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2016 CAREGiver of the Year Bev

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rsz_1image1.jpgLet us tell you about Bev and why we have selected her as our Caregiver of the year!  Bev became a CAREGiver in January 2012 and has provided over 4000 client service hours. She has cared for over 50 different clients; one client received over 900 hours of Bev’s tender loving care throughout her highly advanced Alzheimer’s disease.  Three clients have received over 400 hours of Bev’s care helping them to manage life through advancing dementia involving hoarding, Parkinson’s disease, and high anxiety.  Our team has learned to place Bev where dementia and anxiety required a diplomatic Caregiver or in palliative and high need situations requiring the most sensitive touch.  When a 105-year-old fully vision and hearing impaired woman needed care and had no family to visit, we sent Bev.  Similarly, when a younger senior living with Cerebral Palsy had emerging psychosis and had no family or a power of attorney declared, we depended on Bev to ensure that all contact was handled with utmost professionalism and accountability.

Humility, diplomacy, attention to detail and devotion to our company make Bev our most outstanding CAREGiver this year.

Bev grew up on a farm south of the city as one of four daughters to her farming parents.  Her mother was one of the first women to acquire her driving license in the area.

Bev and Charles had already raised two lovely daughters and enjoyed grandkids and full careers before we met them and through it all, they had kept their feet on the ground.  Disciplined health habits, camping and physical activity outdoors along with regular involvement in the community had produced a foundation of maturity and character.

Bev brought experience in homemaking and secretarial skills; she crochets, quilts, gardens, cooks and mastered a career as a proficient legal secretary.   As time went on we learned more about Bev’s generosity and thoughtfulness:

• She provides support and respite for her sister’s husband who lives out of town.  He is caring for Bev’s sister during her decline with Alzheimer’s disease.

• Every year Bev and Charles volunteer for our Be A Santa To A Senior.  In fact when Santa is present Chuck isn’t, so…

• Bev consistently makes it a priority to attend her client’s memorials.  Chuck drives and they often deliver the memorial card and order of service to our office to help our admin staff be connected to the event.  She has also offered to take the same material to hospital units when her client had spent extended time in their care.


Bev instantly became highly regarded by our administrative staff and clients as one of the most disciplined, kind hearted caregivers we've ever employed.  Our administrative team offered the following statements about Bev to describe why she deserves recognition as the most outstanding CAREGiver of the year:

• She displays humility as she serves others • Bev shows respect to all of her clients and in return receives respect.

• Bev sees the whole person and embraces the opportunity to connect in each moment • Bev displays acts of giving to admin staff and the company as a whole.

• She humbly views each client interaction as a gift • Bev is highly professional in her communication, documentation, and understanding of policy.

• She often stretches her availability and accepts undesirable shift locations and times in order to see the client started and served, including serving smoking clients, overnight shifts, and other challenging situations.

• Bev actively represents Home Instead in the community, recruits and refers consistently.


It’s all in the details!  When Bev learns that she has a new client she studies the care plan, highlighting and underlining to internalize all the big and small details, preparing herself with a toolkit of possible approaches to each situation that could arise.  She is a researcher and her ears are attentive at all times, listening to learn how she can better serve.

Bev arrives polished and ready to engage her client with tact and the highest of manners.  She knows exactly what will need to get done during the shift and has a mental map of options ready to draw upon.  She has strategies ready for how she will accomplish all the required tasks and ways to squeeze in time to provide value added attention to the client, their home or family.

Some of the clients Bev has served were very advanced in terms of disability, and several have required end of life care.  In these cases, Bev has been a gracious gift to these families, entering into her client’s world through keen observation skills and delicate nonverbal communication.

(Helen) can confidently assign Bev to clients where anxiety has become extremely high.  This is a common experience for clients when disability and personal loss escalates and particularly when cognitive loss is also at play.  Some family members also display high anxiety, which calls for refined CAREGiving skills.


Bev doesn't get excited unless the situation clearly calls for a joyful celebration.   She stays calm.  Bev is neutral.  It is never about Bev when she is on duty.  This is diplomacy.

Diplomacy is rooted in a commitment to serve compassionately and sacrificially, regardless of the person’s loss of ability, social grace or cognitive acuity.  Bev brings a determined focus on the person’s essential loveliness, their uniqueness, their basic dignity as a person.  The golden rule guides her caring; she serves in a way she would want to be served if the same disease took over her own body.

Honestly, Bev is the type of caregiver who could serve a queen.  She is a diplomat in all situations, consistently withholding her own voice, interest, and emotion.  Bev makes herself invisible simply focusing all of her energy on the person before her.  Gratitude is her daily attitude.  Each client a gift; each shift a privilege.

Balancing professional boundaries and personal connection she diplomatically leads.  As an ambassador of our quality team of CAREGivers, Bev quietly and thoughtfully models serving others as a way of life, enabling Home Instead Senior Care to provide clients and families with care that exceeds their expectations. We can think of no better candidate for this year’s Mary Steibel CAREGiver of the Year Award than Bev Andres.

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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