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Healthy and happy Seniors

Senior Health and Wellness

Mom is coming home from hospital after surgery—how will you look after her post-operative needs? Dad is facing increasing mobility issues as his Parkinson’s progresses—how can you ensure his safety at home? Why is it important to help your seniors build their immunity and how can you help them achieve this? Visit this section of our website frequently for tips and advice about senior health and wellness.

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Technology for Seniors


While some seniors may be averse to using technology, those who embrace it are glad they did and will never look back. From devices that help them take their prescription medication on time, to calling for help when they need it suddenly, keeping in touch with family and friends, and so many other beneficial uses, technology for seniors can be a boon. In this section of our website, we bring you regular updates and tips on new technologies that make life easier and more comfortable for seniors at home.

Ways Technology Will Enhance Your Loved One’s Life | Insights and Updates on Technology to Help Seniors | Simple Smartphone Apps to Make Life Easier for The Elderly | Apps and Gadgets to Simplify Life for Seniors | Daily Companion: Available on Android Phones | How Technology Can Improve Senior Care | Useful Technology to Help You Stay Independent | Online Resources and Tips for Seniors to Enhance Your Golden Years | Help Your Senior Become Tech Savvy | See How Online Shopping Can Help Seniors

Caregiver and Senior preparing meal

Nutrition for Seniors

Age brings its challenges—whether that is driving freely or being able to eat the foods you love or staying active to maintain a healthy appetite—seniors have a lot to adapt to in their retirement years. That being said, eating right and eating on schedule goes a long way in helping at-home seniors keep fit and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Our team at Home Instead has years of experience, training and knowledge about nutrition for seniors, and our staff members are happy to share it with you in this section of our website.

Tips for Better Eating Habits and Nutrition | How to Support Seniors’ Health through Cooking | Dietary Guidance, Nutrition Tips, and Meal Ideas for Older Adults | Preparing Meals for Seniors with Chewing Problems | Foods You Should Avoid as a Senior | Easy Meals Seniors Can Make | Bladder-Friendly Foods for Seniors to Prevent Bed Wetting | How to Help Your Aging Mom Lose Weight

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior woman using walker at home

Tips for Caregivers

You are sandwiched between caring for your own family and looking after your senior parent. How will you cope with the stress of caregiving? You worry about Dad driving with his failing eyesight and hearing—how can you help him get around and stay safe by allowing others to drive him? Mom is recently widowed and cannot seem to get back on her feet—what advice do senior care experts have to help you help your senior? Read all this and other great tips in this section of our website.

Advice and Respite for Caregivers | How to Ask Family for Help When Caring for Your Elderly Parent | Managing Stress When You Are Part of the Sandwich Generation | How to Talk to Your Mom about Giving Up the Car Keys | Avoiding Back Injury When Caring for A Senior | Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage their Medication Safely | How to Handle an Elderly Parent | Stubborn Dad? Learn How to Cope | Sandwich Generation – Taking Care of Mom While Still Raising Your Kids | Dating Advice for Your Widowed Parent | Help Mom Make Friends and Avoid Loneliness | Help Grieving Elders Cope with a Life without Their Spouse

Caregiver bringing tea to a senior

Home Care

Has your senior Dad moved in with you—how will you provide him with the best care? Are you seeing signs of memory loss or dementia in your Mom—why not seek professional home care to assist you in your caregiving responsibilities? How will you decide on the type of home care services to choose for your aging loved one? What are the key considerations and how will you budget for in-home care for your senior? This section of our website has all the information and advice you need.

Roles and Responsibilities of Personal Support Workers | Supporting Your Seniors as They Age in Place | How Home Care Services Work | Housekeeping Tips for Seniors Living Alone | Costs of Senior Care in Canada | Types of Dementia | Be A Santa To A Senior | April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Thank You | June is Ontario’s Seniors Month | September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month | What Does Aging in Place or Aging at Home Mean? | What Are the Benefits of Home Healthcare? | How Home Care Works | Understand the Types of Home Care | 5 Ways You Can Make Your Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day | How to Hire a Caregiver for an Aging Parent

 Home Instead offers  highly trained Alzheimer's caregivers to help your loved one

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

It is common for seniors to show signs of memory loss but in some cases, the consequences of a fading memory can be quite severe. For family members and for the seniors themselves, the thought that this condition may mean the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's can be intimidating. How will they deal with it? How bad can it get? Is there a way to stop it from getting worse? Getting answers to these questions begins with first understanding the differences between dementia and Alzheimer's.

An individual diagnosed with dementia will suffer from symptoms showing declining mental ability that prevents them from being able to take care of themselves and performing daily routines independently. It's not uncommon to find that dementia is the outcome of Alzheimer's. However, Alzheimer's is a disease that causes the brain to progressively lose cognitive function and suffer memory loss.

Dementia Care | Alzheimer's Care

Safety tips for seniors

Safety Tips for Seniors

Many seniors want to remain at home for as long as possible, and many are doing so successfully. With some preparation, you or your aging loved one can enjoy each day from the comfort of home without worry. You can take proactive steps to ensure you or your loved one are safe, including enlisting the services of dedicated home care professionals.

Keep reading to learn more about safety tips for seniors.

senior balancing his bank account

Money Matters for Retirees

Whether we care to admit or not, money does make the world turn. We spend decades in careers or building businesses to earn money to care for our families, take vacations, make our homes, and do other things we want. Eventually, responsibilities evolve to that of retirement and how to care for you and your spouse when you reach that golden age. Many of us dream of spending our days on the golf course, traveling, or taking up long-abandoned hobbies. You may get to retirement age and discover you do not have adequate income to do all that you dream of, or you may not understand the nuances of living off a fixed income. Retirees and their caregivers benefit from knowing more about financial matters, making other important aspects of life, such as aging in place, much more accessible and manageable.

Keep reading to learn more about Money Matters for Retirees.

Fitness Tips, Exercise, and Activities for Seniors

Exercise and Fitness Tips

Imagine reducing the aches and pains that come with aging. No doubt, your body suffers wear and tear, but don’t think of stiff joints, aching muscles and a sore back as ‘inevitable’. We have not created a magic pill that will extend our lives or prevent degenerative changes, but it is certainly possible to enhance your quality of life. It starts with getting or remaining active and exercising within your abilities. By doing both, you boost your body’s ability to handle aging in place. Another piece of the puzzle includes senior care help at home to ensure you stay on task with attaining your goals.

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Volunteering keeps you active and it is very rewarding

Social Life and Volunteering

Now is the best time to embrace a renewed social life, devote time to charitable causes, and volunteer. The results include increased emotional well-being and a sense of belonging. You or your senior may find this chapter of life rich and rewarding. For those times when extra assistance is needed to remain healthy and ready to give back to others, a personal support worker to provide in-home care is a great choice.

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