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Preparing Meals for Seniors with Chewing Problems

By  Greg Bechard

Owner of Home Instead Senior Care Mississauga

A masked Home Instead serving lunch to a senior at his home

Tips for Healthy Eating from the Home Instead Team

Growing old generally means things do not work as well as they used to. For example, the television needs turned up a little more than before, or you notice you have to move a book in just the right position to see through your bifocals. As we age, not only do we lose our hair and our hearing, we tend to lose teeth. Even if we have dental work to replace missing ones, chewing can become very difficult and possibly painful. Before you know it, eating has become an endless chore with tasteless food that may result in reduced nutrition and unnecessary illness.

Keep your taste buds happy and your health intact with sensible senior diets that are easy on your jaws. There are a variety of tasty foods and handy tricks to reclaim your meals. If you struggle to create healthy meals, a professional caregiver from Home Instead Mississauga can help you get the nutrition you need. We can research recipes, do the shopping, and then cook it up in your kitchen so that you can eat in the comfort of your home.

6 Tips for Preparing Meals when It’s Hard to Chew

Nothing hurts worse than trying to eat with ill-fitting dentures. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, we have a treasure trove of ideas to help you. Additionally, use these tips to make meals enjoyable again:

  • Your Food Processor Is Your Friend: Using a food processor can alleviate troubles chewing foods with a tough consistency since it chops things into finer pieces.
  • Shred or Finely Cut Up Lean Meats: Shredding pork or chicken eases the discomfort of biting down hard. A slow-cooker (crockpot) can help cook tougher meat types down, so they are much softer to eat.
  • Cook Hearty Stews and Soups: Much nutrition can be wrapped up in a bowl of yummy soup. These options are soft, comfortable to eat, and filling.
  • Boil Your Vegetables: Eating raw carrots can break loose a denture plate. Instead, thoroughly cook vegetables so they can be easily consumed.
  • Choose Softer Fruits: You may want to avoid eating fruits that are fibrous or have a tough skin such as apples, pineapples, and celery.
  • Eat Frequent, Smaller Meals: Large meals can be taxing when chewing is difficult or painful. You can get more nutritional value by choosing nutrient dense, easy to eat foods that can be eaten throughout the day.

Reliable Senior Care Services to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Enjoy your daily meals again when you choose items that are softer on your gum line yet are packed with nutritional value. A trained caregiver from Home Instead can help you or your loved one get the right foods on your plate that will not be a pain to eat. Our team can also assist with companionship servicespersonal care, or respite care. We offer a variety of tailored service plans to help families and seniors enjoy this season of life.


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