To Us, It Is Personal® 

When Paul and Lori Hogan founded Home Instead® more than 25 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska, they created the business to help their ailing matriarch, Grandma Manhart, age well at home and to ease their own family’s caregiving struggles.
Lori and Paul Hogan

Where Home Instead All Started

Paul and Lori and several dozen family members tried organizing caregiving in shifts to keep Grandma Manhart safe and healthy at home – and to keep her out of a nursing home. Yet even with their family’s considerable manpower, they struggled to consistently meet the needs of their nearly 90-year-old grandmother. They wondered how other families with fewer family members and resources were caring for their senior relatives. And from that question, Home Instead was founded in 1994.

Grandma Manhart became Home Instead’s first client, and then something magical happened: After receiving consistent care and getting re-engaged with activities she loved, Grandma Manhart’s health improved. She lived for 11 more years – reaching the age of 100. And those extra years were filled with zest and deeply meaningful family experiences.

Home Instead Canada

With the vision of bringing Paul and Lori’s compassion to senior home care in Canada, Alistair Hicks opened the first Home Instead franchise in the Toronto neighbourhood of North York in 2001.

Within a few short years, numerous franchisees followed his thoughtful approach to the business – solidifying Home Instead’s reputation as the leader in Canadian senior home care services.

Today, Home Instead franchises are in seven provinces and serve more than 45 locations across the country, and 1,200 worldwide.

Why We Stand Apart

At Home Instead, we set a standard of quality from the top. That means our potential franchise owners are thoroughly vetted and go through a rigorous set of guidelines to acquire or start a new franchise location.

Because we operate globally, our home services must also exceed the requirements of each government or state that we operate in. In simple terms, everyone is family to us.

Grandma Manhart’s Legacy on Home Instead Culture

Through their roles as the company’s first professional CAREGiversâ„ , Paul and Lori developed a deep appreciation for seniors, family members and the CAREGivers who continue to provide compassionate care to older adults through Home Instead today. This emotional connection to caregiving infuses the company with a sense of mission – a mission to help every senior live his or her best life, thanks to receiving the support they need when they need it, just like Grandma Manhart did.

To us, senior care really is personal.

Home Instead Gives Back

Working with families humbles us. We can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to give back.

Senior woman smiles while talking on mobile phone at home