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Understanding the Cost of Care for Aging Adults

Senior care should be about meeting individual needs. But we understand that for families of who are considering care options for aging adults, the cost can be a major worry. Selecting the right care is important and you want to ensure it’s the best fit and value for your unique situation.
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How Do You Decide on Senior Care?

Evaluating Senior Care Options

Senior care cost/benefit comparisons can go beyond the bottom-line dollar amount. Consider what service features will likely enhance your loved one’s life. Your evaluation may include factors like:

Location | Care Type | Amount of Daily Care | Personal Space | Personalized Care Plans | Overall Experience

Understanding the Cost of Care

Home Care in Calgary provided by Home Instead Calgary, AB is more cost effective than you may think. We do not have set packages because we know your senior loved one's needs are unique, just like they are. Instead, we work with you and your loved one to learn about their needs and design a care plan and tailored schedule that works for them. Our unique one to one approach allows us to modify each part of our care to best suit your elderly loved one. Everything from what time breakfast is served, to what time they have a shower, to how they like their clothes folded or the specific type of apples they want us to purchase for them at the grocery store, when we are shopping for them!

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Tailor-Made Care Plans & Packages

When we design your unique Home Instead Care Plan for your senior loved one, the cost can be scaled up or down depending on the amount of care they need. For example, a client who needs morning care three times a week could expect to pay $333.00 per week to have personalized care. If they needed care every morning or afternoon per week, they could expect to pay $775.00 per week to receive these one-on-one supports. 

The key to Home Care is that if your loved one needs help bathing, dressing, help with their morning medications, preparation of breakfast and assistance keeping the house clean, well that is exactly what they get! If they also need some help with the laundry and linens, they will have that added on as well. There are no hidden fees, or extras when your loved one needs more support. Instead, we believe on billing per hour based on the schedule we agree on. This prevents any surprise bills. 

Find Care That Enhances the Quality of Life

Evaluating Cost of Care

At a minimum Home Instead supports seniors from $333.00 per week ($1330.00/month) in their own homes! This is far more economical than moving to a care community. With consistent, personalized care provided by trained Care Professionals, our clients thrive in their home environments!

The cost of care in a Care Center or a Facility will range from $1800.00-$12,000.00/month.

These costs depend on several factors such as if the “Bed” is subsidized by the government, if your loved one has a private room or a shared room, the amount of laundry they need, if their medication administration is included or an extra cost, and your expectations on how often they will receive personal care such as bathing, incontinence care or evening assistance to get ready for bed. Many facilities charge a fee for “Add on services” beyond their monthly cost and these can add up quickly. Some only supply 1 roll of toilet paper per month and you must supply more or pay more! If your loved one spills OJ on their floor and they have already had their monthly cleaning done, you are charged for an extra cleaning service. With Home Instead we “just clean up the floor” because we are there, and it needs doing!

  • Care Plan Personalization
  • Companionship & Engagement
  • Caregiver to Client Ratio
  • Location
  • Control of Budget
  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • Affordability
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Better Care With Home Care

These different levels of care also come with Moving costs, increased stress and anxiety not to mention an increased risk of infection from viruses such as Covid-19 but also the devastating Cold’s and Flu’s that are prevalent in care homes. Also, remember that your loved one may be able to stay in their current facility until their last days, however many families must move their loved one to a different facility once their care needs become too great for the building. With Home Instead we can manage their care needs all the way to End of Life/Palliative Care/Nursing care. With Home Instead you have “Peace of Mind” that we are there only to care for your loved one and not the 8 to 10 other residents the staff are each assigned to.

So, the advantage of care and costs are clearly with Home Instead. Many families with financial resources rely on Home Instead to support their loved one at home, because they trust our one-to-one care model over the group care model.

Your Options for Paying for Home Care

Today, you may be able to take advantage of many programs to make personalized in-home care a reality for your family. Contact our office so we can discuss cost and coverage options that best support your needs. Home Instead is here to help you make an informed choice that is right for everyone involved.

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