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Home Care Client Reviews Pg 2, Home Instead Etobicoke

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care Reviews

Read what other families in Etobicoke have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

The service provided by Home Instead was excellent. During a very emotionally charged time for my family which involved the unexpected hospitalization of my mother during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Home Instead provided superb PSW assistance for my mother and also provided reassuring guidance to me in circumstances that I had not experienced before and which I very much hope not to experience again. Having said that, if I were required in the future to arrange for senior care services, I would have no hesitation in obtaining the required services from Home Instead. Moreover, I would endorse Home Instead senior care services to others in need of PSW assistance for their loved ones.

H. Douglas, client's daughter

We found ourselves in an urgent situation where we needed overnight care that very day. Home Instead were able to accommodate us, and work with our changing schedule. It was a huge relief to our family to have such good help on short notice. Thank you!

Jennifer L., client's daughter in law

The Home Instead team, in particular Paul, Connie and the Mississauga care team have kept me informed at all stages in the care planning for my aunt. The care team have helped to improve my aunt's speech capability and Paul has truly listened and actioned my suggestions. He has an innate ability to really understand the needs and demands put on a family and somehow just know how to ease the distress. I have complete trust in this agency to care for my relative to the best of their ability and this is mirrored in how they support me. As I currently reside overseas, it's a huge comfort to me knowing that my aunt is in good caring and compassionate hands.

Martin T., client's nephew

We have been clients of Home Instead for over a year now. The in-home care that has been provided to our mom has been excellent. The scope of the care also extends to the family through the resources provided by the office and support staff. All are very well suited to helping the family with the care of an elder. The overall experience continues to be excellent!

John A., client's son

Over the last 10 years or so, we have received top-notch service from Home Instead. My Mom has enjoyed their support while she was living in her condo and following her to the retirement residence. Her HISC person always calls the night before to see if there is anything thing extra she needs to do to address my Moms’ needs.

Corey D., client's son

We have been using Home Instead caregivers for more than 4 years for our 96+ year old father. The caregivers are so special to our family. They are friendly, kind, and excellent in every way. They prepare his meals, make sure he takes his medications, do light housekeeping and laundry, and they keep him company. Their patience for him is truly remarkable. I highly recommend Home Instead! Special thanks to Tammy, Ofelia, Dorothy, Jon, Judy, Gizeal and Barb.

Janie S., client's daughter

Our mother is 90 and determined to stay in her own home. That meant finding the right kind of support to permit her to do that. Home Instead connected us with Janyce Robinson and she’s been fabulous. Janyce provides companionship, transportation to appointments, light housekeeping, meal preparation and anything else she can think of to assist. Our mother loves her time with her – she has a happy disposition, is easy to be with and is also very kind. We feel lucky to have found her.

Carmen T., client's daughter

Once we discussed my father’s needs it became clear to me that he was in good hands. My father is in a home needing dementia care, companionship and assistance withthings in his everyday life like getting dressed and using the bathroom, we’re getting most difficult for him. Graziano and Isaac are so good with him that my father looks forward to them arriving everyday. He is in amazing hands; I feel like I have left him with family when I can’t be there. They make it possible for me to breathe and worry less. I highly recommend this service. There isn’t any lengths they won’t go to so you have the best care for your loved one; either at home, or in a home. Thanks, Amelia

Amelia P., client's daughter

My 92 year old father received constant care from Home Instead, in a hospital setting, in addition to that normally provided by the hospital. I’m not overstating the situation to say I don’t know what I would have done without their help. In spite of the best efforts by overtaxed hospital staff before, during and after Dad’s surgery, he fell while in the bathroom. I called Home Instead and, with Gabriella’s assistance, support began almost at once. Support workers seemed handpicked to match Dad’s health needs and personality. Isaac was devoted to Dad. Herbalynhad a talent for calming Dad during restless nights. Dad felt safe and valued. Family knew Dad was not alone, that his needs were met without delay. Dad passed away with warm and constant care. Thank-you Home Instead.

Karen L., client's daughter

This is the second time we have used Home Instead Senior Care and, once again, the service was superb. The office staff were supportive, responsive and very well organized. Our caregiver, Irene, immediately established a rapport with my mother, who had just been discharged from hospital. Irene was friendly, kind, resourceful and careful. At one point, she felt a developing situation required her to check with me to see how she should proceed. I was very impressed that she recognized a need for more input but, once we had discussed the problem, she followed through flawlessly. I felt I could have complete confidence in her ability to care for my mother, and keep me informed on developments. Wonderful!

Jean N., client's daughter

I am the primary caregiver to my 90 yr old Mother for 7 years now. It was becoming quite overwhelming as I was not getting quality time with my family or for myself. An anxiety attack sent me to the Dr. where they set me up with caregiver respite. Kerri started with us 1 year ago and what a difference for us all. 
 had a very hard time giving over the reins for a few hours the first few weeks I must admit, but Kerri proved herself and i began to see my Mom looking forward to her visits. Kerri has a warmth about her and always smiling. She gets my Mom laughing and chatting. It didn't take long for me to relax and put my trust in Kerri. 
Home Instead always keeps me up to date and solves my issues efficiently. Receiving help was the best thing for us and allows me to continue doing what I do for my Mother.

Lee Ann, client's daughter

Our family would like to give a shout out to Home Instead for the great care they are currently providing for our aging parents. Both parents are in their 90s. One with Alzheimer’s and limited mobility, the other with a blood disease and experiencing a significant decline in overall health.
We’ve had great communication with Home Instead’s office team and Agnes, the Care Coordinator, who does so much to help with our ever changing schedule and care needs. 
The biggest thanks goes out to Care Giver Jennifer. Most importantly, she has become a reliable advocate for our father’s care during his endless appointments and hospital visits. From fixing damaged eye glasses, to helping with basic computer problems, to light housekeeping and organizing the suite, Jennifer is really improving the quality of life our parents are experiencing.

Peter A., clients' son

We have reached out to Home Instead for my father, and have received excellent care - especially from Genevieve and Daniela. Daniela helps coordinates my father’s case. She is very patient and a great listener. She is very compassionate and soft spoken. I also shared how my mother needs more support as well and she said that she’ll advocate for her. I really appreciate her support and kindness. Genevieve comes over to help my parents. My mother really adores her. She has been very kind to my mother as my father is bed ridden. Genevieve goes out of her way to be kind and supportive, she is an absolute jewel. We are grateful for the support of Genevieve and Daniela.

Uzma H., client's daughter

I am a 55 year old single mother of 2 disabled adult children. My son has received Caregiver assistance for over 20 years. He has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and a Global Developmental Delay. I have received help from NUMEROUS AGENCIES. Namely Paramed, Acclaim, Care Partners, Links2Care and Home Instead. Most recently Home Instead provided a Caregiver to help with household activities related to my disabled children. Paul sent over an absolutely WONDERFUL LADY. Her name is . ROWAN. She is by far the BEST I have ever had!. She works extremely hard, is very detailed, very cooperative, punctual, pleasant and overall a wonderful human being. She is a perfect fit for our family. Thank you Paul and Rowan at Home Instead!

Leanne G., client's mother

Our family is so grateful to Home Instead Mississauga for the companions that have visited our brother! He bonded completely with the first person that was brought to him and we were devastated when that person decided to move on to a different phase of his life, but the second gentleman has also made friends with our brother and continues to fill a very important role that no care home can possibly fill; personal talk about subjects of interest to both of them. The office staff is always so helpful I think they all have wings because they have been absolute angels.

Eleanor L., client's sister

Writing this review for the caregivers that supported my dad over an approximate 75 day period of need (and one that has provided monthly services for many years!). My dad took a drastic turn for the worse and was living alone - with family not being local and unable to accommodate him in home, we turned to Home Instead for support. All the caregivers were wonderful. I thank the day time ladies who provided short duration lunchtime support and care (Oma, Mercy and Ruth), and have to give a giant "shout out" to Gwen who provided the night-care "sleep over" service. She always supported with the utmost of patience and attention - above and beyond our expectations - allowing my dad to continue living with dignity until his move to a long term care facility. Kudo's to all (including Paul, our main contact who, along with the admin and supervisory team made scheduling and all other issues easy to navigate) - couldn't have asked for a better support group!

Lynn H., client's daughter

This review is for my Dad's caregiver - Ian is a hardworking, compassionate professional who takes pride in his job and provides quality care. Knowledge, understanding and experience is imperative when working with clients with this type of head injury. Ian has demonstrated the knowhow and patience to assist Dad. Dad is always treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Ian has brought serenity into our lives and has provided Dad with a sense of independence. Ian is a great match for Dad. Thank you Home Instead for placing Ian in our lives, and thank you Ian for providing topnotch service and care!

Fernanda C., client's daughter

When my Mom was diagnosed with dementia, I was at a loss as to how to help her. I can't say enough about the care and compassion she has received from her caregiver, Marilisa at Home Instead. She has been such an important part of my Mom's life though the declining stages of this terrible disease. Mom regularly called Marilisa her guardian angel and I agree wholeheartedly. Debbie, daughter of client

Debbie O., client's daughter

It has been such a comfort to know that caregivers from Home Instead visit with my father daily. There are many miles that separate our family, so knowing Dad is in good hands makes it easier for us. Their kindness & attention to detail do not go unnoticed. The office staff are very good at juggling the schedule & offering suggestions to improve the time spent with him. They are willing to accommodate many little extras that would be difficult to accomplish from afar. Thank you to the entire team!

Donna G., client's daughter

I am writing this review for my mom Lillian who is the primary caregiver for my grandmother. She has been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s and has been very difficult to take care of. Having the help from Home Instead has been a life saver for my mom. They are considerate of my mom’s situation are are always there to help when needed. I would also like to recognize Daniela Yepez who has been more then helpful and understanding towards my mom and the needs for my grandmother. We are so are very blessed to have Home Instead as a service provider for my grandmother.

Michelle P., client's granddaughter

The caregivers are amazing! They are very supportive and step in to do what is needed! We have been very blessed to have consistent caregivers who do what needs to be done without be told or asked The office is also very understanding and supportive of my family's needs and looks at us as a whole, understanding the complexity of family life. When one member of the family has an illness it affects all members of the family and Home Instead "gets it" Again very grateful to have Home Instead in my home supporting us all!.

Sonia C., client's wife

My aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease 7 months ago. I am her primary caregiver, but I live >800km away and I discovered a few months after moving her into a private retirement home that the care provided by the retirement home was insufficient to meet her needs. Colleen has been my aunt’s caregiver for the past 5 months and she has had such a positive impact on her quality of life. My aunt has always been a fiercely independent person and I think was concerned that her independence would be taken away with the diagnosis. Without close family or friends nearby, Colleen’s care and companionship allows her to maintain some of that independence, a key element in the maintenance of dignity in the face of a life-altering disease. As I live so far away, Collen has become my eyes and ears ensuring that my aunt has necessary household supplies, snacks, and is able to attend medical appointments. Colleen has gone above and beyond to make sure that my aunt is well taken care of and I know my aunt really appreciates her and truly enjoys her companionship. Although we have never directly spoken with each other, I feel like Colleen is a trusted family member. Shanyce’s weekly updates and responsiveness to my emails are incredibly reassuring. I am very grateful for the services provided by the staff at Home Instead.

Lynn G., client's niece

Very caring, responsive service. Thanks for stepping in during a very stressful time to care for our father.

Adrienne J., client's daughter

An amazing experience over the last 5 plus years. They are responsive and eager to address ongoing changes and circumstances. Very thorough, follow up fantastic and allow my mom to maintain an independent lifestyle otherwise unattainable.

Daniele R., client's daughter

I would like to thank the Home Instead staff for all the help I receive while caring for my husband. Dorothy J. who assists my husband is not only a professional at her job as a Caregiver, she loves being a Caregiver and it shows in her demenor, confidence and helpful attitude the moment she walks into our home. I am at peace when I can tend to my other responsibilities and know that my husband is being cared for by Dorothy J. with compassion, experience and above all competence. I can see the high level of trust that my husband has in Dorothy, not only that she is able to communicate with him in his native Polish language, but because I can see that they have become Friends. With such help my life is that much more hopeful for the future.

Nina J., client's wife

Paul, Rosie, Suzette and the rest of the team at Home Instead have been amazing. My mom has Alzheimer's and recently moved into a retirement home. The transition was very difficult for her and for me, but the team at Home Instead has been very helpful and patient with all my questions and last minute requests. They always have Mom's best interest in mind. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Fiorella R., client's daughter

I am thankful that the caregiver from Home Instead comes to my mother’s home. My mom looks forward to her coming and apppreciates her doing her laundry and cleaning. She is such a caring kind person and I have full confidence in her. Since her stroke the caregiver has been invaluable and I am so thankful for her.

Sharon W., client's daughter

Home Instead has been a god send for my family. My mother suffers from Parkinson's disease and dementia and this journey has been nothing but heartbreaking. Thank goodness for the staff at Home Instead who always manage to find someone to help us care for our mother in ways that show they truly do care. Keeping her at home and safe is our priority and clearly the team at Home Instead does too. From the head office staff Paul, Rosie and Erika to the numerous caregivers who have come into our lives. We could not manage without them and have found Home Instead to be as important in my mother's care as we are. Thank you to all of you for helping us navigating these very difficult days.

Lynda L., client's daughter

Mercy of Home Instead have not only changed my parents life....but our whole family! When soliciting feedback from my mother on the care Mercy provides on a daily basis, her whole face lights up and without hesitation "I really like Mercy! She is fun and always has a joke or two. We bake together and I show her the different things I know..." I'm not sure how you place a value on that....but knowing she is caring for my mother and father alleviates stress and pressure. Paul Alavathil the Director of Client Care and Mary Mantei our Client Care Coordinator are a wonderful team with active communication and tremendous response not only when we began this journey but continuously. They understand client service and respect for the elderly. My parents really want to remain in their home for as long as possible. Home Instead and specifically Mercy, Mary and Paul are allowing that to happen. Many Many Thanks!

Cliff B., client's son

I am very pleased with the Recharge Services from Home Instead Care. I like to thank our caregivers, Ada, Grace and Annie, for the care they provided to my father. They are very patient, helpful and friendly.

Quang T., client's son

We were very pleased with the service from Home Instead. On the phone, they were patient, approachable, helpful and clear in their communications. Our caregiver was a wonderful lady who provided friendly and kind care to my mother. All this was much appreciated.

Jean N., client's daughter

Home Instead has been an absolute life saver for our family. Their professionalism in taking care of my mom has given us the peace of mind knowing that someone who truly cares was there for my mom. Her caregiver-Navpreet- was so sweet. She took my mom for walks, helped her with light house work and was just so patient and caring. When my mom moved into LTC, Navpreet assisted with the transition period which made it that much easier for my mom to adjust to her new home. I would recommend Home Instead to anyone who needs friendly, loving care.

Toni D., client's son

When my Grandmother became acutely ill there came a point where we could see that she had become weak and needed someone with her at all times to ensure her comfort and safety. I called Home Instead and they literally had someone there within fifteen minutes to assess the situation and a caregiver arrived within less than an hour. They provided round the clock support for her from that moment until we no longer needed them. The care and responsiveness was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. I highly recommend Home Instead.

Melora P., client's granddaughter

We're just so pleased to have experienced so many hours of support and kindness for ourselves and my Mum. The efforts of Home Instead must be a blessing for so many in similar circumstances. Patricia has been consistently supportive, friendly and understanding of our situation. My husband and I are the main caregivers for my mother. She's 88 and has dementia, but though she sometimes forgets the name of the Best Care Worker Ever, she knows her face, smile and company. Cielo is so patient and genuinely caring to Mum and she helps with some tasks around the house, too. She feels like part of our family. We're very secure leaving Mum in her care and would recommend Home Instead to anyone who needs assistance for a loved one.

Amanda M., client's daughter

Great appreciation to the ReCharge Caregiver Relief Program, through which, the excellent services of Home Instead. I highly recommend the program and Home Instead to others in need. Especially the professionalism of Patrica , Lucy and Annie at Home Instead.
At my first meeting with Patrica from Home Instead, she demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding of my father's condition and needs. She effectively arranged two wonderful PSWs ( Lucy and Annie ) in a very short time, for day and night care of my father.
Lucy and Annie cared for my father with high degree of knowledge, patience and compassion. Under their care, my father had been able to sleep well, and I was able to sleep as well knowing my father was in good hands. Before Home Instead came in, I was reaching physical and emotional burn out point from caring for my father 24/7. Many thanks to ReCharge Caregiver Relief Program. And a big thank you to all staff at Home Instead

Harmony Y., client's daughter

In November of 2010 my wife suffered a stroke and immediately I knew that I could not do the care giving necessary. After some research, I felt that Home Instead could help me. The two caregivers I've had since then have helped me beyond expectations. The staff makes sure there is a compatibility which is so important. I would recommend highly to anyone who finds themselves in need of help with a loved one.

Martin C., client's husband

Our Home Instead worker, Janice, has provided my husband and I with excellent care. She is prompt, efficient, hard working and a great cook. We are very happy to have Janice in our home during this difficult time. Thank you Home Instead and Janice.

Cathie and Wayne, clients

We have had Home Instead PSW support for the last month for my mom and they have been wonderful. I never have to worry if someone will show up. And they are so good with mom, kind and helpful. They take such wonderful care of her! And the schedulers are fantastic too! I have called many times and they are always so helpful and accomodating. We are lucky to have them on our team!

Karen., client's daughter

My parents are in need of help in order to complete their daily routines. Home Instead Senior Care is always doing a great job in providing the help and assistance they need. We are very thankful for their services and we are confident in our regular caregiver Leila

Flora C., client's daughter

My father has serious dementia and recently required 24 hour in-hospital care for eight days from the evening of the day after he was admitted. Round the clock PSW care was arranged almost immediately by the Home Instead staff. Overall, the support was very good and made a huge difference to my father's safe recovery and hospital experience. It also provided my family the security and comfort of knowing he was always attended by a responsible care giver. A big thanks to Home Instead's Admin and PSW teams.

Don J., client's son

When mom was diagnosed with vascular dementia, our family was at a loss as to what this encompassed, and how we would manage to provide our mom with the best care we could manage. 
After some incredibly insightful and helpful meetings with the local chapter of Alzheimer Society, we had some solid advice and direction. Ultimately, this lead us to the Mississauga Home Instead team. 
We cannot thank this amazing team enough! The excellent care mom received for the nearly seven years Home Instead was apart of her daily life was always reliable and exemplary.
All the staff have been helpful, truly kind and respectful of both mom and our family, which is so important during a very challenging time. 
Thank you to all of the team at Home Instead. And to all of the wonderful caregivers who helped 
care for our mom with such skill, kindness and love, we are forever grateful.

Coleen O., client's daughter

We've been using a caregiver from Home Instead for a few months now. The caregiver is amazing and we completely trust her care. The administrative staff have been very attentive also.

Jocelyn W., client's daughter

5++ !!! Would highly recommend HomeInstead for their professionalism , sensitivity, efficiency and genuine empathy to those needing help caring for their elderly loved ones. Paul and his team cannot be commended enough for their sincere efforts in giving us peace of mind, along with the caregivers who are lovely, experienced individuals with the right mix professionalism and a personal touch. Good to know that I can call and things can be arranged relatively quickly. Thank you all!

Anna P., client's daughter

After a courageous fight with Alzheimers that lasted approx 15 years, Mom passed away in mid June 2017. My husband and I must thank the remarkable caregivers and staff at Home Instead for helping us through the last few years. We commend the office staff at Home Instead, especially Erika Simmonds and Rosie Jabbal, for responding so quickly and efficiently whenever we required assistance or had questions.
We can never truly give enough praise to the caregivers/PSW's who provided companionship and care to Mom in sometimes very difficult and emotional circumstances. To know that someone is here who is compassionate, professional and respectful - regardless of the sometimes difficult treatment they receive from a patient in the throes of this horrible disease - gave us such a tremendous feeling of relief and comfort. Being able to get away for a few hours and not worry about what is happening at home was such a gift.
To Miriam, Samantha and Elizabet, you are very special women, with amazing talents, abilities, inner strength and kind hearts, and you will always be remembered with thanks and praise for the wonderful job you did caring for Mom.
Thank you all for helping us through this journey; may you all enjoy much success, good health and happiness always.

Debbie K., client's daughter

"I highly recommend Home Instead! When called upon, they acted very quickly to provide kind care for an elderly family member at a very stressful time. There was written communication left at the bedside so we had great comfort in knowing about the care that was provided."

Diane F., client's daughter

"I want to mention that I have received Excellent customer service and am delighted with this organization. They are compassionate and caring not to mention extremely well organized. It has been a pleasure dealing with Patricia advocating for my elderly parents and disabled sister Maria who lives with them."

Alcidia P., client's daughter

"Once again Home Instead has proven to be an amazing company.
This past weekend I needed a caregiver on short notice because of an emergency situation. Rosie Jabbal and Mackenzie Veldboom jumped right in and worked in tandem to find someone suitable.
I don't know what I would have done without their help. They are like angels that come to the rescue when everything is falling apart. A heartfelt thank you to them both."


"Home Instead has been an invaluable service for our family.  My sister, who lived with Mom, passed away unexpectedly last June and both my other sister and I live out of the province. Having a caregiver from Home Instead has allowed Mom to remain at home and keep her independence.
Caregiver Patty has been with Mom since last summer and provides help with household tasks as well as companionship. She visits twice a week for a couple of hours each time. My Mom likes the routine of having the same person visit her and we appreciate knowing that she is looked after.
Patty is a wonderful caregiver. She is patient, kind, honest, and reliable. She gives us peace of mind knowing that Mom has someone to help her and that we will be notified should there be any concerns.
We have utmost respect for Home Instead as a service company for seniors and hold Patty in the highest regard. We recommend Home Instead without hesitation for anyone needing help with their loved one.
Thank you and have a wonderful day."

client's daughter

​ ​ ​

"We have every confidence in the caregivers selected by Home Instead (PSW's, companions) for Mom, who has Alzheimers disease. Home Instead does a wonderful job of finding the best 'match' for Mom. All caregivers assigned have and continue to be professional, caring and kind. Despite being challenging at times, Mom is always treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Companions encourage Mom to take part in activities (cards, bingo, music, colouring, reading the newspaper, etc) and she always enjoys herself, even if she does not remember once the companion has left. It is a tremendous relief to my husband and I to be able to get out together and be at ease leaving Mom's companion in charge, as we know Mom is in good hands."

Debbie K​., client's daughter

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

"My brothers and I continue to be impressed with the caregiving services provided by Home Instead. The telephone support is excellent and I am always directed to the appropriate resource. The administration is very supportive of the client, the family, and the caregivers on their staff. The cleaning and care is very consistent, even when a substitute fills in. We are very relieved that May has been able to contribute so well to our father's well-being as he continues to enjoy being able to stay in his home."

Cathie I., client's daughter

"I cannot say in words how much my family and I appreciate the help that home care has provided  to us. Faith is one of the home care specialists (all the home care members are great) and she has been  like a member of our family with the genuine care and concern that she demonstrates each and every time she comes to our home . Faith care gives for my wife but has also bonded well to my daughters which makes her like part of my family. Faith is very professional and innately honest, loving and caring , something that cannot be taught but comes natural. Thank you so very much for making a difficult period of our lives so much more bearable ."

Curtis B., client's husband

"We have been and continue to be ever so pleased with the care & attentiveness Home Instead provides for our 94 year old Mother and ourselves in turn. Your care allows Mom to stay in her own home enjoying her well earned comforts. 
Home Instead has been there for us and we know that Mom is in good caring hands.
We have highly recommended Home Instead's services to surrounding, senior neighbours assured in our firsthand experience.
Thank you Home Instead. Ours and Mom's lives are easier with your care."

William R., client's son

"I can’t thank enough Home Instead Senior Care Mississauga. I wouldn’t have been able to manage this year. Their administrative staff always take time to listen to your needs and have been a lifesaver. They are always extremely pleasant and polite and are always ready to accommodate me and my mom with our needs. Their personal interest to follow up to ensure that the caregivers were the right fit for mom. Paul Alavathil is a very unique Director of Client Care who always took that extra step and time to ensure that I received much needed support so I can get my work, home and personal life in order. My mom has been with Home Instead for about 11 months. Ofelia always deals with my mom with love, patience, professional care and humor. They fold towels, colour and do small exercises which gave my mom the ability to walk with the walker again and have better movement with her arms and hands. Ofelia always assists my mom with her meals and manages a way that she always finishes her meals. As an only child working full time and taking care of my elderly mom who has severe arthritis, dementia that also had a hip replacement comes with less stress when the caregivers they sent out seem always know what to do. I have said it many times that I don’t know where they find such lovely, caring and respectful and knowledgeable caregivers who also have a high level of common sense and always know what to do in different circumstances. My mom always smiles, laughs and before they leave she says, “I will see you tomorrow”. I had the experience with other senior care companies before Home Instead and I can truly say it is like day and night. I recommend Home Instead Mississauga those requiring senior care with peace of mind that you and your loved one will certainly be well taken care of. "

Tina A., client's daughter

​ ​

"My husband and I are extremely pleased with the care for my mother-in-law from Home Instead. The schedulers are understanding, patient, and very caring. The caregiver's are kind, helpful and tries to meet all of my mother-in-law's needs. Our day would be very stressful without the help of Home Instead.
Thank you for all you've done for us. "

Sandra N., daughter-in-law

"Home Instead Mississauga has been an absolute lifesaver for our family. As a single mom of 4 during the week, they have given us the ability to be able to make sure that my severely disabled young adult daughter has someone loving and dependable to stay with her so I can have a break for myself or my 3 younger ones can do the things they need to do without losing out. I have so much less stress and worry when a worker comes to stay with her especially since my only option before was to leave her on her own to get groceries done or drop her siblings off at classes. Now i have peace of mind that she is happy and safe with some companionship.
Every woman the agency has sent in has been polite and friendly. They ask if there is any light house work, which i usually tell them "no" but they find it.... and I come home to fresh laundry, clean counters and Ryleigh's bed made. It's like you send us a personal Mary Poppins!
Thank you Home Instead Senior Care Mississauga. I have no idea what we would have done without you this year."

Suzanne Latin, client's mom

"We are so pleased that we found Home Instead whilst we were in Canada looking after my husband's 96 year old mother, taking her every day to visit her husband who was in hospital with a broken femur. We live in the UK and the peace of mind that Home Instead have given us is immeasurable. My husband's parents are once again back in their apartment with Home Instead visiting them on a regular basis, not only keeping the apartment clean and tidy but also taking them to various appointments. We contacted Home Instead online and they are so quick to respond. I want to thank, not only their carer but also all the staff in the office with whom we have dealt with over the past 4 months. Cheers Home Instead and thank you."

Pat Walker, client's daughter-in-law

"Wonderful people, through & through. From the staff who take your information and book you into the system, to the caregiver they sent out, Ruth. The whole process was very smooth and kind and caring. Paul was wonderful on the phone, calmly helped us through a few challenges and assigned Ruth to my mother for her move from the hospital to her respite care location. Ruth followed directions perfectly and was very caring and kind with my mother, who was tiring quickly. Thank you all for the wonderful, caring, problem-solving service you have given us. We will surely be back for more!"

Agnes & Livia, client's daughters

"My father's caregiver Grace is great!
We experienced resistance from my father due to his dementia in the beginning when we told him about a caregiver coming once a week from Recharge Program. Dad initially refused to see any strangers or be left alone with a caregiver without my mother being there the whole time. I remember during the first visit that the three of them just sat there most of the time. And my dad told me to stop having strangers coming to the home and he did not like it if mom was away from him. It continued to being very difficult during Grace's first few visits.
Through great deal of patience, professional care and lots of humor from Grace, my father gradually got into his new routine of spending an afternoon with Grace doing activities. Now he really looks forward to Grace's visits on Saturdays. Grace takes my father walk in the hallway. They do games together. They watch and talk about TV programs a lot. They have become pals.
It means a lot for my father to have a friend outside of his immediate family members and for my mother to have a much-needed break. Thank you very much for sending such a wonderful caregiver."

Helen, client's daughter

"The contributions from Homeinstead  caregiving, including the  continued efforts to keep on top of the care industry has significantly impacted positively on our family life.
It has definitely recharged me, helped me, as the primary caregiver to get back into my routine program and keep fit so in turn I could be a passionate caregiver to my family.  My experience with all the staff has proved to be very professional, helpful and friendly; nothing was too much for the staff and no concern too small.  The staff concerned was very punctual, very conscientious and very alert at all times.  I miss her tremendously!!"


"I highly recommend Home Instead. I have dealt with both the Mississauga and Halton teams and they are both professional, organized and caring. For the last year, Mom's companion has been Michelle. Michelle has supported and helped Mom through her transition to a new facility and her challenging journey.
Thanks Michelle and Home Instead!"

Paul Lawson, client’s son

"Thank you all at Home Instead! The service was very professional from the start until long-term care placement of my mother who suffers with Dementia. The weekly visits by Lesya were always met with enthusiasm - very caring and helpful in her assistance - as I knew my mother was in good hands while in her care. More than a worthy mention to Cassandra who was very eager to help in coordinating assistance and making sure everything was going well and all too helpful in answering any (and many) questions. In hindsight, I don't know how I'd manage without the extra help from Home Instead. Thank you all. "

Stephan C, client’s son

"My husband has been dealing with health problems and I am still working full time, I am grateful for the help Home Instead have provided me. The care providers are very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They have been so reliable, I was able to leave for a two week visit to Australia to see my parents, knowing that he will be in good care. The Administrators are very experienced, it was never any hassle when we have to change the visiting time due to appointments and other engagements. In general, when I call to the office, it doesn't matter who answers the phone, I feel like they all know me and can't wait to assist me. That is a good feeling and I thank you."

Catherine Graney, client’s daughter

"We received assistance from Home Instead for our mother over the past few months. Our experience with both the care givers and Administrative staff has been extremely positive. Annie, Paul, Brenda and Cindy in the office have been very thorough - they got back to us very quickly and were extremely attentive to our needs. The Personal Care staff have been amazing - very caring and patient. Arleen in particular was extremely compassionate, considerate and skillful. Others too like Esther, Lucy, Lesley, Maria and Sonia were so very kind and caring. Thank you all! We are most grateful and would recommend you without hesitation. "

Kathy Furgala , client’s daughter

Thank you for all your help over the last few months. Home Instead has been a wonderful organisation to deal with. You, in particular, were a great support to me. Any request that I have made has been handled expeditiously and graciously. The workers we have had have been very competent and treated my family with loving care. Always prompt and willing for any challenge. I'm not sure I would have been able to deal with all the issues I had without the support you provided.
Thank you again and I will ask for Home Instead in the future.

Joe T., client

Home Instead gave my husband and I a much needed rest from caring for my 93 year old mother who has dementia. With their help we are able to keep her in her home, which she has lived in for over 50 years. The CAREGivers are excellent, and the staff of home instead was always able to accommodate our requests. This is a valuable service provided as it effects the well being of an entire family. We are so thankful for the excellent service provided. Liliana La Torre


Home Instead was there for us when we needed them most. They were attentive, friendly and supportive. Even when we didn't give much notice, they delivered every time. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of an extra hand, extra eye or extra friend.


The first time we used Home Instead Senior Care was at an extremely stressful time. With my brother, who was ill, and 97 year old mother, care was urgently needed. The CAREGivers were excellent. Their easy manner, willingness to work with us, knowledge and sense of humour gave me peace of mind allowing me to function in my daily life. My job would have been at risk if I did not have the level of care that I could rely on with Home Instead. Paul Alavathil's easy manner, sense of humour and quick responses to the difficulties that presented themselves allowed me to continue with my daily life seamlessly. We now have Home Instead again to care for my 98 year old mother. Esther, our present CAREGiver is a joy to have. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile ... however her manner with my mother gives her the feeling she is being visited by a friend instead of "handled". My mother looks forward to her visits each week with anticipation. 

Jackie Amable

Holly is very good and dependable, very friendly and nice to talk to. All around a good companion and CAREGiver.

Stella O, client

Thank you for all that you have done to get services in place for my mom. I returned from vacation and was thrilled to hear that she is happy with everything about Home Instead. It is such a relief for me, as I was really concerned with her situation. When I spoke with her this afternoon, her voice even sounded stronger. Mom proceeded to tell me about all that is being done for her, like the meal preparation and how well it is going. I can't thank you enough.
By the way mom also remarked on how lovely and compassionate you are, so I thought I would pass that along as well. Thank you again,


Home Instead has provided us with service that has been flexible to the needs of our loved one with dementia.  The CAREGivers have been knowledgeable, kind and it has been reassuring to know that our mom is with staff that care for her hygiene, keep her mind occupied and gently provide her with reassurance and companionship on a consistent basis.  I think the people that work in this field have a special ability to be in tune to the needs of seniors and for that I am very appreciative.


Home Instead has provided quality care for my father the past 10 months. All the staff have been helpful, professional and caring. They've done a good job of matching CAREGivers to suit my father's needs and his personality. They've arranged escorts for doctor's visits and excursions. I highly recommend this service. 

John Figg

Home Instead has provided us with reliable and compassionate care for 3 of our elderly family members over the past few years. We have wonderful CAREGivers for our mother right now and without this service my mother would not be able to stay in her home. We have called a few times (even on week-ends) for last minute unexpected care that my mother needed and they have always been able to get back to us right away and provide last minute caregiving for us. What really makes a difference for us is that we know our mother is being cared for and looked after and that is a welcomed relief.  They are responsive to our calls and emails and have really listened and therefore provided wonderful care to the specific needs of our elderly family members. We are truly grateful and appreciative and we would not hesitate to recommend Home Instead to anyone looking for in home caregiving.


I wish to commend you and your staff for being an outstanding organization. When I first called back in late October 2011, I needed a companion/helper for my mother who lived in her own home in Mississauga. You and Karen and your team took the information I gave you and matched her with Devianee. It was a match made in heaven.
My mum passed away January 24, 2012, and although Deviannee's time with my mum was short (less then 3 months), she was the absolute, hands-down, best CAREGiver for my mum in what turned out to be her final months.
Devianee was compassionate, caring, attentive, funny ... she knew when to leave my mum for  while, and when to come back. She truly cared for my mum and that made all the difference to her - and to me, giving me great peace of mind on the other side of Toronto.
Karen , our contact with your agency, was also outstanding. She kept in touch regularly, and when it seemed in January that my mum was fading, was already looking for extra help for her to stay in the home.
Yours is the fourth agency I have dealt with in the past year. If I can offer any advice to families looking for help for their loved ones , it is this: Go straight to HOME INSTEAD ... do not pass go... do not bother to contact other agencies. Your team is the best.
With much gratitude for Devianee's care, and you and your agency.


Our elderly mother has been the recipient of the most wonderful care provided by two kind and compassionate CAREGivers. Her face lights up at the sight of these two “angels” who are there to provide personal care and companionship. As a direct result of their excellent care, our mother has improved dramatically in both her spirits and health. Her quality of life has improved substantially. We can’t thank these wonderful CAREGivers enough!

The Griffiths Family
Humber Heights

Dear Home Instead Senior Care,
As usual, thank you again. Your company continues to respond and act so quickly to our mothers changing needs. I don't know what we'd do without it!
We also appreciate the help and regular Quality Assurance visits from your Registered Nurse, Belinda. I feel great that she will be seeing my mother on a weekly basis to monitor her care and check in with my mother's CAREGivers.

Judith Family

I can't tell you how incredibly grateful we are to have Maria's help. She is truly a Godsend to our family! She has developed a really wonderful relationship with my mom, who looks forward to seeing her on the evenings that she is there. It is so clear that she has respect for my mom and understands her need for privacy and dignity.
I had been so stressed out prior to having Maria as my mom's CAREGiver... now I feel such relief in knowing that someone who truly cares is spending quality time with my mom, giving both my dad and myself a much needed break in the evenings. Not only does Maria have this great relationship with my mom, but she has had continued success in all aspects of the cleaning / bathing / changing routine at night (an area where previous caregivers had had no success at all). What a load off our minds this has been! Even my kids comment regularly on how awesome Maria is with Nanny.
Recently when I was driving down the street with my kids, we happened to see Maria and my mom walking near her Church. We noticed how they were stopping to look at different plants and flowers, clearly having a nice conversation, and my mom had such a happy look on her face. Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes.
There are often times when my mom is very tired in the evening and doesn't feel like doing much... Maria is so respectful of that and finds wonderful mellow things to do with her such as reading poetry to her, sitting on the porch looking at the cars driving by... simple things that my mom really enjoys. On the nights when my mom is feeling more up to it, Maria continues to engage her in great activities like baking, art, board games, etc.
Thank you to Home Instead Senior Care, and in particular Maria, for making our lives so much easier, and for caring for my mom the way I would care for her myself. I will be grateful forever!! It's very difficult to find the words to express this gratitude, but hopefully you will understand. We couldn't possibly have found anyone better than Maria!

Markland Woods

When we moved our aunt, who has dementia, from her retirement residence in one city to another to be closer to her family, it was a difficult adjustment for her. Fortunately, a dedicated team of HomeInstead CAREGivers provided her with continuing support for the many weeks it required for her to become comfortable in the new surroundings. Through memory challenges and mood swings, they were empathetic, caring and conscientious, providing her with patient companionship and reassurance.
Home Instead of has been a real blessing to our family!

Corinne & Dave

Dear Greg and all the staff of Home Instead Senior Care..... Our family will always be grateful for the wonderful help rendered to Mother in her home in the time of her declining health. Her doctor observed that he felt that she would not likely have lived as long or as well as she did without the care provided the Home Instead Caregivers

M. Copeland

Stephanie knows how to deal with challenging situations by encouraging Felicia with good common sense mixed with humour.... I feel that Stephanie demonstrates an almost maternal feeling for Felicia and I know that Felicia thinks the world of Stephanie

R. Armitage

Jennifer was fabulous, and gave my dad and us a quality of life that we wouldn't have been able to enjoy.  I wouldn't have been able to be with him as I was if it were not for her.... she truly cared for my dad and he really grew to love and trust her like none other. She gave him absolutely the best care, and he looked at her with hopeful eyes to make him as comfortable as possible.

L. Ball

All testimonials presented o​n this page are all from clients in the Etobicoke and Mississauga area.

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