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Jan 24, 2024

Let’s Talk About Rx

Collection of prescription bottles

Plenty of programs stress the importance of talking to teenagers about the dangers of drug misuse. But who’s talking to seniors?

It’s the ultimate irony: these remedies save lives, but also have the potential to sicken or even kill those who may most need the treatment. Oftentimes, medication management is a difficult subject to broach or to face because it is so personal.

There are plenty of questions to ask to help determine whether you or an aging loved one could be at risk, from “Do you know why you are taking this medication and how it’s supposed to help you?” to “How do you manage to keep track of all those pills?”

The Let’s Talk about Rx℠ program could help identify potential risks and provides tips to help seniors avoid dangerous medication mistakes.


Pouring medication in to hand

8 Tips to Help Avoid Medication Mistakes

The potential for error increases the more medications a senior takes. These eight tips could help minimize the risk for medication mistakes.

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Senior man having blood pressure checked

10 Signs Medications Could be to Blame

It can be difficult to recognize the cause of an older adult’s health problems. Check out these 10 signs that medications could be to blame.

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10 Key Questions Every Older Adult Should Ask the Pharmacist

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In-Home Care for Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic health condition can feel overwhelming. Home Instead skilled Care Professionals relieve the burden with person-centered care tailored to individual needs.

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