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We believe every family in the area deserves tailor made in-home senior care with a compassionate touch. That's why we established Home Instead® of Mississauga, ON.

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Proudly Serving Aging Adults & Their Families

Our Promise

As a locally owned business, our team offers friendly, responsive service right in your neighbourhood. Families love our team because we:
  • Do what we say we’re going to do – each and every time
  • Solve care problems using compassionate, person-centered solutions
  • Engage in thoughtful relationships with the families we serve
  • Give back to our community
About Us
Meet Our Team
Greg Bechard, Franchise Owner

Greg Bechard, Franchise Owner

​Greg, father to Liam and Ava, and husband to Shelley, is well known in the field of home care, but his roots have simple beginnings as his earliest recollections of senior activism refer to a time when his mom was involved with charities like Meals on Wheels and encouraged him and his siblings to do the same. Today, his sits on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Home Care Association, has strong ties to the Alzheimer Society Peel (including partnership in the Caregiver ReCharge Program) and focusses the efforts of the Mississauga office on philanthropy, public education and community outreach. He is an author of the book Trusted Transitions, was presented the Advocacy Award by Home Instead Corporate for his tireless efforts, and since 2009 has driven Home Instead Mississauga to exceed the expectations of over 1000 seniors and their families, by striving for service excellence.
Amanda Cole, General Manager Private Services, Mississauga

Amanda Cole, Regional Director

Before joining Home Instead, Amanda had an extensive career in the event services industry.  In her prior roles Amanda specialized in coordinating complex projects and issues while maintaining a high level of client and team satisfaction.  Often dealing with competing interests, she has been quite effective in finding that “common ground” and an successful solution for all.

Like many other families she has recently experienced the troubles of finding compassionate care for an aging loved one.  Navigating this often-difficult process has inspired Amanda to find her new role here at Home Instead.  In Amanda’s personal life she is mother to two wonderful but crazy children whom she instills her positive ideals.

Always eager to help, Amanda is looking forward to assisting your family in their time of need!


Paul Alavathil, Director of Business Development

For over 10 years Paul has been a great resource to family caregivers and community partners.  He is a great listener and empathetic to the demands placed on spouses, daughters and others who jump to the call of supporting an aging loved one.  He does his best to understand your unique situation and will provide you with options that address the challenges you and your loved one face.  He can help you navigate a hospital to home discharge, speak to the value of one-to-one support in retirement or long-term care or assist you in finding a compatible caregiver to support your loved one in any place that they call home, whether those needs be minimal to complex.  He is highly responsive and thinks outside the box; you are in great hands with Paul!  His favorite things: matcha, cycling, travel and his nephews … but not necessarily in that order. 😉

Connie Sudeyko, Client Care Coordinator. Home Instead Mississauga

Connie Sudeyko, General Manager, Private Care

Connie first began her career caring for the vulnerable at Children’s Aid Society of Peel. Her many experiences there taught her the value of trust and the importance of building relationships. After taking some time off to raise her family, she once again felt the call to care for individuals in the community, but this time with seniors at Home Instead. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with many families as a Client Care Co-ordinator, endeavoring to help all clients find the right level of care and support. Now, as General Manager, she continues to draw from her previous experiences, wealth of knowledge and expertise, and remains dedicated to enhancing the lives of others. Connie is excited to work with you and ensure you receive the highest standard of care, quality, and excellence.

Patricia Canzano General Manager, Government Services, Mississauga

Patricia Canzano, General Manager, Government Services

Patricia has always had a strong passion working with seniors as she loves helping, listening, and making an impact in others lives. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology, has over 7 years of experience working in the senior care industry as well as an extensive background in the customer services industry. She is looking forward to building relationships with our CAREGivers, family members, and clients to ensure they are receiving the best care and quality of service as well as building a positive work environment for the Home Instead team. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys spending time outdoors and with family and friends.

Shanyce Blagrove, Client Care Coordinator, Government Services, Home Instead Mississauga

Shanyce Blagrove, Client Care Coordinator, Government Services

From a young age, Shanyce had a passion to work with older adults. She has always felt that there aren’t enough people advocating for them, so she made it her duty to find herself a career that benefits older adults and enhances their quality of life. Shanyce has over four years of practicum and volunteer experience in the senior care field. She has experience volunteering in long term care homes, retirement residences, and assisted-living homes. During her time there, she gained many skills as she worked with social workers, activation-coordinators, personal support workers, and memory care workers. She also has a strong customer service background having previously worked in retail in and the hospitality industry. Shanyce holds a Social Service Work-Gerontology diploma from Sheridan College. She is excited at the prospect of assisting older adults live comfortably in their home with the assistance of Home Instead CAREGivers.
Belinda Nazarowycz, Nursing Care Supervisor Mississauga

Belinda Robyn, Nurse Manager

As a Registered Nurse, Belinda has a strong focus in gerontology and is committed to allowing our aging community to be treated with dignity and empathy while preserving a person’s independence and self-respect. In her role Belinda's if focused on delivery of service and ensuring top quality care for our clients. Her nursing background is a highly valuable asset when assisting clients and their families to develop the right Care Plan for their specific needs. Belinda evaluates the Care Plan with the Care Team, the client and the family to ensure delivery of high quality care and client satisfaction.

Prabhdeep Tiwana, Service Coordinator, Home Instead Mississauga

Prabhdeep Tiwana, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

My passion for helping people with dignity and empathy can be traced back to my pre professional days when I was living with my grandparents and was involved in doing small charities. Having graduated in Human Resources I began my career in working as the management for the food service industry. I joined Home Instead as the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator because I am passionate about building strong relationships with our CAREGiver’s and clients and bringing smiles to everyone’s face. I believe elderly have a wealth of knowledge to share and helping them become more independent makes me feel very happy.

With the experience of working as a healthcare professional back home I realised that human relation is the strongest and most genuine relation we could have. I have faith that I can bring a more creative and innovative perspective to my work. Learning for me is never ending. I am seeking to learn something new every single day. I like spending time reading and writing. I am thrilled to be part of the team and very much excited to work on meaningful projects.

Navdeep Kaur, Service Coordinator, Home Instead Mississauga

Navdeep Kaur, Service Coordinator

Navdeep graduated from the Health, Wellness and Fitness programme from Mohawk College. During her college days, her placement was with seniors and vulnerable students. This taught her patience and that the small things are important in life. When you care, you go that extra mile without feeling you've done it. Navdeep’s has extensive customer service experience and had a previous career in the financial industry and the hospitality and food services, these experiences gave her the mind set on taking care of all her customers as best she can. Her motivation is to bring a smile on faces and build trust with her clients.

Navdeep believes helping others in need is a rewarding profession and she is fortunate to work as Service Coordinator for Home Instead.

Eunique Allen, Service Coordinator, Private Services, Home Instead Mississauga

Eunique Allen, Service Coordinator

Eunique has always been passionate about helping her community and building a strong connection with clients. She has a strong background in customer service, having worked in the field for over 6 years. Eunique is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at York University in Communications. Her passion for helping build community and her educational background help to elevate the client experience at Home Instead. Eunique is excited to be a part of the Home Instead team as a Service Coordinator and hopes to facilitate meaningful relationships with current and future clients and CAREGivers.

Dellicia Davis, Service Coordinator, Government Services, Home Instead Mississauga

Dellicia Davis, Service Coordinator, Government Services

Dellicia has joined Home Instead as a Service Coordinator, with an extensive background in Customer Service. She graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science; and since then, has dreamed of making a change in her community and help those who cannot help themselves. Dellicia believes in the quote “You don’t have a future when you refuse to accept the former generation” – Petra Hermans. With her parents in the health care industry, she was introduced to the struggles of the elderly finding the perfect caregiver to care for them at a young age. Dellicia has a passion for helping people and being an advocate for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Dellicia knew she was going to join her family in making a difference in people’s lives.

Prabhpriya Tiwana, Service Coordinator, Government, Home Instead Mississauga

Prabhpriya Tiwana, Service Coordinator, Government Services

My passion to serve the community and provide the best services to them brought me to Home instead. I always miss the time that I spent with my grandparents. The precious moments, beautiful lessons of life and the care I got from the elderly are unforgettable. Home instead gave me an opportunity to provide the same care and the same amount of love to all the seniors around me!

Having been exposed in the customer service environment for three years has given me the potential to build the customer’s trust and find the best solutions to their problems and leave the best ever impression on them. My two years' experience of working as an operations coordinator has given me the potential of getting tasks done right the first time, perform multitasking and to maintain a positive and happy work environment. Home instead is going to add a lot more into my career and to bring the best out of my abilities!

Ethel Quarcoo, Service Coordinator, Government Services,  Home Instead Mississauga

Ethel Quarcoo, Service Coordinator, Government Services

Ethel’s dedication to building meaningful and lasting relationships with customer service has led her to joining the Home Instead team. Her passion for great customer service comes from her background in the retail industry with over 10 years of experience. Ethel has graduated from the Business Management program at Humber College. Being able to support others in a significant capacity is something Ethel prides herself on and is excited to share with those at Home Instead.

When she is not in the office, Ethel enjoys walking along trails, trying new recipes, and spending time with family.

Arden Fonte,  Service Coordinator, Government Services, Home Instead Mississauga

Arden Fonte, Service Coordinator, Government Services

With a strong background in the hospitality industry, Arden understands the importance of listening and providing exemplary customer service. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in Justice Studies at Guelph-Humber and has a diploma in Community and Justice Services from Humber College. She has a passion for advocating for the marginalized and as such takes considerable pride in building trust and establishing strong relationships. She is excited to have joined the Home Instead Team and is looking forward to making a difference.

Daniella Nunez, Government Client Care Coordinator, Home Instead Mississauga

Daniella Nunez, RPN, Government Client Care Coordinator

From a young age, Daniella knew that she wanted to work in the medical field working alongside elders. Daniella is a Registered Practical Nurse from Seneca College. She believes in the use of compassion and empathy with any situation that arises. Daniella also has many years experience in the supervisor role in logistics and customer service. Daniella wishes to use her knowledge and heart to help those in need out in the community. Daniella knows English, Spanish and is currently learning Punjabi. When not at work, she loves to cook, try different foods from around the world and go to the gym.

Portia Osei Bonsu, Lead Caregiver, Government Services, Home Instead Mississauga

Portia Osei Bonsu, Lead Caregiver, Government Services

Taking care of or helping people and not just the elderly has always been a passion of Portia’s. It all started with her younger brother when she was all he had. As a teenager, Portia knew she would love to be a part of a team that makes a difference. Portia has had a long 10 year career in the health care field working in both community and retirement homes as a CAREGiver. Portia also developed a career in customer service as well as teaching. After graduation in 2017 as a personal support worker, Portia joined health care as a full-time career and has never looked back since. She enjoys working with the elderly and loves to make their life exciting.

Portia joined Home instead in May 2023 as the lead caregiver and she is loving this new challenge.

Janet Hamilton, On Call Coordinator, Home Instead Mississauga

Janet Hamilton, On Call Coordinator

Since the young age of 18 Janet has worked in some capacity providing quality customer service. Her experiences stems from interacting with individuals from the food to the tourism industry. In every role she has demonstrated that she has great work ethics and goes the extra mile to ensure that the needs of customers are met and that each person I interact with takes with them the fact that I cares. She is an energetic well organized individual who is a firm believer in producing the best quality of work there is, and with over 20 years of experience in customer service she ready to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Leanne Schultz, On Call Coordinator, Home Instead Mississauga

Leanne Schultz, On Call Coordinator

I first joined the Home Instead Team in 2021 as a CARE giver. Recently joined the team as on call overnights care Co-Ordinator. Leanne has a diploma in Developmental Services Worker from Loyalist College. In 2021 she went back to school and got her Diploma for PSW. She loves working with people and making a difference in people’s lives.

Jerry Rego, VP of Operations, Home Instead

Jerry Rego, Vice President, Operations

Jerry is an enthusiastic brand champion and after researching Home Instead felt an instant connection to their guiding principles of building trust, taking the lead, and sharing your heart. Jerry is an experienced operations leader with a demonstrated history of success building great teams and growing businesses. Jerry has spent the last 20+ years in operations growing his passion for service excellence and uses his positively outrageous service to delight and astound clients. Jerry specializes in building strong supportive teams while coaching a people first culture across the organization to ensure we are making a difference in people’s lives daily. Jerry is always looking for ways to grow his skillsets and can often be found engaging in conversations with co workers and industry professionals while stepping outside his comfort zone to try something new. Jerry married his high school sweetheart, and they are now parents to 3 amazing children. Jerry spends as much time outdoors with his family as he can swimming, hiking, playing sports and enjoying nature.

Geeve Sandhu, Vice President of Growth

Geeve Sandhu, Vice President, Growth

Geeve has had a lengthy career in the hospitality industry working with several national brands, occupying various roles including General Manager, Regional Manager and Executive Director of Operations. As an entrepreneur, he has owned and operated several independent pubs and restaurants throughout Southwestern Ontario. Geeve has a passion for growing businesses and understands that for successful business growth managers must grow their people first. Accordingly, Geeve has spent his career building teams and relationships, by engaging with all levels of an organization to achieve success together and works hard to be a servant leader. Geeve is excited to work at Home Instead, to give back to the community and supporting you and your aging loved ones. He is married to a Registered Nurse and he and his wife have two beautiful children along with a rambunctious chocolate lab named Portia. He has a passion for cooking, as the kitchen in his home is where you will find him most of the time making an Asian inspired meal, or just baking some delicious butter tarts! Geeve is an avid runner and has competed in several marathons along with many other races across Ontario.
Dan Gallagher, Director of Community Relations

Dan Gallagher, Director of Community Relations

Dan connects community partners with home care resources, so that they can assist families find solutions to their unique challenges. He is focused on helping seniors live active lives as independently as possible. Dan is routinely “out and about” in the community, conducting in-service presentations and sharing Home Instead's public education programs (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and palliative care). Additionally, Dan plays an active role in supporting non for profits, including Be a Santa to a Senior, Give Tuesday and Give 65. In his spare time, Dan enjoys a good game of golf.
Farhiyo is Home Instead’s Business Development Associate

Farhiyo MoAlim, Business Development Associate

Farhiyo is Home Instead’s Business Development Associate. She comes from a very strong background in Health Care, completing a bachelor’s degree in in Health Studies at York University with a certificate in Health Informatics. Farhiyo has a passion for the Health Care Industry, and along with being a genuine and caring person, which will be strengths that will make a positive impact to the clients we serve. Farhiyo loves helping others, listening to their concerns and is very passionate about providing not only excellent but quality care to clients and spreading awareness.  She is excited to help family caregivers by addressing their service inquiries and providing service options and resources.  Farhiyo will also be the point person for all items related to Facebook and Instagram and will work with each office to manage their Local Pages.

Rosie Jabbal, Recruitment Coordinator

Rosie Jabbal, Enterprise HR Manager

Rosie has an extensive background in customer service. She previously worked as a manager in the hospitality industry an it was there that she first learned how to build valuable lasting relationships. Rosie wanted to apply her skills to a field where she could make a bigger difference and help others in her community. She began her journey with Home Instead, as a Service Coordinator and in this role she built strong ties to clients and CAREGivers. Because of her success in that role and because opportunity met with skill and training, she was promoted to Recruitment Coordinator and years later she was earned her current role as Recruitment & Retention Specialist. Rosie earned her diploma in Human Resources from Sheridan college, so she will bring both experience and education to this role and continue to build on our roster of exceptional CAREGivers. She will focus on CAREGivers that build trust, take the lead and who share their heart.
Mikaela Leonardo, Education Coordinator  Mississauga

Mikaela Leonardo, Education Coordinator

Over the course of several years, Mikaela has established genuine and trustworthy relationships with CAREGivers, so transitioning from Key Player Assistant to Education Coordinator was an easy. She recognizes that providing CAREGivers with education helps them take the lead with their clients, will empower them and allow them to provide specialized support. Her main goal is to ensure that Home Instead CAREGivers feel prepared before their shifts and that they recognize their unlimited potential!
Ramona Sabau, Enterprise Administration Manager

Ramona Sabau, Enterprise Administration Manager

​As the Enterprise Administration Manager, Ramona recognizes the importance and value of providing high-quality services to our CAREGivers, our office employees and our clients. Her extensive experience as office manager and her background in accounting are serving her in managing the payroll, accounting, client invoicing and all other day to day office challenges here at Home Instead. Ramona loves multi-tasking and helping people. She is very excited to be part of the Home Instead team because she gets to do what she loves. In her spare time, Ramona likes to get outside and spend time with her family.
Ray Bagaoisan, Bookkeeper

Ray Bagaoisan, Bookkeeper

"I am a greater believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it" is a quote by Thomas Jefferson that Ray identifies with and which inspires him. Ray finished his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the Philippines and has since had extensive experience in accounts payable and accounts receivable. He furthered his skills by successfully completing courses in accounting and payroll administration. During those years, he worked for various companies providing accounting services. He also developed strong interpersonal skills and an natural ability to build strong and lasting relationships. Ray knows his talents are the right fit with Home Instead, and in his own unique way, will support the business and provide service excellence.
Erika Horvat, Bookkeeper, Home Instead

Erika Horvat, Bookkeeper

Erika recently completed her Business Administration – Accounting degree at Brock University. The opportunity to join Home Instead was the perfect next step. She connected with our mission to provide personal care to seniors. She has always enjoyed helping her grandparents with whatever they need and spending time with them, whether that be talking with them over a meal/coffee or playing cards. Providing great customer service has always been important to Erika, as she has always looked for ways to help others in all her past personal and professional experiences. She looks forward to continuing to provide great customer service through her role at Home Instead.  In her spare time, Erika likes to knit and sew, crafts which she picked up from her grandmothers.


Erin Christiano,  Manager of Quality & Standards

Erin Christiano, Manager of Quality & Standards

Erin has joined Home Instead as Manager of Quality & Standards after a lengthy career in the Food Service industry. For over 20 years Erin has had many roles such as lead trainer for Canada opening up new franchisee restaurants, to working within the Franchisee head office in various roles, to finally owning 2 franchise’s along with her husband. She also started a separate food and beverage catering company working with private clubs for the past 11 years. During the course of time, Erin was honoured to be involved with numerous charities such as Heart and Stroke Foundation, Relay for Life, MS Society, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Run for the Cure. Erin is very excited to join Home Instead as her passion for Seniors started from a young age, by volunteering at a retirement home doing odd jobs for those who needed help. But quickly discovered the Seniors wanted more of companion. Erin was extremely fortunate to grow up having both sets of grandparents very active in her life with weekly visits, As she grew older, she started to see their health challenges take over which caused her to be even more involved in their lives. Erin is excited to complete the full circle working with such an amazing organization helping Senior’s continue to live their best life.

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Mississauga, ON possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their Care Professionals.

When you are ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.


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