindness does not go unnoticed!

Atina was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2018

May 2018 - Atina

"I am so happy with Atina!My dad was so reluctant to have care in the beginning but now he is in a great place and so comfortable with her.  She has put my family at ease knowing that my father is comfortable with her."

- client's daughter

Recently, we have been supporting a Retirement Residence in Barrie.  Transportation pick-up for morning shifts are at 4:30 am and Atina has accepted many of these shifts and in doing so has built trust.

One of her clients is resistant to care and initially he wouldn't open the door to her.  Knowing that he has a sweet tooth, Atina takes the lead, picking up treats prior to her shift; when she leaves his home, drops a few behind, insisting that she had some that  are “extra”.Not surprisingly, her company is a lot more welcome these days!

Finally, Atina shares her heart with this same gentleman by using positive affirmations to lift his spirits.  She always tells him when he does something well, lets him know how well kept his home is and how great a cook he is.

Dorothy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2018

April 2018 - Dorothy

"When Dorothy comes into my home the  atmosphere just changes.  My mom’s happy, I’m happy, even the dog is happy."

- client’s daughter

Dorothy understands that building trust with families is such an important part of her role.  She knows that her clients depend on her, therefore she goes into work ready, present, giving these seniors her undivided  attention and makes sure that they feel safe!  

Dorothy’s client’s rarely need to ask her to do anything, because she thinks ahead and plans her day, so she can make the most of her time with them.  She will cook with her client and make them her famous crème Brule.  Dorothy takes the lead, by being open to learning new recipes and will encourage her client to help in order to keep them engaged.

Dorothy shares her heart by calling one of her clients “Babcia”, which means grandma in Polish.  She has a special connection with this senior; they share Polish recipes and they loves cooking/baking together.  The client’s daughter says she treats her mom like a Queen. “It’s too good to  be true, she is like a breath of fresh air”, says her clients daughter.

Hyacinth was Mississauga Best Caregiver during Mach 2018

March 2018 - Hyacinth

"Hyacinth is amazing with my mom.  She instantly took the lead in her care and has been consistent ever since.  I know I can depend on her when my brother and I are at work."        

client’s daughter

Hyacinth has travelled long distances to accommodate urgent staffing needs. Hyacinth has remained in unfavorable assignments until a  replacement  is found.  Over and over again, Hyacinth shows commitment and builds trust by putting others’ needs first and proving that she is reliable

Hyacinth is open to new experiences.  She approaches challenging assignments with determination.  She is not easily scared from the unfamiliar and will utilize all her resources, including her Team for support.  She takes the lead by showing initiative and proving that she is empowered.

Hyacinth shares her heart by finding meaningful ways to engage her clients. One of her clients who has advanced Parkinson’s refused to go downstairs for activities; Hyacinth will bring in books, crossword puzzles, and her favorite snack until she is ready.

Misha was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2018

February 2018 - Misha

"From the beginning Misha introduced herself to my parents in a very respectful way. Immediately I realized this woman was someone that is a great listener and someone who takes initiative."

                                   - client’s daughter

Misha builds trust by being confident in assessing her client’s needs. One of her clients mentioned that it was hard for her to leave her husband at home however when Misha is there she knows he is in good hands.  She doesn’t have to worry and is able to go out and enjoy the respite that she needs.

Misha took the lead with a  new client by looking through the client journal and reading the previous CAREGivers’ notes.  Misha knows that “the more you know, the more you can do”.  The client was very happy to see her going through the journal, it showed her willingness to learn.

Misha consistently shares her heart with all of her clients by    being herself and brightening their days. She learns as much as she can about each client and treats them with dignity and respect.  She thinks with her heart and acts with compassion.

Marilez was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2018

January 2018 - Marilez

"Mary is amazing, she does so well with my Mom, and understands my Mom’s needs before she even says anything. Marilez’s compassion, courteous and commitment to my Mom has  contributed to my Mom’s quality of life so positively, I am grateful."

- client’s daughter

Since Marilez joined Home Instead Senior Care, we have received rave reviews regarding her level of care.  She is punctual, presents well and is always ready to start her day on a positive note. Marilez builds trust with her clients and the office by her commitment. She is a go-getter and strives to do well by her clients.

When she has any questions or concerns, she calls the office to follow up as well and she reports any changes in the client journal to ensure other CAREGiver’s are looped in. She takes the lead by ensuring her client has had breakfast and is ready to go about her day.

As her client really prefers to listen to music, she gets creative to keep her entertained and busy. Marilez is always sharing her heart when she is with her clients.  She learns her client’s routines flawlessly to ensure their needs are met 100% of the time.

Rutchell was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2017

December 2017 - Rutchell

"Rutchell is very interactive and always planning activities to do with my mom when she is with her. She gets creative and has downloaded Filipino music for my mom - the oldie songs she likes."

- client’s daughter

All of Rutchell’s clients have great things to say about her! The common theme being that they couldn’t get along without her, she is a hard worker, professional and a good “fit”.

Rutchell makes her clients a priority and when a last minute shift request comes from one of them, most often she makes herself available. Shebuilds trust by being reliable and flexible with her availability.

Shetakes the lead by ensuring that she is prepared for her assignments. When she accepts a shift, she addresses anything that she needs clarification on. She also follows up with the office if she has any feedback, especially if there changes to the client’s condition or if changes to the care plan are needed.

One of Rutchell’s clients has progressive dementia and was resistant to personal care. Rutchellshared her heart by remaining calm, gentle and presenting a positive attitude and now has been successful in providing this care.

Congratulations Rutchell on all of your successes!

Maria was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2017

November 2017 - Maria

" Maria is not only a CAREGiver, but she is a friend for my mom. She is also someone my brother and I esteem very much. Maria is always smiling, positive and has the energy my mom needs. She genuinely looks forward to Maria's visits. She has become a part of my family but also part of the family at Sunrise. I couldn't be more thankful and more appreciative of all that she does"

- client's daughter

Home Instead Senior Care is pleased to announce that Maria is our November CAREGiver of the month! We are exceptionally thrilled to share this moment with you all. Maria's continuous dedication and caring performance to our clients is one of many reasons for this special award presented.

Maria has consistently put her all into her clients. She builds trust with our seniors by showing them she is there for them, and that they can count on her for anything they need during their time together. Maria is punctual, reliable, and always provides the support needed for her clients. Maria is very personable which allows her to create special bonds with her clients. Maria takes the lead by ensuring her clients are as comfortable as possible. She is very good at reporting any concerns as early as possible so her client is well looked after. She provides a breath of relief to both her clients and her clients' families.

Maria shares her heart by always going above and beyond for her clients. Her bubbly personality allows her to connect with her clients on a personal level. We continue to receive great feedback from her clients' families.

Congratulations Maria, thank you for being an exceptional CAREGiver!

Elizabet was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2017

October 2017 - Elizabet

" Elizabet is very professional. I know I can go out and run errands with a peace of mind when she's here with my husband. I like her, not only because she speaks the same language as us but because she is very compassionate in what she is doing. She takes good care of her clients whether there are eyes watching her or not."

- client's wife

 We are pleased to announce that Elizabet is our October 2017 CAREGiver of the Month!

Elizabet takes the lead by always calling the office when there's a change in one of her clients’ health status. One of her clients had trouble getting up from bed which was very unusual and she informed the office right away in order to find out what was happening. It didn't take long before the problem was solved. With the help of the family and the Key Players, the client was back to her usual state and it could've gotten worse if she didn't say anything - many thanks to you Elizabet!

Elizabet builds trust by always being on time for all of her shifts. She always arrives early with a big smile on her face ready to work! She is a great example of an amazing CAREGiver!

Elizabet shares her heart everyday with all her clients. She is able to connect and communicate with her clients - even with the ones who are not able to express themselves. She is empathetic and understands what her clients are going through and what their needs are. One of her clients is not able to verbalize his needs anymore, however Elizabet does her very best to look for signs of hunger, thirst, if he is feeling hot or cold, or if he would like to rest etc. She ensures that his needs have been attended to before she leaves at the end of her visit.

Thank you for being an awesome CAREGiver Elizabet!

Glaiza was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2017

September 2017 - Glaiza

“It is very easy to take a liking with CAREGiver Glaiza, her approach always makes me feel safe”

- client

Glaiza is our September 2017 CAREGiver of the Month! Glaiza’s continuous devotion and gentle demeanour to our clients is one of the many reasons we have chosen her to be presented with this special award.

After receiving an abundance of great feedback from her clients, we learned that Glaiza not only provides the level of care we expect, but approaches it in a very loving and trustworthy manner. She builds trust with our seniors by showing them that they can always count on her to help with any of their care needs.

Glaiza is punctual, reliable, and shares her heart by always providing the support needed for her clients. Her authentic personality grows with our seniors and is easily favoured by our clients.

Glaiza takes the lead by always ensuring clients are comfortable, and by verbally reporting any concerns as early as possible so her clients are well looked after. Her gentle approach allows the client to be at ease when she is there to provide care. One of Glaiza’s clients told us that it is very easy to take a liking with CAREGiver Glaiza as her approach always makes her feel safe.

Congratulations Glaiza on your dedication to Home Instead and our seniors in the community.

Farhiya was  Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2017

August 2017 - Farhiya

"Farhiya is so great and so receptive to what my mom needs. I am so happy having her here with my mom!"

– client’s daughter

Farhiya builds trust both with the office staff and with her clients on a daily basis. She is always on time, provides individualized care and support to each of her clients, and contacts the office to update us with any changes with her clients. She has such a caring personality that makes our clients feel like they are in great hands! 

She takes the lead by helping her clients when they have changes they’d like to make to their schedule; Farhiya will use the home phone to call the office during her shift to notify the Staffing Coordinators of any schedule changes, this ensures that both the clients and herself will get the new confirmed schedule at the same time. When the office calls her to see if she is available for an extra shift with her clients we can always count on her to call us back when she says she can.  

Farhiya shares her heart with her clients through building relationships with them and their families. She is always so kind, compassionate, and has a warm and friendly laugh!

Thank you Farhiya for your dedication to Home Instead Senior Care and for being such a wonderful CAREGiver!

Linh was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2017

July 2017 - Linh

"Linh is always a joy to be with and a great companion when we go swimming"

- client

Home Instead Senior Care is pleased to announce that Linh is our July 2017 CAREGiver of the month! We are extremely thrilled to share this moment with you all. Linh's continuous dedication and caring demeanor to all of her clients are just a couple of the many reasons she is receiving this award.
Time and time again, the office staff hear great feedback from her clients. We have learned that Linh not only provides the level of care we expect but is always professional and is immediately perceived as a loyal CAREGiver. She builds trust with our seniors by showing them she is there for them that they can count on her for whatever they may need during their time together. Linh is punctual, reliable, and always provides the support her clients need especially reporting any changes with her clients.
She takes the lead by continuously ensuring her clients are comfortable in any environment. She takes the time to get to know her clients so she is able to engage and participate in activities her clients will enjoy. Linh's caring personality shows our clients how gentle she is; one of her clients, who swims for therapy, has always come back stating how much she enjoys their time together and Linh's level of care.
Linh shares her heart by showing her great personality from the first visit as she treats her clients with the upmost respect, care and loyalty. Linh's compassion to our client's definitely shows and proves that she is in the right field!
Congratulations Linh! Thank you for your continual dedication to Home Instead and our seniors in the community.

Arvin was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2017

June 2017 - Arvin

"I am so happy with the care that Arvin provides to my husband, he is a very good man"


The office constantly receives positive feedback from all his clients letting us know how happy they are to have Arvin as their CAREGiver. Arvin's continuous hard work and providing a high level of care for all of his clients are just a couple reasons why we are recognizing him this month.
Arvin builds trust with his clients by being there for them as a strong, supportive, helping hand and is always consistent in his care. His clients always know they can count on him for being there and being on time.
One of Arvin's clients has called to say they love that he takes the lead by calling into the office to communicate when the client would like to adjust a visit. He is honest and will let the office and his clients know when he is available and when he is not which is very helpful!
Arvin shares his heart through his giving personality and the smile on his face; he shows his clients he wants nothing but the best for them! He has a down to earth personality and takes the time to interact and do activities with his clients!
The feedback from all three of his clients is continuously so positive that we wanted to recognize Arvin's dedication and hard work by acknowledging him as CAREGiver of the Month!

Tessie was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2017

May 2017 - Tessie

"Tessie is amazing. She takes the lead, is always there for my parents and continually tries to go above and beyond!"

-client's daughter

Home Instead is pleased to announce that Tessie is the May 2017 CAREGiver of the month! Tessie's continuous hard work and dedication to our seniors is one of many reasons she is receiving this special award.
Tessie builds trust by ensuring she learns as much as she possibly can about her client beforehand and while she is at her shifts. This gives her the tools to guarantee her clients are always happy and comfortable when receiving care.
After speaking to one of Tessie's many clients, they have described her as caring, gentle and absolutely amazing with the way she takes the lead with their parents. Tessie has shown to always go above and beyond to help them in any way she possibly can. She is efficient when providing updates to the family/office and always on time for her shifts. She asks questions when she needs to ensure she is prepared well in advance.
Tessie shares her heart with her amazing approach in always ensuring her client's needs are met. She always tries to do more for her clients to show them she is there for them and she always will be.
Tessie's compassion and humbleness show that she is dedicated to always ensuring her clients are happy. Congratulations Tessie on your dedication to Home Instead and our seniors. Thank you for all that you do!

Anjali was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2017

April 2017 - Anjali

“We are so pleased  with all the activities that Anjali has chosen during her visits with our mother”

-client's son

 Anjali’s hard work and dedication to her clients are just a few of the many reasons she is selected to be the CAREGiver of the Month for April!

Anjali builds trust with her clients by providing detailed updates to the office so that we are able to communicate with the family what Anjali and their mother do during their visits. This simple update makes families feel incredibly at ease when Anjali is taking care of their loved one.

Anjali takes the lead by planning weekly activities with her client to ensure she keeps her client mentally, physically and socially engaged. She goes above and  beyond by taking the time to get to know her clients, learns what the clients likes and will find activities they can do together.

She shares her heart by investing time into building a strong relationship with each of her clients. She has a good sense of humor and is always able to put a smile on her clients faces. Anjali’s clients say they are so pleased to have her care for their mother. Thank you Anjali for your dedication and for being such a wonderful CAREGiver!

Sybil was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2017

March 2017 - Sybil

After receiving great feedback from several of her clients, we have learned that Sybil not only provides the level of care we expect but approaches it in a very professional and loyal manner. She builds trust with our seniors by showing she is there for them and they can count on her for whatever they may need. Sybil is punctual, reliable, and always provides the support her clients need. Her faithful personality grows easily with our seniors and becomes one of their favourite things about her.

Sybil takes the lead by always ensuring her clients are as comfortable as they can be and is very reliable in reporting concerns early so her clients’ are looked after properly. One of her clients family has told us that her nature and expertise shows when she provides care for her mother and she feels at ease knowing Sybil is there caring for her mom when she is not there. Before Sybil goes in to see her client, she goes prepared so she can assist and meet their requirements as needed. Her touching personality keeps our seniors happy and at peace.

Sybil shares her heart with her empathy. Through her numerous years in the field, she shows she can ensure quality of life for all of her clients. She promises great care by letting them know they can always depend on her should they need anything. Her loyalty to her clients is one of many great attributes Sybil possesses and we hope to create many more memories with our seniors!

Congratulations Sybil on your dedication and reliability to Home Instead and our seniors. Thank you for all that you do!

Christine was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2017

February 2017 - Christine

“Christine is one of the family now, she cheers us all up with her hugs and laughs, she puts my parents emotional needs ahead of the tasks and shows she cares in endless ways every day.  She deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to being an amazing caregiver and extended family member.”   

- client's family

Christine has a strong relationship with God and she is both humble and confident  in how she approaches her caregiving.  Her ReCharge clients are very vulnerable and Christine builds trust with them by maintaining this modest demeanor.  One of her clients, a young male who is rather rambunctious (due to a rare disease) is very       challenging; it’s Christine’s  very nature  that puts the  family at ease and assures them that he is in great hands.

As we age, the mind can waste away if not challenged and Christine takes the lead by finding engaging activities to do with her clients.  She plays cards  with one client who has Parkinson’s, letting him play at his own pace, but still keeping the game challenging. His spouse has indicated that this type of stimulation has helped him maintain cognitive function with other routines.

Christine has an infectious spirit that you can’t help but be affected by.   Another client, who had Polio as a child, often has days that he is not in best spirits due to pain or exhaustion.  Christine has been known to turn that around  instantly,  sharing her heart through laughter.   The family has advised that you can often hear her and her client laughing throughout the day and it was been very  therapeutic.

Congratulations Christine on all the successes you’ve had and for continuing to Live Home Instead!


Annette was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2017

January 2017 - Annette

“… we have had very complimentary reports about her sympathetic and capable handling of mom during the night.  It requires a special person to be able to give such wonderful care consistently and at such awkward hours. Thank you so much Annette and congratulations!”

- client's family


As we continually receive great feedback from Annette’s clients, it is apparent to us that she builds trust with her seniors.  She is punctual and flexible with her availability and this consistency of her time and attendance makes her clients feel safe. 

Annette takes the lead to ensure her client’s needs are taken care of to the best of her ability.  Annette has a client who suffers from dementia and she is not always able to verbalize her concerns, especially if she is not comfortable.  In expressing empathy and in anticipating her needs, Annette is able to react.  Accordingly,  she and Annette have built an incredible relationship, as she knows Annette will help put her concerns to ease.  

Annette communicates well and she is engaged; she shares her heart by being patient and honoring her relationships.   One of Annette’s clients explains that knowing Annette will be seeing Mom puts her at ease as she does not have to worry about her Mom and her care.

Thank you for the difference you make, Annette!

Fabiola was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2016

December 2016, Fabiola

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart"

-client's family

ReCharge clients are family caregivers, usually burnt out because they are the sole provider of support for their loved one. Despite her exhaustion, Fabiola's client was hesitant to start services, because they had never previously received outside support. Fast forward, months later and this family caregiver has a deep apprecia­tion for the care that Fabiola has provided for her spouse.

Within the first visit, they knew God had answered a prayer. Fabiola built trust by being confident and professional. She gave the family piece of mind through the way she was able to care for the client.

At the next follow up, office staff member Cassandra, learned that Fabiola had taken the lead by creating her own morning care routine for the client and his spouse. This made things easier for everyone and created structure for the family. During the next follow up, the client's spouse was in tears because Fabiola makes her life so much easier.

Finally, Fabiola shares her heart by having such a kind and patient approach, treating her client and his family with respect.

Don was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2016

November 2016, Don

"Don is very charming and is receptive to what I need. I look forward to seeing him every week because of how much fun we have together. He cares so much and always wants me to have a good time.”

- client

After speaking with Don&rsquo's clients, we have learned that he is very compassionate about their care and their safety. Don builds trust with seniors by respecting each and every one of them as an individual. He is always on time,
provides and adjusts the support needed for each client and his lovely, caring personality helps our seniors feel they are in great hands.

He takes the lead by constantly ensuring his clients are comfortable and calm in all atmospheres. He understands what the client needs before meeting them, so he can ensure he is properly prepared. His lively personality keeps
our seniors engaged and happy. More than a couple of Don&rsquo's clients have said that they depend on him and look forward to his visit each week because of how comfortable and easy he makes the visit feel.

Don shares his heart with his wonderful personality; the amount of care he gives shows our seniors that he wants nothing but the best for them. Don&rsquo's compassion and down-to-earth personality puts his clients and their families at ease and proves that he is providing world class care.

Bianca was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2016

October 2016 - Bianca

“From the very first visit, Bianca has been a God send for me. My health is quickly failing but having Bianca come help me care for my husband has allowed me to continue on. She is so loveable and thank her every day for coming into our lives.”

- client’s spouse

When asked, “how would you describe Bianca?” a common answer given by her clients is, “She is so loveable!”  Moreover, Bianca is a strong CAREGiver, who  responds well, to the sometimes exceptional needs of ReCharge clients.

One of  her clients suffers from developmental challenges and trust issues, rooted in a traumatic past;  Bianca did not rush into this relationship, she took the time to Build Trust, by playing games, colouring, and allowing the client to get to know her. Now, when asked how she feels about Bianca, the client replies “that’s my sister!”

With another client, who has advanced dementia, Bianca Takes the Lead, creating a routine for him every Friday.  His spouse has said, with gratitude, it is better than anything she could give him.

Finally, Bianca has a palliative client and aside from the one to one care, Bianca provides emotional support to her nine year old daughter, who is having a hard time coping. Bianca Shares Her Heart by taking the time to do fun activities with the young girl, like baking muffins or treats together. The feedback from all of her clients,   but especially these three families, has been so positive that  to recognize Bianca P.’s dedication and hard work by acknowledging her as CAREGiver of the Month!

Cielo was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2016

September 2016 - Cielo

“Cielo came into our mother’s life when she needed a CAREGiver to be consistent, compassionate and    patient.  We are so grateful to her for the wonderful care she gives to our mother.  She has given us peace of mind and my mother caring companionship. Congratulations, Cielo! You so deserve this award.”

- Judith, client’s daughter

Her warm disposition, kind smile and genuine talent sets Cielo apart from the average CAREGiver.   She always arrives early for her shifts and families know that they can count on her to be there for their loved ones. The peace of mind that clients rave about demonstrates her ability to build trust with the whole family.

Cielo’s attention to detail is shown through her clear and concise log notes.  We can count on Cielo to take the lead when required to provide home help or personal care. In a recent training about Alzheimer’s disease and refusal, Cielo learned and utilized a technique to encourage her client to wash her hair. She also notified the office of the technique and we were able to share this with other CAREGivers who care for the same client. 

Cielo consistently shares her heart as she invests in building strong relationships. Whether it’s sharing her afternoon snack with a senior whose family is worried about their eating habits or showing photos of her own family, Cielo takes the time to make her senior feel special.

Deka was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2016

August 2016 - Deka

“Deka is an outstanding caregiver and with my husband’s illness we have had so many PSWs in our homes. Some have been wonderful but none have been as reliable and trusting as Deka. It is important that we recognize these true CAREGivers and I wanted to say thank you Deka!”

- Mrs. M, client’s spouse  

When we forget to balance work and rest it often takes a toll on our health. This is exactly what happened to one of Deka’s client’s, the  primary caregiver for her high needs husband. Never having Respite Care before, the client’s spouse was worried her husband wouldn’t want anyone else looking after him.

Luckily, this was not the outcome. Deka started building trust from day one as a strong, supportive helping-hand for the family. You know she’s great when the family calls in to tell us she is the best PSW they have ever had. Deka is consistent with her client’s routines and supports his walking in a way that maintains his dignity but ensures he’s safe.

She took the lead by taking the client down to the gym and encouraging him to do his exercises. With this new added routine in place the client’s mobility has continued to improve and he is feeling more secure on his feet. Deka’s one-on-one time with him has allowed them to build a relationship and she shares her heart by calling him her friend, which makes his whole face light up.

Jiya was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2016

July 2016 - Jiya

“I hear from my brother, when he goes over for a visit, how great she is and how she works hard.  For her to go to the hospital with my mother, when she fell, was a blessing to me.”

Lorna, client’s daughter


 It is evident from Jiya’s work and the feedback that we receive from her clients, and their families, that she is a dedicated CAREGiver!

 As confirmed by Santrax reports, Jiya is consistently punctual and that’s the way we nurture relationships, by building trust. 

 By honing in on the unique needs of her clients, Jiya is able to plan meaningful activities with them.  With one client, who has dementia and unable to verbalize her interest in spending time outdoors, Jiya takes the lead,  preparing picnic lunches that they can enjoy out in the garden.

 While showing initiative is an example of taking the lead, by being thoughtful, by being the bright spot in her client’s day and by engaging her, Jiya shares her heart.  She is caring, compassionate and unique her approach to service, show us that to Jiya it’s personal!


Emely was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2016

June 2016 - Emely

"There is too much to say about her. Emely is a perfect fit for our family. She is so attentive to my husband! I don't have to ask her to do anything, she just does it. I couldn't have asked for better help. She has a great heart."

- client’s wife

Emely is always there for her clients, emotionally and physically; she is consistent and punctual, which is how she is able to build trust. It is this type of dedication and genuine effort that we are recognising this month.
She takes the lead by acknowledging that in our aging community, sometimes the details can get lost between family members that live far from their loved ones.  On more than one occasion, she called to advocate on behalf of her clients’ needs.
Emely shares her heart by looking for meaningful activities to do with each of her clients. Whether it is by sharing a song or looking at pictures, she gives each of her clients an incredible amount of personal one-on-one time. 
One of Emely’s clients suffers from Alzheimer’s and although he does not remember her name, every sunrise he asks his wife, "Is my friend coming today?” That is how special Emely makes him feel.
Congratulations Emely and thank you for all your hard work. 

Barbara was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2016

May 2016 - Barbara

"We just love the personal touches that CAREGiver Barbara warm heartedly shows my grandmother. The little extras that go a long way, such as puzzles she brings in for her, and she is just thrilled. CAREGiver Barbara really has a wonderful connection with my grandmother."

- client’s granddaughter

Barbara is a natural CAREGiver. She is very passionate, friendly, helpful and goes above and beyond!

She is able to Build Trust by being someone her seniors can count on. She has developed relationships and gets to know the clients personally so she can ensure their needs are being met.

She Takes The Lead by advising the office of the client's evolving needs and any concerns as well as shows initiative, getting to know her client's on a more personal level as to what is important and interesting to them so they are fully engaged.

Barbara Shares Her Heart with whomever she comes in contact with. She puts the families at ease knowing they are in good care. This is more than a job to Barbara, she wants to give back and she certainly does so by exercising the guiding principles and more.

Elizabet was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2016

April 2016 - Elizabet

“The special thing about Elizabet is that she is so warm hearted. She has built a close relationship with us yet is always professional.  Her personality is what makes her an amazing CAREGiver for my husband and I always look forward to her visits. I want to say thank you Elizabet you are a very special person to us.“

- client’s daughter


Elizabet has been helping seniors live independently and provides incredible respite for family caregivers, effectively and with precision.  Many of Elizabet’s clients were initially very resistant to receiving care, but because she is punctual, responsible and accountable, she has been able to build trust and win them over. 

Elizabet helps our clients and their families meet the challenges that face them every day. Her ability to tailor her talents to each client’s unique needs demonstrates how she  effectively takes the lead.   She takes initiative and  completes necessary tasks without having to be asked.   She makes the difference in these clients’ lives and embraces the responsibility and cherishes it.

Se shares her heart by engaging these clients and honouring them; she is the bright spot in their day and is considered part of their family.   She treats each of her clients with dignity, irrespective of the compromises that they may have to their health; to her, they are all intelligent individuals who deserve her respect.  Congratulations Elizabet!

Lanilily was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2016

March 2016 - Lanilily

“Lanilily has been great with my parents.  She is very pleasant with my Dad and takes care of all his requests promptly, prepares meals for him, etc.  She is always on time and very willing and proactive in terms of seeing things she can do to help my Mom. 
We are very pleased Lani is there to support both of my parents – thank you and congratulations to Lani on her award!  It is certainly well deserved!”

Julie C., daughter


To be CAREGiver of the month you must follow the Guiding Principles of building trust, taking the lead and sharing your heart and CAREGiver Lanilily has done an exemplary job at exceeding this service standard.

Lanilily consistently builds trust with her clients by being timely and dependable. This is very beneficial to her seniors because it gives them something that they can count on and minimizes any potential anxiety.

She takes the lead by being proactive in her responsibilities - as one family states “She is a big help for my mom as she (mom) doesn’t need to provide much direction and arrives home to find many things around the house have been taken care of for her. “

Finally, Lanilily shares her heart by being genuine in her affection towards her clients, and they are always happy to see her.   Their feedback is always positive and they look forward to seeing her return.

Congratulations Lanilily! Keep up the great work and thank you for being such a wonderful CAREGiver and an important part of the Home Instead Senior Care Team.  


Dorothy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2016

February 2016 - Dorothy

“Dorothy is kind, polite and professional! She is always happy and always comes to my mother with a smile. Dorothy isn’t the kind of worker that cuts    corners, she does her job effectively and works hard. We have been extremely happy with her and the care she has provided my mom.”

- client’s daughter


In spite of only  being here for a short period of time, Dorothy has demonstrated a keen understanding of our Guiding Principles and because of her warm personality, diligent work ethic and calming nature, she is CAREGiver of the Month.  

Dorothy’s flexibility and responsiveness continually stands out.  She builds trust with her clients by understanding how to uniquely connect with them; in many cases she picks up new skills or learns new games in order to engage them.  In one case, when her client did not speak English well, Dorothy brought a book about the client’s native country and they spent time looking at it together. 

She  presents herself as a confident CAREGiver, taking the lead and showing initiative; she is often sweeping or vacuuming without being asked.  Many of her assignments involve home   helping, but they improve the quality of her client’s lives infinitely. 

When Dorothy accepts an assignment the entire office is confident in her ability to exceed the expectations of the Care Plan.  Her patience and compassion are proof of her ability to share her heart and provide world class care.  With no indifference, Dorothy is  a CAREGiver that continues to exceed the status quo and deliver service excellence.


Emelinda was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2016

January 2016 - Emelinda

“It has been a privilege to have Emelinda come to help my mother. She has provided invaluable assistance to Mom with so many things. Her smiling face and quiet encouragement are very much appreciated. She is so reliable and considerate.  Many, many thanks.” 

- client’s daughter


​The January 2016 CAREGiver of the month is Emelinda! Through her dedication to her clients Emelinda consistently upholds Home Instead’s Guiding Principles and therefore, as a team,  we have chosen to recognize her continuous efforts to improve the lives of seniors.

After speaking with one of Emelinda’s ReCharge clients, it was clear that she builds trust with her seniors.  The client’s wife commented on how comfortable she is in leaving her husband with Emelinda, and having some time for herself.  She listed helpful, kind and compassionate as Emelinda’s strengths.  Emelinda has built trust with not only her clients but  also with the office staff at Home Instead;  she is reliable, responsible and professional.

She takes the lead by providing individual care and dedicating herself to her assignments. She does not have to be asked to complete tasks and she enjoys making clients smile.  One of her clients said that their house would not be same without her.  Service Coordinators can be confident when staffing her in assignments that she will complete the assignments with Home        Instead quality.

It is evident that Emelinda shares her heart due to the wonderful things both office staff and clients have to say about her. She is a polite and genuine CAREGiver that clients are always asking to have back.

Monica was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2015

December 2015 - Monica

"Monica has become a member of the family. Not having her around is going to make my family dynamic very different. She is like a sister to me, she is the best Caregiver I’ve ever had."

– ReCharge Client


Monica has proven herself to be a reliable, loyal and passionate CAREGiver. She consistently represents the Home Instead name with pride.

Monica is the kind of CAREGiver you can always depend on; when she commits to an assignment she takes the lead and no matter what the client’s needs are, she provides them with the excellent care. During Quality Assurance visits, Client Care Coordinators have noticed she frequently takes the lead by finding house hold chores to do that will positively impact the family. She capitalizes on training opportunities and is a versatile CAREGiver who works any shifts and with any client.

Monica demonstrates her ability to share her heart by actively engaging with clients. She motivates them to complete tasks.  Whatever the activity is she allows them to feel accomplished. 

She built trust with her clients by continually being punctual for her visits, always showing up when needed and being a constant in their lives when things may be difficult.  Monica has had clients finish with their ReCharge hours and sign up to use Home Instead privately so they do not lose her. It is this type of dedication and loyalty that have driven Monica to be Caregiver of the month for December 2015.  Thanks for all of your hard work!!

Liz was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2015

November 2015, Liz

“Liz, as part of the Home Instead team,  was instrumental as a daily caregiver to my father, understanding his dementia and being his trusted friend. Liz became part of my family. Liz is a truly caring and humane lady and I welcome the opportunity to congratulate her on being caregiver of the month.

Craig G., client’s son

"I would like to voice my appreciation about Liz, she only came to us for a brief period of time, however she is a wonder, so friendly, helpful and she goes above and beyond. We just had a great connection with her." 

Deidre T., client's wife

Liz is a natural CAREGiver. She is passionate, has a wonderful attitude and shares her smile with her heart. She is able to Build Trust by being someone they can count on. She always puts them first. When a client wanted to do a certain activity that was challenging for her, Liz was willing to give up her hours with him because it would be more beneficial to have a CAREGiver who could do the activity with him rather than have him miss out.  She Takes The Lead by going above and beyond. One of her seniors really liked a particular singer so she researched the singer and brought in information to share with them. This was really meaningful to the senior. Liz Shares Her Heart with whomever she comes in contact. Liz puts the families at ease knowing they are in good hands. This is more than a job to Liz, she wants to give back and she certainly does so by exercising the guiding principles. You are an amazing CAREGiver. Thank you for all that you do!

Obi was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2015

October 2015 - Obi

" The great thing about Obi is that when he visits I can go out and know Obi will find something fun to do with my dad. My dad needs help with personal care but Obi is always able to tie the visit back to something fun and engaging, when I come home my dad tells me stories of the fun things he did that day with Obi. My dad does not often have fun anymore because of his illness and cannot go anywhere so I love to hear that he had a fun time with Obi."

Lilval F., client

Obi has worked with us for over 2 years and has taken our world class Alzheimer’s and other dementias CARE training. With his infectious laugh and big grin Obi knows how to win the hearts of his seniors.  When he is not making tools during the day Obi is building trust with the team by reporting his hours on time, responding quickly to assignment emails, and letting us know if his availability changes.  Obi takes the lead to find meaningful activities to share with his clients. By showing interest in their hobbies, he found out one of his seniors love dominoes but no longer had a set to play. Obi brought his tablet and played the game with him to provide mental stimulation. The family was thrilled because they saw a difference in his demeanor and he had such a big smile after the visit. Obi shares his heart by listening to his seniors’ stories by showing empathy and understanding of their journey. His clients say that he is a great listener and is always able to share a laugh with them. Thank you for making your seniors smile!

Angela was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2015

September 2015 - Angela

“Angela is the best CAREGiver I have ever had! She does everything for me! ”

Noel C., client

Angela J. has a strong sense of commitment to provide the best care possible to our seniors and reassurance for their families! She has had an array of assignments from home helping, Alzheimer’s care, running errands and cooking meals. She never limits herself to what she can do. Angela builds trust with her clients by always arriving on time. Her client waits at the door for her to come and has the biggest smile when he sees her. She took the lead with one her client’s by getting permission from their family to call the utility companies to lower their bills! Always going above and beyond and keeping it personal. She shares her heart by getting to know her seniors’ cultural backgrounds and what’s important to them. Her client is from Ireland so when it was St. Patrick’s day she made sure she brought him his favorite meal to celebrate. Angela is invested in making the biggest impact on the lives of these seniors and takes the lead to ensure that she is up to date with Home Instead’s world class training. She has completed Alzheimer’s, Chronic Conditions, Palliative CARES training and Health and Safety Awareness training. Caregiving comes naturally to Angela, and it shows in the positive feedback from the seniors and their families. Not only does Angela know what our Guiding Principles are, she lives them every day! We are truly amazed with all that you do, keep up the amazing work Angela!

Connie was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2015

August 2015 - Connie

“On behalf of my cousin Margaret may I extend a very sincere thank you to Connie as she is consistent with the needs of Margaret's care. The three hours every 3 days since April 2015 has been a great wellness benefit to Margaret - so much so that staff at Sunrise of Mississauga have commented many times how cousin Margaret has improved due to Connie's understanding of her needs, physical, emotional (albeit Alzheimer dysfunctions from time-to-time) and encouragement. Thank you for your services! ”

Alanna, client’s cousin

Connie has now been with Home Instead for 2 years and during this period has established a reputation of being one of our best CAREGivers. She is compassionate, caring and effectively uses the Guiding Principles to make the biggest impact on her clients. We are so happy to be able to recognize Connie for all of her hard work. She takes her time, ensuring that she builds trust with her clients. She takes the lead by being active in our community events like support Be A Santa to a Senior and the Alzheimer's Walk. She also takes the lead by bringing puzzles and books or other things that she knows will engage and stimulate her clients. Moreover, having taken our CARES training, she is successful in her ability to redirect those clients who have Alzheimer’s. She treats her clients with dignity and respect, sharing her heart by making them feel comfortable. She appreciates that humour is the best medicine of all that ails you and she breaks the ice with friendly jokes. Congratulations Connie you are truly respected for your CAREGiving ability.

Shareyn was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2015

July 2015 - Shareyn

“I have had a lot of PSWs come into my home, but none like Shareyn. She actually cares about my husband’s needs and takes the time he needs with his eating and walking. She never pressures him to hurry up and he notices this and feels comfortable with her. Shareyn is a great girl and I am so happy she is part of our life.”

Tessie G., client’s wife

Shareyn R. is July’s CAREGiver of the month. She is being recognized for the special way in which she demonstrates all of our Guiding Principles - with all of her clients, staff members and peers. The team describes her as a “life saver” in picking-up last minute shifts, “reliable” with her ongoing assignments and professional with everyone that she interacts with. When faced with challenges in her assignments she doesn’t complain or lose her cool, she takes the lead and approaches these situations with creative solutions. Her ability to share her heart is nothing less than refreshing as she carries a bright smile and warm heart everywhere she goes. Her clients request her because she has built trust and they respect the high level of care she provides. The office knows that they can always depend on her to be consistent and put her best foot forward. Skills can be taught, demeanor can be adapted, but this true team player who possesses the quality of a genuine heart and caring soul is what makes her stand out as an asset to our team. Thank you Shareyn for all your hard work; we genuinely appreciate you and look forward to your bright future.

Michelle was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2015

June 2015 - Michelle

"Michelle helped Mom acclimate to her new surroundings at Revera and provides a regular presence throughout the week. She is always willing to accommodate Mom’s preferences, whether it’s putting together puzzles or taking her out for some much needed fresh air."

Paul, client’s son


Michelle has been with Home Instead for almost 2 years and has worked over 2200 hours. She has been with all different types of seniors, some who were extremely challenging, but Michelle handles herself very well. She builds trust with her seniors and their families by showing a gentleness and calmness that you would not see in anyone else. She has been with a handful of palliative clients and shows compassion by holding their hand and giving them a feeling of peace and comfort knowing someone is there with them at the end of their lives. I was there to introduce her to her very first assignment and she was there early and was waiting outside for me. The first step to building trust is being on time! I can always count on Michelle! I have never had a client call back to say they want someone else. She makes an impression her first visits and families trust her because she shows them she wants the best care for the seniors by listening and showing empathy. You are an amazing CAREGiver!!

Alma was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2015

May 2015 - Alma

“In my view, Alma is much more than a caregiver. She is passionate about her work and exhibits great empathy for her client. She is very professional, efficient, prompt and helpful and never panics. Alma’s maturity and experience definitely show.
My mother always recognizes Alma and even remembers her name. I can tell that she is very comfortable with Alma and feels safe in her care. They have developed a real rapport and sometimes I feel that Alma is more important to my mother than me! Anyone would be very fortunate to have Alma on their care team.”

Lorraine D., client’s daughter

Helpful, empathetic and passionate are the words Lorraine D. (a client’s daughter) chose to describe Alma and they represent the way in which she is able to share her heart. She is a born-nurturer and this is not the first time someone has expressed that she has become part of their extended family. Her clients won’t let go of this gem once they get the opportunity to have her. Almost all of her assignments are long-standing and her relationships are strengthened by the fact the she is compassionate and thoughtful. Alma is focused on building her clients confidence; with one client, she makes sure that she is dressed well, puts blush on her cheeks and does whatever she can to make the client feel good about herself. She also strives to keep her seniors independent and ensures that she is respectful of their wishes. Alma is “the bright spot” in her client’s lives.

True to Lorraine’s D’s testimonial, “anyone would be fortunate to have Alma on their care team” and we are super lucky to have her on ours. Congratulations Alma!

Hayley was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2015

April 2015 - Hayley

“Hayley is outstanding, compassionate, very creative.  She understands he has eye issues so she reads to him.  She asks questions that he would have knowledge about and is genuinely interested.  Hayley is extremely  patient and you right in the eye when talking to you.  She has a great    personality and steers father in the right direction.”


Mike B., client’s son

Hayley started her journey with Home Instead  August 2014 and since then has demonstrated a an obvious talent in taking the lead!  Hayley has touched the lives of many seniors, most   recently an elderly couple living alone, unassisted outside of the care that they provided for each other.  When his wife passed away (two months ago) Hayley was the anchor for Mr. B. and the entire family.  She made herself available for all their needs.  In order to lift her client’s spirits, Hayley took the lead and  decorated his home with several spring bouquets and a wreath that was hung over his door.  The gesture was  sentimental as Mrs. B used to do the same.  She also takes the lead to ensure that irrespective of who is scheduled, that the care is consistent and all members of the Care Team and sufficiently prepared.  Finally, Hayley is contentious taking the lead to remove meats from the fridge, so they are defrosted in time for the evening  CAREGiver to prepare them for Mr. B.  Hayley D. is an awesome CAREGiver and we are grateful, strong in her ability, caring and compassionate in her nature and a great addition to our team

Celia was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2015

March 2015 - Celia

Celia makes my life a lot easier. She is fantastic, such a caring person.  We have a lot of care from different providers, but she is by far the best.  She does it for the love of people and not for the money.  She is a blessing
-Donald K, Client
When she is not cooking for 200 people for her church on the weekends she is working with our seniors!  We are so lucky to have Celia on our team.  She started with us last summer, but has already made an impact on so many seniors’ lives.  She has bought groceries, cooked fresh homemade meals and cleaned their homes. Most importantly, she builds trust with her seniors and the office.  She called us to let her know that one of her clients gave her a gift for Christmas. We always have to confirm with the families to make sure they know about the gifts.  She took the lead with one of her clients by bringing in coloring books, but  noticed he did not like that activity very much so she brought in music by Elvis.  It turns out he loved it and they dance to it.  Celia shares her heart taking her seniors’ happiness and sadness home with her.  One of her clients’ sons said that his mother is not comfortable with a lot of people but she loves Celia because she is such a hard worker, she never stops!  Celia is amazing and lives the guiding principles with each of her clients.!
Cherry was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2015

February 2015 - Cherry

Very nice and very caring lady. We like Cherry very much! She does a good job. We are very happy with her!
- Ruth P., client
Cherry has invested over 1000 hours of care with our seniors and, having taken our CARES Training, has become more qualified to work with a greater number of our clients. She builds trust with her clients by staying with them until, whatever time, that their family arrives home. Last year when one family was delayed, she contacted the office to advise that she would do so, that the client was safe, she keeps us “in the know”. When changes or corrections to a Care Plan are necessary Cherry takes the lead, contacting the office and ensuring that a QA visit is scheduled. Her clients are her family and Cherry shares her heart by small gestures like pulling out their a chair, exchanging stories and engaging in laughter. It’s the little things that Cherry does and we are very grateful to have her on our team.
Hesther was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2015

January 2015 - Hesther

Hesther is a great individual! She is very funny and soft spoken; she is a people person. She understands what you need. She is very bubbly and very punctual. She understands what people are going through and she helps them in any possible way that she can.
- David S, client

Hesther is a strong CAREGiver and having completed our Alzheimer's and Hospice/Palliative trainings, we are confident in her ability to tackle any new assignment! She is responsible and professional, and began building trust when she reminded us (shortly after she had started working), that she hadn’t yet received her ID badge. Hesther takes initiative; when her client refused to go to a day program, she took the lead by redirecting (a.k.a. bribing) him, with an offer to help him with his passion - writing. When another client, whose husband had recently passed, moved into a new residence, Hesther shared her heart; with a gentle and empathetic approach, she was able to comfort the client and ease her into this new change. We truly appreciate all of the hard work she puts in.
Anastasia was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2014

December 2014 - Anastasia

Anastasia has been looking after my mom for approx. 9 months. Since Anastasia arrived my mom has started eating again and has gained weight. Anastasia is warm and kind and makes my mom laugh. She lets the nurses know if there are any concerns. We want to thank Anastasia for caring for my mom who will be 96 years old in January and treating her just like her own mother!! We appreciate it very much!!

-Georgia B, client’s daughter



Anastasia began her career with Home Instead a year ago, with the intent of giving back to her community. She has a passion for working with seniors and living our Guiding Principles. This is ever so evident from the strong relationships that she has developed with her clients and the endless testimonials of the difference she makes in their lives.
In one case, her client (a recluse) would not let anyone into her home but after 6 months of consistency and competency in her routine, Anastasia built trust and overcame this obstacle. Mrs. G will now assert that Anastasia is “irreplaceable”. She is creative in her approach and took the lead to find new and interesting recipes to address her client’s diabetes. She has provided Mrs. G with variety while ensuring her health and wellness. On one occasion, she called the office to confirm if she could bake special diabetic cookies for Mrs. G. This relationship is also a reflection of her ability to share her heart. It is not only the effect of proper matching of client to CAREGiver, but a response to a CAREGiver who freely and openly talks, smiles and doesn’t mind holding Mrs. G’s hand.
Undoubtedly, Anastasia is an “angel in disguise”. We are so happy she is part of our amazing team!

Cassandra was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2014

November 2014 - Cassandra

Cassandra's companionship is a highlight in our mother's day. Her caring, positive outlook and friendly manner has made her an essential ingredient to Mom's health and well being. We are blessed to have Cassandra as part of Team Mom.

-Laurie, client's daughter


Cassandra was a PSW who applied to Home Instead while completing her nursing education.  At the time, she expressed an interest in working with seniors because her own grandfather had Alzheimer’s. Two years later, she has worked with almost two dozen clients,  making the biggest impact on those who suffer from the same disease.
Exceptionally reliable, Cassandra places her client’s needs over convenience.  She is able to build trust by being someone they can count on!   Because she has developed relationships she intuitively knows what is in their best interests and she is able to take the lead.   Care plans can’t always cover every detail or unusual circumstance, and Cassandra always meets these situations with confidence in her own decisions.  She has one client that she has been with this entire time and has likely spent more time with Mrs. “D” than any other individual in her personal or professional life.  This client’s daughters said that Cassandra is engaging and knows exactly how to make her mom smile.  That’s what sharing your heart is all about, being compassionate, being thought and just being yourself!
Cassandra is an exemplary CAREGiver, well liked and well respected.  Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work.

Evelyn was Mississauga Best Caregiver during October 2014

October 2014 - Evelyn

Evelyn has a down-to-earth friendliness that made my mother feel at ease. Evelyn genuinely enjoys chatting with people and my mother enjoyed her company. She went above and beyond, contacting the office about health concerns and taking Mum out for tea and lemon pie 'on her own dime'. Evelyn's stewardship made a difficult experience less of an ordeal for my mother, and took a real load off our minds.

-Janice G, client's daughter

In two weeks, Evelyn will celebrate her one year anniversary with Home Instead and it's a period defined by extensive professional growth.
Evelyn understands the importance of continuity and relationship; she builds trust by always arriving on time and continues to open up her availability, sometimes working on the weekends and sometimes for the Etobicoke Team, to accommodate the needs of our seniors. She engages her clients; in one case knitting with her senior. Taking the lead she took a picture of the activity and e-mailed it to the office, and in turn, we sent it to the client's daughter. "Kathy", who lives overseas and doesn't get to see her mother often, was ecstatic! Evelyn is outgoing and gregarious CAREGiver. Her ability to share her heart and help her seniors open up about their feelings is innate. Laughter is prominent in every assignment.
Our perspective on Evelyn is shared by others in the community and referral providers have communicated as much to us. We are so proud to have Evelyn on our team, she is a true gem!

Miriam was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2014

September 2014 - Miriam

From her first meeting with my mother, (who had Alzheimer’s) Miriam showed herself to be a compassionate and caring person. When I would phone to remind her that this was the day Miriam was coming, Mum’s voice would become animated and excited. Miriam engaged my mother in the life going on around her, which was an increasing challenge and one which Miriam was very successful at. I consider Miriam to have played a major role in ensuring Mum’s happiness and well-being. She is a great asset.

Barb, client’s daughter


Miriam B is one of Home Instead’s most accomplished CAREGivers!  Her assignments have covered every area of senior care, from Alzheimer’s to palliative and her performance has always been remarkable.
Miriam’s clients grow to depend on her and she never falls short of any expectation they have.  She is reliable, responsible and professional and “no” doesn’t seem to be a word in her vocabulary. Always early and always available Miriam easily builds trust and creates the foundation for strong relationships.
She is invested in making the biggest impact on the lives of these seniors and takes the lead to ensure that she has the benefit of all the trainings we offer. Accordingly, her clients receive the best care she can offer.  To date, she has completed CARES, Health and Safety Awareness and attended a 2 day Palliative In-Service at Trillium Hospital.
Sharing her heart is a natural expression of Miriam’s character as she treats her clients like extended family.  Companionship is the opportunity for Miriam to create memories; it is an exchange of life stories and her clients look forward to their time with her.  We get regular requests for Miriam’s services and if cloning was a possibility, we would do so in a heart-beat.  Thank you, Miriam!

Wendy was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2014

August 2014 - Wendy

I love her! We have a lot in common. She is a very nice person that would do absolutely anything for me. I would have her everyday if I could.

Betty, Client 


“Nurse Wendy”, as she is playfully addressed, (she is not actually), is one of our most valued CAREGivers.  Her focus doesn’t stray too far from the role of other trained health care professionals as time and time again, she has proven her strong commitment to enhancing the lives of her clients.
A driving CAREGiver (6A), Wendy’s services are in constant demand.  However, last minute or when service will be compromised, Wendy has come through every time.  She has even gone as far as to offer to drive her client to Peterborough on Christmas Eve.  It is this reliability that enabled her to build trust and, accordingly, we take every opportunity to ensure that she knows that she is appreciated.
CARES trained in 2013, Wendy took the lead to ensure that she was not “pigeon-holed” into home helping shifts.  Since then she has accumulated hundreds of service hours with Alzheimer’s clients and garnered a great reputation for embracing the techniques of the CARES Program and building strong relation-ships.  Her skillset is also broadened by First Aid, CPR and Health & Safety Training.
Her clients are not unlike her own family and she has created strong emotional connections.  Often, we hear that she can encourage her seniors to change behaviors that their own sons and daughters have struggled to correct, for years.  It’s because she listens, she embraces empathy and expresses mutual respect, demonstrating that sharing your heart can come with such ease.  One of her clients has even expressed that Wendy is like a daughter to her. 
Congratulations Wendy! Pat, Martha, Betty, etc. were all blessed to have you as their CAREGiver and CAREGiver of the Month is a small token of our appreciation!

Maricon was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2014

July 2014 - Maricon

The first time that my wife and I met  Maricon, we were thoroughly impressed.    She provides wonderful companionship and assistance to my mother.  Maricon has a way about her which engages my mother, in both physical and mental activity.  She is very   caring to her and treats my mother like a “Queen” as she says.

Rob P, client’s son 


Maricon has been with Home Instead since October 2013 and in a short time has made a strong and positive impression on her clients, peers and employers. 
She is reliable, responsible and professional and building trust is second nature to her. She has a reputation of being flexible to the changing needs of her clients and a “go-to person” for last minute and emergency staffing needs.  We are always confident about the quality of her care and the way in which she represents Home Instead Senior Care.
Maricon is also empowered and involved, taking the lead to ensure that she is properly prepared for new challenges.  Recently, when she was assigned to a client who had Sun-Downing Syndrome she took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about this disease and how to effectively manage behaviours.  Furthermore, as a team player, she ensured the consistency of this client’s care by sharing the same information with others that were staffed in the assignment.
“A breath of fresh air”, Maricon is also compassionate and thoughtful, sharing her heart with whomever she comes in contact with; we often receive positive feedback from DOCs and facility employees.  She is a true asset to our team and we are grateful!

Luciana was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2014

June 2014 - Luciana

"Lucy was wonderful; great and reliable. My mom really loved her. When the need arises, we’d happily use Lucy again. "

Lori, client’s daughter


Luciana  (“Lucy”) has brought added value to our CAREGiver Team since being brought on-board in October of 2012.  Since then, she has “clocked-in” over 1400 hours, working with our most complex and challenging of assignments and has advanced her experience with  Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care with our own, ground-breaking, CARES Program. 
Lucy is reliable, responsible, professional, and is able to build trust with her seniors by being consistent with time and attendance and open to last minute scheduling requests.  Likewise, when her client recently had a fall, Lucy became available for 12 hour shifts to accommodate this senior’s new needs.
She has a strong work ethic and is both empowered and involved.  Lucy is invested in her clients’ lives and takes the lead by advising the office of their evolving needs and any cause for concern and recognition.
Lucy has very endearing relationships with her all of her clients; she is compassionate, thoughtful and herself.  CAREGiving is part of her DNA; she is nurturing and sharing her heart seems to come with such ease.
You are an amazing CAREGiver Lucy! Thank you for making it personal.

Alvin was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2014

May 2014 - Alvin

"To be chosen CAREGiver of the month you must be a very special person in the life of someone else and Alvin is indeed a very special person in the life of Peter who has Alzheimer's.  He is kind, patient, thoughtful and the perfect friend. For instance, every day Alvin brings Peter's horoscope from the local paper, but before they read and discuss its meaning he checks to make sure it's cheerful and positive, and if it's not, he chooses another one that is! Yay Alvin! "

Suzanne W-S, client’s wife


Alvin started his journey with Home Instead in June of 2013 and since then he has worked over 600 hours with clients of varying needs, from companionship to  Alzheimer’s Care. 
Alvin takes the lead and shows initiative,  getting to know his clients and what is important and interesting to them so that his visits and conversations are engaging.  These conversations are an exchange of their memories and his own personal experiences and demonstrates how easily he is able to share his heart.   Families are truly grateful to have Alvin caring for their loved ones.  He is reliable, responsible and professional; conscientious about the details of new assignments, asking for clarity whenever necessary and always on time - building trust is his primary focus!
We are tremendously lucky to have Alvin on our team.  Keep up the great work Alvin!

Edna was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2014

April 2014 - Edna

"Edna has been an endearing and compassionate caregiver to my father for many years. She has an incredible ability to care for, motivate and entertain my father in a respectful manner.  My father keenly looks forward to Edna's visits. Our family is grateful to the incredible care that Edna provides."

Joanne, client’s daughter


This August, Edna will celebrate her fourth anniversary with Home Instead, a tenure marked by her natural ability to Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share her Heart.  Her success is reflected in the elevated quality of life that her clients experience; we applaud her as CAREGiver of the Month. 
Of exceptional mention is Edna’s relationship with  Norman,  a senior who she  began to care for almost a week after she started and has remained with for all of these years. Their relationship is built on trust, as she is consistent in the care she provides and dependable in regards to her availability which she occasionally compromises in order to accommodate changes to his schedule.
Norman would concede that Edna is like his wife, taking the lead, and exceeding the status quo.  We defer to Edna to train his new CAREGivers and she takes the initiative to report coaching that may be needed to ensure that there is no difference between her own care and any other that provides for Norman.  On several occasions, the staff at the facility where Norman resides have commented on this professionalism.
The embrace, as shown in the above picture, is a reflection of the emotional connection she has with Norman (as with all her clients), four years of exchanging experiences, making memories, and sharing her heart. 
Congratulations Edna, we are luck and grateful to have you as part of our team!

Ruth was Mississauga Best Caregiver during March 2014

March 2014 - Ruth

"My mom always looks forward to spending her afternoons with Ruth, shopping and talking about current events and listening to my mom's stories about her past.  I know my mom is always in good hands because Ruth is a very efficient, caring person with such a wonderful sense of humor.  I am most grateful that Ruth is my mom's caregiver!
Congratulations Ruth! Most deserving. Thank you for being my right arm and making my life a lot easier. I really appreciate it. Merci!”

Lynda R, client’s daughter


Ruth is a natural CAREGiver, having cared for both her mother and grandmother into their 90s when they passed on.  She then transitioned to caring for the loved ones of others  and has made a remarkable impact on their lives as well.
He ability to build trust is reflected in assignments that continue on long after the client thought they had needed Home Instead and as long as 18 months plus.  Ruth is reliable, responsible and professional.
Ruth is the eyes and ears to another client’s family, as they do not live locally.  She takes the lead to ensure that they kept abreast of any relevant issues and that Quality Assurance visits are addressed when necessary.  She is empowered and   involved.
The compatibility of Ruth to her clients is such that the exchange of personal stories is relevant and welcomed.  It’s an opportunity to share her heart with an audience that can appreciate her experience and reciprocates with those that are similar to her own.  Ruth is compassionate, thoughtful, and herself.
Congratulations Ruth on your great success, and keep up the good work!

Christine was Mississauga Best Caregiver during February 2014

February 2014 - Christine

"Christine has for the last few years gone to great lengths to help my mother and father stay in their family home. Christine has been and is an extremely caring person. She has been very helpful to my mother, following my father’s recent death. "

Rob P, client’s son


Christine has been with the Home Instead family since 2010 and months into her tenure  accepted an assignment where she continues to work.  The “Smiths” were clients who tested her ability to build strong relationships while managing  their Alzheimer and dementia needs; she succeeded and grew to become both their advocate and a member of their  family.

Because of the trust she had built with Mrs. S, there was a time that Christine exclusively provided the client’s personal care.  The two are like mother and daughter, and every shift is “quality time”. 

At times the demands of this job have been unconventional, but Christine has always risen to the occasion, taking the lead to meet current demands.  On one occasion she ensured the client’s safety by contacting the police when an intruder tried to force their way into the family home. 

Just recently, Mr. S passed away and Christine has been a huge support to this family as their testimonial reflects.  Sharing her heart is second nature to Christine and she has been a great emotional support to the whole family, but especially to Mrs. S. in this time of mourning. 

Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment, Christine!

Edith was Mississauga Best Caregiver during January 2014

January 2014 - Edith

"My aunt Olga recently lost her husband of 50 years and moved into a retirement home.  Edie has been a wonderful companion, visiting Olga twice a week.  Edie is intelligent, caring and compassionate.  She has been a great help to Olga."

Barbara, client’s niece


The way Edie connects with her clients is so natural. She has a big heart and just wants to put a smile on a senior’s face. 

She takes the lead by calling the office if there are any emotional or physical changes with her clients. Edie goes above and beyond for her seniors and makes them feel special. 

One of her clients' family live in Ottawa.  Having Edie visit their aunt twice a week gives them peace of mind.  They said that Edie puts a smile on their aunt's face and she looks forward to her visiting every time. 

She shares her heart with her clients and relates to them in such a way we can't even describe. You can tell by seeing her in the field that being a CAREGiver to someone in need is her number one priority. 

She builds trust by always being on time for her shifts.  Thank you for wanting to make a difference in the life of a senior. You are truly an amazing CAREGiver and we are proud to have you as part of the Home Instead team.

Anne was Mississauga Best Caregiver of the Year 2013

CAREGiver of the Year 2013 - Anne

In Mississauga our recruitment process is very refined, and our goal is to hire only the best CAREGivers in our community.  As a matter of fact, we only hire between five to eight per cent of all applicants.  We strive to find those who have a genuine passion for working with seniors and can represent our Guiding Principles, and we’ve had significant success in that regard. Anne Armstrong was one of the five to eight per cent and in the in the two years that she has been working as a part of our team, we have come to appreciate that she is even more special than our initial impression revealed; even amongst that five to eight per cent, she represents the one per cent of all our employees.  She is defined by a genuine passion to senior care and a commitment to her Home Instead Team.  Passion, commitment, drive and professionalism are adjectives that can be used to describe Anne.
Caregiving is not merely a job for Anne, and in her interview she said quite emphatically, “Caregiving is who I am.”  At first it may have been to her own family and children, but since they have grown up, her focus has shifted to seniors.  Previous to her employment with Home Instead, she volunteered as a CAREGiver to seniors in church.  It’s neither for the remuneration (she’s retired from the field of admin), nor for the recognition, but so evident from her actions and the way she boldly communicates that, “The satisfaction comes in knowing that her clients are happy and you can always see that in their faces.”
If “Perception is the reality of some”, then many would agree, that caregiving IS who Anne is and it undoubtedly why she should be this CAREGiver of the Year.
Jean was Mississauga Best Caregiver during December 2013

December 2013 - Jean

“Jean has been a breath of fresh air in our home. She was able to connect with my grandmother and motivate her to do more. It's the small things that jean does that go a long way. Her kind, gentle ways and proactive approach make her an amazing caregiver.  My family is extremely grateful to Jean for making my grandmother's stay here in Canada a memorable one.”
Marie, client’s granddaughter

Jean is a natural with her clients.  She is compassionate, gentle and trustworthy.  She has a way of connecting with people and they just adore her. When our clients add shifts, they ask for her time and time again. 
Jean has built trust with us and her clients by always being on time; she is professional and is eager to help.  One of her client’s granddaughters called us after her shift to let us know that Jean went above and beyond for her grandmother and she even brought sweets for her that are from her culture.  She takes the lead by letting the office know of any changes with our clients and by following up if there are any concerns about her schedule or shifts.  Jean is such a natural when it comes to sharing her heart.   She has a gentle  approach and is such a positive person. She is a true gem!
Collette was Mississauga Best Caregiver during November 2013

November 2013 - Collette

"She is a bright light in our home.  My parents live in my home, so I appreciate the peace of mind when Collette is here.  My dad is up throughout the night which is exhausting for my mom.  She gets much needed rest when Collette is here."
Amazona, client’s daughter
The way Collette shares her heart with her seniors appears to be so natural for her. She has a gentle spirit that definitely makes her clients smile as she arrives at their homes.  Her calming voice and gift to     connect with each senior she cares for is truly special. Collette has the ability to build trust with her clients and their families.  One daughter of a client shared that she felt confident her Dad was cared for in a loving yet professional way.  She could go out      knowing all was well.  She described Collette as a bright light in their lives.  One of Collette's clients is particularly anxious about the day to day life challenges.  Collette takes the lead and reassures her. She gets her tasks completed with confidence making this lady so pleased with her weekly visits. 
Thank you, Collette, for giving so much of yourself every day.  Home Instead is so fortunate to have a CAREGiver like you!
Joselyn was Mississauga Best Caregiver during September 2013

September 2013 - Joselyn

"Michele has had a wonderfully positive impact on my mother's life. When I speak to my mother on the phone, I can always tell when it's "Michele's day" because my mother is more animated and happy. She's become a true friend that my mother really looks forward to seeing every week."
J.P. Mulley, Client
Home Instead is so fortunate to have Michele as a part of our team. After stepping away from her career, she decided to follow her passion of caring for seniors. 
Over the past year, Michele has built trust with all of her clients.  They know they can depend on her to arrive confidently at their homes ready for the day's events, whether it be a trip to the grocery store, a stop at the barber shop or getting to a doctor’s appointment. With one of our gentlemen clients, she took the lead by deciding to research community programs until she found one he would enjoy.  Every Monday you can find them working out in the gym together. Michele always shares her heart by thinking about what would make her clients feel special.  One of our ladies loves home baked goods.  Michele kindly brought some of her own banana bread to enjoy together.
Michele has certainly earned the respect of our clients families as well.  They consider her to be very proactive and feel confident that their loved one is well cared for when they just can't be there. During a power outage, she called a client to make sure she was okay knowing her son lives in the States and wouldn't be aware of what was happening. You truly are special and have a gift caring for seniors.  Thank you Michele !
Anne was Mississauga Best Caregiver during August 2013

August 2013 - Anne

"Anne has been with me for almost 2 years; she is a great person; we  get along famously.  I consider my workers as family whom I can chat with, or expect help from.
When Anne arrives at my place we get caught up on news, followed by lunch, which Anne prepares, then she goes into the daily chores or if I have an appointment we tackle that. Anne is also a wonderful cook.
I am very happy with Anne !'  — Elizabeth G.
In the 2 years that Anne has been with Home Instead, she has demonstrated her ability to BUILD TRUST by being truly committed to the needs of her clients.  Anne’s faithfulness and dedication are a reflection of her true gift in caring for seniors.  She SHARES HER HEART, and treats her clients as if she would a family member.  
Recently, she TOOK THE LEAD by  offering to accompany her client to a wedding that was miles outside of Mississauga so this senior could enjoy watching a special grandson get married. It was a charitable offer as it would have been on her own time with the intent to make the day   special for the whole family. 
Her values her time with her seniors.  She is productive, compassionate and brings a sense of calm to her assignments.  We have all benefited from her flexibility in order to accommodate last minute doctor’s appointments, scheduling changes and short notice assignments.
Thank you Anne for making a difference in the lives of our seniors! We are so pleased that you’re a part of the Home Instead Team.
Lori was Mississauga Best Caregiver during July 2013

July 2013 - Lori

“Lori always knew what to do, regardless of the challenges our mother was facing. An ailing parent is stressful, worry always present, and yet when Lori was with our mother we always knew she was safe and happy, thus allowing our family to some much needed rest and our mother some much deserved independence. Lori always kept us informed, it was like having an additional family member providing care. We are, and always will be, eternally grateful for the blessing of this outstanding professional that entered our lives.”
Lori has been with HISC for over a year now, but she approaches every new request, every new client, and every single day with the same level of enthusiasm as she did on day one. It is wonderful to have her as part of this team!
She is reliable and always willing to help out. Notice is never too short, nor any request perceived unreasonable. More importantly, even with the most challenging of new assignments she is determined to make the most of it. She has BUILT TRUST and it has never been shaken.
As the testimonial reflects, she is more that just a CAREGiver to her seniors, she is another daughter, and a bridge between them and their own families. She TAKES THE LEAD and apprises the office and family of any changes in her clients health, any impending appointments, and all those things that would otherwise be forgotten were she not so invested.
Her heart is truly in what she does and she SHARES HER HEART with everyone she is associated with.
“Lori, thank you for all that you have been to so many people!”
Karlene was Mississauga Best Caregiver during June 2013

June 2013 - Karlene

"We have a wonderful  CAREGiver with our mother and without her my mother would not be able to stay in her home.  What really makes a difference for us is that we know our mother is being cared for and looked after and that is a  welcomed relief.  We are truly grateful and appreciative and we would not hesitate to recommend Karlene to anyone looking for a CAREGiver"

- client

Karlene is a companion, an advocate and a leader amongst her peers;     because of this, she is CAREGiver of the Month.
She has been with Home Instead for just over a year and has made a huge impact.  She has completed the CARES Training, attending Focus Groups, is a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and, most importantly, has made positive changes in the lives of her clients.  She embraces the Guiding Principles as “a religion” and sees beyond the obvious to deliver service that exceeds her clients’ expectations and enhances their quality of life. To them, she is not merely a CAREGiver, she is family and without her their lives would be substantially different.

Luvianne was Mississauga Best Caregiver during May 2013

May 2013 - Luvianne

​“Luvianne is a kind, gentle and compassionate person. The care she provides my husband goes beyond the call of duty. She takes the initiative to do whatever work is required around the house and takes great care in planning and preparing meals. She maintains a cheerful disposition and provides constant encouragement while my husband performs his routine activities like eating, exercising, or performing personal care and hygiene. She has a big heart and does her work with love and compassion”
- client
Luvianne has a strong sense of commitment, a remarkable ability to connect with her clients and consequently the care she provides is phenomenal. Her assignments are complex and demanding - “Mrs. Smith” had been the primary caregiver to her husband, who had cancer; she too is a recent cancer survivor. Luvianne took the lead, and provided Mrs. Smith with respite. With his condition advancing, it was difficult for Mrs. Smith to establish a set schedule, but this didn’t discourage Luvianne from accepting a variety of shifts ranging from evenings to weekends to overnight shifts.
Her clients are her priority and she has a loyalty to their needs and a commitment to exceeding their expectations. The Smith’s, circumstances may be unique but needs are not uncommon and Luvianne gains a deep respect from the families she serves. 
Melina was Mississauga Best Caregiver during April 2013

April 2013 - Melina

"The moment we met Mel we knew she was a very special person. In addition to being clearly professional and capable, her kind and caring nature put not only my mother at ease but my husband and I as well. When we had to leave our 96 year old mom for extended periods, we had no problem doing so when Mel was on the job. We hope that if we or any of our loved ones ever need care in the future that we will have a Mel on the job."
- client
“Jane Smith” is a twice-widowed senior, who has battled clinical depression for 10 years. She chooses to isolate herself, “glued” to the TV, with disregard for family, personal hygiene, and the world outside her front door. She has moved twice in the last 5 years, but prefers to live out of her suitcases.
On many occasions, “Mrs. Smith’s” son has tried to arrange services; each attempt is met with fierce resistance. She never answers the phone and rarely lets anyone into her home. In walks Melina and they are instant friends. It’s not even a matter of what she does, it’s who she is!
It’s been a year since their initial meeting and “Mrs. Smith” is almost a different person. She is now unpacked, embraces Melina like family and foremost, her emotional and physical state has significantly improved.
This story is not unique. Melina has changed the lives of many seniors. She has provided services for a dozen clients whose needs vary from Alzheimer’s to palliative care. One thing is true of every assignment: she preserves their dignity and significantly enhances their lives.
Thank you Melina, for being a leader amongst your peers and the heart of our organization!

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