Mar 30, 2022

How Family & Professional Caregivers Work Together

Siblings disucssion their aging parents care

Live chat with expert: Jenny Munro and Bill Glover

Caring for an aging loved one can take a village of family, professionals, friends and neighbors, each with individual strengths that positively impact the care provided. Adding a professional caregiver to your loved one’s care plan benefits all involved – especially the family caregiver. Join Jenny Munro, a family caregiver who cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, and Bill Glover, a professional caregiver at Home Instead, to hear both caregiver perspectives and the perks of working well together.

Join Dr. Lakelyn Hogan Eichenberger, Home Instead Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate, as she talks with Jenny and Bill, to learn more about:

  • The thought process for families deciding whether or not to use home care
  • How a professional caregiver approaches starting care with a new family
  • How the two caregiver roles complement and support one another
  • Keys to a successful caregiving partnership
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Jenny Munro and Bill Glover

Jenny Munro is a gerontologist and a family caregiver who recently lost her mom to Alzheimer's disease. She and her sister were the main caregivers for her mom and during the final stages of her care, the family enlisted the help of home care and hospice to keep her at home. Jenny continues to be a caregiver for her 95-year-old dad who is still in good health living at home. Jenny has a master's degree in Gerontology, and she is a certified Alzheimer's journey coordinator through Camden College. Bill Glover has been a professional CAREGiver for Home Instead in Charleston, SC for eight years and was named the 2021 North American CAREGiver of the Year – the most prestigious award a Home Instead CAREGiver can receive. Bill is known for his unwavering admiration and commitment to his clients' health and happiness and finds joy in caring for those living with dementia. Bill has always been driven by a passion to help people. Throughout his life this has taken many forms, from considering priesthood as a young man to establishing a fulfilling career as a counselor for young adults and families.

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