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CAREGiver of the Month 

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family.

Our CAREGivers make a difference in the lives of seniors in the in Etobicoke area.

At global level, Home Instead, Inc. recognizes regional CAREGivers of the Year and one special CAREGiver who shows exceptional dedication is the recipient of the national award — The Mary Steibel CAREGiver℠ of the Year Award.

This program inspires CAREGivers to strive for excellence. It creates a sense of pride and rewards their hard work, compassionate care and service to others.

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior woman unload groceries from vehicle

CAREGiver of the Month Etobicoke

David was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during June 2022

June 2022 - David

David: Companionship Can Be Key to Brightening a Day

Sometimes companionship and conversation will put a client at ease, and that’s what Home Instead® Care Professional of the Month David Alad tries when the circumstances seem just right for uplifting a spirit.

“Overall, things are OK with my client,” David said. “Sometimes it is difficult, but that is not unexpected with any senior. Sometimes they just don’t feel the best, and I understand. I do my best to make the person happy. I try to gently coax him into talking, and by talking with him, I want to make him feel happy.”

Explaining that a friendly exchange benefits both the Care Pro and the client, David added: “What I like most about my Home Instead job is when I help someone, and they acknowledge my efforts and say, ‘Thank you.’ While it makes me feel good, my expectations are never to wait for that ‘thank you.’ But to see a client who is happy, that is something that makes me happy.”

David joined Home Instead of Etobicoke about a year ago after he learned of owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning franchise through a friend. “I was a family caregiver for both a grandparent and parent,” said David, a native of Ghana.

Focusing on Home Instead’s training, processes and procedures of successful caregiving helped David achieve the Care Pro of the Month award. Home Instead Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Nicole Danilko announced David’s Care Pro honour for June. Empathy and compassion are taken into account for the award, as well as skill and wisdom for dealing with challenging situations. Nicole noted that David embodies Home Instead’s guiding principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

In addition to his strong companionship skills, David provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication re-minders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. David offers personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility.

By expertly doing so, David and his fellow Care Pros not only assist their clients, but help their families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

David loves being a part of the Care Pro team for the Toronto-area franchise, a member of the highly successful Honor and Home Instead network. Honor is the world’s largest home care network with the most advanced care platform, revolutionizing how society cares for older adults, their families and Care Pro. Honor acquired Home In-stead in 2021, and the combined company supports the work of more than 100,000 Care Pro across 13 countries and meets the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families worldwide.

Yemisi was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during May 2022

May 2022 - Yemisi

Yemisi Is Dedicated to Providing Magnificent Care

Yemisi, also known "Yemi" to many of her Home Instead® clients and their families, has been a monument to consistent, compassion and skilled care for the past eight years while serving seniors on behalf of the awardwinning Home Instead franchise in Etobicoke that is owned by Brenda Enright.

To salute Yemisi's dependable and invaluable efforts, Home Instead Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Nicole Danilko announced that Yemisi has been honoured as the franchise's Care Professional of the Month for May. Yemisi, who loves working overnight shifts and long hours, is a Personal Support Worker (PSW) who has been working for Home Instead since 2014.

Home Instead Key Player Assistant Cecilia Dela Cruz praised Yemisi's empathy and never ending patience. "Over the years,"Cecilia pointed out, "Yemisi has dedicated her magnificent care to her clients, especially those who suffer from dementia. Yemisi is very compassionate and enjoys keeping her clients engaged and making a difference in their lives every day.”

Cecilia noted: "Yemisi always advocates for her clients' care needs and provides support to their families as well.”

"Yemisi is a very hardworking Care Pro,"Cecilia added, "and always has a smile on her face in spite of any challenging situations. She's a true perfect example of a Care Pro who represents Home Instead's guiding principles of ‘Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.' ”

Yemisi loves being a part of the Care Pro team for the Etobicoke area franchise, a member of the highly successful Honor and Home Instead network. Honor is the world's largest home care network with the most advanced care platform, revolutionizing how society cares for older adults, their families and Care Pros such as Yemisi. Honor acquired Home Instead in 2021, and the combined company supports the work of more than 100,000 Care Pros across 13 countries and meets the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families worldwide.

Eva was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during April 2022

April 2022 - Eva

Eva: "Being a Caregiver Has Been The Most Rewarding Part of My Life"

After 25 years of professional caregiving – including the past six years with Home Instead® of Etobicoke – Eva regrets absolutely nothing about her career path. She welcomes all challenges, including providing personal care, working with those with special needs, encountering all kinds of medical conditions and assisting appropriately, as well as persevering during the many phases of dementia behaviour.

"Being a caregiver has been the most rewarding part of my life. I had always appreciated that caregiving isn't a simple task, and I realized after I joined the profession just how tough the job really is. It's not a part time job; it's a full time job that demands full attention. The hardest part is when clients become incontinent. I have had to address personal care issues numerous times during a day. Somehow, I still have always loved my job. Most days, I have had the patience, love and strength to pull through to another day," Eva said.

"The smiles and laughter I received in return for my efforts are enough of a ‘thank you' for me," said Eva, who has worked as a caregiver in several countries. She came to Canada in 2010 as a member of the live-in caregiver program. In 2015, Eva worked for the Red Cross in community home care before being referred to the award winning Home Instead franchise by a friend in 2016. In April 2022, Home Instead Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Nicole Danilko announced Eva had been honoured as the franchise's Care Professional of the Month.

The Home Instead staff, led by franchise owner Brenda Enright, noted Eva is reliable, arrives for work on time and fulfills all of her duties in a timely manner. They added: "Eva respects her clients' privacy and dignity. She always tries her best to make our clients and their family members happy by giving them the best care."

An observer asked Eva about her job satisfaction, and she said: "What I like most about my job is that I have the opportunity to have a personal interaction with different clients and family members. I also have the opportunity to help people in their most vulnerable and unexpected moments. I like being able to help my clients remain comfortably at home. I provide the comfort of companionship for those who need it. Finally, I like the ease of a flexible schedule."

Semira was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during November 2021

November 2021 - Semira

Semira: Helpful, Friendly Attitude Always Wins the Day

Semira said her goals for working for award-winning Home Instead® of Etobicoke are simple enough: “I am willing to help out people. I am friendly and helpful.” Words are one thing – actually following through for up to 12 hours at a time is something else. The challenges sometimes are many and can vary as widely, but Semira always is up to the task.

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran said Semira is one of the franchise’s best when he announced she was selected as CAREGiver of the Month. Among the considerations for achieving CAREGiver of the Month status, an employee has shown he or she has gone above and beyond the call of duty when circumstances clearly required it. Empathy and compassion are taken into account for the award, as well as skill and wisdom for dealing with challenging situations. Semira embodies Home Instead’s guiding principles of  ‘Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.’

In addition to her strong companionship skills, Semira provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. Semira and other Etobicoke CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, Semira and the Ontario CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their clients’ families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

To build on their knowledge and experience, Semira and other CAREGivers are offered the opportunity to increase their dementia-care skills by taking part in the Home Instead network’s one-of-a-kind training protocol. Home Instead’s Person-Centred Care Training for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for incorporating the evidence-based dementia-care practice recommendations in these topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centred care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviours and communication.

Semira was honoured one year after she joined Home Instead of Etobicoke. “I found out about the position from my friend Sadie, who works for this company. Semira has been certified as a PSW (Personal Support Worker). When asked if she was also a family caregiver, Semira succinctly said: “I am a grandparent,” meaning she takes care of people in a wide range of ages.

Semira loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for owner Brenda Enright’s Etobicoke franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States. The Home Instead network is the world’s leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 90 million hours of care annually throughout Canada, the United States and 12 other countries. Semira is among more than 100,000 CAREGivers, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead’s purpose.

Lamlat was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during October 2021

October 2021 - Lamlat

Lamlat’s Shower Assistance Wins The Day With Reluctant Client

Home Instead® CAREGiver of the Month Lamlat agrees: Persuading a person with dementia to bathe can be challenging. The senior may be uncomfortable when such personal-care assistance is offered. He or she may be afraid of the water; the senior may not believe in a need to bathe or may find it an intimidating experience. For Lamlat, one situation was even more difficult because it was the first time a client had been assisted by a professional senior-care specialist. But the compassionate Lamlat was up to the task.

“I was the first CAREGiver assigned to this client. He had reservations, but with my experience and patience, his spouse and I were able to overcome his fright for shower. To complicate the matter further, the client occasionally presents with a fear sickness where he suddenly goes pale or has ‘cold seizures,’ ” said Lamlat, who joined Home Instead® of Etobicoke four months ago. Pointing to Lamlat’s successes, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Lamlat had been honoured as CAREGiver of the Month for October.

More than providing assistance with bathing, dementia challenges and cognitive impairment support, Lamlat and other CAREGivers also offer help with eating, grooming, dressing, incontinence care, hospice support and mobility assistance. By expertly doing so, Lamlat not only assists her clients, but helps her families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

Lamlat’s skill and empathy immediately caught the eye of the Home Instead office staff. Experience is a big factor in Lamlat’s success. “Back home in Nigeria,” she said, “I had direct contact with patients through volunteering at my spouse’s hospital. My husband is a surgeon.” Lamlat is a 2002 graduate of the Polytechnic, Ibadan, in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Referring to owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning franchise, Lamlat said: “I found Home Instead through a friend, Esther Tade, who talks so highly of the organization and staffs. She caught my interest and made me decide to work with the positive-oriented teams. The Home Instead workplace is a relaxing and productive environment. It is a healthy, positive atmosphere.”

Lamlat is among more than 100,000 CAREGivers worldwide, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead’s purpose. It isn’t hard to see Lamlat lives the Home Instead principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

Colomba was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during September 2021

September 2021 - Colomba

A Friend Was Right: CAREGiver Job Fit Colomba Perfectly

Colomba credits her best friend Cristiana for giving her a fruitful lead for finding her next job, a position with Home Instead®. That employment suggestion came a little more than 2½ years ago, and Colomba quickly and successfully grew into the job. She recently was the Etobicoke franchise’s selection for its CAREGiver of the Month honour.  

“When Cristiana referred me to Home Instead, she said I would be good at the job because I have the personality for it and I have the family caregiving experience of helping my parents. Cristiana was right – I love my job,” said Colomba, who started first at Home Instead of Kitchener-Waterloo before settling in at Etobicoke. Brenda Enright owns the Etobicoke franchise and co-owns the Kitchener-Waterloo franchise with Greg Bechard. Both are award-winning Ontario franchises. Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Colomba’s honour.

Referring to her previous senior-care experience, Colomba explained: “My personal background is with my parents and anyone else who needs help.” She points this out: “I help with the care of my parents, who are not in good health. Mom has diabetes, heart problems and Alzheimer’s disease. She also is suffering from the effects of a stroke. My dad has diabetes, heart problems and cancer.”

With her mother in mind, Colomba suggested to her Facebook friends that she wanted a special birthday present last March. “I asked for donations to Alzheimer Society of Canada. I chose the nonprofit because its mission means a lot to me, and I was hoping my friends would consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me.” The Alzheimer Society is Canada’s leading nationwide health charity for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The society offers information, support and education programs; funds research to improve care and find a cure; promotes education and awareness; and influences public policy and decision-making.

Home Instead CAREGivers, of course, work on the front lines with those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Praising her employer, Colomba said: “Home Instead is a fair company, and the office staff members are always there when we need them. They are very friendly. I enjoy going to work.”

Colomba never forgets the seniors she serves, and their family members also are important to her. “I am still in contact with people from Kitchener. We call one another and send pictures. They have come to Etobicoke to see me, and one is a Facebook friend,” Colomba said.  

Referring to the daughter of a client, Colomba said: “Jean always tells me I am the sister she never had. She looks forward to seeing me. One client shared her story of coming to Canada and my first contact with her. She had many stories, including stirring ones about when her family was living during war times. We’ve cried and laughed and grew together and bonded.”

For Colomba and her fellow CAREGivers in Etobicoke, touching lives impacts their souls, whether they are providing physical help such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders or personal care or if they are offering emotional support in a companionship role.

Amandeep was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during August 2021

August 2021 - Amandeep

Amandeep had heard about owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning franchise through a friend, who gave Home Instead high marks. “My friend has been working with Home Instead since last year, and she informed me about Home Instead,” said Amandeep, who was selected as Home Instead’s Caregiver of the Month for August. Amandeep is a perfect fit for Home Instead. Amandeep has a personal touch with her care, and it’s easy to see she had developed a deep empathy for seniors because she had assisted an elderly relative. “My experience as a family caregiver is good. I took care of my grandmother. She has dementia, and she did not like to perform activities of daily living. So, when I was with her, I guided her in everything and supported her in activities of daily living,” Amandeep said. Using her skills and compassion is one reason Amandeep is working for Home Instead. Job flexibility and excellent office managers are other reasons. “As a Home Instead CAREGiver, I mostly like the response from my coordinators. They are very cooperative and helpful, and they are good communicators,” Amandeep explained.

“My favourite story about a Home Instead client is my first one. When I started working with him, he was very cooperative. His wife liked me, too. She wanted me to assist her husband for a long time. But unfortunately, he had to go in long-term care. But that was the most wonderful client for me,” said Amandeep, pointing to the bonding and trust that CAREGivers build with their clients and their family members.

Joke was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during July 2021

July 2021 - Joke

Caregiving Drama: Joke Saved Her Client’s Life

The remarkable scene was like one from a television reality show that features rescue workers. In this tense situation, CAREGiver of the Month Joke Adigun emerged as the hero after she quickly reacted when she found her Home Instead® client unresponsive.

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran explained: “Joke took the lead, knew what to do, immediately provided CPR and called the paramedics. Joke managed to revive the client, who had a pulse when the paramedics arrived.”

That is among the reasons why Joke is a CAREGiver of the Month for Home Instead of Etobicoke, an award-winning franchise owned by Brenda Enright. While Joke is quick-thinking, skilled and compassionate, she is humble to a fault. For those who know Joke, she truly is viewed as a reluctant hero. Getting Joke to recount the lifesaving episode to others is next to impossible, but she clearly is not slow to speak when she’s relaying client information.

Luckshan pointed out: “Joke always takes the lead with communicating with our Home Instead office and being proactive in all matters concerning her clients and their families. She took the lead with ensuring the client was always well, When client was out of medication and food in the home, Joke made sure to advocate for this client and called office many times to make sure clients received the things she needed.”

Joke also has served as a family caregiver, which was the genesis for entering professional senior care. “She took care of her grandma. I can tell you that her self-sacrificing service for her senior loved one is something that sparked her interest in caring for the elderly,” Luckshan offered.

Luckshan added: “Joke is willing to do anything she is asked, is very patient, stays calm and likes to reason with people when faced with conflict. Her references say she is a hard worker who is very friendly and works well with the elderly.”

For Joke and her fellow Etobicoke CAREGivers, touching lives impacts their souls, whether they are providing physical help such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders or personal care or if they are offering emotional support in a companionship role.

Joke is among more than 90,000 CAREGivers worldwide, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead’s purpose. It isn’t hard to see Joke lives the Home Instead principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

Modupeola was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 202

June 2021 - Modupeola

Modupeola Started Fast, Has Never Stopped

In January, Modupeola appeared suddenly like a shooting star on Canada’s vast northern horizon. Home Instead® clients and their family members couldn’t help but take notice of Modupeola’s shining caregiving skills and positive personality at the award-winning Home Instead franchise in Etobicoke that is owned by Brenda Enright.

By June, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Modupeola had been honoured as CAREGiver of the Month.

Modupeola’s arrival and instant success generated some questions:

Question: How did Modupeola pick up her successful attributes?
Modupeola: “My experience and passion cut across all age brackets. If it is about caring for people, you can count on me being involved.”

Question: Was Modupeola a family caregiver?
Modupeola: “I have always had the privilege of taking care of a grandparent.”

Question: Where did Modupeola hone her professional senior-care skills?
Modupeola: “The answer to that is that my background included my work at the Weston Gardens Retirement Residence. I am proud to say I served seniors there.”

Question: What about Home Instead?
Modupeola: “Home Instead is a very good place to work. Everything about my job with Home Instead has been awesome because they are always ready to give a listening ear in terms of communication. That is a huge plus.”

Question: Tell us about the secret or secrets to being a CAREGiver of the Month?
Modupeola: “Just being myself. I’d also like to add that focusing on Home Instead’s training, processes and procedures of successful caregiving helped.”

Modupeola loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for Brenda’s Etobicoke-area franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world’s leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout the Canada and 13 other countries.

In addition to her strong companionship skills, Modupeola provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. Modupeola and other CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility assistance. By expertly doing so, CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

For Modupeola, touching lives impacts her soul, whether she’s providing physical help such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders or personal care or if she is offering emotional support in a companionship role. Modupeola is among more than 90,000 CAREGivers worldwide, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead’s purpose. It isn’t hard to see Modupeola lives the Home Instead® principles of “Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart.”

Sunny  was awarded Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2021

May 2021 - Sunny

Sunny’s Journey to Registered Nurse Status Includes Assistance for Home Instead Clients

Life is “full speed ahead” for Sunny as he advances toward his goal of becoming a registered nurse. When he’s not busy working to that end, Home Instead® of Etobicoke and its clients have greatly benefited from Sunny’s skills and empathy, so much so that Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Sunny’s CAREGiver of the Month honour.

Sunny is an internationally educated nurse from India who worked for five years in the orthopedic and pediatric departments at the federal government hospitals in New Delhi. He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), one of his final steps toward becoming a Canadian registered nurse.

“I landed in Canada as an international student and was looking for meaningful job opportunities in the health-care field. A close friend who was working in Vancouver with Home Instead told me about Home Instead’s CAREGiver position. As I thought about it, I believed working as a CAREGiver would provide an opportunity to understand the Canadian health-care system. As a result, I applied at the Etobicoke Home Instead franchise and started working as a CAREGiver,” said Sunny, who joined owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning office in February 2020.

“This Home Instead CAREGiver job has helped me understand the complex needs of seniors of our community. I also have polished attributes such as compassion and empathy, which will be helpful for me in the future as I prepare to flourish as a registered nurse.”

Before coming aboard at Home Instead, Sunny was no stranger to senior care, having already accumulated a vast amount of family-caregiving experience. “I spent major time in taking care of elders in my family. I have taken care of my grandparents and parents throughout their illnesses and hospitalization phases. I make an extra effort to take care of their special needs and remain aware of their physical limitations during such times,” Sunny said.

He added: “Professionally, I have always made sure to be attentive, empathetic and caring for my clients. It is never a burden to do a little extra effort for the seniors who need caring.”

Sunny was putting his compassion to work at a Salvation Army thrift store before he applied at Home Instead. “At Home Instead, the flexibility of working hours is the most convenient and satisfying factor. I get to choose my schedule, and the team is always there to help us with our assignments. During my year and three months with Home Instead, it has felt great to be part of this company,” he said.

Sunny has worked with many Home Instead clients during the past year, and he said the most memorable time was working with a family at an Etobicoke retirement residence. Sunny explained: “The client’s family members were very supportive, loving, attentive and inclusive. They were very involved with the care of their father and took regular care updates. They were very open to suggestions, and it helped us to make sure the best care is provided to our client. The memorable thing was the words of appreciation given by the client and his family about me to the Home Instead office. It helps me to remember to, ‘Never tire of doing what is good.’”  

Sunny loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for Brenda’s Etobicoke-area franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world’s leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout the Canada and 13 other countries.

Bibi was chosen Best Caregiver in Etobicoke during April 2021

April 2021 - Bibi

Bibi Savors the Chance to Serve a World War II Veteran

Bibi knows she is a blessed Home Instead® CAREGiver. It is a rare senior-care professional nowadays who receives the opportunity to assist a World War II veteran – military personnel who fought world oppression sometime between 1939 to 1945 – and especially a woman who served in Her Majesty’s British Armed Forces.

“I am very privileged to be with my client, who shares her life experiences – personal and professional – because there are very few World War II veterans alive. I was honoured to see her military service pin issued by the British government. I am thrilled by the fact she imparts her knowledge to me and is the source of a wealth of information, including stories about immigrating to Canada on a ship,” said Bibi, who was named by Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran as the Home Instead-Etobicoke CAREGiver of the Month.

“I also am amazed we have so many similarities despite our age difference. We have like-minded interests. I love to hear her stories behind every piece of furniture as well as stories about her paintings, collectable items and antiques in her home.”

Speaking of a memorable day with her client, Bibi added: “With my client, it was extraordinary to see her delight when we went to a restaurant in fall of 2019 as I accompanied her in her wheelchair. We were laughing and talking during the meal and then went shopping.  For my client, it was such a happy moment to be able to do that. That measure of independence and normalcy was something we took for granted because we lost those things just months later when the COVID-19 pandemic came along.”

With one of her other clients, Bibi shares the same hobbies, including a wildlife activity of feeding birds and squirrels. “In fact,” Bibi said, “he gave me two bottles of seeds. We also share a love of collecting rock samples from various countries. I was thrilled that he felt comfortable enough with me to readily show picture albums of his family and allowed me to browse his collection of interesting books. I tended to his neglected house plants, and we talked about his travels, art and paintings.”

Bibi has been working part time with owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning Home Instead franchise for the past three years. “In 2018, I was going through personal and job-related issues. I very much needed a part-time job with flexibility. But the position had to be something meaningful, different and fulfilling in the health-care sector. I looked online and found Home Instead. I had worked with the elderly many years ago for a period of seven years, so I knew it was something I enjoyed. My professional background is nursing, but I put a pause on that in the recent year,” explained Bibi, who also has served as a family caregiver and always has felt comfortable with elderly family members. 

“In my early years, grandparents were not far away. We looked forward to visiting them, for the treats, just being in their presence and listening to their stories. It was quite fascinating. My maternal grandmother lived with us intermittently during my teenage years. It was imparted on me to respect our elders and all other elderly. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, my elderly mother spent time with us intermittently.” 

Bibi said her Home Instead job “is very rewarding.”

“It brings out traits of patience, empathy, compassion, calmness, excellent listening skills and problem-solving. It also is important to show interest and go above and beyond the call of duty. To me, all of those things are the fundamentals of caregiving. I want my clients to be happy and feel as if they are in a trusting, friendly and sociable setting when I am with them,” Bibi said.

“I am never too tired to listen or do good. I like to bring a smile to my clients’ faces, which in turn generates my own smiles.”

All Home Instead CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (416) 239-2200 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead, visit our website.

Tracey was awarded Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2021

March 2021 - Tracey

Tracey Ann strongly believes she has found her calling as a CAREGiver for Home Instead® of Etobicoke, and no one at the award-winning franchise would argue differently. In fact, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran recently announced Tracey Ann had been honoured as the franchise's CAREGiver of the Month for March.

Explaining what led up to her entry into professional senior care as a Home Instead CAREGiver in November 2020, Tracey Ann said: "My best friend, Sherma, works at the Home Instead Pickering office, and Sherma had first introduced me to the company in 2019. She had always been encouraging me to apply because she knows how caring and passionate I am about helping others, especially the elderly."

Referring to her earliest family caregiving experiences, Tracey Ann recalled: "From a young, tender age, I recall assisting my mother with taking care of my grandmother when my mother had to go to work. Usually, after school I would go home to feed my grandmother and keep her company until the rest of the family came home."

About 14 years ago, Tracey Ann had her sights set on becoming a care professional when she was in nursing school. "But after having my son, I decided to open my own daycare facility. In that situation, I was the sole caregiver for seven toddlers and newborns for about three years. After immigrating to Canada, I continued on this path where I worked as a caregiver-nanny for four years," Tracey Ann explained.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Tracey Ann had given serious thought to applying at Home Instead. When Tracey Ann at last sought to work at Home Instead and received a job offer, she said, "I was overwhelmed with joy as I strongly believe this is my calling and thus my God-given gift. Taking care of my clients gives me so much pleasure, and I have continued to see how my assistance allows seniors to remain in the comfort of their own homes."

Throughout her first four months at Home Instead, Tracey Ann said, she felt blessed to work with exceptional clients. "As a Home Instead CAREGiver," Tracey Ann said, "I really enjoy and take pride in how happy and comfortable I am able to make my clients feel." In addition to Tracey Ann's strong companionship skills, she provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands.

Tracey Ann and other Etobicoke CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, these Ontario CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their clients' families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

"I have been placed with numerous clients during the past four months with whom I have enjoyed working. However, I must say my favourite client has always expressed how much she appreciates my help and the work I do. She exclaims that she cannot thank me enough for making her feel safe and always having positive energy around her," Tracey Ann said.

Tracey Ann feels strongly about being a part of the CAREGiver team for owner Brenda Enright's Etobicoke franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world's leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout Canada and 13 other countries.

Janet was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2021

February 2021 - Janet

Janet, Home Instead Share the Same Vision

CAREGiver of the Month Janet and Home Instead® of Etobicoke are a match made in heaven.

"As a new immigrant who was trying to start my career in Canada, I searched for different jobs related to nursing as a caregiver. I found Home Instead, whose mission and vision aligned with my career path and passion. Fortunately, Home Instead had an opening, and there began my journey with Home Instead in 2011," Janet recalled.

Janet emphasized she has had a strong belief in Home Instead's core values, which are: "Honour God in all we do; Treat each other with dignity and respect; Encourage growth in ourselves and others; Build value in our service to others." Janet worked for Home Instead from 2011 to 2013 and returned to owner Brenda Enright's award-winning Ontario franchise two years ago.

Janet explained: "I have been practicing nursing for more than 30 years, starting from back home in Nigeria. I have also held nursing positions in multiple Caribbean countries before starting a nursing and caregiving career in Canada, where I have cared for individuals privately and in homes for more than nine years. I also practiced as a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in Ontario and just resigned from The College of Nurses of Ontario to concentrate on my caregiving job. As a family caregiver, I cared for my aging father back home for four years before he passed away as a result of old-age issues."

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Janet's honour as the franchise's CAREGiver of the Month for February 2021. In addition to Janet's strong companionship skills, Luckshan pointed out, she provides safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands.

Janet and other Etobicoke CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, the Ontario CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their clients' families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

Describing an impactful story that included a Home Instead client, Janet said: "It was fulfilling for me to help a client understand that it is OK to have limitations. Over time, it gave me joy to see her open up to receiving support. I also felt joy from building a level of trust where we shared several stories and a unique bond."

Janet feels strongly about being a part of the CAREGiver team for Brenda's Etobicoke franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world's leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout Canada and 13 other countries.

Janet is among more than 90,000 CAREGivers worldwide, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead's purpose. Luckshan said it is easy to see that Janet lives the Home Instead® principles of "Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart."

Pamela was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2021

January 2021 - Pamela

Client Changed Plans, Wanted to Stay With Pamela

It is fitting that Home Instead® of Etobicoke is celebrating the important theme of "Build Trust" during the month of January. Those two words are part of the Home Instead® principles of "Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart." That is exactly what CAREGiver of the Month Pamela does every day, and proof of that fact became crystal clear recently with a client.

Pamela's client had received a placement in a retirement home before the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the Toronto area. The family wanted her to move to the retirement home, and the client at first agreed. But she thought over her situation and changed her mind because she was happy with Pamela's care and no longer desired to go to long-term care. It was clear that Pamela's care for the client was a great influence on the decision. Pamela said: "I was very happy to make such an impact in someone's life."

After Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran announced Pamela's honour as CAREGiver of the Month, she told him, "The best thing about my job as a Home Instead CAREGiver is that the clients are very easygoing and are always smiling. The office is very quick to respond to questions or needs, and is always available. I love working with Home Instead."

Pamela has been a Personal Support Worker for eight years, and among her connections was the Red Cross. She has had a passion for being a caregiver since arriving in Canada. "I joined Home Instead in May 2019 after a friend who works at Home Instead told me good things about the company. With her encouragement and positive view of Home Instead, I applied with the company," Pamela said.

In terms of family caregiving, Pamela wholeheartedly gave her complete compassionate assistance to her sister, who had cancer and passed way shortly after Pamela became a CAREGiver. "I considered it an amazing the experience. It was nice to make my sister comfortable in the last final days," Pamela said.

Touching lives impacts Pamela's soul, whether she's providing physical help such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders or personal care or if she is offering emotional support in a companionship role.

She loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for Brenda Enright's award-winning Etobicoke franchise, a consistently strong member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world's leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout the Canada and 13 other countries.

Pamela is among more than 90,000 CAREGivers worldwide, and she has helped add to those numbers because of her strong belief in Home Instead's purpose. During a month when "Build Trust" takes on such importance at Home Instead of Etobicoke, it's not surprising to see Pamela lead the way. That's what a CAREGiver of the Month does.

Kemeria was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2020

December 2020 - Kemeria

Kemeria Is Praised as 'an Unwaveringly Consistent CAREGiver"

Faithful. Loyal. Steady. Dependable. Even-keeled. Reliable. Always compassionate. Positive personality. Unfailing. Kemeria is all of those things and more, and that"s why she is the CAREGiver of the Month in December for Home Instead® of Etobicoke.

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Luckshan Raveendran, in announcing Kemeria"s honor on behalf of the award-winning Home Instead franchise owned by Brenda Enright, noted these characteristics of Kemeria"s assistance with clients and their families:

  • "Kemeria has been very consistent with her shifts."
  • "She has open communication with our office."
  • "Kemeria is always ready to pick up shifts and is eager to help our clients."
  • "She is kindhearted, punctual, and always excited."

Luckshan elaborated further by saying: "Kemeria is willing to pick up even the one-hour shifts last minute. She has always been ready to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, which started in late February. All of our clients love her."

When Kemeria joined Home Instead on Aug. 29, 2018, the franchise had signed on an experienced senior-care professional and was glad to have her on its CAREGiver team of unsung heroes. Kemeria has been a Personal Support Worker (PSW) since 2014.

Luckshan also noted: "She is a hardworking, loving mother. If you ask her to describe herself, she"ll point out that family comes first, she is hardworking and that she is loyal. I"d like to add another word: humble. It"s tough to get her to talk about herself. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to music and cooking."

For her clients, Kemeria provides companionship safety assurance, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and transportation and errands. Kemeria and other CAREGivers offer personal assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, incontinence care, dementia support, cognitive impairment, hospice support and mobility. By expertly doing so, CAREGivers not only assist their clients, but help their families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish personal freedom.

For Kemeria, touching lives impacts her soul. She loves being a part of the CAREGiver team for the Etobicoke franchise, a member of a highly successful network founded in 1994 in the United States by Paul and Lori Hogan. The Home Instead network is the world"s leading provider of in-home care services for seniors, with more than 1,200 independently owned and operated franchises that provide more than 80 million hours of care annually throughout Canada and 13 other countries.

Kemeria is among about 90,000 CAREGivers, and she has helped add to those numbers because of his strong belief in Home Instead"s purpose. It isn"t hard to see Kemeria lives the Home Instead® principles of "Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart."

Beena was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2020

March 2020 - Beena

Beena is the perfect CAREGiver for a dementia client who is from India. Beena, a native of Nepal, can speak the client's language and easily understands her. Even more important, Beena communicates through compassion, which provides the best understanding during challenging behavioral situations.

To entice the client to get her necessary exercise, Beena will dance with the woman while playing music from the client's culture. "She likes music and reacts positively to it. I also play music whenever I need to lift her spirits because she responds to it," said Beena, an innovative and perceptive CAREGiver of the Month for Home Instead Sen-ior Care® of Etobicoke.

Beena arrived in Canada on Sept. 8, 2019, and joined owner Brenda Enright's award-winning Home Instead franchise in November 2019. "I heard about Home Instead Senior Care from a friend. I do well with seniors and wanted to work as a CAREGiver," said Beena, who lived with her grandparents as she grew up. Out of that experience, Beena followed a career path to nursing. Beena's total experience as a registered nurse is 15 years, which includes both her Certificate Level Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing. Beena completed her bachelor's degree in 2010. "To a certain extent, I was involved in the care of my grandparents. I'd come back from school, talk with them and help them. It was a great feeling to help them. That was one of the reasons I chose to be a registered nurse. I like to help others. My grandparents have passed away. My husband's grandmother has dementia."

Akua was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2020

February 2020 - Akua

When CAREGiver Akua was called to serve her first client in April 2019, the 96-year-old widow had just moved from a retirement home to long-term care, was depressed and withdrawn, and she would not eat. The client, in palliative care, was cognitive but indifferent to Akua's first visits.

"I worked on bonding with this person of spiritual faith and began reading the Bible to her with her permission, holding her hand and rubbing it. We'd sing hymns together. We also talked about her mother. I'd make a banana smoothie and she took her meds with that. She never wanted me to leave. In fact, she was asking me to stay right up to her final days. I was with her for three or four months, but I was not with her when she died," said Akua, who was honored as the February CAREGiver of the Month for Home Instead Senior Care® of Etobicoke.

A Health Care Aide called Akua when the client passed away because the Health Care Aide knew Akua and her client had a special bond. It was apparent Akua's light had shined brightly at the long-term care facility, and people had noticed. Akua is a Personal Support Worker who graduated at the top of her 2016 class with three honors of distinction. She works afternoon-to-evening shifts as a full-time weekday support worker at a school. Her CAREGiver job is perfect because the Home Instead schedulers are so flexible. "My Home Instead schedule changes when school is out. I take more caregiving hours. I can make the changes with adequate notice. Home Instead is very accommodating," Akua said.

Gloria was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2020

January 2020 - Gloria

CAREGiver of the Month Gloria will never forget her first two clients with Home Instead Senior Care® of Etobicoke after she joined owner Brenda Enright’s award-winning franchise in March. The clients were a husband and wife who brightened Gloria’s day as much as she brightened theirs with her cheerful assistance.

The 82-year-old husband, who had dementia and used a walker, told Gloria on a Monday, "You are the best thing that happened to me. I am so glad to see you come back". The client’s wife felt the same and confirmed his feeling: "My husband missed you during the weekend. Welcome back." Said Gloria: "They were wonderful."

Gloria had two-hour shifts at first, and the hours increased as time went by during the Monday-through-Friday routine. Gloria provided the light housekeeping for the wife, including laundry, and Gloria helped the husband with personal care. She also prepared breakfast for them. Gloria felt good about their appreciation for her assistance.

"The husband remembered my name, which was notable when you consider his dementia. I helped him shower twice a week. At first, showering was hard. Then I made sure I communicated with him and gave him the reasons why he should shower," Gloria said.

Sadly, the wife suffered a stroke, and the couple moved far away, so Gloria lost them. Of course, she misses them, but Gloria feels comfortable with her current set of four clients. She also embraces the Home Instead staff. "I like the job so much, and I really feel at home. Home Instead is like a family who understands you", she said

Lidiya was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2019

December 2019 - Lidiya

Congratulations Lidiya for being selected December’s CAREGiver of the Month!


The 82-year-old client doesn’t want CAREGiver of the Month Lidiya to leave when her eight-hour shifts are finished and sometimes gets upset when Lidiya prepares to go. While it is a sign of the bonding that has taken place with the client during the past four months, it also contrasts with Lidiya’s arrival, when she always introduces herself to the client. Lidiya said: "She remembers my face but not my name, but that is OK. She tells me, ‘I can’t remember.’ When she does recognize me, she says, ‘You do very good. I appreciate you.’

Such is the plight of those who suffer from dementia, something Lidiya understands as she assists the client with activities of daily living to help her remain at home with her husband. Lidiya provides medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care and companionship. "It's very hard for her to remember things in the short term. She asks to eat and then asks again because she’s forgotten she ate. When she asks again, and I get her cookies or toast."

"She uses a cane, and I hold her hand and we go very slowly. I help her to the restroom," explained Lidiya, who joined Home Instead Senior Care® of Etobicoke in January 2019. One of Lidiya’s friends, who worked for owner Brenda Enright’s Home Instead franchise as a CAREGiver, told Lidiya it was a nice senior-care agency.

I was a volunteer with my church group in India, and we helped seniors. I also volunteered in a hospital in India for 80 hours. After I graduated from college, I was able to increase my hours from 20 a week to 40, so there is flexibility with hours. I feel good about Home Instead. It’s a nice place, and I like the people."

Vivian was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2019

November 2019 - Vivian

Congratulations Vivian for being selected November’s CAREGiver of the Month!

Vivian has a long track record of providing compassionate caregiving. Many years before she was honored as CAREGiver of the Month for the award-winning Home Instead Senior Care® franchise in Etobicoke, Vivian served as a family caregiver for her grandmother and father.

Although Vivian never complained, she clearly made sacrifices to provide some of that personal care. For four years, Vivian traveled for four hours or longer to take care of her grandmother, staying for a week or more at a time. She served as part of a family rotation that helped the family’s matriarch, who had dementia and passed away at age 102. Vivian also assisted her father for 11 years before he died at age 62 of prostate cancer. "I am thankful that my mother is doing well," she pointed out.

Vivian became a registered nurse in her native Nigeria in 2009 and immigrated to Canada in 2017. Professionally, she has assisted people in need for about 15 years. In January 2019, she joined Home Instead Senior Care following an online job search. Eleven months later, she was honored as CAREGiver of the Month for the franchise owned by Brenda Enright.

Vivian said: "Helping the elderly and infirm gives me sincere pleasure. I am happy to make people happy. I have worked as a private-duty caregiver. I also worked with two home-care companies and spent nine months with a long-term care facility. Home Instead Senior Care is a very good place. It is highly organized."

Daljeet was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2019

October 2019 - Daljeet

Congratulations Daljeet for being selected October’s CAREGiver of the Month!

Daljeet, also known as Mona by her adoring clients John and Esther. She places great pride and value in the care that she provides.

In a very short period of time she has built trust with her clients by always being present and on time for her shifts. She is an amazing communicator and always involves her clients in decisions as they go about their daily routine.

Daljeet is very aware of potential challenges that may arise in her clients environment and she presents any concerns or challenges in an efficient, and clear manner. She is always looking for opportunities to take the lead and improve the quality of life for her clients.

Daljeet is not afraid to share her heart or her life with her clients. Her clients are very grateful for her openness and in turn love to share their own stories with Daljeet. This has helped Daljeet to maintain an open line of communication with both of her clients and has helped her to tackle some delicate, much needed conversations. Thank you, Daljeet!!

Daljeet in a short period of time has proven herself to be a strong, kind, supportive and efficient CAREGiver. Her clients and colleagues have a great deal of respect for Daljeet. We cannot wait to see what other amazing things Daljeet has to show us.

Cherry Don was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2019

September 2019 - Cherry Don

Congratulations Cherry Don for being selected September’s CAREGiver of the Month!

Cherry Don has been a valued member of our CAREGiver team for many years now. She is confident and has an excellent work ethic that certainly contributes to her success as a Home Instead CAREGiver.

Cherry Don willingly takes on our most challenging seniors that require extra patience, confidence and exceptional personal care skills. She has built trust with all her clients and their families time and time again. Staff from seniors residences have commented on Cherry Don’s exceptional level of care for their residents.

Taking the lead is especially important when working within a Home Instead CAREGiver team or at a residence. Cherry Don alerts others about changes in care needs and reports any concerns. She is very focused on providing the best possible care.

Cherry Don has such a good heart. Everyone of her seniors become like family to her. She takes the extra time to make all feel special in everything she does. Sharing her heart so willingly and her gentle caring nature is what makes Cherry Don such a gifted CAREGiver.

Shakshi was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2019

August 2019 - Shakshi

Shakshi has been instrumental in taking care of a client who resides at a long-term care center.

She builds trust with both residence staff and the office by being consistent with her shifts. This client’s family is not involved in his care and due to this Shakshi knows the importance of her role in his care.

Shakshi also takes the lead by being available at the last minute when the residence has had staffing shortages on their end. She is always ready to help out by switching around her own schedule.

Sharing her heart comes easily to Shakshi as she does her best to make her client’s days joyful and less monotonous. Her client relies on her companionship and they’ve built a good bond over the past few months.
Congratulations Shakshi!

Ravpreet was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2019

June 2019 - Ravpreet

"Ravpreet is a good girl. She takes good care of me. I’m so glad she is here."

- client

Congratulations Ravpreet for being selected as June’s CAREGiver of the month!
Ravpreet cares for a lady that requires overnight support. This is a time when our CAREgivers need to be alert and sensitive to potential anxiousness and disorientation. Dreams and darkness can cause seniors to be nervous. Ravpreet’s calm and reassuring personality throughout her shifts has been so appreciated. Building trust this way is so important to make our seniors feel safe and secure.

Taking the lead is imperative when working in a CAREGiver team, which can also include private CAREGivers. She is always reviewing the Care Plan and recording excellent notes to communicate with the team as well as the office staff. Seeing there was a need for an additional night of service, Ravpreet readily stepped up to ensure consistency with her senior’s care.

Sharing your heart is a quality that cannot be learned. Just naturally knowing what to say and how to speak is what Ravpreet does. Sharing the same language is also so appreciated by her senior. She is always polite and readily shares a smile.

Ravpreet you are a valued member of our CAREGiver team!

Nisha was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2019

May 2019 - Nisha

"Nisha is a very kind and caring person. She is helpful and encouraging."

– client

Nisha takes care of a lady client who has some challenging health issues.
The client was not able to walk when we first started to provide care for her 5 weeks ago. She has progressed and has gotten better with Nisha’s assistance. The client has had negative comments about her progress but Nisha has stayed focused on the care for her client. Nisha’s approach has been very encouraging through this time.

She builds trust by always being there for her client, she is on time and has been working well with other health care providers from LHIN. Nisha is always ready to give a constructive report and highlights any changes in her client’s condition.

She is very proud of her client’s achievement. Nisha takes the lead by doing daily exercises with the client even if the client is not feeling to do exercise.

Nisha shares her heart by the positive approach to her client.

Congratulations Nisha for your achievement!

Deyang was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2019

April 2019 - Deyang

"This is very well deserved! Deyang is an outstanding individual and is so appreciated by the entire family."

- client’s niece

Congratulations to Deyang for being selected as April’s CAREGiver of the month!

Deyang has been so appreciated by all her clients and their families. With one particular lady challenged with Alzheimer’s Disease, Deyang understood she needed to first build trust by being a support without being called a ‘CAREGiver’. She wisely introduced herself as a student needing to spend time with her in order to get a good grade. The lady was pleased to assist. The trust had been established.

Deyang takes the lead by being very intuitive noticing any changes in care needs with her seniors readily advising the office staff, family members and her CAREGiver team. This is so important to ensure we offer the best possible care for all of our seniors.

Watching Deyang comfort a lady who had just been told by a family member that her husband of over 60 years had passed away was truly touching. She genuinely shared her heart, her hugs and her tears with this lady. That takes a very special CAREGiver and Deyang is that special one.

Indira was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2019

March 2019 - Indira

"We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is like a part of our family. Mom always says how Indira is one step ahead of her. She loves this efficiency."

- client's daughter

Indira seems to build trust as soon as she walks in and meets her seniors. She is mature and confident which gives both our seniors and their families a sense of calm. Trust is something that can take time to build but each one of her seniors recognizes that all is well when Indira is present.

Taking the lead is such an important quality in a CAREGiver. Indira is such an advocate for her seniors. Just recently when one of her ladies was being frustrated by a service on the phone, Indira stepped in and spoke on her behalf. The senior was so relieved that all was sorted out for her. As she says, "Indira is one step ahead of her"

Indira is just so natural and approachable to all she meets. She shares her heart without a thought. She has the brightest smile that is so appreciated. Building relationships and being kind and personal makes our seniors feel so special. Indira certainly has a gift in working with seniors.

Congratulations Indira!

Mary was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2019

February 2019 - Mary

"Mary provides excellent care! She is a true companion and friend"

- client

Mary truly deserves to be recognized as our CAREGiver of the month for her many years of excellent care and service.

Each one of Home Instead’s guiding principle applies to Mary. Building trust is effortless. She is never late nor does she cancel her shifts at the last minute. This builds trust with her seniors and their families as well as ensuring we offer quality service and care. She carefully drives her seniors out in the community so they can get out and about.

Mary takes the lead by keeping the office advised of any changes with her seniors. Her seniors’ concerns are her concerns. Mary is very creative when issues arise and is willing to offer a solution that works for all.

Mary makes everyone of her seniors feel like they are family. She loves to shares her heart and does so without even realizing. Recently she brought in personal pictures from her home to share with her seniors. This was a very special for all.

Congratulations Mary for being selected as February’s CAREGiver of the Month!

Eva was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2019

January 2019 - Eva

"Eva is one of a kind!"

- client

Eva is one of our more tenured CAREGivers and knows how to relate to her clients based on their needs. She isn’t fearful of taking on challenges and this shows in the care that she provides.

Eva builds trust by making her clients a priority. Eva is always ready to be flexible and accommodate her clients if their needs have changed or if she needs to act in a time of emergency.

Eva takes the lead by always addressing any concerns that her clients or their families have. She is always determined to find a solution to resolve an issue and in doing so ensures that her clients are being well taken care of.

Eva shares her heart by simply sticking to the basics. She follows her client’s care plans and adds her own special flair to it. She has a very calm, gentle nature about her that makes it easier for those around her to trust her and be a little more adventurous.

Eva you are a blessing to Home Instead Senior Care and your clients and we are very proud to have you on our team!

Patty was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2018

December 2018 - Patty

"Patty is perfect. She does everything!"


- client

Patty has done a fabulous job building relationships with her clients. She looks at all the finer details and always strives to improve her clients’ quality of life.

Patty builds trust with her clients and the office by ensuring that she is always present when her clients need her. Situations arise … a senior goes to the hospital, they celebrate a milestone or perhaps her client is having a bad day. Patty makes herself available whatever the case regardless of whether it is part of her regular schedule. Her clients recognize this and appreciate her for this!

Patty takes the lead by incorporating a case management approach with all her clients. She doesn’t just look at the list of tasks she has to attend to but offers a care approach that addresses all aspects of her client’s life. In doing this, she has been able to truly improve her client’s physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

Patty is constantly sharing her heart when she is with her clients, she is patient, compassionate, and caring. She can relate to a wide range of life experiences and challenges as she is willing to be honest and open about her own life and truly shares her heart in a genuine and meaningful way.

Congratulations Patty!

Renee was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2018

November 2018 - Renee

"Renee has made my wife's transition to Memory Care from the hospital very smooth. Renee engages and stimulates her and maximizes her abilities."

- client’s husband

Renee builds trust with her client by simply just showing up every day for her shift and being on time. She ensures that her client sees her face every day and in doing so her client feels at ease when she knows it’s Renee who is caring for her.

Her client only just moved into a residence and initially was extremely resistant to the move.
Renee takes the lead by finding out what activities were taking place in the residence and made sure that her client had something special to do every day. If there wasn’t a particular activity that interested her client, Rene would make up one. She has spa days for her client and also sings and dances with her. In essence, Renee has become her client’s own recreation coordinator!

Renee shares his heart by investing her time and effort into things that truly matter for her client and her client’s husband. In this way, she adds meaning to everything she does and in turn puts a smile on her client’s face.

Navpreet was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2018

October 2018 - Navpreet

"She has provided such a relief to my family and I"

- client’s daughter

Navpreet is one of our well-loved CAREGivers and has truly provided excellent care to all her Seniors. Recently, Navpreet was able to Build Trust with one of her client’s families by offering to travel a far distance to take care of her client who was being moved to another location. Despite the travel time increasing for Navpreet, she was willing to still care for her client as she knew how important it was to both her client and their family.

Navpreet took the lead by adapting her approach when she was asked to change her work environment on three separate occasions with this same client. This included working with residence staff as well as being flexible with the care plan.

Navpreet shares her heart by truly giving all that she can offer to her clients and their families. She understands the true meaning of CAREGiving and does a wonderful job!

Congratulations Navpreet!

Rosemary was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2018

September 2018 - Rosemary

"Rosemary goes above and beyond what is expected"

-Shirley M.

Rosemary prides herself on being one of the ‘best’ CAREGivers out there. Her clients and their families value her care and we want to congratulate her on being the recipient of this award.

Rosemary builds trust by being available to her clients and their families in their time of need. Recently one of her Senior’s needs   increased and Rosemary was present to  provide detailed orientations to all new CAREGivers for her client. She was also present to answer any questions her client’s family had and ease their worries and concerns.

Rosemary was also able to take the lead with this same family by being the first on scene when her client’s needs increased. She was able to assess her client’s needs and ensure that all information was run by the office in order to update the care plan. Her initiative to ensure that both the office and the rest of her CAREGiver team is up to date is invaluable in our line of work. 

Rosemary shares her heart by building relationships with her clients and their families. She doesn’t just look at the facts and details but is also able to connect them to meaningful conversations. In this way her Seniors know that she is genuine and actually cares about their well-being.

Congratulations Rosemary!

Mandeep was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2018

August 2018 - Mandeep

“Mandeep takes pride in her work and is very committed and focused. It shows in the quality of her work.”

- client’s family.

Mandeep builds trust in various ways but recently made efforts to help the office establish and maintain an important relationship with the retirement residence she was working in. Mandeep we truly appreciate this and want to congratulate you being able to form strong bonds with residence staff.

Mandeep also took the lead by accepting last minute shifts and adjusting her own schedule to accommodate her client’s schedule. She was able to help the office with some staffing challenges and was able to help ease anxiety for her client, the office staff and residence staff.

Mandeep shares her heart with her ability to see the ’bigger picture’. She is able to put herself in her client’s shoes and empathize with different situations that do come up. It is this trait that enables her to be a huge asset to anyone she works closely with or cares for. Congratulations Mandeep!

Linu was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2018

July 2018 - Linu

“Linu puts in the extra effort and is very good with both my in laws. She takes the initiative and is very gentle and caring in her ways” 

- client

Linu is the primary CAREGiver for a senior couple and has been a true pillar of strength for their family. She builds trust by being truly committed to her client’s care. She pays attention to detail and is quick to act when situations arise.

Linu takes the lead by being completely involved in her client’s care. When she first arrived, her client needed a lot of help in their home however Linu worked on it every day until she was able to get it clean and organized. Linu was able to make their living space comfortable and welcome.

Linu shares her heart by always trying to put herself in her client’s shoes. She understands the challenges her client’s family goes through and is always extremely insightful about their thoughts and emotions. Congratulations Linu!

Kemi was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2018

June 2018 - Kemi

"Kemi is very kind and gentle with her client. She is also proactive and ensures that her client’s needs are being taken care of. She is well respected."            

- residence staff

Kemi builds trust with her client despite whatever challenges they face together. Her Senior’s needs change on a daily basis and Kemi has been consistent in the level of care she provides however challenging the day may be.

Kemi takes the lead by consistently updating the office about any changes with her client. She works with nursing staff in the residence and keeps them up to date about her client’s condition. She is very observant and quick to act on things when she identifies any gaps.

Kemi shares her heart just by being caring. She has a gentle, calm way about her that allows her to connect immediately with everyone around her. Congratulations Kemi!

Yagnesh was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2018

May 2018 - Yagnesh

“Yagnesh is very intuitive. He knows what my father’s needs are and has a way with him. My father has come to trust him and we value Yagnesh’s input”

- client’s son.

We were recently assigned to take care of a gentleman who had a poor appetite and had trouble engaging with others. Our CAREGiver Yagnesh was able to improve this client’s quality of life by building trust.

Yagnesh takes the lead by adjusting his approach based on the day his client is having. In this way, he is still able to address his client’s needs but doesn’t come across as overwhelming.

We were told that Yagnesh shares his heart  with residence staff, clients and their family members. It is impossible to miss him and he is a bright presence everywhere he goes. Yagnesh is a true achiever and prides himself on the quality of his work! Congratulations Yagnesh!

Nicky was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2018

April 2018 - Nicky

Nicky is wonderful and well deserving of many awards. We've been together for 3 years now and she is so dependable. She's been a great find! I'm so pleased for her.                   

- Dorothy M., client

Nicky is great at building trust with her clients and their families! She understands the importance of perseverance. When things don’t go well and her client is having a bad day, Nicky is able to remain calm and patient and never gives up! 

Nicky takes the lead, by always assessing the situation she is in. She is quick to get to know her client and their needs. She knows exactly how they like things done and ensures that this information is shared with both the office and her coworkers. 

Nicky shares her heart through her jovial personality. There is no pretense with her. Nicky is genuine and honest in her approach with her clients and they appreciate this about her. Congratulations Nicky! 

Jocelyn was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2018

March 2018 - Jocelyn

"Jocelyn is excellent. She sees things I don't see and gets to places I can't reach. She is always cheery. Just a really nice person. I'm glad she's here"

- Lois T

Jocelyn builds trust by simply doing what she says she is going to do. She completes all her duties and ensures that she follows through on everything that has been asked of her.

In order to provide an excellent experience for her clients, Jocelyn also takes the lead by showing initiative and proving that she is empowered. She is extremely thorough in her work and her clients appreciate her attention to detail.

Jocelyn shares her heart on a deeper level with her clients because she is willing to give more of herself to them. She is not a guarded person and comes across as someone who is very approachable. Her clients feel a sense of comfort with her and long for her visits.

Congratulations Jocelyn! You truly deserve this award! 

Ana was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2018

February 2018 - Ana

"Ana takes excellent care of both my parents. She always manages to make their day interesting and comes up with great ideas. We are very thankful to have her."

                                 - client’s daughter

Ana builds trust by being available for everyone in her client’s care circle. She is a huge source of comfort for her client’s family and is always willing to address all her clients’ needs whether it be physical or emotional.

Ana takes the lead in everything she does for her clients. The rest of her client’s CAREGiver team look up to her as she is able to provide them with the guidance and direction they need in order to provide the best care for their clients.

Ana consistently shares her heart with her clients through her creativity. She is constantly planning exciting things for them to do so their days are filled with laughter and fun. She is always looking for a way to make their day better and this is why she is such an amazing CAREGiver. Congratulations Ana! 

Danielle was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2018

January 2018 - Danielle

" Danielle is reliable, always up for a challenge, has a wonderful upbeat attitude with us and our Mother. Danielle genuinely cares for our Mom and takes her job seriously."

- client’s daughter

Danielle has been recognized previously for her great work ethic and so it’s no surprise that she is yet again receiving another award for her consistency and dedication.

Danielle builds trust through her honesty and loyalty. If she knows the office is struggling to cover a shift, she will offer to help. The other day she called while on her shift to say her appointment was cancelled and offered to stay until the regular shift finish time so her client wouldn’t be alone.

Danielle’s excellent reporting skills ensure all her client’s needs are addressed. She takes the lead  by guiding her fellow CAREGivers and providing them with clear direction whenever they need it.

Danielle gets creative to keep her client entertained and busy. She always shares her heart and is a bright spark in her clients’ lives. You know you are in demand when ’everyone’ is calling to ask for you which is very true in Danielle’s case. Congratulations Danielle!

Treesa was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2017

December 2017 - Treesa

"Treesa is a very special person to me. She takes care of everything in my home and cooks me delicious meals. I am very lucky to have her as my CAREGiver. " 

- Jack B, client

Congratulations to Treesa for receiving this award. All  Treesa’s  clients have great things to say about her!  She is a great CAREGiver and one that takes pride in the care she provides! 

Treesa is always available to respond to our calls and emails. Her responsiveness in any given situation is impressive and helps to build trust with her clients. Treesa takes the lead  by ensuring that she does what she says she is going to do. Recently, she brought to our attention her concerns about the quality of care her client was receiving in his home and worked together with the office and the rest of her CAREGiver team to address these concerns. Treesa also establishes very strong bonds with her clients. In particular, she has a special relationship with her client seen in the picture above. He is hard of hearing and can only communicate with her by writing on a board. Given this challenge, Treesa has still been able to truly share her heart with him. Congratulations Treesa! 

Marjorie was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2017

November 2017 - Marjorie

Marjorie is the best.  She is very gentle and kind with me. She is efficient and helpful. No one is as good as Marjorie. When she arrives she always asks me how I am and I always say better now that you are here. I wish she was here everyday. 

- Stella N., client

Marjorie truly deserves to be recognized as our CAREGiver of the Month for the years of service she has provided. Building Trust for Marjorie is effortless. She is never late and never cancels a shift at the last minute. This not only builds trust with her clients and their families but also helps the office staff ensure that we provide quality service. Marjorie takes the lead in very simple ways. There are no grand displays or acts, it is just the simple things she does consistently that make her client’s day special. Marjorie shares her heart by zoning in on what’s important to her clients. She knows just how her clients like things to be done. She takes pride in always making sure that her client is well dressed and that the day is spent making it more enjoyable for her. The picture above is proof that Marjorie truly enjoys caring for her clients. Marjorie, your seniors and the office would like to thank you for being such a Superstar!

Michelle was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2017

October 2017 - Michelle

" Michelle is great at what she does. She is very eager to always help and we get along very well"

Frank H., client

Michelle has built amazing relationships with her clients and these relationships continue to grow and flourish. Michelle rarely misses a day of work and is never late! This is a perfect example of Building Trust with her clients. Her clients know that they can rely on her to be there when she is scheduled. Michelle has always Taken the Lead in her own special way. If she is faced with a challenge, she takes it upon herself to fix it. One of the many areas she excels in is meal preparation and we know that her clients rave about the meals she prepares for them. Even though this may seem like such a simple task, Michelle takes pride in the meals she creates for her clients and is always willing to do more. Michelle’s clients love her sense of humor and personality. She brings energy and enthusiasm to an environment and always wants to do her best to brighten up the day for her senior! She is, as one of her client’s put it a little bundle of joy’! 

Congratulations Michelle for an outstanding job!

Irina was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2017

September 2017 - Irina

"Irina is a very good CAREGiver and she deserves it. I'm happy for her. She is number one."

-Irma K

We are proud to announce that Irina is our September 2017 CAREGiver of the Month! Irina’s dedication, loyalty and commitment are recognized by all and she has formed closed bonds with all her clients and their families! Irina Builds Trust by simply knowing when to step in. She recently covered weekend shifts for a 24 hour client of ours and knew the impact it would have on this client if she didn’t have a regular CAREGiver. Taking the Lead is part of Irina’s nature. She manages another client’s household and everything is seen to from the client’s groceries to the upkeep of her home. Her ability to multitask is exceptional as she is able to finish a huge amount of work in a relatively short timeframe.

Irina Shares her Heart through her motherly personality. She is kind, trusting, caring and compassionate and this is easily seen in so many different ways.

Irina, thank you for making a difference!

Eva was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2017

August 2017 - Eva

"Eva is a superb caregiver. I don’t know how much of this ability is due to a gift or a talent for having patience and a caring attitude for others and how much is due to self-discipline. I know it is both.  She is excellent at everything she does."

- Glenn D.

 Eva builds trust both with the office staff and with her clients on a daily basis. Just this past week, Eva’s client sadly passed away and this was a huge loss to Eva as she had cared for her client for a long time.  She was such a source of strength and support for her client’s family.

 She takes the lead by making the right decisions. Her judgment calls are on point and she knows when to intervene when her client needs her. She also knows when she is being asked to cross a boundary and makes sure to run everything by the office and ask for direction.

  Eva shares her heart by always maintaining a warm and cheerful attitude! She is truly someone who genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients and this is obvious to everyone who knows her.

  Thank you Eva for your dedication to HISC and for being such a wonderful CAREGiver!

Sonam was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2017

July 2017 - Sonam

"Sonam is gifted and she truly understands my needs. We are best friends and share a very special bond."

– Client, Rosa T

Sonam builds trust with her clients in simple ways but it is the small things she does that create an atmosphere of comfort, compassion and care for her clients and their families.

Sonam recently took the lead by working early morning shifts as early as 4am as her client’s daughter was away. Despite the shift start time and other concerns that came to light, Sonam was extremely dedicated and wanted to make sure that she was there for her client while her daughter was away.

Sonam shares her heart by being creative in so many different ways. One of the ways she does this is learning to say a few words in Italian as her client speaks Italian. This has come a long way in them both being able to build a very strong bond with one another.

Sonam, you are a pleasure to work with and we know that your clients and other CAREGivers admire your work ethic and professionalism. We are proud to have you as a member of the Home Instead Senior Care Team!

Elenita was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2017

June 2017 - Elenita

“Elenita does all my needlework for me as I can’t see to do it myself. She’s a great help and I am lucky to have her!”

- Shirley M., Client

The office constantly receives positive feedback from all Elenita’s clients letting us know how happy they are to have her as their CAREGiver. Elenita continues to go above and beyond in any given situation and we are all grateful for this. Elenita builds trust with her clients by always being so flexible with her schedule. Her clients always know they can count on her to be there especially in times of need. One of Elenita’s clients tells us that she takes the lead by doing the simple things such as updating her fellow CAREGivers, recording detailed log notes and always taking her client’s feelings into consideration. Elenita shares her heart  through her giving personality and warm smile. Her sweet, gentle nature is always so welcoming and her clients share a close bond with her. The picture above truly reflects this and Elenita has a way of engaging her clients based on what’s important to them. The feedback from all of her clients is continuously so positive that we wanted to recognize Elenita’s dedication and hard work by acknowledging her as CAREGiver of the Month!

Faesa was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2017

May 2017 - Faesa

Faesa is our May CAREGiver of the Month and truly encompasses all the amazing qualities of a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver!

Faesa Builds Trust on a daily basis with her client and she does this in such a patient manner even though her client’s situation sometimes changes on a daily basis. Taking the Lead is something that is very important for Faesa. She is someone who wants to make sure she adheres to policies & 
procedures and follows through on all her commitments to her client and her client’s family. It is extremely touching to observe Faesa Sharing her Heart with her client. They share an amazing bond and Faesa has become such an important part of her client’s life. Faesa, we sometimes to forget to tell you this … but we are so grateful to have you be a part of our Home Instead Senior Care Family! Congratulations on a job well done!

Victoria was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2017

April 2017 - Victoria

Victoria Builds Trust with her clients by simply being present. Just recently, she covered shifts for one of the other CAREGiver’s in her CAREGiver Team when she went away on vacation. Victoria was willing to help out even though it meant she would be working 6 awake overnight shifts a week with a challenging client.
Victoria Takes the Lead at all times. She is our go to CAREGiver when a client has just been released from the hospital and sent home. She has an amazing ability to go in on the first day and truly assess her client’s needs and then communicate the essential information to the office and other CAREGivers.
Anyone who knows Victoria also knows that she is such a joy to be around. Her presence is felt when she enters a room and her colleagues immediately recognize her. It is this special trait of hers that also allows her to Share her Heart with her clients and their families. Congratulations Victoria for doing what you do!

Joke was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2017

March 2017 - Joke

Joke is our March CAREGiver of the Month and has had many success stories with her clients.

Building Trust is one way she achieves this success. She is extremely thorough when executing her tasks and knows when to ask the right questions and express her concerns while keeping her client’s dignity in tact. Joke Takes the Lead by adjusting her own personal schedule to accommodate her client’s schedule whenever hours change. She always responds to our calls and emails in a timely manner and is consistent with her schedule. Sharing her Heart comes naturally to Joke with her charming personality and beautiful smile. Joke is firm in her approach but knows how to do this by relating to her client’s preferences in a special way. Well done Joke and thank you for being an excellent team player!

Shelly was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2017

February 2017 - Shelly

“Shelly is very friendly and always has a positive attitude. She treats my husband with great dignity and they have a wonderful relationship.”

- J. Mulligan

Shelly-Dawn is a valuable asset to our ‘Home Instead Senior Care Team’ and is therefore truly deserving of this award.

Her personality is such that she is open and approachable, which helps her form strong connections with all her clients.  She was recently able to build trust with a client, who was resistant to care, by simply sharing more information about herself.  In doing so, Shelly-Dawn was able to put her client at ease.

One of Shelly’s many strengths is that she is so flexible and quick to help out when needed. Shelly has taken the lead on so many occasions by covering last minute shifts.

Shelly shares her heart by simply allowing her clients to share their own hearts. Her clients are comfortable voicing their concerns and expressing their emotions and Shelly is exceptional at knowing how to respond.

Thank you Shelly for your dedication and loyalty!

Emily was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2017

January 2017 - Emily

"Emily is great with our mom!  Sometimes mom is challenging but Emily somehow manages with such a positive attitude. 
Mom really likes her. We will be moving her to a new residence and hope Emily will be able to continue with her care there"

- client's daughter


In just a few months, Emily has showcased her exemplary talents and her ability to “Live Home Instead”. 

One of her clients experiences a number of cognitive and physical challenges and Emily builds trust by ensuring that she is always patient and calm with her in spite of these challenging behaviours.

Emily takes the lead by providing consistent and detailed updates that aid the office and the rest of the client’s care team, ensuring that her client receives a high level of  quality care.  Although quiet, Emily expresses an evident confidence, knowing when it is necessary to be firm with her clients and other times when a more creative solution is  beneficial. 

Emily is a warm and genuine individual who truly cares for her clients and their families.  By being true to her nature, she makes sharing your heart appear effortless.

Nelyn was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2016

December 2016, Nelyn

“Nelyn really deserves this award. She is a great worker and treats me very kindly, with a big smile. She has a long way to walk to come here and care for me, I am glad she is being recognized for all she does”

- client

Nelyn is an amazing CAREGiver who is dedicated to providing excellent care to her clients. She Builds Trust by being consistent with them. Nelyn has a very busy schedule; she works each day of the week and sees up to three different seniors on some days! She currently cares for a client who is very resistant to having new CAREGivers, but her patience and calm manner helps manage her client’s challenging behavior.

Nelyn Takes the Lead by being receptive to what her client needs and through sharing information with her care team. She was astute in recognizing one of her client’s likes and dislikes and communicated this information to support her CAREGiver team. She also Takes the Lead by accepting shifts in all areas we serve – one day she may be in the west end of Etobicoke and the next she’s in North York. The office appreciates Nelyn for this as she takes transit and we recognize this cannot be an easy daily commute.

She Shares Her Heart with her clients by being thoughtful. She always takes the time to get to know each client she sees; even the client’s families are quick to see her genuine and passionate nature. We have received wonderful feedback about Nelyn and know that she doesn’t just work the hours, but more importantly she pays attention to how she spends these hours with her clients. Thank you so much, Nelyn, you are an exceptional CAREGiver!

Mariam was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2016

November 2016, Mariam

Mariam is incredible! She completely deserves this award because she is so great with my dad! He will love to know she’s the CAREGiver picked this month!” 

- client’s daughter

Mariam builds trust with her clients by being consistent and professional. She has had extensive experience working with challenging clients, including those with advanced dementia.  Despite the challenges she faces, on a daily basis, Mariam          continues to care for these clients as she would for her own family.  Her patience and diligence are beyond remarkable and we are reassured of her   ability by the feedback we receive from families and her colleagues. 

Mariam takes the lead by being proactive in addressing her clients’ needs.  They know that they can always rely on her; she is their advocate and they are confident that important matters will always be managed well.  Moreover, she understands that the more you know the more you can do and she frequently signs up for the trainings that we offer.  In doing this, she expands her skill set, elevating her ability to provide excellent care to her clients. 

Finally, Mariam shares her heart through simple acts of kindness and she focuses on what matters most. She has a great understanding of what is uniquely meaningful to each client and addresses this in a special way that demonstrates how much she truly cares for them.   Thank you Miriam, for all your that you do and your gifted ability to impact the seniors of Etobicoke.

Teresa was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2016

October 2016 - Teresa

“This is much deserved on her end. Both my sister and I are so happy to have her as one of our mom’s CAREGivers!”

- client’s daughter

CAREGiver Teresa has a very positive impact on both her clients and her colleagues. Teresa is constantly Building Trust with her clients by showing them she is there for them; if a fill-in shift falls within her availability she takes it without hesitation. When a challenging situation arises, she simply doesn’t give up! Teresa works with a high needs client whose behaviour is difficult to manage at times, however, she stays persistent. Teresa’s continued efforts have not gone unnoticed and both the office and resident staff are very appreciative of the care she provides.

Recently, one of Teresa’s clients increased services and only wanted her to work the extra hours. Teresa Took The Lead by being flexible and adjusted her own schedule to accommodate her client’s needs.

Teresa Shares Her Heart through her comforting and gentle nature. Her clients adore her cheerful, upbeat and positive demeanour. She also makes sure that every day is a ‘new day’ for her clients, by being creative with the resources she has on hand.

Teresa, thank you for your loyalty and commitment to both your clients and Home Instead Senior Care!

Mary was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2016

September 2016 - Mary

“Mary has been my CAREGiver since 2010 and has always done an excellent job. She is always reliable and never late. I am very  happy to have her as my caregiver.”

- client

As a strong CAREGiver, Mary builds trust with her clients by following through on her promises.   Her actions speak volumes and she is always a 100% committed.  Her clients rely on her weekly visits and entrust their care to Mary in a number of different ways.  

There are countless outstanding acts and services that Mary performs on a daily basis. The office also recognizes and appreciates that Mary always takes the lead by calling the office to get permission before she acts on certain   decisions that have to be made. In doing so, she follows policies and  procedures and this guarantees consistency and efficiency.

Anyone who meets Mary always comments on what an amazing person she is. It is very easy to see that Mary puts so much love and energy into everything she does and in doing so, she shares her heart.

Mary, thank you for everything you do! You are truly excellent at what you do and your client’s are extremely grateful.  

Christy was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2016

August 2016 - Christy

“Christy is absolutely spectacular. We enjoy her and she is a treat to have around. Christy is such a hard worker and we are overjoyed to have had the award presented to her at our home.”

- client

Christy builds trust with her clients by handling all tasks assigned to her with a high level of proficiency. One of her clients faces constant changes to her care plan and schedule but Christy is always prepared to deal with these challenges, and supports her client in the best manner possible.

Taking the lead  is another area that Christy excels in. Her craving for  perfection, excellent communication skills, and consistent updates allows for both her CAREGiver team and the office staff to provide quality care for her clients.

Christy’s spirit, enthusiasm and motivation is always noticeable through her interactions with others. She shares her heart in many different ways. Her passion for food and cooking is evident and she often utilizes this when caring for her clients, making them feel like they’re in a five-star  restaurant.

Thank you Christy! Both your clients and office staff recognize your efforts and want you to know that you are much appreciated.

Bernie was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2016

July 2016 - Bernie

“Bernie is a wonderful person, I give her a 12 out of 10!! I don’t ever want her taken away from me. She is a great multitasker, she can chit-chat with me while she’s working.”

- client


Congratulations to Bernie for being our July CAREGiver of the Month!

 Consistency is the key to success and this is how Bernie builds trust with her clients. Her attendance and punctuality are excellent and her clients compliment her on this.  Bernie is a certified personal support worker but takes the lead by attending to other tasks that do not involve personal care. She is quick to notice home help chores that have to be completed and always takes the initiative to offer extra assistance. Sharing her heart is Bernie’s motto and she truly lives with this when caring for her clients. Whether it be cooking for her clients, talking to them in their time of need and managing family dynamics, Bernie is truly an amazing CAREGiver!

  Congratulations Bernie! This is a great accomplishment and you’ve worked very hard for it!

Lucie was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2016

June 2016 - Lucie

"Lucie is a lovely lady. I am so happy to hear that she received this award. She truly deserves it."

- client

Lucie is our June CG of the Month! Her character and passion are infectious and she is loved and respected by both her clients and the office staff.
Lucie builds trust by adjusting her schedule to accommodate her client’s needs. Lucie knows how to balance her busy school and family life with her work schedule. By doing this, she builds trust with her clients by ensuring she follows through with her promises.
Taking the Lead is something that comes naturally to Lucie. She is very aware of changes in her client’s condition and is always quick to follow up on important requirements. Lucie  includes her client in home tasks to make her feel independent and important. However, if her client doesn’t want to participate, Lucie is quick to recognize this and takes the  initiative to complete the tasks herself.
Lucie shares her heart in a number of different ways. She shares the same language and culture with one of her clients and in doing so enables her client to feel comfortable and at home due to this connection.
Lucie, your commitment, ability, leadership and kind, gentle ways make you shine and you are truly amazing at what you do!

Rosemary was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2016

May 2016 - Rosemary

“I am always laughing with Rosemary, we joke together. She is like a daughter to me.”

- Client

Building trust is part of Rosemary’s daily routine. She knows how important this is to her clients and on many occasions has made changes to her own schedule to accommodate her client. She also knows if and when to intervene, while still keeping her clients dignity intact, which is essential.

One way Rosemary takes the lead  is when she helps her client organize her monthly schedule. Her client cannot communicate in English clearly and Rosemary takes it upon herself to sit with her client and go through the monthly schedule. Rosemary makes sure she is always scheduled on the days her client has appointments and then communicates these changes with the office.

Rosemary shares her heart through her warm, gentle and joyful personality. Engaging her client well is what leads to strong bonds being established and Rosemary’s clients immediately relate to her in every way.

Rosemary, thank you for all the great work you do and we want you to know that both your clients and the office staff are very grateful!  

Petra was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2016

April 2016 - Petra

April’s CAREGiver of the Month is Petra. Petra has proven numerous times that she is worthy of this award through her providing high quality care.

Building trust is just part of Petra’s way as she always steps up at the last minute to help the office out with last minute coverage. Petra’s clients value her for this and know the sacrifices she makes in order to accommodate their needs.

Petra takes the lead by paying close attention to detail and offering solutions to issues and concerns that may arise. She is a true professional in every way and this is shown in her interactions with both office and residence staff.

 Sharing her heart is something Petra does on a daily basis by engaging her clients in the most creative ways. Her client’s emotional needs are very important to her and the close bonds that result from this are definitely noticed.

  Thank you Petra for being such an amazing CAREGiver!

Christine was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2016

March 2016 - Christine

" Christine is very efficient and she’s a lot of fun to be around. She brings us treats and is a great cook and we enjoy her presence."

- Client  

Christine is a true reflection of a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver and this is why she is our March CAREGiver of the Month!

Christine knows the value of Building Trust with her clients and she does this consistently  by working a regular schedule but also adjusts her schedule to accommodate her client’s needs. There are weeks where her shifts may be extended or have to change and  Christine is always quick to help out. Christine Takes the Lead  in so many ways but was recently instrumental in coordinating the renovation work at one of her client’s homes. She communicated effectively with the renovation workers, her clients, her client’s social worker and the office and was responsible for managing the whole process so it wasn’t as stressful for her clients. Sharing her Heart comes easily to Christine. This past  Christmas, she cooked Christmas dinner for one of her clients as she knew they would be alone on Christmas Day and she wanted to make it special for them and ensure they’d have a festive feast! 

For all these reasons and many more, we are very grateful to Christine for her dedication and commitment to her clients and Home Instead Senior Care!



Danielle was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2016

February 2016 - Danielle

"Danielle is efficient, has a good memory and pays special attention to small details. We are very impressed with the level of care she provides."

- Ellen H


Danielle is a true superstar and this is why she is our February CAREGiver of the Month!

Danielle builds trust in many ways, however, she recently made a very special sacrifice for one of her clients. Her client’s needs increased and there was additional care requested. Danielle gave up a longer shift in order to work shorter shifts for her client. Both the client and the office appreciated everything Danielle did to make this workout!

Taking the Lead is something Danielle is amazing at and she does this on a daily basis by accepting 2-hour shifts with quite a few clients. Danielle is also quick to pick up last-minute shifts and cover for other CAREGivers when the office has shifts to cover.

Danielle Shares her Heart with her infectious smile and energetic personality. Every one of Danielle’s clients has their own specific challenges and because she has ‘won them over’, they are unhappy when they need more care and she’s working elsewhere.  Her personal sacrifice in accepting the shorter shifts was because of her caring heart.​​

Tenzin was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2016

January 2016 - Tenzin

"Tenzin is always so caring, sweet and joyful around her client. She adds a personal touch to everything she does."

- Cara L, Client Care Coordinator 

The January 2016 CAREGiver of the month is Tenzin! Through her dedication to her clients Tenzin consistently upholds Home Instead’s Guiding Principles and therefore, as a team, we have chosen to recognize her continuous efforts to improve the lives of seniors. Tenzin’s client is blind and also has a hearing impairment so Tenzin builds trust by always working a consistent schedule. Her familiar voice is a source of great comfort to her client who always looks forward to having Tenzin with her. She takes the lead by providing individual care and working together with facility staff to ensure her client’s needs are being met. Tenzin is creative when problems arise and is always willing to provide a solution that works well for all involved. Service Coordinators can be confident when staffing her in assignments as they know she provides high quality care. It is evident that Tenzin shares her heart due to the wonderful things both the facility staff and clients have to say about her. She is a polite and genuine CAREGiver who always has a smile and cheery attitude. Congratulations Tenzin!

Dianta was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2015

December 2015, Dianta

"Dianta is always there to help me and look after me. She always thinks and plans ahead to what I might need. She is a lovely, wonderful person. The day isn’t good until Dianta arrives."

- Client, Mrs. ​H

To close out 2015, we would like to recognize Dianta as CAREGiver of the Month for December 2015, and would also like to congratulate her on her 1 year anniversary with HISC! Dianta works in multiple ongoing assignments, but is able to keep herself organized and updated on every care plan and schedule change. She builds trust by keeping detailed log notes, reporting concerns, and by forming genuine relationships with her clients. Taking the lead is about being an advocate, and this is something Dianta does very well. Recently she reported that her client’s bed is no longer suitable for her. She communicated this concern and helped coordinate the client receiving a more appropriate bed. The holidays are an especially nice time to share your heart. Like many CAREGivers, Dianta will be spending Christmas with one of her clients. Her warm demeanor allows her clients to open up to her about worries, memories, preferences and needs. Ho-Ho-Horray to Dianta! We are so glad to have you in the HISC family!

Lia was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2015

November 2015, Lia

"Lia has such thoughtful and caring ways. She goes beyond the call of duty. She even gave my mother a gift on her birthday. Her attention to special occasions is very much appreciated by our family."

- Sally W

Your November CAREGiver of the Month has grown leaps and bounds with us in the 2+ years of being part of the Home Instead family. We would like to recognize Lia for her consistency and dedication to her clients and Home Instead!

Lia is originally from The Republic of Georgia where she was a Doctor. She uses her experience and knowledge to build trust by reporting physical, mental and emotional changes in her clients. She provides a supportive, warm environment that allows her clients to build trust  very quickly and easily. This CAREGiver regularly takes the lead  by covering other CAREGivers, by working numerous overnights and displaying professionalism when working in residences. Although she may have school and personal commitments, she does what she can to accommodate her clients’ needs. Knowing one of her clients likes baseball, she brought in a picture saying “play ball!” and a special cake for her client’s birthday. She goes the extra mile to share her heart; one client even said they “won the jackpot” getting her as a CAREGiver.

Lia is truly an asset to the Home Instead family. Her flexibility and perseverance does not go unnoticed. We would also like to congratulate Lia on the arrival of her new Grandchild! We hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Rinelita was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2015

October 2015 - Rinelita

" When Rinelita enters the home, she projects happiness and the sense she is glad to be there. Of course, like everyone else, Rinelita could be feeling any one of a number of different ways, but when she arrives she brings strength and cheerfulness.  Rinelita knows how to let the client know she cares. ​​Rinelita is industrious, and looks for things to do to be personally helpful, by helping in the kitchen, or in administering a back-rub or in any number of other ways.  She remains happy and helpful throughout the time she is working.  This is not an easy job, but it is a job that Rinelita does exceedingly well, which demonstrates that she is willing to do a wide range of jobs exceedingly well."

- Glenn D

She built trust right from accepting her first assignment and became known as a CAREGiver to call when you are in a bind, when you need a fill-in and as someone who will accept multiple on-going assignments regardless of the client’s location or condition. She is an " energizer bunny" who keeps going and going and going! Rinelita takes the lead in many different situations. She has grown so close with one of her clients that she now anticipates her client’s needs before being asked. Rinelita is aware of her client’s current level of pain and does all she can to accommodate and comfort her. She also demonstrates range of motion exercises and speech therapy to maintain and improve her client’s functionality.  Whether she is putting her client’s hair up in curlers for a special “beauty day”, or just sitting in the backyard watching the birds and having a laugh, Rinelita shows that sharing your heart  is all about the little things. The family tells us Rinelita is like family and they know their parents are in loving and caring hands. For being a “trooper of a CAREGiver”, and someone who everyone can rely on, we ‘tip our hats’ to you Rinelita! Thank you for everything!

Larah was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2015

September 2015- Larah

“Larah is punctual, alert and provides excellent care. She always has a smile on her face and I consider her my friend!”

Leonore J., client

Larah was a previous CAREGiver from 2011 to 2013 and has recently re-joined the Team after having a beautiful baby girl. Completing the new CAREGiver orientation like a pro, she was soon back out in the community “living” Home Instead! We are always sure to hear from Larah with any updates about her clients’ conditions. She knows just how important it is to not just build trust with her clients, but her clients’ families and the office. Larah ensures her clients always receive the best care possible. Larah shared her heart with her previous client until the day her client, unfortunately, passed away. During her time with Mrs. N, they shared stories about family and on the anniversary of her client’s husband’s death, Larah arranged for it to be included in daily mass and prayed together. This meant the world to Mrs. N. After saying her goodbyes and taking a break, Larah was back taking the lead by accepting a full awake overnight schedule with a new client. Overnights are always difficult, and we applaud Larah (and all CAREGivers) working with a little one at home. Larah’s return to Home Instead was like seeing family again, and we couldn’t be happier to have her back! Congratulations Larah!

Grace was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2015

August 2015 - Grace

'As we live out of town, Grace has been the family my Aunt didn't have here. She has been like an angel for us.'   

Robyn, Client’s niece

'I give thanks to God for giving me this award. I really appreciate Home Instead and working for you means so much to me. I was able to overcome my own personal crisis through my experiences at Home Instead. The staff really care about my needs and are very dedicated towards getting me the hours I need and supporting me at all times. Home Instead is an amazing agency to work for as they make everything ’personal’. I am here mostly because of the staff and the other wonderful CAREGivers. I also give thanks to my beautiful client, her family and friends. They truly appreciate the care I provide and constantly encourage me. I love my ‘Auntie Inez’ as she only wants me to call her Auntie. May God Bless you, our clients, staff and CAREGivers!!!'

Grace L.

The Dictionary defines “grace” as: “the exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another.” We all agree that s a perfect definition of our CAREGiver of the Month, Grace! Grace is an all-star CAREGiver who has worked with not only the Etobicoke office but Mississauga too. Many of you have probably met Grace at a CG meeting or an event, and if you have, we’re sure you remember her! Although she has an outgoing personality, she is sure to take things slow with her clients and not overwhelm them. Grace has built trust with the office and her clients since the beginning; because of that trust, there is never any hesitation about placing her in assignments. Grace has a client who always likes to look presentable and nicely attired, and has her entire life. Grace takes the lead in understanding that importance and makes sure that her client is happy and dressed “just so”. Grace has one of the biggest hearts we’ve ever seen, and recently shared her heart “literally” when she dropped off hand-made crocheted hearts for the office staff. Her smile and warm presence is reassuring and comforting to her clients, and her upbeat attitude is contagious. Grace, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. Congratulations!

Irene was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2015

July 2015 - Irene

'Irene is always ready for anything. She is amazing. We go for walks every day; she comes with me to the pool and we sing together. She's something!'   

Mary B

'Thank you! I am so grateful to Home Instead. Thank you to everyone in the office.'


Three thousand, two hundred and thirty three. That is the number of hours CAREGiver of the Month Irene, has worked in less than the 2 years she has been with Home Instead Etobicoke. This lovely lady is always on the go, and brings sunshine with her to every client she cares for.
Irene builds trust with her dependability and her thoughtfulness. She sometimes does sleep overnight shifts and then is up and going to her next client - never missing a beat. She is always there when the Staffing Coordinators need her and represents what a professional CAREGiver is all about.
Her Clients' concerns are her concerns and she is sure to take the lead and communicate it to the office. She is right there to jump in whenever she is needed, and even helped us set up during a CAREGiver meeting! We appreciate how Irene takes initiative and goes the extra mile.
Irene is known to share her heart by singing with her client, a favourite being the alphabet song " A - you're adorable, B - you're so beautiful, C - you're a cutie full of charm...&quot.
Irene has such a big heart she is even spending her weekends this month volunteering her time for the PAN AM games.
Irene, we cannot thank you enough! Congratulations!!

Steffi was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2015

June 2015 - Steffi

‘Steffi is great at communication and is very helpful. We enjoy attending a philosophy discussion group and I value her thoughts and ideas; especially because there is such an age difference. She is very helpful. Steffi is good company.’

Jean-Marie B

‘Working as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Senior Care is a rewarding experience. I was fortunate to work in various settings within the Etobicoke community. My experience has enabled me to adapt to the needs of my clients. Moreover, the training provided by Home Instead has increased my understanding of managing challenging  behaviors  when working with clients who have 
Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The office staff are also very hardworking, accommodating and supportive. They are always there to lend a hand when needed. I really appreciate and enjoy working with my clients and the staff at Home Instead Senior Care.’

Steffi M 


 “Steffi” is a name often heard in the office, usually followed by things like “Is she available?” and “She would be great for that client! "Now, it’s “Steffi – CAREGiver of the Month June 2015!”

Steffi has been with us for 2 years and has Built Trust so much that she has worked and is staffed with some of our biggest clients. She keeps in close communication, reports any concerns in her assignment and follows through with any task or assignment she accepts. She is someone you can count on.

Steffi can be seen Taking the Lead by being involved in HISC trainings, listening to her clients requests and then acting on them and by going above and beyond the call of duty – always putting her client’s needs first. She has also helped out the office numerous times by jumping in last minute for difficult shifts to staff such as live-in assignments.

Steffi has a naturally calm and warm demeanor and Shares her Heart with her patience and 
compassion. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and cares for them as the individuals they are. She even accepted work with a client who had pets, although she isn’t the biggest fan of them. We cannot thank Steffi enough for all she does; she is truly an integral part of the HISC team and has a bright future in Nursing ahead of her. Congratulations Steffi!!!


Patricia was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2015

May 2015 - Patricia

"Patricia is the best and is always on time. She is always here when I need her. I couldn’t ask for a better CAREGiver. God sent me the best."

 Elizabeth M

" It’s been a terrific year with Home Instead. All the staff members at the office are very nice and polite. Anytime I need help they are always eager to assist me. Most of the other caregivers that I've had the privilege to work with, are hardworking which makes us a great team. I always try my hardest to be there for my clients because I know they need me and rely on me. I always make sure to arrive on time and from the minute I start to the moment I leave, I devote myself to making them happy. It makes me overjoyed to know that I have such a great impact on my client’s life."



May’s CAREGiver of the Month Patricia has a contagious smile and a warm heart. Her compassion and consistency make her an ideal CAREGiver and an outstanding member of the team!
Patricia builds trust by giving detailed reports of activities and always letting the office know of any changes. During her client’s “not so great days”, she provides physical and emotional support and is attentive to her needs. Her client can trust that she will be safe when Patricia is with her.
She can be found taking the lead by being on top of everything and by continually advocating for her client. Her client has recently made great strides in being able to go down the basement stairs again. This makes her very happy and, of course, Patricia is always there guiding and assisting as she always does.
More than just a companion, Patricia and her client are truly friends and “like family”. She shares her heart by having discussions and telling stories, specifically about her client’s cat. Patricia knows her clients stories so well she can often jump right in and fill in the blanks as needed. Thank you, Patricia for all of your patience, grace and for always living Home Instead!


Elizabeth was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2015

April 2015 - Elizabeth

"Last summer our original CAREGiver retired and Elizabeth has been with us since. We are seriously considering extending service as Elizabeth is so good at everything she does."

  John M.

Elizabeth is a natural CAREGiver and has taken on her role like a “duck to water”. Quick to smile and ever efficient, Elizabeth is not only a tremendous source of strength and comfort to her clients, but to Home Instead as well. She Builds Trust by being a CAREGiving Professional. Realizing that consistent care is important to her clients and their families, she does all she can to accommodate their needs and schedule requests. Always quick to return a phone call or email, communication is something you never need to worry about with this CAREGiver.
Taking the Lead is something Elizabeth has become a pro at doing. She coordinates and executes her clients schedule flawlessly. She ensures that her clients needs are always being met and then goes above and beyond to make suggestions and implement ways to ensure that her clients have everything they need to enhance their quality of life.
Elizabeth can be found sharing stories, smiles and
encouragement at any given moment. She openly Shares her Heart with her gentle manner and reassuring nature which helps relieve her clients stress and anxiety. Elizabeth takes a personal interest in her clients health and happiness.
Thank you for everything Elizabeth, you are truly irreplaceable!

Tshegotfatso (T) was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2015

March 2015 - Tshegotfatso (T)

It’s so great to see a CAREGiver be so proactive in participating in existing trainings and requesting or suggesting new training courses we could offer. T is excellent at applying the principles she learns to her work in the community
-Jennifer C., Education Coordinator
Throughout her 2+ years of working with Home Instead, Tshegotfatso a.k.a. “T” has worked with very difficult, resistant and high needs clients. She never backs down from a challenge and perseveres no matter what situation she faces.   Building trust is something T is a pro at, and has shown that she will succeed in her assignments no matter what the care entails.
She takes the lead by bringing in a special Christmas card for her client to send to   family overseas, contacts the office with changes she notices in her clients, makes   suggestions that improve their quality of life and participates in numerous trainings. T even worked on her birthday although she had planned to take the day off.
Like many CAREGivers, T has lost clients. Some have moved away and some have passed away but she continues to share her heart.   T never forgets those she has cared for, but has an open heart for every new client she is assigned. Her gentle nature and selflessness is unmatched.
Congratulations T! You give so much, thank you for being you!​
Carol was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2015

February 2015 - Carol

Carol is an amazing CAREGiver to our mother! She is kind and gentle with her. Mom is very comfortable with Carol and keeps telling me what a wonderful companion and help she is. Carol not only makes sure Mom takes her proper meds, but she also helps Mom with her physio and makes sure she keeps up with walks among many other tasks. We are all happy with her.
-Gidia R, client’s daughter
Since joining our Team last may, Carol has made a profound impact on the lives of her clients by ‘Living’ Home Instead.
Carol builds trust by being reliable, responsible and professional, accepting shifts at a moment’s notice and appreciating that changes to clients’ schedules are inevitable. She is someone whom both the office and her clients can count upon. 
She is invested in her Home Instead career and takes the lead to advance her skill-set.   Thus far, she has completed Food Safety, Dementia CARES and Chronic Conditions training.   She also participates in focus groups and also helped out at our last CAREGiver Meeting.
Carol attacks challenging assignments just by being herself and sharing her heart.   Carol appreciates that exchange of conversation, laughter and creating memories are key to the success of a CAREGiver.
Thank you, Carol, and continue ‘Living’ Home Instead!
Bernadette was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2015

January 2015 - Bernadette

​Bernadette was the perfect care-giver for my mother, kind and gentle who liked to laugh, and was able to adapt quickly to changing situations as my mother suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. She prepared meals and really helped my mother eat, something we were not sure was happening as my mother was living alone. My mother fell and broke her hip two years ago, and Bernadette continued to visit my mother in the hospital and then the Long-Term Care facility where my mother now resides. Bernadette has visited my mother a few times on her own time to keep in touch. My mother, and our family, were so lucky to have Bernadette at a very difficult time.

-Jonathan G, client’s son

Bernadette has been with Home Instead for over four years and has provided care for many challenging clients; she is unwavering in her commitment and is strong in her ability to live our Guiding Principles.
As a driving (6A) CAREGiver, Bernadette is consistently needed to take clients to appointments and manage other transportation needs.   She is reliable, building trust by making the needs of our seniors her first priority.
Having worked in some difficult situations, Bernadette always takes the lead to keep the Team advised of the changing needs of her clients.   She shows initiative, and subsequent QAs have ensured that Care Plans are accurately managed. Bernadette had a client whose dementia manifested in aggressive tendencies, but by sharing her heart she was able to break through this wall and make a profound difference in her life.   Her client had a childhood friend named “Marvellete” and thought Bernadette was this friend.   Bernadette ‘went along with it’ all the time she worked with her client.  Congratulations on all of your successes Bernadette!
Sunny was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2014

December 2014 - Sunny

Sunny is just as her name states, bright and cheerful.
Sunny shows great empathy for Mom.    Sunny is tender, caring and respectful about Mom's personal space, comfort and the routines she has established.  She respects her need for private time.   Sunny always "asks" Mom if she can assist, she does not impose herself. In this way, Sunny has built a semblance of trust with Mom. She actively seeks out opportunities to learn about Mom, her life and her family, people and times that are important to her.  She engages Mom in quiet conversation while perusing family photo albums.  Sunny brought back music to Mom's life, playing familiar songs on the piano and providing song sheets for Mom to sing along!  
We have come to rely heavily on Sunny and appreciate how she has slowly and lovingly ingratiated herself with Mom.  Mom is engaged during the day and happy and relaxed when we arrive home. What a wonderful relief; how lucky we are to have Sunny with us.

-Cathy P., client’s daughter


Sunny K’s kind, quiet and joyful personality shines through.  It’s apparent that she is an innately compassionate CAREGiver.  She recently cared for a very challenging cognitively and visually impaired client also experiencing paranoia.  Building trust with this client was a challenge but Sunny did everything she could to meet the expectations no matter how unreasonable they became.  She trusted the office staff enough to eventually confide in us how she was being treated and to ask to be removed.  Even at that, she took the lead by ‘offering’ to stay in this deteriorating situation for another 2 weeks giving us time to find a replacement.  Despite paranoia, Sunny’s client is ‘very much a lady’ who enjoys being treated specially.  Sunny shared her heart by taking the time to ensure her meals included ‘presentation’ – even something as simple as serving her chocolate milk in a stemware glass.  They shared a love of music and her client later told us that she missed Sunny and their discussions about music.  Sunny played the piano for her which her client really enjoyed.  Her client’s family told us how much the Client Journal entries meant to them as they could see how Sunny engaged their Aunt with her care.

Thinlay was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2014

November 2014, Thinlay

We are grateful to have Thinlay here to help us out. It gives us peace of mind knowing that she is here in the evenings to prepare our meals. It ensures us that we have a hot nutritious meal and neither of us needs worry about using the stove or oven with the chance of any injury.

-Elsie C, client


Thinlay is a soft spoken, gentle person who’s very passionate about her chosen career. She reflects the Guiding Principles in her dignified, respectful and professional interactions with clients, peers and office staff. She builds trust by being reliable, flexible and conscientious with all her clients and the office staff. In reviewing her log, the word that repeats itself over and over is ‘accepted’! When we call, Thinlay is always available and accommodating our staffing needs! She attends events, meetings and training sessions and, in fact, attended the CAREGiver Appreciation Day with her daughter, even though she had a shift shortly thereafter. Taking the lead comes naturally to Thinlay. One of her clients needed a veranda handrail installed; Thinlay noticed a service truck that provided the same work in the neighborhood and took the lead by requesting an additional estimate for her client. In the past, Thinlay has also provided compassionate care to some of our clients living their final days. It takes compassion and a special ability to ‘share your heart’ in giving the loving care needed for these situations. Thank you, Thinlay.

Rosanna was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2014

October 2014 - Rosanna

Rosanna's been looking after mother for over a year as if she were her own mother! They spend hours sharing stories, laughing and entertaining each other! She always treats mom with compassion and respect. Mom teaches Rosanna Ukrainian and Rosanna teaches mom Tagalog making for interesting interpretations! Rosanna is a part of our family. We are very grateful for her.

Patricia W, client's daughter

Our CAREGiver of the Month, Rosanna, brings joy and smiles into her clients' lives. Her caregiving skills are innate and an ability she has in abundance. Rosanna is responsible and reliable and her ability to buildtrust is a true reflection of the consistency of her timeliness and willingness to fill in when requested. She frequently adapts her availability to meet her client's changing needs and places 'relationship before task' making her client relationships" rock· solid&quot. Taking the lead comes naturally to Rosanna. She plays a pivotal role in advocating for her client by constantly updating the office of any changes. She 'requested' a meeting in the office to discuss her client's declining health and the changes she felt were needed in the Care Plan to ensure excellent care. Her client and the family consider her a 'friend' because she shares her heart naturally through her personality and sense of humor. Her client insists that she is the 'Sunday CAREGiver' so she can join their whole family for lunch!

Alpha was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during September 2014

September 2014 - Alpha

Alpha is very caring and takes great care of my mum. We are very happy with her.

Susan J, client’s daughter


Alpha N is a very accomplished CAREGiver! She has completed almost all of our advanced trainings (CARES, Gentle Persuasive Approach, First Aid/CRP, etc), but the true essence of her excellence is how she engages the Guiding Principles.
Because Alpha is reliable, responsible and professional she is able to build trust that achieves long-term gains. For example, when her client moved from the retirement side of a residence to a LTC side, where service is not as necessary (due to increased facility involvement), the family insisted no compromise to their services or schedule because they knew that care would be seamless with Alpha.
She recognizes that the her role goes beyond the literal expectations of any Care Plan and she reacts out of a sense of empowerment, advocating for he client’s needs in times when family cannot be present. When her client’s bed and wheelchair were no longer comfortable she took the lead and communicated to the appropriate people to have them replaced and when transfers became a safety risk, she recommended bed baths replace showers.
Always smiling, laughing and joking with her client Alpha shares her heart in the unique way that every CAREGiver can – by being herself.   She is a role model, demonstrating that the CAREGiver role is as much about creating positive memories as anything else. She has made a profound impact of the lives of many seniors and it is obvious that to Alpha it’s personal.

Yegana was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2014

August 2014 - Yegana

"Yegana quickly masters her duties. She is dependable and diligent, with an inquiring mind and the ability to identify and troubleshoot problems as they occur. Invariably, she is pleasant, a quick study, intelligent and keen."

Barry, Mount Sinai


Yegana, a third-year nursing student, has only been with Home Instead since the new year and in a short period of time has become one of our most notable and acclaimed CAREGivers.
Building trust, the first step in establishing a successful client/CAREGiver relationship, can be challenging, undeniably so when the care is required for two clients who both have Schizophrenia. Characterized by a disconnect for reality, distrust and reclusiveness, Yegana has overcome obstacles to return their lives to a heightened normalcy. She employed creative measures (posed as a cleaner) to ensure that her role is not “in doing” but in teaching them to do for themselves. She is their advocate, discretely monitoring medications and conscious not to violate their privacy; she works to ensure proper nutrition and engages them in activities of daily living. And when Yegana discovered that one of these clients loved art and music she took the lead to play them some music using her phone, as their own television and radio did not work. Her “soft skills” are awesome; she was even a shoulder to cry on when their mother passed a way, sharing her heart and providing comfort and solace. There are no limits to her caregiving ability.
These few words don’t do Yegana justice because the stories of her successes are endless. She is a true professional and in the years to come will be a great asset to the nursing profession.

Sonia was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2014

July 2014 - Sonia

" Sonia has made the world a better place for my 101 year old friend who is mostly blind and  almost deaf.  Sonia is like the caring daughter  Wilma never had and I am grateful for her everyday.  I now have peace of mind that Wilma has the eyes and ears she needs to continue to live independently, with dignity ... and a lot of love. Thanks Sonia - you are appreciated!"

Mary Anne M, client’s friend


Sonia is quiet and gentle, but there is nothing understated about her caregiving ability.  Her performance reflects an ease in maintaining our Guiding Principle and creating Raving Fans.
Her client “Wilma” is 101 years old, virtually blind and deaf and compromised by daily tasks.  Their relationship is symbiotic; Sonia is Wilma’s eyes and ears, ensuring  that she maintains the same dignity in older age that she did in years past.  Wilma has always taken pride in her appearance, described as a “real lady”, and Sonia makes sure she always well-dressed and presented.  
Sonia IS like Wilma’s daughter, understanding and addressing her every need. Taking the lead, she ensures that Wilma is always well attended to and that changes in circumstance are reported immediately.  When it was requested that CAREGivers provide the office with updated profiles on their client it became obvious that Sonia knew Wilma “inside and out”.
Low key and well mannered, Sonia also has a positive relationship with the staff at the facility where Wilma resides.  “Sonia has just the right touch and shares a good sense of humour with Wilma and the other ladies at the lunch table”.  Sharing of her heart is gesture that emotes from her every action and lingers after every shift when she hugs her client good-bye.
Thank you Sonia and congratulations on being CAREGiver of the Month for July!

Nancy was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2014

June 2014 - Nancy

"Nancy's like my family. We have a lot of fun and she knows me better than anyone ".

Audrey W, client


Nancy has been recognized in the past as a member of a 'Care Team' caring for one of our 24-hour clients.   This time we would like to single-out the tremendous way in which she is able to build strong relationships, exceed expectations and elevate the quality of life of this client.
Since day one, Nancy has anchored a team, enabling her to build trust with this special senior. In spite of her busy life and personal obligations, you can always count on Nancy to attend Home Instead sponsored events, meeting and specialized training. She is always reliable, responsible and professional.
She takes the lead by being her client's strong advocate, arranging and accompanying her to appointments,  organizing her medications and contacting the office to clarify schedules,  lessening any anxiety for her client.  Nancy is empowered and involved.
Her relationship with this particular client has been compared to that of a granddaughter. She is quick to smile and is often found sharing her heart with her client through trading  stories.  She is compassionate, thoughtful and herself because to Nancy, ‘it’s personal’!

Stella was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2014

May 2014 - Stella

" Our family is so happy and grateful that Stella is looking after our Mom. Stella is very professional and knowledgeable while being gentle, caring and compassionate at the same time - everything we could possibly ask for in a caregiver for our sweet Mom. Thank you and Congratulations Stella! "

Martha, client’s daughter


In the months since Stella joined Home Instead, we have grown to appreciate how fortunate we are to have her on 'our CAREGiver Team'. 
Currently, Stella is in a live-in assignment caring for a high needs client.   She has Built Trust with her client and her family, as well as, the office staff by being consistent, reliable, professional, cooperative and so much more!  Outside caregivers involved in this senior’s care, observe that Stella really Takes the Lead and ensures that they realize the 'priorities'; care is never rushed. 
While in Stella’s care, the client is always  comfortable and understands what activity is being done - a priority because the client is blind and would otherwise experience anxiety.   Stella keeps the client's family well informed at all times and takes every opportunity to get to know their family’s history so she can have an even closer connection with their mother. 
In spite of her client’s lack of sight, Stella shares pictures from magazines by describing them to her - their company is always engaging. Stella has very strong communication skills and knows when to take action to protect her client.  Recently, she recognized that her client wasn't well and her quick actions averted a health crisis.   Stella, you really have a 'Heart' for caregiving and we are delighted you chose Home Instead!

Marjorie was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2014

April 2014 - Marjorie

" Marjorie truly always has Mother's best interests at heart...be they physical or social.  You can tell how much Mother cares about Marjorie too, as Mother always worries about whether Marjorie has her gloves and scarf and will get home safely. Even the staff remark on how well they interact.
We certainly consider Marjorie an indispensable part of our team keeping our favourite "almost 93 year old" as happy and healthy as possible."

Catherine I, client’s daughter


Although understated in her character (she is both mild-mannered and gentile), the impact Marjorie makes on her clients is boldly pronounced!  She has a natural ability to build strong relationships and building trust, taking the lead and sharing her heart are second nature to her.
The families of those seniors whom she cares for have grown to depend upon Marjorie as their eyes and ears and she has earned their trust. They indicate that she communicates well, in person, by note and by phone.  “Marjorie provides a real link between family and Mother…. if we are out of town, we know that she will provide care continuity and the one-on-one attention that Mother wants. This provides us with such peace of mind.”
As many of these children have active lives, full-time careers, children, and other commitments, they rely heavily on her ability to take the lead.  She is proactive in supporting them and they are confident that any concerns will be identified and reported.  “She tells us when anything is needed (usually ahead of time), so we can get replacements before mother has to do without.”
Catherine, praises Marjorie for sharing her heart through simple gestures that add value to her mom’s life - things like trying to make her comfortable (rubs cream on legs, adjusts  pillows),  coordinating her outfits, freshening up her makeup and  doing her hair for  dinner, as well as assisting and encouraging her to engage in meaningful activities such as watching golf, going outside, advising on plants/flowers.

We applaud Marjorie on the reputation she has built for herself and for the lives she has impacted!

Melgiebah (Mel) was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during March 2014

March 2014 - Melgiebah (Mel)

"Mel is well-deserving of this recognition. She is consistently attentive to my Dad, aware of even the most subtle changes in his     condition. She excels at non-verbal   communication and works seamlessly with hospital staff. Her cheery disposition is a positive influence that radiates to all around her. She is an excellent ambassador of all the good and caring that Home Instead  represents."

Tim S, client’s son


If we were to search a 'Home Instead dictionary' for the definition of 'terrific CAREGiver', Mel D's name would appear!  She’s part of a team of CAREGivers with a very high needs client.  She’s Built Trust with the office team by being consistent in her attendance, her hours reporting, her attitude to her role and her client responsibility.  She’s 'Taken the Lead' by advocating for her client-when his TV didn't work she kept calling the office until it was fixed!  And when his radio wasn't working well, knowing how important music is to him, she communicated it to the family on a visit and it was replaced.  She knows he loves playing bingo [apparently he's quite a 'bingo wizard'!] and that he loves to sing so she ‘Shares her Heart’ by ensuring he gets to all the 'sing-a-longs' and bingo games, as well as many other activities.  Besides representing all the Guiding Principles so well, Mel is simply a 'delight, pleasant, upbeat and humorous all rolled into one!  Thanks, Mel for being such a pleasure and for choosing Home Instead!

Holly was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during February 2014

February 2014 - Holly

"She is very good and dependable, very friendly and nice to talk to. All around a good companion and  CAREGiver."

Stella O, client

"I second everything my Mom said, she has made everyone's life better.” 

  Michelle  O, client’s daughter


Those of us who have the pleasure to work with Holly agree that she Builds Trust by being a dedicated, caring and consistently hard-working CAREGiver who approaches each assignment with a rare vigor. Despite being an incredibly busy CAREGiver, she Takes the Lead by using her initiative to adjust the focus of care for each client, providing personalized and customized care after discovering activities that bring happiness and fulfillment to them. She makes her client’s favourite foods at home and brings them in to share. She Shares her Heart by planning parties for her clients' birthdays and for holidays. One family member said that having Holly work with their loved one is like feeling a huge weight lifted from their shoulders. Another client’s son said ‘Holly has been working out perfectly and we’re all very happy with the relationship and everything she has done for mom. Thank you very much (Holly).

Seminoli was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during January 2014

January 2014 - Seminoli

'He’s just outstanding!  He is very positive and    supportive, very patient.  My brother just loves him.  He has done everything I have asked him to do.  Not only does he follow directions from myself or others, for example when a physiotherapist asks him to carry out an exercise  program, he is also proactive in being able to identify Steve’s needs.  Steve is very engaged with  Seminoli.  Seminoli persists in finding ways to meet Steve’s needs."

Ann D, client’s sister


Seminole has proven himself to be an excellent CAREGiver time and time again!

He has Built Trust with both his clients and the office staff by always being reliable, flexible and never shying away from a challenge. Seminole  Takes the Lead by 'dropping' whatever he's doing in his personal life to accept shifts that resolve what could have been serious last minute staffing issues for our clients.  His kindness   is never more evident than when he Shares his Heart  with his clients by sharing stories with them and making their day just a bit more enjoyable. 

At CAREGiver Meetings, it is really heartwarming to see just how popular he and his 'smiling face' have become amongst his Home Instead CAREGiver colleagues, as well as, the office staff!  We fully agree with feedback from his clients' families that shows they  have a real love and respect for Seminoli both as a person and as a CAREGiver.  He is trustworthy, reliable and very responsible and he truly 'takes their place when they can't be with their loved one! 

Congratulations, Seminole!  You truly deserve this recognition and we're grateful you chose to become a Home Instead CAREGiver!

Maria D was Etobicoke Best Caregiver of The Year 2013

CAREGiver of The Year 2013 - Maria D

Home Instead Senior Care was the launch pad for Maria’s career as a Personal Support Worker, having just graduated days previous to her November 2012 start date.   During her interview, when asked “Why do you feel you are qualified to care for someone else’s parent or grandparent?”, Maria described herself as ‘passionate, determined and committed to her profession’.   We couldn’t agree more!   In fact, we would also add that Maria has a ‘true heart’ for caring for seniors and others, in general.   She also indicated in the interview that this caring role appealed to her because “she didn’t have time with her own grandparents”.   ‘Living’ the Guiding Principles is innate to Maria’s character and accordingly, she has made a significant impact on the quality of life of her clients and has grown to be a valued member of an organization that she regards and refers to as her “Home Instead Family”.
Making memories for her clients and sharing her own are what makes time spent with Maria so special for her clients. To Maria these clients are her extended family, the grandparents she didn’t get the opportunity to make her own memories with and she treats her clients accordingly.   She openly shares with them discussions of her life, family functions and get-togethers; when Maria prepares Filipino food for her family she brings some to share with her clients; when she goes on vacation she remembers to bring them each back a special souvenir and together, through her vacation pictures they are able to re-live her experience, as seen through her eyes. 
Never hindered by the challenges involved in caregiving, whether with her client living with Parkinson’s Disease or with a client living with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease who is resistant to care, Maria is never defeated - even on her most difficult day!   Complicated and convoluted situations do not intimidate her; in fact, she thrives on finding creative solutions to them to deliver compassionate and quality care.   She is extremely talented at promoting her clients’ independence even when they have limited abilities.   She is an ‘angel’ to her clients, raising them to new heights and experiences.
Bailey & Anne Marie were Etobicoke Best Caregiver during December 2013

December 2013 - Bailey & Anne Marie

"They both have a great sense of humour and they are very caring also"
Ann T, client’s wife.
Anne Marie S. and Bailey C. have been involved in the care of a lovely couple in Etobicoke.  During the initial stages of the assignment and, as the gentleman readjusted to life at home, Bailey and Anne Marie Built Trust by tackling all obstacles [and there were many!] with competence, kindness and without any disruption to the clients' lives.  They never backed down from any challenges.
Bailey  joined Home Instead just 2 months ago and under Anne Marie's experienced tutelage has become increasingly  confident in her role.  Her unsurpassed compassion and empathy is admirable.  Anne Marie has a tremendous ability to Take the Lead in difficult circumstances.  She is extremely compassionate,  has the ability to 'think on her feet' and was instrumental in making positive changes to this couple's daily life that allowed the gentleman to remain in his home.
Because of how both CAREGivers have Shared their Hearts through their compassion, both clients adore them and think of them as family.  Anne Marie and Bailey are always aware of the changes they see in their clients and are quick to act immediately to resolve issues. They are effective in their communication with both the office and family.  We are extremely grateful that they are Home Instead CAREGivers and admire their dedication, compassion and skills as CAREGivers.  They both live the Guiding Principles of Build Trust, Take the Lead and Share Your Heart every day and, for us and our clients, that is all we ask
Angelina was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during November 2013

November 2013, Angelina

​“Angeline started working with us on a regular rotation this spring. She has definitely become part of our very close knit team whose mission is to make sure that the last stages of living are as comfortable and meaningful as they can make it. Every person on the DLH team who has had a chance to connect with Angeline has commented on her quiet, positive demeanor and her beautiful smile. Thank you, Angeline for becoming part of our family. "
Debra, Dorthey Ley Hospice
When Angeline joined Home Instead just over a year ago, she was very quiet and reserved.   As she grew into her role as a Home Instead CAREGiver, she welcomed our feedback and coaching, and even more than that, she put the suggestions into practice with great results!   To use a metaphor, it has been very much like observing 'a lovely flower come into full bloom'!   Angeline's confidence in her role over these many months has shown us just how animated and lively she really is and we've learned she has quite a sense of humour!   She attends CAREGiver meetings, every training       opportunity she can, has participated in Focus Group and we are assured by experience that s   he'll be at all of our social events.   She has built trust with the office staff by jumping in to help when requested, however, the trust she has built with her clients is remarkable!   She persuaded a client who did not like change to allow her to go out and buy a new shower curtain replacing his that was long overdue to be replaced.   She reassured him if he didn't like it she would put the old one up again.   He loved it and kept going in to admire it! Another of her clients is quite a gruff fellow but she has clearly won his heart!   During a call to the office, he referred to her as 'my Angie'!   Sharing her heart seems to have warmed his!   Angeline has also played a significant role in strengthening Home Instead's relationship with The Dorothy Ley Hospice Nutrition Program.   Her kind personality, attitude and reliability have resulted in Dorothy Ley 'inviting' her to participant in some of their training opportunities. Angeline, thank you for all you do for Home Instead and for being a valued CAREGiver! 
Alba was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during October 2013

October 2013 - Alba

“Alba is a fantastic caregiver. She is very caring and compassionate. She is able to communicate well with others and my father adores her! My father has improved over the last few weeks and I know Alba played a big part in that. Congratulations Alba!”
- Annette
Alba joined Home Instead in early 2012 and she has certainly proven why she is deserving of being CAREGiver of the Month for October! 
Alba has built trust with all her clients resulting in great feedback from them.   As well, the office staff know they can also trust her to not only be on time, be reliable and follow policies but to also be flexible and supportive in accepting fill-in or last minute shifts.   Alba is proactive and   quietly takes initiative without looking for any fanfare for her accomplishments.   We recently found out from one of her clients that she had been instrumental in helping him achieve a terrific goal.   He had recently been hospitalized which compromised his mobility.   He was very proud to show us on a recent visit that, with Alba's help, he could now walk a short distance without his cane!   This client was clearly delighted, as are we!   Alba, we are proud and thankful that you are a Home Instead CAREGiver!   Thank you!  
Care Team of the Month during September 2013

September 2013 - Care Team of the Month

Ashley, Nailia, Alpha, Nancy & Trupti
“These girls are great and they’re doing a good job!” 
-Audrey W.
This month’s Care Team - Trupti B, Ashley B, Nailia K, Alpha N and Nancy W - provide 24/7 care to a single client, working together towards her best interests. The communication and bond between them is exemplary and is evident in their reaction to her needs.
This team has Built Trust not only with this client, but between each other and with the office staff who know they can be counted on to step in should a fill-in shift be necessary.  Trupti and Nailia cover 12-hour night shifts and provide reassurance to their client who, although she sleeps soundly, is comforted knowing someone she trusts is there for her during the night.
This Team Takes the Lead in multiple ways.  They are incredibly responsive, assessing when the doctor needs to be called to address any concerns.  Nancy frequently calls the office for the client to find out which CAREGiver is scheduled, marking it on the client's calendar and alleviating any anxiety for her regarding who is expected - a simple act that provides calm reassurance.  Also, Nancy is present for all important events because she knows this continuity puts her client at ease.
There are many stories of how this team Shares Their Hearts -  Ashley’s reports include accounts of spending time catching up on each others’ lives, sharing musical interests, engaging with her client while watching favourite T.V. shows or doing word jumbles. Another way in which Alpha Shares Her Heart is in understanding her client's nature.  Alpha is quiet, conscientious and reassuring and very good at knowing when to subtly remove herself and give her client time on her own. 
Ladies, you are very strong representatives of Home Instead and we are so proud to have you as colleagues!
Girlie was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during August 2013

August 2013 - Girlie

​" Girlie is always smiling but what especially stands out about her is that she maintains a positive attitude often in difficult circumstances. She shows such enthusiasm for her role as a caregiver. Before she leaves every day, she reviews her client's needs to ensure everything is set out for others involved in the client's care.   She truly goes 'above and beyond'.   Girlie is very caring and shows great respect for her client.   It is a pleasure to have her as part of this client's care team."
-Suzette C., Tapestry
Girlie has been a shining example of living the Guiding Principles of Home Instead.
She has TAKEN THE LEAD by using gentle persuasion to encourage and facilitate her client in becoming a more active participant in her activities of daily living, resulting in a marked improvement in her client's physical and mental well-being.   She routinely keeps tabs on her client's grocery needs and follows up with the Office Team to ensure her client has what she needs.
Girlie has strongly BUILT TRUST by never missing a shift, never calling in sick, always being reliable and on time.
She SHARED HER HEART and ensured that she remained by her client's side     assisting the Tapestry staff when needed during the July 8th rain storm and resulting power outage.
Girlie's quiet, determined ways leave everyone around her feeling calm and reassured. Keep up the excellent work Girlie!   We are privileged to have you lead the way among our Home Instead CAREGivers.
Josephine was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during July 2013

July 2013 - Josephine

“Josephine has been with our Mom for quite some time now and has always been extremely reliable, competent and someone we can count on.   But even more, Josephine’s approach to her job is caring and compassionate.  She has always been a calming and reassuring caregiver especially during times when our Mom is anxious or confused.   We are so glad to have Josephine looking after our sweet Mom  - it gives us great peace of mind.   Thank you Josephine!   We all think you deserve this recognition!”

Josephine has been working with one of our live-in clients for quite some time.   She has proven herself to be a kind, considerate and dedicated CAREGiver.   She has a way of dealing with her client that surpasses her CAREGiver responsibilities.   Josephine is a keen observer who is not afraid to ask questions and always strives to improve her skills.   She is well liked by her client and her client's family and is often referred to as 'like family'.   Feedback from CCAC staff has been nothing but inspiring.   Josephine is able to 'go with the flow' and is able to change her caregiving approach to match the mood and behaviour of her client.   When we've needed extra help with a last minute 12 hour shift recently, Josephine was flexible to help out.   She also faithfully reports her hours - in fact, you could 'set your watch by it'!   Thank you so much, Josephine, for all that you do to represent Home Instead so capably.

Marivic was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during June 2013

June 2013 - Marivic

“Marivic has a great personality and is very obliging. She is a diligent worker and is always looking for things to do. My wife and I greatly appreciate her help and are grateful for all that she has done for us.”
Marivic is our June CAREGiver of the Month.  She is a fairly new employee, but has proven to be an exceptional CAREGiver.  In a short period of time, she has made a huge impact on the lives of her clients with her caring and generous heart. Her clients describe her as someone who is all about the details, and yet is able to accomplish so much in a relatively small period of time.  They view her as someone they can trust and rely upon. 
 Just recently, a request was received from a new client asking specifically for Marivic's  services.  This new client indicated that she had heard so many lovely things from her friend, an existing Home Instead client to whom Marivic was already assigned.  Her commitment to Home Instead, as well as, her willingness to Take the Lead are demonstrated by her participating in Focus Groups, CAREGiver Meetings and training programs.  She is a valued employee and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.
Maria was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during May 2013

May 2013 - Maria

“Maria is a kind and caring individual, who is doing a fine job with my father. She arrives promptly, attends to meal preparation with efficiency, and always finds time to socialize with him during her visits. Maria has a cheerful, positive attitude, appreciated by both my father and family members. She laughs easily and deals with changes to schedules with flexibility. Getting to know her clients is important to Maria and she goes the extra distance to pamper my dad and make him feel special. It makes me feel relieved to know that Maria is there to take care of my dad when I cannot be at the house.”
- Adrian Stanowski.
Home Instead is proud to present the CAREGiver of the Month Award to Maria D. She is an outstanding CAREGiver and stories like this are not uncommon; all of her clients share the same impression’. She has an amazing ability to address her clients’ needs through her creative skills. Maria really takes the time to think about her clients’ interests and hobbies and offers imaginative ideas and suggestions. She takes on a more active approach regarding her clients’ care and is excellent at reporting changes and offering solutions to the office. 
Sonia was Etobicoke Best Caregiver during April 2013

April 2013 - Sonia

Home Instead proudly announces our March CAREGiver of the Month - Sonia F. Sonia has been with Home Instead since 2010 and is a CAREGiver committed to the needs of her client. She is loved by her clients and staff for her care, ability to take initiative and her flexibility. Her caregiving skills are exceptional and she uses strategies that foster alliance building and rapport.
Sonia is known to have a very 'big heart' and her kind, compassionate ways are shown through the care she provides. Her clients describe her as efficient and able to see things that need to be done without being told. Sonia is great at finding ways to engage and motivate her clients like the time her client made a family tree with Sonia’s assistance. Sonia has been quoted as saying "I’m here for my client" and even offered to volunteer some of her own time when her client needed more assistance. Her approach and attitude is what makes her an outstanding CAREGiver and we are proud to call her one of our own. Home Instead would like to thank Sonia for making a difference!

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Etobicoke, ON possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their CAREGivers.

When you or an elderly loved one is ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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