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Feb 11, 2022

Honor Shares Insights into the Future of Caring for Seniors

Emerging technology will shape the future of home care by creating better jobs for Care Professionals and better care for the fast-growing senior population, noted Seth Sternberg, co-founder and CEO of Honor Technology Inc. Sternberg, whose company in August 2021 acquired Home Instead, the world’s largest home care franchise network, provided his vision for the future of care for older adults to industry leaders in a presentation at the Home Care 100 Leadership Conference this week in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Sternberg’s vision for home care focuses on Honor’s comprehensive care platform—a combination of a technology layer, centralized operations and local leadership—which is the home care industry's only machine learning-driven technology and operations platform empowering Care Professionals, Honor calls Care Pros, and delivering more personalized care to older adults.

“Machine learning enables us to truly put the Care Pro first by identifying their preferences and client needs then giving agency to every Care Pro to choose, in our app, their clients based on length of placement or the specific care needs,” said Sternberg. “We also have the ability to provide Care Pros real-time feedback on their performance, which gives them line of sight on how to succeed, enhancing their work experience and increasing job satisfaction.”

During his remarks, Sternberg highlighted other elements that are vital for a home care company to succeed in the future including local leadership, and centralized operations.

“Local ownership provides us with boots-on-the-ground intelligence and enables our franchise owners to provide a personal connection to clients and their families,” said Sternberg. “Recruiting Care Professionals or business tasks like scheduling, billing and payroll, that are redundant and often repeated hundreds of times within a market, are now being centralized for greater efficiencies. This enables our local leaders to focus on providing a superior care experience to clients and their families,” he added.

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