Sep 21, 2022

Dementia + Personal Care: Turning ‘no’ into ‘yes

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Live chat with expert: David Troxel
SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 AT 12:00PM EDT

A point of frustration for many caregivers is hearing “no” from their loved one living with dementia. This commonly happens as they attempt to assist with personal care activities like bathing and grooming. However, there are tips and techniques caregivers can use to turn the “no” into “yes.” Join this #CaregiverChat as Dr. Lakelyn Hogan Eichenberger, gerontologist and caregiving advocate for Home Instead, talks with dementia care expert and author David Troxel about how to overcome challenges of personal care.

Participants in the chat will learn:

  • The reasons behind resisting assistance with personal care
  • Tips for addressing challenges in the moment
  • Techniques to set the caregiver and care recipient up for success
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David Troxel

David Troxel is an internationally known expert in Alzheimer’s disease and memory care. He has worked for over 25 years in the Alzheimer’s care field developing and teaching care techniques as a consultant, writer and speaker. He co-authored the book "The Best Friends Approach" to Alzheimer’s Care, along with many other influential books and resources relating to Alzheimer’s care and training. Learn more about his work at David is a good friend of Home Instead and we have enjoyed working with him and appreciate his ongoing support of our dementia training and education programs. Watch the last couple of #CaregiverChats with David: Making the Connection: How to Talk (and Listen) to People Living with DementiaDementia Care in a Time of Social DistancingCaregiving for the Holidays and Relationship Centered Care.

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