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Nov 11, 2020

Franchise Industry Sees Veteran Ownership and Hiring Grow

Veteran sitting at table

As Home Instead® joins the rest of the nation in honouring our brave men and women in Canada’s military this Remembrance Day, it’s interesting to note the growing trend of veterans who dream of starting their own business. Many veterans follow that dream by opening a franchise.

The qualities that lead to success in the military — discipline, perseverance, commitment and an ability to work within an established system — are the same when applied in franchising, according to the Canadian Franchise Association, which offers resources to help veterans connect with franchising opportunities. Furthermore, recent funding from Veterans Affairs Canada for its Operation Entrepreneur program shows that veterans will have support as they transition to life after service as successful business owners. Meanwhile, veteran franchise owners look for the values of reliability, team spirit and precision that veterans bring to civilian life from their military experience.

“Military service gave me a strong sense of responsibility to serve and protect others, and my career as a Home Instead CAREGiver has allowed me to forward that commitment to civilian life by caring for seniors in my community, right in their own homes,” said James Perez, a Vietnam War veteran who works for a Home Instead franchise in Mission Viejo, California. James was also honoured by Home Instead as 2018 North American CAREGiver℠ of the Year for his lifelong dedication to serving others.

5 Reasons Veterans are a Good Fit for a Franchise Career

There are several reasons why veterans are a good fit for a franchise career, whether it be as an owner or a franchise employee:

  1. Franchisors operate with well-defined responsibilities, assignments and duties like those followed by a military unit.
  2. Following well-established processes helps ensure widespread success for all franchisees, much like following commands for a successful mission.
  3. Accomplishing short- and long-term goals to achieve mission success helps lead to franchise growth.
  4. Veterans have a talent for quick thinking and can react calmly and professionally to unforeseen circumstances to solve problems.
  5. A franchise, like a military unit, operates like family, sharing advice, support and guidance.
“We are incredibly proud of our veterans who have joined Home Instead as owners and CAREGivers, and salute them this Remembrance Day for their military service as well as their dedication and compassion to serving those under our care,” said Jeff Huber, CEO, Home Instead, Inc. “Our customers, many of whom are veterans themselves, deserve the quality care and comfort our owners and CAREGivers bring to their homes and lives every day.”

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