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Home Safety Tips for Your Grandparents 

By  Greg Bechard

A Home Instead Caregiver helps a senior to enter safely into the shower to avoid falls

Advice from Senior Care Experts

Your grandparent has been there for you throughout childhood. They have celebrated your first steps and your high-school graduation. They attended your wedding and the birth of your first child. You knew you could depend on them to keep you safe and look out for your best interests. Now is a great time to return the favour and look out for them.

With age comes wisdom as well as aches, pains, and physical constraints. Gram’s knobbly knuckles struggle to grasp her teacup, yet, her laughter still warms your heart. Be sure she is safe in her own home with a few steps of precaution. If she needs a little more hands-on help than you can give, a senior care professional from Home Instead Senior Care Kitchener-Waterloo, ON may be the answer. This way, you can make sure you get peace of mind that comes from knowing your sweet grandmother is well cared for.

4 Ways to Keep Your Grandparent Safe from Falls and Injury

Taking care of your grandpa can require 24-hour vigilance. It is not uncommon to worry that he might fall and injure himself when you are not around. Here are a few suggestions to make his home a little safer:

Home Safety: Employ these safety measures to alleviate grandad’s general safety concerns:

    • Get a medical alert system
    • Ensure a working fire extinguisher is installed on every floor
    • Make sure the smoke detectors are in good working order
    • Move electrical cords or telephone cords out of traffic areas
    • Ensure that stairwells have good lighting with switches at the top and bottom

Bathroom Safety: Reduce the possibility of falls when you make these inclusions:

    • Install an automatic nightlight that illuminates when the bathroom is in the dark
    • Securely affix bath aids on the bathtub or shower walls
    • Put a skid-proof textured mat on the tub or shower floor
    • Turn the water heater down to avoid accidental burns
    • Hire a home care professional to help with bathing if necessary

Kitchen Safety: Many unexpected accidents can occur in the kitchen. Avoid them with these suggestions:

    • Move bulky items to lower, waist level counters or shelves
    • Place cleaning supplies neatly under the sink and away from food
    • Add task lighting under the overhead cabinets
    • Buy grandma a kettle with an automatic shut-off to prepare tea
    • Set up a rack to keep sharp knives out of harm’s way

Medicine Checks: Ensure your loved one is kept safe from expired medications:

    • Look at labels to make sure they know what they are taking
    • Dispose old or used prescriptions properly
    • Make sure medicine bottles can be opened easily
    • Set up grandad’s meds in a pill dispenser by the hour, day or week

Expert Elder Care When You Can’t Be There

Give back the love and care you grew up with when you make your grandparent’s home safe and secure. If you are unable to give them enough time, a trained caregiver from Home Instead Senior Care can help keep them stay safe with a variety of in-home care options and sensitive support.

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