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How to Ask Family for Help When Caring for Your Elderly Parent

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When you are the primary caregiver of your elderly parent, you face the constant struggle of handling the care of your mom or dad. If you have a family of your own as well, then the work grows exponentially, as does the guilt. You can find yourself continually struggling, choosing between the needs of your spouse and children, and those of your parent. Some days you may feel on top of the world and in control. Other days can find you hiding in your bedroom with a box of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine. The stress may be worse for those whose loved ones suffer from dementia.

Finding help is possible. Sometimes it can come in the form of family members. Approaching a brother, sister, or another family member to ask for help is not an admission of defeat on your part. Instead, it can be a fantastic way to reduce your stress and even help foster a sense of community with your family members. The home healthcare professionals at Home Instead bring relief to families with respite care. We support families and their loved ones through these challenging times of life.

Tips to Ask for Caregiver Help from Family

Get some peace of mind back when you reach out for help from family. Use these tips and suggestions to get the assistance you need:

  • Plan Ahead: Most people don’t plan ahead about how they will care for their parents when they are planning their life. It is a good idea to start early and talk with your siblings on how to handle Mom and Dad as they grow older and need more help. Look for planning aids to make the process easier. Home Instead developed a program called the 50/50 Rule.
  • Step Back and Take in the Big Picture: It is not about how far your sister lives or how busy your brother is. Everyone is busy. Instead, take a look at the kind of care that is needed at the moment and what may be needed further in the future. This can bring the conversation around who can provide what type of support and when. It becomes a win-win situation.
  • Avoid Falling into the Emotional Trap: Sometimes a sibling may have a grudge against a parent because of how they were treated. Try to leave the emotions at the door and utilize the help of a mediator if necessary to keep the focus on the task at hand – the needs of the aging parent.

Senior Home Health Care Provides Help to Your Overloaded Schedule

Talking to the family is just the beginning. Another option or additional step is to use the services of a home care professional from Home Instead Hamilton. Our trained caregivers are ready to step in and give you and your family the assistance needed to ensure your aging loved one gets what they need to live as independently as possible.


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