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Sep 29, 2021

Companionship Diet Featured in Yahoo News

Senior woman cooks meal with caregiver

Home Instead recently unveiled its Companionship Diet plan – aimed at helping older adults receive the nutrition they need through family and caregiver interaction.

According to a nationwide study performed by Home Instead, Inc., seniors who eat most of their meals alone are twice as likely to experience depression and loneliness. Additionally, those who experienced feelings of loneliness and isolation were found to skip four more meals per week than those who eat with companions.

The Companionship Diet provides resources, such as healthy recipes and tips for inclusive meal prep and cooking, that can reduce isolation and promote better mealtime habits.

The companionship at mealtime also helps enhance a senior’s mental and emotional well-being.

“It’s more important than ever,” said Home Instead franchise owner Stephen Bryson. “With COVID and the fall coming along – and people being a little more shut in is probably more likely than not, so this is a really good time to encourage people to visit and check in on their seniors.”

Read more from the Yahoo News article.

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