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Client and Care Pro

A History of Caring

Home Instead® Exists to Expand the World’s Capacity to Care

For the first time, the world’s aging population outnumbers the young. Delivering quality care to older adults in our communities and beyond has never been more important.

How We’re Doing It

The Home Instead® network has raised the standard of caregiving, revolutionizing how society cares for older adults, their families, and Care Professionals.

To Us, It’s Personal

The first Home Instead’s first Client, back in 1994, was the nearly 90-year-old grandma of founders, Paul and Lori Hogan. Their goal was to help her, and others like her, age well at home and to ease the struggles of family caregivers like themselves. As Home Instead's first professional caregivers, the Hogans developed deep appreciation and respect for aging adults and those who care for them.


Home Instead Founders Paul and Lori Hogan with Eleanor Manhart


Looking Forward

Honor founders Seth Sternberg, Sandy Jen, Cameron Ring, and Monica Lo

Since the beginning, Home Instead, Inc., and its network of independently owned and operated franchises, has been committed to creating the world we want to grow older in. In August 2021, Home Instead joined forces with Honor, to lead the world’s largest home care service network providing the most human-centric technology and operations platform. Honor and Home Instead are advancing how society cares for older adults.

Also inspired by a founder’s aging family member, Honor has built a national network of agencies, and developed a technology platform to strengthen the relationship between Care Professional and Client. All to deliver a better, more connected care experience.

By joining forces, Home Instead and Honor have created a global enterprise that combines high touch care with high-tech solutions to expand the world’s capacity to care. Drawing on our complementary areas of expertise, we seek to dramatically increase innovation to benefit Care Pros and Clients around the world.

Home Instead Gives Back

Working with families humbles us. We can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to give back.

Senior woman smiles while talking on mobile phone at home